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Table of Contents

I History * Development* How it Works

II How It Relates to Other Applications

III Real World Application \ * Educational Lesson Plans* Business/Industry

IV International Use

V Unique Aspects * Applications/Extras* More Contact Information

VI Reference


Founded by:


Year Founded:


Based in:

New York City


Converts PowerPoint presentations into Flash presentations.


 What is SlideServe?

SlideServe is an easy way to upload and share your PowerPoint presentations publicly or privately with the world. With SlideServe, you can embed or e-mail the presentations to social networking sites, blogs and friends.

I. History

I.1 Developement

The title of the application is SlideServe. It was developed by a Microsoft partner called DigitalOfficePro. DigitalOfficePro made the software that automatically comes with the website when you join, called PowerFlashPoint, which is software for converting PowerPoint presentations to Flash presentations. It is a leading global provider of online-training solutions, rapid communications and high-quality multimedia tools. They are located in New York City, New York.

I.2 How it Works

To get started with SlideServe, you must first create an account. Go to and click "Sign Up" on the home page. Type in a username, e-mail address and password. You will then type in a verification code that is given to you on the webpage. Click "Sign Up" again and your account is ready to for use. Once you have your account, there are many applications at your disposal. You can view your own presentations and the presentations of others. You can send messages to friends and view their accounts. You can also edit your own account profile.

Next Step

Once you have your account, SlideServe is really easy to operate. When you visit notice the toolbar present at the top of the webpage. Click the "Upload" tab to get started. There are only two steps to complete the upload. The first step includes giving your presentation a title, descriptions, tags, and presentation channels. The presentation channels are used to help others find your presentation. For example, if you are doing a presentation about the rain forest, you might pick channels such as "Nature" and "Science."


The second step is the actual uploading of your presentation. Click the "Browse" button located to the right of the file box, and then search the files on your computer for the presentation you want to use. Then click the "Upload" button to finish up.
After you have signed up and understand main ideas of SlideServe, you can browse for presentations that other people have posted. Visit the and click on the "Presentations" tab at the top of the webpage. Immediately you will see presentations pop up right in front of you.


To embed or share a slideshow into your there is a simple step to achieve this. On the right of your slidshow player you should see a text box called Embed into your Blog. When you see this you should see a code snippet. After you see the code snippet copy and paste your unique code into a blog or a website.


There is a list of categories to choose from on the right side of the page. The default category is set to "All" but the list ranges from "Business" to "Science" to "Shopping." You can also search by groups and tags. After you choose the presentation you want to view, click it and it will come up as a streaming video. Click “Play” on the video and the presentation begins. There is an indicator at the bottom of the video that shows what slide is being viewed. It also allows you to choose what slide you want to start from. There is also a pause button below the video screen.  

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II. How it Relates to Other Applications

Slideserve can be used in conjunction with many other applications including Microsoft PowerPoint, Twitter and Myspace. 

II.1 Microsoft PowerPoint

Slideserve is a slideshow presentation like PowerPoint with more advanced features and effects to enhance the presentation’s appearance. This program was created as a web based version so you can access it at any computer at any time. There’s no need to go through the hassle of e-mailing your presentation to yourself or saving it on a flash drive. This program is compatible with video formats such as Adobe Flash, as well as most others. You can also create a PowerPoint first and then import it to Slideserve to make changes to it. The best part about Slideserve is there is no software that must be installed on your computer. All you need is an internet connection to access the site.
Check out Microsoft PowerPoint here! (Microsoft Office Powerpoint )

II.2 Twitter and Myspace

Twitter is another website than can access Slideserve. Through twitter, you can visit the Slideserve page and chat with other people about the application. Through Myspace or any other social site, you can use an embed function to put slideshows you’ve created on your website.

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III. Real World Application

III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

SlideServe can be used as an educational tool when paired with a program like PowerPoint; SlideServe essentially just takes PowerPoint one step further. Many times during an educational career, students are asked to make presentations using a visual aid like PowerPoint. By using SlideServe as well as PowerPoint, students’ presentations can be shared, viewed and rated at locations other than the original place of development. In addition to viewing presentations made by students, instructors can also upload presentations made by other teachers to help them in their own educational endeavors. 

Social Networking

Within a secondary education level, such as middle or high school, SlideServe can be linked to sites with which students are already familiar, like Facebook or Twitter. This can help students to be able to talk to each other while using SlideServe help with troubleshooting. 

Rating System

Users of SlideServe can also rate other users’ presentations. This system allows users to find well-rated presentations, as well as creating the opportunity for peers to rate each others work and evaluate projects in a classroom or business situation.

Improved Speeds

The site has recently improved its upload and conversion speeds, making it easier to download and upload presentations much faster than before. This speed can be helpful in an educational facet because if a student makes a PowerPoint presentation, it can be downloaded by other students much more quickly, enabling them to comment and rate that student’s project. This will help grading and evaluating presentations become much easier and quicker, making PowerPoint a more efficient way for students to do projects.


The Solar System - An introduction to the planets that make up our solar system

Planets - MS WordPlanets - PDF

An Introduction to PowerPoint- Learning basic functions of PowerPoint and how in can be used with SlideServe

Intro to PowerPoint - MS WordIntro to PowerPoint - PDF

Jack and the Beanstalk - A math lesson in data retrieval and organization using a popular children's story

Jack and the Beanstalk - MS WordJack and the Beanstalk - PDF

Middle School

Tanka Poems: Simplicity and Syllables


Tanka Poems Lesson Plan.docxTanka Poems Lesson Plan.docx

Tanka Poems Lesson Plan.pdf

Breaking The Ice - Get to know your classmates

Who Are You? - MS Word Who Are You? - PDF

Showcase Yourself! - What have you worked on this semester?

Showcase Yourself - MS WordShowcase Yourself - PDF

High School

*Power of the Presidents-*Assessing the power of nineteenth century presdients By;Jeffrey Theil



Into the West - A brief history lesson for high school students

History - MS WordHistory - PDF

The Three R's - A lesson in the importance of recylcing

The 3 Rs - MS WordThe 3 Rs - PDF

Missing Math - A lesson plan for providing material for absent students and teachers.

Missing Math Lesson Plan - DOCX

III.2 Business/Industry

Slideserve also accommodates to the needs of buisnesses of all sizes. With all of the tools available, Slideserve can make many jobs easier through the organized systems provided. 

For one, being able to upload any presentation onto their website will allow businesses to advertise to potential clients. This is extremely important for many aspects of business, including getting started and advertising new products, ect.

Training Opportunities

Another reason why Slideserve can be so valuable is because of the training opportunities it can provide. Companies can upload training presentations on Slideserve that can be accessed by employees to learn valuable skills about their jobs. This is a great advantage because companies don’t have to spend money with all the training that would be required. Alsos the companies would be able to have their future employees trained faster, therefore getting them into the working world so that they can make some money and profit for the organization sooner.


There is also this program called DigitalOfficePro, which is software that is partnered with Slideserve and has many tools that go along to make the use of Slideserve more presentable. One of these tools that is very useful to small businesses or organizations is DigitalOfficePro Logo. This is software that can create a logo for anything; it can be used to create a logo for a business. This is great because not only can they upload a presentation advertising their business, but they can create a name for themselves with an exciting image that portrays their business goals.

Slideserve has many advantages that businesses and industries can use to make their operations run more smoothly. By taking advantage of all Slideserve has to offer, businesses can perform to the best of their abilities.

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IV. International Use

SlideServe can supply countries around the world with a way to communicate and investigate new languages as well as information about another country, business or culture. Among the any different languages, there are presentations in Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, and many other countries. This is a great way for people to learn more about other cultures and exploring their lifestyles. These easily accessible presentations allow businesses to learn extensively about other communities and cultures while they advertise themselves and inform/make connections with others. SlideServe is a great tool to share information, advertise, and communicate with other people from around the world.

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V. Unique Aspects


SlideServe has been improving ever since it started. The improvements to SlideServe that have been made make this application more useable, accessible and informational. Some of these improvements include: 1) Using PowerFlashPoint, 2) Related tags, 3) Using SlideServe as a guest, and 4) Changing the PowerPoint into a quiz. PowerFlashPoint allows for an unlimited amount time and slides for a given presentation. Power Flash point is free and can be downloaded from this link:


Related tags are a feature that helps you find presentations easily on SlideServe. This tagging can be used when making your presentation, and it allows for more people to view and reach your presentation. Uploading using SlideServe as a guest is a useful feature because, since no sign-up is required, anyone can use SlideServe. To tag certain presentations SlideServe has a quick and accessible related tag feature that you can click on while you are in the same category of presentations. You can also add tags by using the related tag feature in your presentation so more people can have access to your presentation.

"Guest" Use

By using SlideServe as a guest, you are allowed to view yours and other presentations throughout the world for free. Finally, SlideServe allows a PowerPoint to be easily uploaded as a quiz. With the help of PowerQuizPoint, you can insert interactive slides that take your presentation into a quiz format. These quizzes made in PowerQuizPoint are website-ready and can be uploaded onto SlideServe right away without any conversions. All the user needs to do is to fill in the information, such as question information, choices, right and wrong, etc. After you have done this then all you do is click the "Insert Question" button and then the slide is fully functional. After completing all these slides, it will successfully be a PowerPoint Quiz on SlideServe. Here is a link on Youtube to show you how to link a quiz question into power point

E-mail Collaboration

Another way to communicate with SlideServe and the companies collaborating with this site is through e-mail. This page gives the corporate headquarters’email address. After further reading on this page, the supporters behind this website are available to contact 24/7. Their main goal/purpose is to take responsibility for their products. To them this means prompt and useful support. You can reach them at their email:

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VI. References

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This link will take you to the research page. SlideServe Research Page

This link will take you to the SlideServe website. SlideServe Website

This link will take you to the roles & responsibilities page. SlideServe Roles & Responsibilities

This site was devloped by: Luke Cooper, Amber Gloyeske, Brittaney Horn, Daniel Kline, Holly Maliziola, Caitlin Veling, Mike Weiland and Angie Zancanaro

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