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"SlideBoom is a fantastic tool for anyone wanting to share presentations with people they can't visit... This site makes presenting fun again!" 2


This page was created by Kristen Laratta, Corinne Cutler, Taylor Rose, Eric Myers, Dan Slabaugh, Kaitlin Fitzpatrick, Jenelle Fleming, and Brooke Winebrenner


Table of Contents


History of SlideBoom


Purpose of SlideBoom


How does SlideBoom work?


How is SlideBoom related to other applications?


What is unique about SlideBoom?


How can SlideBoom be used in an educational setting?
  A. Lesson Plans
      1. Elementary
      2. Middle School
      3. Secondary
      4. Post Secondary


How can SlideBoom be used in a business situation?


How can SlideBoom be used in other countries?



What Are The Uses Of SlideBoom?

SlideBoom serves as an online tool that can be used for many things, but its main use is to share presentations all over the world.  Users can create a PowerPoint Presentation using the Microsoft application and upload it to SlideBoom for free where it will be converted into a Flash presentation to share it with others. Viewers are encouraged to comment on the presentations they see; creating a huge opportunity to receive feedback on their presentations. It can also be used to create a visual CV, Portfolio, eCards, Lectures and Training, and Virtual Tours.

What Does SlideBoom Do?

SlideBoom makes sharing presentations much easier.  For example, a student living in Indiana can create an account for free and upload presentations they've created. A person in a totally different country can then log in and have access to that presentation even though it was created in Indiana. This makes presentation sharing much easier because users do not have to carry a flash drive or a CD around to share their presentations.

Below you can see how the newest presentations using SlideBoom are listed on their website.

Who Uses SlideBoom?

SlideBoom can be used by people all over the world. It can be used for personal or business settings. The non-commercial version is free and the developers even offer it without having to sign up as a guest. It is most likely more convenient to create an account if SlideBoom will be used more frequently. However, if the application will be used for business SlideBoom charges a monthly fee of $19 a month. For a more personal use, users can create slideshows with pictures of family and children and send to other family members around the world.  Business workers can use SlideBoom to pitch new ideas for companies or propose changes to other workers in the business. Not only is SlideBoom used for these two reasons, but it's a great teaching tool. Teachers can assign students to make presentations on certain topics and then upload them to SlideBoom. This allows the rest of the class to view and edit their peers' work.

I. History Of SlideBoom

The Web 2.0 Tool SlideBoom was created by iSpring Solutions, Inc. iSpring Solutions, Inc. is a software company concerned with developing the best media software available for use by global markets. There are three main locations for Slideboom, which include Russia, India, and the United States.1

The CEO of the company, Yury Uskovm, began working on SlideBoom in 2001. However, major developments for this tool did not officially commence until May of 2007 with the final completion of Slideboom in 2009. 1

Shown below are pictures of the creaters of SlideBoom. From left to right: Yury Uskov: CEO, Anatoly Shikhov: product manager, Maria Leukhina: sales manager, Slava Uskov: Team Leader. 1

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II. Purpose Of SlideBoom

The main purpose of SlideBoom is to translate PowerPoint Presentations to Flash media. Once converted, these presentations can be shared publically or privately with family, friends and co-workers. SlideBoom allows you to host photo slideshows with text, audio and video. It also enables you to host lectures and trainings, business presentations, visual CV, and also visual tours. Slideboom is a very practical Web 2.0 Tool because it has the ability to host several different formats of PowerPoint including PowerPoint 2000/2003/2007/XP (PPT, PPTX) and slideshows (PPS, PPSX). SlideBoom provides viewers with many other useful capabilities. SlideBoom allows people to search for presentations in over 100 different languages. Viewers are also given the option to find a presentation by looking through more than 30 categories. SlideBoom allows people to discuss presentations, join or create an interest group, receive feedback about the presentation, and much more. SlideBoom is free to everyone so no need to worry about the cost of this Web 2.0 Tool.1

This video is an example of a presentation created with SlideBoom.

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III. How Does SlideBoom Work?

SlideBoom is a public website designed to upload PowerPoint presentations to share with anyone. Uploading a presentation will make it available to any user to look at and leave comments. SlideBoom is a great way to upload your projects or presentations and even though it is similar to other websites, SlideBoom will convert your presentations without loss of features. This Web 2.0 application works by creating a username and password and becoming a member of the website. SlideBoom users can also use a GUEST account, but in this case the presentation will be removed from SlideBoom after one week. You can upload your presentations or projects so anyone around the world can view and comment on them. The website is easy to use and easy to understand. The website is free and it is easy to set up an account by clicking the link to form a new account. An easy new account access is another great feature SlideBoom has to offer.3

The steps for using SlideBoom are simple:

1. Click on the link to go to the original SlideBoom website: SlideBoom Website

2. Click on the "Join Now" button in the middle of the screen. This will allow you to create your username and password. (Be sure to Click the free box when asked which Account Level you'd like.) Join Slideboom

3. Once you've created an account, it's time to upload presentations! SlideBoom will send a notice to your e-mail account to confirm your registration. Once that has been confirmed, uploading a presentation is as simple as this:

  • Choose the file from your computer that holds the presentation you wish to upload to SlideBoom
  • Once a file has been chosen, simply click on the "Upload" button towards the middle of the Uploading Presentations
  • While the presentation is uploading, enter the correct Title, Information, Description, Tags, Location, and Language for your presentation, and click "Submit" Uploading Presentations

4.Once you've submitted your presentation, you can then view it to see what others around the world would see. View Your Presentation

Privacy settings can be chosen under the Language tab. The Privacy settings allow creators of the works to decide who can view and use their presentations.3

You may also use this link to learn more about slideboom and how it is known around the world. Slideboom uses facebook to show others how to use PowerPoint and upload it for worldwide use.

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IV. How Is SlideBoom Related To Other Applications?

SlideBoom is related to and can run with many different applications. SlideBoom supports almost all versions of PowerPoint including 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010. It also supports the program OpenOffice Impress; however, you must export the presentation from OpenOffice Impress into PowerPoint format before uploading it to SlideBoom. In addition, it supports the Mac program Keynote, which you have to export into PowerPoint format as well. Currently SlideBoom can also be imported specifically as a plug-in on many computers.

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V. What is Unique About SlideBoom?

One of the most unique features about SlideBoom is that you do not need to save the presentation to your computer. For example, if you are going to give a presentation to a board of officials, you would not have to bring your laptop with you. You could simply upload your presentation from SlideBoom on a nearby computer and access your material from there. Another unique feature is that you can share a variety of media types. You can share slideshows, videos, audio E-Cards, and much more with whomever you want.  Another unique feature of SlideBoom is that it is totally free as long as it is for non-commercial use.  This means everything that is offered by SlideBoom comes at absolutely no cost to the user. A really neat thing about SlideBoom is that it has a table with all the slides from your particular presentation.  For instance, if you only want to view slide 25 of the PowerPoint, you simply look at the table and can view instantly what is on that particular slide instead of going through the whole presentation searching for one little piece of information.5

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VI. How Can SlideBoom Be Used In An Educational Setting?

SlideBoom can be a very useful tool for teachers in many different ways. With SlideBoom, teachers can look at different presentations on different subjects and use those presentations in their own classroom. They can also discuss with other people and possibly teachers who are on SlideBoom. The application can also be used for students of many different age levels. The students can make their own PowerPoint, upload it to SlideBoom and look at theirs and other classmates’ PowerPoints on SlideBoom’s website. This is an application that can be used with students of all ages.  For elementary students, teachers can simply introduce the concept of SlideBoom and have their students become familiar with it. For secondary students, teachers can actually give their students the opportunity to start using SlideBoom on their own to view presentations done by others.  And for post-secondary students, teachers can have their students research SlideBoom and what it has to offer or have their students upload presentations and actually use SlideBoom to present their work.

i. Elementary Lesson Plans

1. Solar System

This lesson was planned so that students could learn about the planets and their interactions within the solar system. Also, students will grasp the concept that some planets are larger than others, their distance to the sun, and that as far as we know; Earth is the only livable planet.

PDF: Elementary Solar System(PDF)
DOC: Elementary Solar System(DOC)

2. Locating Objects in Elementary Classrooms

The goal of this project is to introduce different objects in the sky, create a PowerPoint about it, and upload it on SlideBoom for others to review and view. The students will create and understand the different objects in the sky during daylight.
PDF: Objects in the Sky(PDF)
DOC: Objects in the Sky (DOC)

3. Learning Numbers in Elementary Classrooms

In this lesson students will be learning how to count and recognize numbers by matching numbers 1-20 with the correct number of objects.
PDF: Elementary Numbers (PDF)
DOC: Elementary Numbers (DOC)

 4. ATV Safety and Gear

In this lesson students will be able to figure out together what to wear to protect theirself when riding an ATV.

DOC: ATV Safety(DOC)

PDF: ATV Safety (PDF)

ii. Middle School Lesson Plans

1. Insects  (Science - STEM)

The lesson will teach students about the "The Cell" and its processes by researching it online and creating a PowerPoint presentation, which will be turned into a flash presentation by using SlideBoom.

PDF: The Cell Grades 6-8.pdf

DOC: The Cell Grades 6-8.doc

iii. Secondary Lesson Plans

1.SlideBoom for High School Students

This lesson will introduce SlideBoom to the students and teach them how to use it. They will learn a new way of presenting information and learn how to share it with people all over the world.
PDF: Slideboom for high school students (PDF)
DOC: Slideboom for high school students (DOC)

SlideBoom Lesson Plan.pdf

SlideBoom Lesson Plan.docx

2. STEM BASED LESSON PLAN Biology using SlideBoom

The purpose of this lesson is for high school freshmen to better understand exactly what Biology is and its history. Students will also better understand the application SlideBoom and its benfits.
PDF: Biology with Slideboom (PDF)
DOC: Biology with Slideboom (DOC)


The purpose of the lesson is to show students proper attire, how to safely mix chemicals, how to properly set up their laboratory stations, and to show students how to upload PowerPoints into SlideBoom.
PDF: High School Chemistry(PDF)
DOC: High School Chemistry(DOC)


The purpose of this lesson is to teach students to practically use math skills in problem solving and show other students what math concepts are useful for this using Powerpoint and Slideboom.

 PDF: High School Math.pdf

DOC: High School Math.doc

iv. Post Secondary Lesson Plans

1. SlideBoom for College Students

This lesson will allow college students to make a presentation using SlideBoom. After doing this project, the students will have another tool in helping them present projects.
PDF: Using Slideboom(PDF)
DOC: Using Slideboom(DOC)

2. Researching SlideBoom

The purpose of this lesson is for college students to use their writing skills to write a paper with information about the SlideBoom application and to inform others who aren’t familiar with the application.
PDF: Researching Slideboom(PDF)
DOC: Researching Slideboom(DOC)


The purpose of this lesson is to educate students on the parts of the individual elemental square that holds information about the element it represents. The students will make a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to SlideBoom in order to show other students the elements.
DOC: Researching Slideboom(DOC)
PDF: Researching Slideboom(PDF)

VII. How Can SlideBoom Be Used In A Business Situation?

SlideBoom is useful for businesses and professionals because businesses can obtain information and creative ideas that can help their business by viewing PowerPoints and information posted on SlideBoom. Because anyone can post their slide shows to SlideBoom, businesses and professionals have a wide variety of information they can use, all by just logging onto the website!  SlideBoom is also great for a business setting because business workers can now use this application to pitch ideas to their bosses, even if they are not in the same state as the presenter is.7

SlideBoom Cloud allows a high speed conversion from PowerPoint to SlideBoom. It is a more reliable source for presenting information in your business. It allows easy scaling and easy REST API. It also offers statistics. 7

With SlideBoom, SDK you can make your own private presentation sharing portal with what SlideBoom has to offer and use it within your business's network. The features with SDK include a full set of server side facilities, full set of client components, full control over your application components, full control over your presentation content, and full set of support and upgrade options.7

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IX. How Can Slideboom Be Used In Other Countries?

In other countries, SlideBoom can be used just as it can be here. Viewers from other countries, such as China, can view presentations made by people from America.  It works the same for every country. This can be very valuable for everyone involved because you do not have to worry about what version of Microsoft or presentation software you have. This can definitely tie into how SlideBoom can be used in a business setting. If more people knew about SlideBoom and all it has to offer, businesses would not have to have their employees travel across the world as much as they do now.  Instead, employees could create a presentation that explains what they are proposing and upload it to SlideBoom for others to see. This can potentially save both time and money for employers and businesses.

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For a printable version of the SlideBoom brochure, click on the following link.
PDF: SlideBoom BrochurePDF)
DOC: SlideBoom BrochurePDF)\

X. References

The following are references that were used while compiling information about SlideBoom.







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