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What is Splashup?

Splashup, previously known as Fauxto, is a photo editing website that is free to all of its viewers.  It can be used to both modify and create images fast and easily with a similar setup to Photoshop or Gimp.  Splashup allows the user to digitally edit photos from the computer.  In addition to simply uploading images, Splashup has free-transformation of the image, layer effects, multiple brushes, and many more options.\ 3

As the only full featured, free range, image editor online, Splashup is a powerful editing tool, that offers photo changing, editing, and a way to mange pictures online.\ 4 \


The original program, Fauxto, is pronounced Fau-to or Fo-To. This is interesting because Fauxto is almost exactly like Adobe's product Photoshop, thus the two almost identical programs shared an almost identical name. Fauxto is unique from other free, online programs because of its extensive features closely related to Fireworks and Photoshop. These features include layering, imaging from scratch, and enhancement techniques. The program also will let you work on more than one photo at the time through the use of tabs similar to internet programs Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Splashup would be a great tool for practically anyone that needs to modify graphics.  It displays basic and advance tools and options to transform almost any image in any desired way.


Faux Labs, Inc.


Dave Brushinski

Country Developed

Kansas, United States



editor, facebook, flickr, hosted, image, manager, photos, photoshop, splash, up

Year Created

2006                                                                                                        \

\ 6 \

How to Use Splashup

Basic Splashup Tutorial  


Once you have reached the Splashup website you can either create your own account or you can just jump right into creating your pictures. 

When you are ready to start you select the "Jump Right In".
Next select the "File" button and select the "Upload Picture". The image loading within Splashup is easy and convenient. Splashup is hyperlinked to securely import pictures from Facebook, Picassa, and Flickr. It is obviously possible to still load pictures from your hard drive, but the file sharing system is a great feature of Splashup. After you have your picture uploaded you can start working on your picture.  All of the tools you will need will be located on the left hand side of the window.  Under the tools are the background effects.  Located on the right hand side of the window you can change the color by moving the little white circle to the color you would like.  There is also a bar on the right side of the color you can select the darkness of the color.  Now it is time for you to have fun and create your new, improved photo!\ 5 \

Signing up for an account on Splashup is easy and only requires an email address, username, and password.  Creating an account with takes only about two minutes to set up. Splashup allows you to access photos from your Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr account.




Relationship to Other Applications

Splashup allows you to do more than just import a picture from an outside source. It also allows you to send it back! Splashup has a unique photo sharing compatibility with commonly used programs such as Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, desktop uploads, and internet URL's as well. The ability to connect with these various websites gives Splashup a diversified realm of formatting options ranging from jpeg to WIM photos. This makes the use of the program much easier because some programs are limited in formatting ability, thus making them more difficult to use.When you are finishing up your editing job follow these next steps!

  • Click on File, then Save
  • Choose the location in which you would like your picture to be saved (ex. Facebook)
  • Name the picture in the Image Name box
  • Create a folder or choose an existing folder for the image
  • Click Save
  • A box will pop up giving you one more opportunity to resize and view your picture
  • Click Save and your picture is uploaded!

Splashup also allows users to transfer pictures from Facebook accounts and other applications, edit them, and repost them.  

Although Splashup is similar to many other photo applications it has key differences as well.  One is that Splashup allows images to be opened from the computer as well as taken directly from a web cam.  The user will never have to leave the browser, and still take a picture, perform red-eye reduction, resize, crop, and then share with friends through their integrated sharing system.\ 3 \

Unique Features

One of the unique features of splash up is that it has an easier version.  This is called Splashup Light.  Splashup Light is almost the same thing as Splashup, but you cannot import pictures from Facebook or other internet sites; they have to be saved in your pictures on your computer.  With Splashup Light, the editing functions are much different from Splashup.  When Splashup Light is first opened there are two buttons on the left side and eight buttons on the right.  The buttons on the left are titled effects and editing; if you click on either of these it opens up to a new set of buttons. The buttons on the right are titled, from top to bottom; pan, zoom in, zoom out, undo, redo, webcam, open, and save. 
To open a picture:
1. Click the open button on the right.
2. Find the picture in your files that you want to edit.
3. Click open and the picture will appear on the screen.
To edit a picture:
1. Click on the editing button with a paintbrush on it.
2. You have six buttons to choose from: shapes, text, resize, crop, rotate, and flip.

          1. If you click on the shapes button, it opens up a row at the bottom of 18 different shapes that include captions, hearts, and banners.

          2. If you click on the text button, it allows you to add text to the picture or inside of the captions or shapes you placed on the picture.

          3. The resize button can change the size by typing in the size you want by width and height or clicking on each one individually to make it larger or smaller.

          4. If you click on the crop button, you can also change the size by typing in the height and width.

          5.If you click on the rotate button, it gives you the option of rotating the picture clockwise or counterclockwise and it rotates the picture 90 degrees.

          6. If you click on the flip button, it allows you to flip the picture horizontally or vertically.

3. Decide how you want the picture to look and click save.
To create special effects:
1. Click on the effects button with two pictures on it.
2. You have 15 options to choose from regarding the filters you can apply to your photo: sharpen, add blur, add noise, pixelate, find edges, emboss, posterize, clouds, invert, desaturate, grayscale, colorize, enrich, hue/saturation, and contrast/brightness.

          - Starting from the Filter drop down menu:  

 - Sharpen: defines lines and edges of your photo

 - Blur: changes blurriness of photo (you can determine degree of blurriness applied)

 - Add Noise: adds noise to picture by adding TV noise dots to your photo

 - Pixelate: Increases or decreases the number of pixels in your photo

 - Find Edges: locates and emphasizes edges in your photo

 - Emboss: sets photo out, "3-D" effect

 - Posterize: changes tones and levels on certain aspects of photos

 - Clouds: Adds a Cloudy layer over your photo.  (Would work best on a back layer) 

 - Invert: inverts all colors of photo (night vision view) 

 - Desaturate: Takes out all color from photo (makes black and white) 

 - Grayscale: Changes photo to black and white (all shades of gray) 

 - Colorize: changes the levels of reds in your photo

 - Enrich: enhances and boosts all colors in photo

 - Hue/Saturation: Changes the levels of reds and blues in your photo

 - Contrast/Brightness: changes the lightness and darkness levels of your photo

**Always remember if you make a change that you don't end up liking: use the undo button in the bottom left hand corner and it will undo the most recent changes you have made.**

3. Once you have the picture looking the way you want it, click save and share your new photo using many of your favorite applications.   
For quick and simple photo fixes, Splashup Light can be downloaded for free and offers many of the same tools as Splashup.  
{{color:#003366}} 1 \         
  1. International Use

The internet is readily available to almost anyone in the world. Internationally speaking it would be just as easy for a foreigner to use Splashup as it is for us from a technical perspective. People all over the world could edit any picture regardless of the format. However, there would be a problem with language settings. Splashup is only available in English and therefore it would be necessary for Splashup to become available in additional languages, or at least make letters from other languages available in the text tool, to be more competitive in an international market.  The most that can be done to solve this problem is to make a translator available to help a foreigner understand the site.  Click on this link to go to a translator-   

Lesson Plans

1. Elementary

 Listed first is the Word document and is followed by the PDF version.

Abstract Self Portraits-In this lesson students create an abstract picture of themselves.


Holiday Cards- Students create Holiday cards for their parents using their picture and editing tools. 


Disection Lab- Students will be able to view a picture of a disected animal and label some of the basic parts with the help

of the online photo editing tool Splashup.


Photo-Op- Students create a mini portfolio 


History projects- Students will edit pictures in order to enhance their topic in the the History of the 1960's and and the 1970's


Make Your Own Fabledocx 


2. Secondary

Biology Cell Lab- Students explore the cell.


Soils Lab- Students will point the separate horizons of soil.


Photo Editing- Students will edit a photo they took for photography class.


3. Post Secondary

 English Essay Presentation- Students will publish their essays they wrote during the semester.


Art Appreciation- Students will take a photo and edit it so that it follows different styles of art.


Vet./Animal Science- Students will learn the external signs of illness and disease in animals.


4. Business

Business Lesson Plan- Employess can use splashup to edit photos for their business.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Once I edit a picture does the new replace the old?

No. The edited picture is saved as a new picture unless you chose to save over the old one.

2. Is Splashup free?

Yes. Splash us a free service to everyone.

3.Can I print my picture from the website?

No. The website does not have a printing service,however you can save the picture and print from your home printer.

4. How does the registration process work?

This is very simple.  All you need is a username, email, and a password to be chosen, then get started.  There is no email verification, so you can get right to work.\ 3 \

5. How is Splashup different from other applications?

One of the differences is that Splashup allows you to take pictures off your computer as long as pictures off of a web cam.\ 3 \

6. What is the difference between Splashup and Splashup Light?

Taking some cues from Splashup, Splashup Light also has powerful tools for advanced image editing enthusiasts like Levels, Hue - Saturation and Brightness - Contrast. Together with standards tools like rotate, crop, resize and many fun effects, Splashup Light is a well-rounded photo editor perfect for those that don't need or want heavy desktop image editing suites. \ 1 \

If you have any troubles make sure to use the help link within Splashup!

There are four options under the help tab which include: Launch Help, Request a Feature, Submit a Bug, and About Splashup.  Launch Help is used when you need help with editing a picture and using Splashup's features.  Request a Feature is used when you have an idea on a new tool that you think Splashup should add.  Report a Bug is used when an error has occured and you want to report it to Splashup. About Splashup just tells you a little about the company and how it started.  












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