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Spaaze Research Page


I. History

What is Spaaze?

Spaaze is a website designed to give users a "virtual corkboard".  The site background is actually a cork bulletin board, although you can change your background to fit your own personality.  Users can choose from a variety of different themes.  Spaaze is pronounced like "space", but with a 'Z' rather than a 'C'.  The board provides an infinite amount of space (for paid users, see Pricing section), up to 99 files (for free).  Most commonly, Spaaze is used to take notes and bookmark web pages.  You can simply drag and drop sites onto your Spaaze homepage, and every time you long on, have access to those pages with a click.  If you take your notes with Spaaze, you can pull them up anywhere, any time, on any computer.  Currently, Spaaze offers seven different items to place on the board: Labels, Notes, Bookmarks, Images, Files, Videos and HTML.  Additionally, it is important to note that Spaaze runs on every modern browser, as well as on the iPad tablet.  Spaaze is collaborative, so users can see and post on some of their friends' boards and even find new ideas and pages from others' boards.

How Does Spaaze work?

Spaaze has a very easy user friendly site, including few, clearly marked buttons for less confusion.  When clicking the "plus" button, a drop down menu will appear and show what else you can add to your board.  You can add everything from a YouTube video, a bookmark, or even a label for your different hotspots.  Clicking on the "star" button allows you to create a hotspot wherever your screen is currently.  The "jump to" button gives you a list of your hotspots and by clicking on its name will send you directly to the hotspot.  There is even a map to show you where each clump of information is.

There are several different ways to go about the actions that Spaaze is used for.  For example, there are two modes that a user can be in when using Spaaze:  the edit mode and the standard mode.  The modes are very similar, however do contain some differences such as deleting items from your board.  In the edit mode, one can erase an item by simply pushing the X button.  However, in the standard mode, one can delete an item by dragging it into the trashcan.  Each method basically depends on the preference of the user. 

Who created Spaaze?

This website was set up by Stefan,  a previous employee of Irian Solutions.  He started this website in order to create less clutter and more organization.  He runs this program for “personal interest,” and with some “company backing” that lets him work as he pleases.  There is a free trial session available now so go try it out!  Spaaze has two additional branch sites.  First, there's, which is a collaborative browser-based online mind mapping tool. The other is called and it provides an instant chat between two or more users, and the only thing necessary: A simple code.

II. How Spaaze relates to other Applications.

Features similar to other applications

The main difference between Spaaze and other competitors is that Spaaze is a virtual way of organization.  Spaaze has many new features that other competitors do not yet have such as; allowing you to collect, organize, and remember information visually, rearrange items by dragging them with your mouse, resize items with a single click, and add labels and notes to your corkboard.  Spaaze is like a giant “corkboard on the web”. Spaaze has no structure, which allows you to drag and drop your information with as much or as little organization you like. Almost as if you were using an actual corkboard, only this one is on the computer.  Most other versions from competitors force you to have a lot of order, which may or may not be how you like to organize information you need. This application is easy to use and is almost hands on.  Some other sites similar to Spaaze are Corkboardme, Memonic, Stikr, and Evernote.  Although these websites are similar to Spaaze and can complete the same tasks as Spaaze, there are differences which make each unique and preferable by different people. 

Limitations of Spaaze      

One downfall of the Spaaze application is that you currently cannot share your account with anyone without giving them your username and password.  This means that anyone you give the account to can change things with or without your permission, very similar to a wiki.  The creator has mentioned that a sharing feature so that friends an coworkers can view and use your Spaaze without editing anything is being developed but it currently not available.  This feature will be integral for implementation in the classroom so that teachers can make accounts and share them with students but a mal-intending student cannot change anything.    

Unique Features      

Spaaze has a unique bookmarklet application as well. The bookmarklet is a special application you set up in your browser. With this, you can go onto Spaaze and use this application and it will apply some kind of code onto the current page you are on and you can move information onto your board. However, don’t worry too much! There is a high security feature; therefore the code will not work on banking pages. The Spaaze application is really good for people who are unorganized. You are able to take information or a link right from the site you are using and put it straight onto Spaaze and then organize the information however you would like or just come back to it later. Spaaze is very useful and has the ability to work on every modern browsers unlike competing sites.  You can also customize Spaaze to your personal liking by changing the standard cork board background to a different background to fit your personality. 

Spaaze & iPad

Spaaze has recently become accessible via iPad tablet.  Spaaze has full multi-touch support for the Apple product.  Typically web-apps like Spaaze do not work on tablets like the iPad due to layout and usability and also because these apps replace all mouse commands with touch commands.  Creator Steffan decided not to create an app for the iPa itself, but to alter the site as it already was.  iPads still have to log on to the website, and the layout will be trimmed.  Everything else looks exactly the same, but has the drag and drop feature at your fingers!  Since the features are new and Steffan is still putting the finishing touches on Spaaze for iPad, sometimes larger files take longer to load.  

Additionally, Steffan has provided this Spaaze on iPad video:

III. Real World Application

The web 2.0 technology of Spaaze is a virtual corkboard with many real world applications. According to the website, Spaaze would be very helpful in the Business/Industry setting. Since organization is essential for businesses, this would be a good source to use. Spaaze has made it easy to organize everything from notes to research. Businesses could use this to organize important information, make lists of things that need to be done, make quick reminder notes, and organize research. Spaaze has made it easy to navigate and quickly find research by adding hotspots. Overall, Spaaze is a great way for business to stay organized.

The owner/creator Stefan says, on the Spaaze website, that this website can be used especially by those who use many different computers as an “infinite desktop on the web.”  This means that users can save links, videos, web sites, or documents on Spaaze to have easy access to these items in the future.

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

The online application, Spaaze has its own unique educational value. There are so many different ways you could take advantage of Spaaze to better your students and their learning experiences in your classroom. One way it could be incorporated in the classroom with student use is having each student set up their own Spaaze account. The students could use their account to manage their research papers, they could organize any research they may, or may not need. Spaaze would keep everything at their fingertips preventing anything from getting lost in piles of papers. They could leave everything uploaded to their Spaaze and come back to it whenever they need it.  Your students could also use the application as an online assignment book. It could keep track of everything you or your students need to get done. The teacher could have one for the parents of the class so they can see what their children are learning about and working on. The parents could look online to see when their child’s homework is due. It would also be useful for students to organize their homework, projects, presentations and group work in a similar way that a assignment book would. However, this would be much easier for them to keep track of they wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting their assignment book at home or in another classroom anymore.

Teachers could also use Spaaze. They could put lesson plans on the application and share their ideas with other teachers. They could bookmark possible assignments and lectures and share them with other educators. Within a lesson, teachers can also gather links and videos that they plan to use during a lesson so that they are all in a convenient single location.  This is an easy way to share information about your class with anyone else. You could use it to get in contact with absent students and let them know what they missed when they were out of class. You could add the notes to make studying easier for your students. This application is very valuable to teachers; it gives them an excellent outlet to be connected to their students, coworkers, and the community. There would be a constant line for communication allowing a better experience in your classroom for your students.

Lesson Plan

Below are lesson plans designed to incorporate Spaaze into the classroom.  We have created sample lesson plans for middle school, secondary, and post-secondary education, each with a different area of focus to provide ideas for a broad spectrum of courses. 

Elementary school

1. Under the Sea Spaaze Lesson Plan
This lesson plan incorporates Spaaze in an Elementary school lesson about under the sea animals.

Under the Sea Lesson Plan.docx

Under the Sea Lesson Plan.pdf

Middle school

1. STEM Mathematician Research Paper Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan for middle school aged children. This is a lesson plan for a math class to research a well-known mathematcian. The students will use to make their planning cards and organize their information.

Mathematician Research Paper.docx

Mathematician Research Paper.pdf

2.  Book Analysis Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan for middle school students, specifically eighth grade.  This lesson plan is designed for students in English courses in order to write an analysis of a novel they are assigned.  Students will use to organize their paper and take notes.

Book Analysis.doc

Book Analysis.pdf

3. Computer Class Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan students will learn how to create a Spaaze account so that it can be used as a class assignment notebook to keep the students organized.  In this class they will learn how to create an account and be given time to post the desired items onto their Spaaze accpount. 

Computer Class Lesson Plan.doc

Computer Class Lesson Plan.pdf

High school

1. STEM  Intersexual selection: weird mating displays.

This lesson plan is for a 12th grade biology class.  It covers intersexual selection and how it manifests itself in very strange mating displays by animals such as peacocks and widowbirds.  Spaaze is used a teacher resource by allowing the teacher to have a centralized location for all of their links and YouTube videos to be shown during the class. 

Intersexual Selection.doc

Intersexual Selection.pdf

2. English Research Paper

This lesson plan is for a 9th grade English class. It integrates Spaaze into a research paper that the students are working on to help them organize their resources. It is a great lesson plan not only for students to understand how to use Spaaze, but also to help them organize projects in the future. For this lesson plan, students will mostly use the hotspots in Spaaze to save and organize their resources for their research paper.

English Research Paper.docx

English Research Paper.pdf

3. U.S. History

This is a lesson plan designed for high school U.S. History classes. This lesson uses to allow the group to collaborate to find and organize research. The students will use their research to write a research paper of D-Day, but could be used to research and write a paper on any historical event.This is a lesson plan designed for a high school U.S. History class. It uses to allow students to collaborate in groups This is a lesson plan designed for a high school U.S. History class.

Lesson Plan.docx

D-Day Research Paper.pdf

4. Poetry Slam

This lesson plan is designed for a high school English class.  A poetry slam is a competition in which poets present their original work in front of an audience and panel of judges. This lesson will create a poetry slam in the classroom, forcing students to define, compose, practice, perform, and judge poetry. Spaaze will be used to allow groups to collaborate on their poems and also as a central location to post poems from which the performing students will choose to read. 

Poetry Slam.docx

Poetry Slam.pdf

5. Shakespeare Research Paper

This lesson plan is designed for an 8th grade to High school aged students.  This paper is to be written over the course of an entire Shakespeare unit.  This activity requires students to research their specific topics, find multimedia, and take notes.  After this process, students will organize their data on their Spaaze boards, so that they can work on the paper from any computer, anytime.  After the paper is over, the students will go back to their Spaaze boards, and use it for their Works Cited page.

Project 2 LP.docx

Project 2 LP.pdf


1. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This lesson plan is designed for students on a post-secondary level studying history. The students are supposed to make a presentation on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and they are to use as support for their presentation. They will use Spaaze to gather information and during the presentation they will have access to a projector. This way they can show their Spaaze page to the rest of their class and use the information and (short) video clips to support their presentation. They will do this in groups of three to four.

Lesson Plan.docx

Lesson Plan.pdf

2.STEM Recipe Fraction Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will allow students to learn about multiplying fractions using recipe examples.  Teachers will use Spaaze as an organizational tool to post extra homework problems and helpful links. 

Lesson Plan Recipe.doc

Lesson Plan Recipe.pdf

3. English Lesson Plan:

In this lesson plan, students will research English speaking countries and cultures and give a short presentation to the class of their findings.  Students will use Spaaze to aid them in the research process.

English Lesson Plan.doc

English Lesson Plan.pdf

Teacher Planning 

This is an idea sheet for teacher's planning in the classroom. 

Spaaze in the Classroom.docx

Spaaze in the Classroom.pdf

V. International Perspective

Spaaze can be used internationally because it is available for anyone to use on the Internet. It can be used as a way of organization all over the world. It is very similar to a corkboard that people would use to post to-do lists, information, and other items they might need to remember. The web 2.0 technology of Spaaze is a new application that not very many people have knowledge about. At this time, Spaaze does not allow other users to share their information, but the creator has mentioned that this feature is currently being added and will be available sometime in the future.   If people could share their own Spaaze accounts with others, this would be a great way for information to be accessed from others, even in different counties.

VI. Pricing Options

Spaaze is a free tool for everyone to use. Basics like using labels, bookmarks and notes come free. You can, however, upgrade to have more use of Spaaze for $3/month.  With this you get unlimited upgrading abilities. There is a complete pricing table at

VII. References


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