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Hey, put your research comments on this page. If they are on the Slideserve home page they'll be deleted. Cool, thanks.

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  1. Unknown User (hmalizio)

    SlideServe is a free website that lets users share powerpoint presentations online. Everyone can view and upload presentations about any subject matter. Not only can you upload and view powerpoints, the website also comes with a PowerFlashPoint engine that allows narration and audio, video, animations, transitions, and hyperlinks to be a part of each presentation.

    1. Unknown User (mweiand)

      This is really good becuase this allows people to share their presentations with everyone over the internet. A great way to share what they know or made with other people. Why would you want to have such a great presentation and not be able to go online and show other people what you did.


  2. Unknown User (hmalizio)

    SlideServe is from a Microsoft partner, called DigitalOfficePro. DigitalOfficePro made the software that automatically comes with the website when you join, called PowerFlashPoint, which is software for converting PowerPoint presentations to Flash presentations.

    1. Unknown User (mweiand)

      I think that this software is very helpful to people who want to get thier presentation online. With this software it only will improve the projects quality while making it easy to use and put online to make it viewable to andy potential viewers.


    2. Unknown User (lcooper)

      I agree with what mike said about SlideServe being very helpful to get your presentation online. I cant think of any other way to do it other than making a youtube video or something. Are there any other ways that you know of?

  3. Unknown User (hmalizio)

    SlideServe can be helpful in getting feedback on PowerPoints you've made. You can rate from 0-5 stars and leave comments for the creator of the presentation.

  4. Improvements to Slide Serve have been made to further make this applicaton more useable, accisible, and informational.  Some of these improvements include, 1) Using PowerFlashPoint, 2) Related tags, and 3) Using Slide Serve as a guest.  With the use of the PowerFlashPoint it allows for an unlimited amount for a presentation.  Related tags is a feature that helps you find presentations easily on Slide Serve.  This tagging can be used when making your presentation and it allows for more people to view and reach your presentation.  Uploading using Slide Serve as a guest is a useful feature because since no signing up is required, anyone can use Slide Serve.  Also with just using Slide Serve as a guest, you are allowed to view your and other presentations throughout the world for free.

  5. Unknown User (bnhorn)

    Slideserve can be used with many other applications since it lets people share PowerPoints online as a video form. A program called Sliderocket can be used in conjunction with Slideserve since it allows you to create fascinating presentations, store and organize it. This program is very similar to Slideserve...

    1. Unknown User (mweiand)

      I really like the fact that there are other progams that are incorporated and joine with slideserve. this just makes slideserve more accessable to people. This will allow more people to use it and make it so there are more options to use while using it. I think that the more there is to use about slideserve, the more people can get out of it.


  6. Unknown User (cveling)

    SlideServe is the title of the application. It was developed by Digital Office Pro. Digital Office Pro is a Microsoft partner. It is a leading global provider of online-training solutions, rapid communications, and high quality multimedia tools. They are located in New York City, New York.

  7. Unknown User (mweiand)

    Since slideserve is so easy to upload PowerPoint presentations online it is a great resource for small businesses. For example, if someone running a business is trying to expand or gain clients to their business there are ways that they can do this using slideserve. If they give a presentation to a certain amount of potential clients using a PowerPoint that has valuable information for the client, you can upload your presentation online and then everyone will be able to access your presentation and view it. This can be very resourceful to your business on attracting clients and getting your name out with your business. Also with your presentation posted online it is almost like free advertising to the public. It is a great way to get your information online for free.

  8. Unknown User (bnhorn)

    Slideserve is directly related to Microsoft powerpoint. Slideserve's purpose was not to create another form of powerpoint, but to create a web based version so you can access it at any computer at any time without having to email the ppt to yourself. Another program that is related to slideserve and works much like it is Prezi. These programs create a more intriguing presentation that can be either used in the business world or for educational forms. More information about Prezi is at:

  9. Unknown User (lcooper)

    SlideServe is really easy to get started. When you visit there is a toolbar at the top of the web page. Click on the "Upload" tab to get started. The first of two steps includes giving your presentation a title, description, tags, and presentation channels. The presentation channels are used to help others find your presentation. So if you are doing a presentation about the rain forest, you might pick channels lsuch as "Nature" and "Science." The second step is the actual uploading of your presentation. Click the "browse" button and then search the files on your computer for the presentation you want to use. Then click the "Upload" button to finish up. (I just followed the slideserve website to obtain this info)

    1. I am glad to hear that SlideServe is so easy to get started and to use.  This is useful because so many sights nowadays are very hard to navigate through.   With it being so easy to start, this will allow and attract more users to this application.

  10. Unknown User (azancana)

    Just as PowerPoint can be used as an educational tool, SlideServe just takes it one step further. Many projects in school require making a PowerPoint to complement an oral presentation, and with SladeServe that PowerPoint can be shared and used at locations other than the original one of development. In addition to viewing student presentations, you can also upload those made by teachers and other educators. The ease of uploading and finding presentations makes it an ideal program for use in schools.

  11. Unknown User (mweiand)

    Slideserve also has a great use in being able to have so many presentations uploaded on the website. This is a place where an industry can upload valuable instructional presentations that workers can use to train for a certain job. This is helpful because it can save the industry time and money and not have train everyone individually. For example, the industry could set up a meeting for the trainees to come and go through the presentation in a business office or even at their own home to prepare for their job. There are many advantages to using slideserve that could benefit industries to train employees at a faster rate which could lead to more profit of the industry.

  12. Unknown User (cveling)

    Raechel Lindsey is the lead developer of Digital Office Pro who developed SlideServe.

    1. Unknown User (lcooper)

      That is awesome that she did this all on her own. It takes a strong entrepreneur to develop and produce a web application like this. I bet she is pretty well off now. By the way have you heard back from her yet?

  13. Unknown User (bnhorn)

    Slideserve can be used with other apps such as Twitter and Myspace. You can use an embed function to put a slideshow you created on your own website. There are plenty of members of slideserve listed here

    More information about applications listed above is at:

  14. Unknown User (hmalizio)

    SlideServe is not only good for sharing business information, but also to help you see how other people set up their powerpoints if you're having trouble thinking of a unique way of presenting yours. SlideServe can be used for learning information about hobbies, interests, business aspects, or even for teaching.

    1. This is a good idea, for a use of SlideServe.  I know I sometimes have trouble coming up with ways to present given information and also to go in depth in a certain subject.  SlideServe allows people/students to get ideas on color, information, and presentation tools.

  15. Slide serve has many ways to recieve information and contact them for your benefit.  This first way being, "Get Satisfaction", which is a customer support community that companies such as Slide Serve use. Get Satisfaction is an open customer conversation message where both the customer and company can message eachother.  Also this way of communication allows for customer to customer interaction where they can add comments, support, or answer questions for eachother.  Get Satisfaction is a simple and allows for all people of different backgrounds to use with ease.  Another way to communicate with Slide Serve and the companies collaborating with this site is through email.  There are three different people to contact via email with different roles to help you.  Also this page gives the corporate headquarter's adress and phone numbers.  After further reading on this page, the supporters behind this website are available to contact 24/7.  Their main goal/purpose is to take responsiblity for their products.  To them this means, prompt and useful support.

  16. Unknown User (lcooper)

    To get an account with slideserve, you go to and click "Sign Up" on the home page. You make up a username and type in your email address. Next you make up a password and then type in a verification code that is given to you. You then click "Sign Up" and your account is ready to be used. Once you have your account, there are many applications at your disposal. You can view your own presentaions and presentaions of others. You can request friends that have accounts. You can also view and edit your own profile or send messages. 

    1. Unknown User (hmalizio)

      I made myself an account on SlideServe when we started this and I uploaded my PowerPoint I used for Project I in case anyone is interested! My name is "undefined22" and the project is called "Mammal...or Not?"

  17. Unknown User (cveling)

    I just emailed Raechel Lindsay who is the lead developer of Digital Office Pro. I am looking for a resonse to gain a better understanding of the program and the founders.

  18. Unknown User (mweiand)

    An advantage that a business can have with using slideserve is the fact that they are partnered with DigitalOfficePro, a collection of digital software that can be converted to be uploaded online from your home computer. Within this software there is a tool called DigitalOfficePro Logo. This is very valuable because this can be used by businesses to create and image for their company. Using a flashy and inviting eye catching image is something that can bring in valuable customers and client to their business. This is a great way to advertise their business and attract customers.

    1. Unknown User (lcooper)

      This sounds like a great idea for the office setting. Are there any other software programs that can be used for the school setting?

  19. Unknown User (azancana)

    Within secondary education (high school level), SlideServe can be linked to sites students are already very familiar with, such as Facebook or Twitter. That way, if students are having problems concentrating on homework and find themselves on Facebook, boom! They can get back to SlideServe.

    Users of SlideServe can also rate other users' presentations. This way, educators can see which presentations received good ratings  versus those that received bad ratings when choosing which presentations to incorporate into their classrooms. The rating system also gives students a way to peer evaluate each other's work, assuming all of them are members of the website.

    1. I am very glad to hear that SlideServe is connected with facebook and twitter.  This means it has branched out and is easier to use and find.  Also this means, since most people know how to use facebook and twitter, then middle school, highschool, and college students have the insight to use this sight for projects and homework.

      With the use of the rating system on SlideServe I believe that teachers could definatly use this applicattion.  Like you said the ratings can determine the most effective and popular presentations to use in their classroom.

  20. Slide Serve not only allows for changing a PowerPoint into a flash point, but it allows for changing a Power Point into a quiz.  With the help of PowerQuizPoint you can insert interactive slides that take your presentation into a quiz format.  These quizzes made in PowerQuizPoint are website ready and can be uploaded on to Slide Serve right away without any conversions.  All the user needs to do is to fill in the information, such as question information, choices, right and wrong, etc.  After you have done this then all you do is click the "Insert Question" button and then the slide is a fully functional.  When completely all these slides, then it will successfully be a Power Point Quiz.

  21. Unknown User (lcooper)

    After you have signed up and understand what slideserve is all about, you can browse for presentations that other people have posted. Go to the slideserve homepage and click on the "Presentations" tab at the top of the page. Immediately you will see presentations that pop up right in front of you. There is a list of categories on the right side of the page. The default setting is set to "all" but the list includes "business" to "science" to "shopping." You can also search by groups and tags. After you choose the presentation you want to view, click on it and it comes up as a streaming video. Click play on the video and the presentation begins. There is an indicator at the bottom of the video that shows what slide is being viewed. It is very easy to move from slide to slide by clicking the "next" and "go back" buttons. (I obtained this info by browsing the website)

  22. Unknown User (azancana)

    The site has recently improved its upload and converstion speeds, making it easier to download and upload presentations much faster than before. This speed can be helpful in an educational facet because if a student makes a PowerPoint presentation, it can be downloaded by other students much more quickly, enabling them to comment and rate that student's project. This will help grading and evaluating presentations become much easier and quicker, making PowerPoint a more efficient way for students to do projects.

    1. Unknown User (lcooper)

      This is good for the school setting. It can allow students to view multiple slideshows or presentations at one time. It would also be useful in the business setting.

  23. Unknown User (dkline)

    Slideserve can be used international in a way to transfer a presentation from one country to another seamlessly. This could be used for business or schools.

  24. Unknown User (dkline)


    Did Ms. Linsey (spelling?) ever contanct you back?


    1. Unknown User (cveling)

      no she never did.... i am writing her another one

      1. Unknown User (cveling)

        hopefully she will respond...

  25. Unknown User (dkline)

    Using SlideServe you can upload presentations not only as a flash video but as a .ppt which allows for editing. The file can only be 50MB however you can also download an add-in which will allow you to convert your presentation to a flash video with in your Powerpoint application.

    1. Unknown User (cveling)

      That's pretty cool. I had no idea we could do that. I think for the project we should upload a basic powerpoint onto our presentation. So it's kinda like a example of what you can do on slideserve.