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What is Stixy?

What is the Purpose of Stixy?

The purpose of Stixy’s is to allow members to share information and communicate via a public or private online bulletin board to a targeted group of people.

How does Stixy Work?

Stixy is an application that is very easy to use. Users are able to sign up by simply using their email and creating a password. They are then given a "Stixyboard" and can add their personal touches.  Users can share their  Stixyboard with whomever, or they can choose to keep their board private. Stixy members use different Stixy “to-do widgets” to share, collaborate, and express different pieces of information. Stixy widgets are sticky notes, documents, pictures, or task notes that the user can easily drag on to the “Stixyboard”.  Users are able to discuss ideas, share information, and remind others of deadlines with ease. 1

 Here are the Stixy todo widgets users can choose from:

What Can Stixy Members Do?

Stixy members can:

I. History

      I. 1 Development       

       Stixy was created in 2007 by Jonus Hoglund and Anders Ottoson.2 It was their intent to create a site that offered an alternative to information management systems. They attempted to give Stixy less restrictions and easy interface then encountered in other information management systems. Also one of the purpose is provide usage for every age group. 

       Stixy allows its users to create organized “bulletin boards”, called Stixyboards where users can upload photos, files, notes, bookmarks, and more.2 These “bulletin boards” are called  Stixy Boards, and they allow users to share their their posted items with other guests and users. Stixy debuted in San Francisco, CA during a conference given by TechCrunch.5

Since its debut there have been a few updates, but no changes in its functions. Because of this, the number of users dropped from about 6,000 to about 1,000.

      I.2 How Stixy Works

  Stixy is free and available to anyone with an e-mail address, as this is all it requires to begin using its feature. Once a user creates a Stixyboard they can invite others to join. Users have the option of making their Stixyboard private or allowing guests (other Stixy users) to view it. Widgets on the board can be locked in order to prevent unwanted alteration of the widget by others.2 However, other users invited to join the Stixyboard can unlock a locked widget and make alterations or delete the widget entirely. Stixy doesn’t allow for administrative accounts, and therefore no permanent locks can be placed on widgets.9 However, no guests will be allowed to alter the site, only users.

            Changes made to a Stixyboard are not made in real time. The page must be refreshed before the changes are made visible to other users. If the changes made aren’t saved before the site is refreshed then they will not be saved.3

            Stixy will never give or sell your e-mail address or other personal information to a third party, except when required by law.2 Since the site was created there have been few increases in functionality or updates. Contrary to what other websites have been saying, Stixy's traffic has been increasing  in the last few months.

    I.3 Getting More Out of the Application

Stixy offers a support system for those seeking more out of Stixy. Have a question about features on Stixy? Simply visit their support page, type up your request/question/suggestion and you will receive an e-mail answering your inquiry.

Since the beginning of Stixy, a new calendar feature has been implemented. Its interface is just as sleek as the other portions of Stixy that are already established. If you’re looking directly at your calendar, you can easily create a new event with additional detail options such as notes, reminders, and the ability to invite others. Your calendar widget will be added to your Stixy widget menu, and from there you’ll have easy access to your schedule no matter where you are. There are privacy options, and the calendar can by synchronized with desktop and mobile calendars. There doesn’t appear to be synchronizing with web-based calendars just yet, but that could be a feature added on in the future. There’s already immediate integration with to-do lists, which will appear on your full-view calendar without any manual updates.

Stixy co-founder, Jonas Höglund, has also informed that such structured options for better organizing the free-form Stixyboard items will be expanded to include things like galleries and address books. This is naturally the next step for a tool like Stixy, especially as the company is layering in syncing integration with existing services as it adds new structured features to its service. 13

Table of Contents

II. How Stixy Relates to other Applications

      II.1 Comparison to Competitors

Wallwisher and Thinkature are Web2.0 applications that are similar to Stixy.  

Stixy vs. Wallwisher

  • Similarities
    • Stixy and Wallwisher are two comparable information management systems which use “walls” to upload, save, and display information.
    • Both can be used very effectively in the classroom.
  • Differences
    • Stixy is built around sharing the information placed there between users. 7
    • Wallwishers lack of "ToDo" widgets makes it more difficult to add information.
    • Wallwisher is much more complicated to sign up for than Stixy.
    • Stixy has more features than Wallwisher to customize your wall with.

Stixy vs. Thinkature

  • Similarities
    • Both websites describe themselves as websites where information can be stored and shared easily.8
    • Both send e-mails and allow users to share their boards.
  • Differences
    • Thinkature displays posts in real time without a need to refresh the page.8
    • Thinkatures calls their boards "Work Spaces".
    • Thinkature is created around the work place, whereas Stixy can be used for everyday life, work, and the classroom.8


 Stixy vs. Nexty

  • Similarities** Stixy and Nexty both a calendar that you can use for reminders.** Stixy and Nexty use post it notes.** Both are organizational tools.
  • Differences** You can upload pictures using Stixy but not using Nexty.** Stixy is more like one page with different features you can post on it, whereas Nexty is a stream of multiple pages.** Stixy is more colorful and more personalized than Nexty.


Stixy vs. Remember the Milk

  •  Similarities** Both have "To-Do" Lists.** Both allow you to put in specific times and dates that tasks need to be done by.** Both allow you to form your own contact lists where you can invite friends and share contact information.** You can edit your personal settings with both programs.
  • Differences** Remember the milk allows you to find locations on a map and add more locations.** Remember the milk has tabs, whereas Stixy has one board with everything.** Stixy has a big calendar with months and years in advance, but with Remember the milk, you can only look at "Today" and "Tomorrow."


Stixy vs. Deadline


  • Similarities** Both have a "To-Do" List feature.
    • Both have a calendar to use and plan on.
    • Can edit the settings in both, for example, the colors.
  • Differences
    • Stixy is easier to use, with more "Help" and support.
    • With Stixy, you can upload notes, photos, documents, and "To-Do" Lists, but Deadline only allows you to enter a date and give a description of what is happening on that date.
    • You can upload Deadline on your phone, but cannot upload Stixy on your phone.

II.2 Unique Uses

Stixy can be used for a variety of creative and applicable uses. Some use it to communicate internationally, while others use it to keep touch with their family members who aren't so far away. It can be used as a storyboard on which ideas and photos can be easily recorded. It is great for use as a planner, with to do widgets that can send out emails to members of a Stixy board before something is due. 

Stixy can also be a great way to have a fun and interactive blog. Someone starting a blog is able to invite others to join, allowing others to comment on posted blogs, add photos, or even their own blogs.

Stixy can be used as a community photo album where you can see other photos that you may not have copies of.

Stixy can essentially be used for a vast array of different types of activities and projects, allowing a ton of flexibility for a user to work with as they see fit.

Table of Contents

III. Real World Application

   III.1 Educational Lesson Plans

 Stixy: Teacher Friendly

* Easy to log in to

  • Easy for students or parents to join the group
  • Quick for posting last minute announcments
  • Announcment for parents to see future plans (e.g. paren/teacher conferences, field trips, etc.)

          i. Elementary

  •  Plants Lesson Plan
    • In this lesson plan, students will use Stixy to identify different planets and to learn information about each planets.
    • The students will have to learn how to use stixy and then will write one thing they remember learning during the lesson
    • Planets Lesson Plan.pdf
    • Planets Lesson Plan.doc
  •  Stixy S.T.E.M. Lesson Plan
  • Technology Lesson Plan
  •  Five Senses Lesson Plan
  • Nutrition Lesson Plan
    • In this lesson, students will learn the different food groups, what types of food belong in each group, and the recommended amount of servings you need for each group every day by using Stixy post. Students will also upload pictures of the types of foods.
    • Nutrition Lesson Plan.docx
    • Nutrition Lesson Plan.pdf

          ii. Secondary

          iii. Post Secondary

  •  Pride and Prejudice
    • In this lesson plan, students will be reading and analyzing in depth the book Pride and Prejudice. They will use the wiki to post their character analysis', and evaluations of the plot and theme. The instructor will also post the suggested review questions for the in class quiz upon the completion of the assigned literature.
    • Pride and Prejudice.doc
    • Pride and Prejudice.pdf
  • Psychology Lesson
    • This lesson plan asks students to individually research different mental disorders and post their research to Stixy.
    • Each of students would then be required to post discussions on several of their classmates research.
    • Psychology Lesson Plan.pdf
    • Psychology Lesson Plan.doc
  • Anthropology Lesson Plan

Table of Contents

   III.2 Business/Industry

  • Stixy allows for effective communication between people who might be working together on a business or industrial project. Once a Stixy account has been created, users simply need to invite others to join their Stixyboard via an e-mail sent out by Stixy to the e-mail addresses entered. Once a part of the Stixyboard, users can begin modifications immediately. It is also possible to send out a mass e-mail to every member of your Stixy group by typing a message in the "Notify of Updates" box located in the Stixyboard options page.5

  • The Stixy site is built for effective communication. Large groups are able to see information posted by other colleagues and add to that information themselves. It features a To-Do widget which helps coordinate events, and can even send out a reminder e-mail to everyone connected to the Stixyboard.5

  • Stixy makes event coordinating simple and effective, and some users have created interactive desktops using Stixy. This is possible for most Windows and Macintosh users, although those with Windows Vista will be unable to use Stixy in this way.4

  • Other users are exploring ways in which blogger's could increase “community interaction” on their blogging site.4

  • Stixy could be a useful tool for secretarys to post information up on rather than calling people all the time.

  • Here is how our group used Stixy while we made this wiki:

Table of Contents

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value


Stixy could be used as an education tool. It allows teachers to post assignment details and other classroom information. Since Stixy is free students could use the application as well, for uploading homework, research, and other information. Students could use Stixy to create a personal portfolio that could be accessed by educators as well as other students and parents.6

Schools have begun using Stixy. For example, Stixy has been used to post a summer reading list.1

Essentially, Stixy is just an online bulletin board that can be used for an unlimited number of different educational tools.

Teachers can share via Stixy:

  • Their classroom schedule
  • Projects at work
  • Fieldtrip photos
  • Upload documents
  • Lunch Menu
  • Printable documents that parents and teachers can have copies of (permission slips, medical forms, etc...)

Teachers can also use Stixy to communicate and collaborate with each other to incorporate other lessons plans or ideas into their own.

While it is easy to upload photos, notes, documents, etc. onto Stixy, one negative aspect is the Stixyboard's creator cannot make an administrative account. This leaves them without control, and disruptive students could delete information or add unnecessary comments.

The fact that users can log in and work in a graphical based wiki style system that offers a impressive collaborative function means Stixy is going to be a very useful tool for education especially when working with a large number of students or groups.12

 It is colorful, and it is easy to comment on others’ ideas. 

How to integrate Stixy into the classroom: Stixy is an excellent tool for the classroom.  Use it as a communication tool for your students.  Create a classroom board where you post homework, resources, to-do items, etc. for your students.  Students can, in turn, submit assignments via the document upload, add notes asking questions of the class, and participate in online discussions.    When working on group projects, students can create a Stixy board where they can collaborate virtually.  Here they can post ideas, research findings, and deadlines for the group. *Be aware that not all students may not have access to Stixy at home, so plan accordingly.*

Stixy can also be used as a virtual portfolio for students.  Ask each student to create a Stixy board for the year (or per semester, trimester, or quarter).  Throughout the year, students can add their content and learning to the board.  Teachers, other students, parents, and family members can be invited to view the board throughout the year.  Students can view their learning and progress in one place and parents, teachers, and other students can leave feedback and encouragement on the Stixyboard.   This virtual portfolio can “travel” with students as a body of evidence.  I would prefer getting a virtual portfolio of learning over a report card of grades any day!

Jonas Hoglund elaborates more on how Stixy is being improved for classroom use:

"We have recently finalized a test with a school project with two classes
on two different continents (US and Sweden), collaborating on
environmental/global warming related projects. One of the new features
being tested was to give the teachers better administrative control of
Stixyboards and users. This is a feature we hope to launch to other
Stixy users soon."

Table of Contents

V. How Stixy is used Internationally

Language Barriers
  1. At this time Stixy doesn't run in any other languages besides English. However, one of the sites founders,Jonas Hoglund, stated that "Better language support is in the works, but not yet implemented," when asked about language features on Stixy.
  2. Although alternative language support is not available it is possible to change the time zone which keeps the widgets in sync with wherever you are located. 
Stixy in other Countries
  • Stixy can be used in a variety of ways.
  • It allows for collaborative birthday greetings, or other general international collaboration.
  • Other users use it as a scrapbook.
  • Stixy can be utilized to fit a variety of international communication needs.

Cultural Clubs can use it as a interactive web page.10

Stixy can also be used for international collaboration. One stixyboard was set up as a birthday page. People from all over the world where able to post birthday wishes as well as a picture next to their comment.11

Table of Contents


About the Application
  • Title of Application: Stixy
  • Created By: Jonas Höglund and Anders Ottoson
  • Why was it created: Stixy was created to help people who need to organize their lives

Why People Love Stixy

  • It is "newbie" friendly
  • A user does not need to be internet savvy to use
  • Kid friendly

Stixy is a Web 2.0 social bookmarking 

  • Allows users to collaborate their ideas via a web-based bulletin bored
  • Stixy can be used in a classroom setting, office setting, or for personal use
  • Stixy boards a very easy to share

VI. References









9. Jonas Hoglund; co-founder and creator





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