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  1. Unknown User (krowe)

     1. There is one sole purpose for Survery Monkey. This is to "enable anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily." 

     2. There are three easy steps to Survery Monkey: 1) design your survey 2) collect responses 3)analyze your responses

     3. "The Survery Monkey Headquarters is located in Portland, OR and  was started in 1999.Everyday Survey Monkey gives thousands of people the feedback they need to make more informed decisions, including more than 8% of the Fortune 100.

  2. 1.  Survey Monkey allows the creater to view the responses to their survey in real time.

    2.  There are three subscription methods:  Basic, free;  Monthly Pro, $19.95/month; and Annual Pro, $200/year

    3.  With the Basic subscription there are 15 basic themes for your survey where Monthly Pro and Annual Pro offer unlimited themes as they are 100% customizable.

  3. Unknown User (amaines)

    1."There is no long term committment or hidden charges.You can sign up as a monthly customer, and use our services for as long as you need. Canceling your account is a hassle-free, one-click process."

    2."Any data that you collect is kept completely and absolutely confidential. We have never been affiliated with any third-parties, and we never accept any advertising."

    3. They have over 50 survey templates, for people who aren't experiened and need some help getting started.

  4. Unknown User (kwindler)

    1.  As a professional subscriber to Survey Monkey, you can easily add your own organizational design to appear in the top left-hand corner of every page.

    2.  The data and surveys you create are protected by "the latest in firewall and instrustion prevention."

    3.  With Survey Monkey, you can create a "Test Collector to send the survey to a selected audience so you can test the survey before it goes live."

  5. 1.  Survey Monkey lets you make email lists so people can get to your surveys easier.

    2.  It is possible to share the results of one of your surveys by clicking an option to share.

    3.  Survey Monkey has a mail system connected to it called Mail Chimp.

  6. Unknown User (atielkin)

    1. There are 17 different question formats that you can use.

    2.   Designing surveys they can be done online and you can adjust the appearance.

    3. Reasonable price and it Automates much of the process of designing and implementing surveys.

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  7. 1. Survey Monkey has a very easily accessable users manual with directions that are easy to find and follow.

    2. When the user is  finished with the survey and they click done, the information can be viewed in the form of a bar graph. 

    3. "The analyze section allows for deeper analysis through the use of filtering, cross tabulating and exporting."

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