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This page was developed by:
Tiffany Fisher, Matt Fiwek, Ben Gillis, Elyse Grulka, Joel Harper, Brenton Hathaway
 Adam Heintzman, Glenn Hetherington, Nicholas Russel, Kayla Schmit, Aaron Stites and Katrina Vander









I. Purpose of SlideRocket


 SlideRocket makes intelligent asset management available in one application. This also helps you create fascinating presentations, store, organize, and collaborate with your colleagues and to safely share your presentations with other people online or in person. SlideRocket is an online presentation software available at different costs including free for whatever type or length you will need the application.

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 II.  History and Development


The developers are Mitch Grasso and Mike Lingle 


 They created a website called SlideRocket


 They finished production of their website in 2006


 They are based out of San Francisco, California.

Meet the Developers 

Mitch Grasso-Founder and CEO Mr. Grasso was co-founder of AdSpace Networks which raised nearly $60MM in venture funding and operates a nationwide network of digital signs for advertising in shopping malls. Mr. Grasso became the VP of Product Development and was responsible for the planning and creation of the underlying CoolSign digital signage software, which was sold to Clarity Visual Systems in 2005, and subsequently to Planar (NasdaqGM: PLNR) in 2006, and is widely regarded as one of the foremost digital signage platforms available today. Prior to AdSpace, Mr. Grasso was part of the startup team at Silicon Gaming. There he spearheaded the design of the platform and games of the Odyssey, a revolutionary slot machine that brought multimedia to the casino gaming experience.

Mike Lingle-Founder and VP of Sales 

 Mr. Lingle founded Tonic Studios and pioneered the synchronized presentation space with an advertising sales tool for Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal Planet in 1996. He subsequently directed development of the TalkShow™ enterprise presentation system and led Tonic for over a decade as it acquired customers, through a combination of direct and channel sales, including sales forces at CNN, HBO, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Fox News, the NFL, Oxygen, Cox Media, Cartoon Network, ESPN, ABC Family, CNBC, TBS, TNT, DirecTV, Buena Vista Television, Kids' WB, Bravo, NBC Cable Networks, Hallmark Channel, Paramount Advertiser Services, USA Network, and Redken.

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III. How SlideRocket Works

  1. Go to and click on get started and you can sign up for your free 30-day trial. 
  2. Input email, password, first name, last name, and information about your company (if you are in one). 
  3. To make your presentation log in and go to the tab labeled presentations.  
  4. Click new presentation,#* Then enter your presentation's name and pick a theme. Time to get started on your presentation!!
  5. If you want to import an existing presentation, click on the tab import power point#* It will give you the option of importing them as images or converting the presentation to SlideRocket.#* However, you may lose some of the functions on your original presentation, such as action buttons, animations, auditory applications, and may move your pictures and change your font a little. 
  6. You can install an offline player too.  This lets you give your presentation even if you are not connected to the internet at that time. 
  7. When you are finished with your presentation, you can invite your friends/colleges/etc., etc to view the presentation. #* To do this, publish your presentation and lets you decide if they need a password to view it, if they can print it and the like. #* To actually share it you need to be in the same company (or make up a company name). #* You can also set up meetings where up to 50 people can view the slides at a specific time. 

Useful Information

If you need extra help making a new presentation watching this video may be beneficial.




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IV. Application of SlideRocket outside of Education


  •     You can convert PowerPoint presentations into SlideRocket format and edit them 1
  •     Groups of people can collaborate and work together on the same project at the same time 2
  •     You can hold meetings online without installing any software 3
  •     You are able to make sure everyone who you sent a copy of the presentation read it 4
  •     You are able to view or create presentations on any computer with internet access or where you have saved the reader  to 5
  •     You can create presentations without installing software- right from your browser 6
  •     You can buy stock photos and have links to relevant services without leaving the website 7
  •     You can insert live data which automatically updates your information as it changes, allowing everyone to view the latest, most accurate data available 8
  •     Share a presentation to a specified URL so everyone (or limited people) can see it 9
  •     You are able to embed SlideRocket presentations as Flash objects into a website 22
  •     You can use SlideRocket in conjunction with 10
  •     If you have many presenters at an event they can each have their own SlideRocket account and share the completed presentation with the event page so you can organize the presentations beforehand 11
  •     After creating an event it is easy to share the secure presentation with all attendees.  If you decide to sell your presentation you may do so using the SlideRocket Marketplace 12
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    V.   How SlideRocket is related to other applications?

Microsoft PowerPoint

SlideRocket is related to other applications such as PowerPoint. It's a slideshow application with some advanced features and effects. It's compatible with video formats such as Adobe Flash as well as most others. You can even import PowerPoint presentations that you've already made to distribute and edit using SlideRocket. You can also use an embed function to put a slideshow you created on your own website (including MySpace). Also SlideRocket has rid the need of emailing PowerPoints, taking the risk of the file not transferring correctly or being too big. With SlideRocket it can all be saved on the web!23
Here is a link to a page that compares SlideRocket to Microsoft PowerPoint.24


You can also follow SlideRocket on the now popular social site called Twitter.
Through twitter you can see new updates and talk to other people about the web app. Click here to find learn more about this program.

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VI. What are the Educational Applications?

  • SlideRocket is effective for use in education because it allows students to work together from multiple computers on the same project at the same time. 13
  • This product could be used in an elementary setting where students are being taught a lesson through presenting the lesson to be more appealing and interesting to the students.
  • This application could still be used to create presentations and teach students information they would learn in a class room setting. This application will just keep their attention longer so they do not lose focus easily and it can also allow for more interaction among the students.
  • This product could be used to communicate with other students from around the world, present projects in the class room, teach how to create more appealing applications in a presentation.
  • SlideRocket allows one to have a free account which offers limited access to the site. 14
  • SlideRocket shows the progress that students have made in real-time. 15

Lesson Plans

Click the headers below to see lesson plans that involve SlideRocket!
Downloads of each lesson plan are at the bottom of each section.


Middle School

High School

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VII. SlideRocket's International Aspects

This is an administrative response to someone complaining about the difficulty of using
it with different languages.  

_"While the application UI [User Interface] hasn't been translated, we do actually have internationalfont support for multibyte languages like Chinese. You can select Internationalfrom the Font box, then select Simplified or Traditional Chinese. There's also support for Korean and Japanese".__16


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 VIII. Handouts


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IX. References

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X.  Current SlideRocket News

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