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Hey everyone... this is the basic outline of the things that we will need to include in our chapter. It might help you with your research, and even outline our whole chapter page! ~Christina

*What is the title of the application? Who developed it?

Robert Schroeder

  • The title of this application is "Tada list".

 Robert Schroeder

  • The only information I could find about who created it is a company called "37 signals". I found that information in the terms of service section of the Tada lists website. 
  • I also found that Tadalist is a function of basecamp. It states the the Tada lists is a the less powerful free function of basecamp. Basecamp is a webtool that has its own to-do lists and message boards or blogs. Tada lists just seem to be the simplified free version or off shoot of t his application. (all of this information was found in the FAQ section of



What is the purpose of the application (that is, what does it do)?


  •  Alex Risse:
    • Plain and Simple, It is a to do list. But it also has other ways that it can be used. From things that need to get done around the house to, or places to visit, eat, or see while in Chicago or other locations. It can be used as a simple grocery list.
    • Citing All i did was visit the Webpage and looked at the examples on there.
  • Alex Risse:


How does it work? Briefly, What does one have to do to start using it?

  • Christina Citta:
    • To begin using it all you have to do is go to and sign up today! all you have to do is create an account and click on the "Sign up for your free Ta-Da List account" link at the bottom of the page. Once you are there, you will create a username and password and fill out some personal information such as your name and email. Click on the "Yes, I agree to the Ta-Da Terms of Service and Privacy Policy." box and the "Create My Account." You are now done and free to play around, make lists, and explore the other many options that Ta-Da lists have!
    • Citing: All I did was visit the web page where I followed the easy instructions provided and created my own account. After that I actually played around with the list making tools and created sample lists to share with the group.
  •  Christina Citta:
    • How to make a list...
      • For example, I made this list by signing in to Ta-Da List and then click on the "Create a new list" as shown below.
      • This will then take you to a page that looks like this:
        • Name your list and then click on the "Creat this list" button

    • Once your list is created, it will look like this: 
    • Start adding items to your list. Just type in what you want in the box and then click "Add this item"
      • Once you have begun adding items to your list it will look something like this:
      •  Your list is officially made. **** Now all you need to do is acomplish the things on your list and check them off like so:

        • You are free to add other items to the list, edit the list, and even share the list!
        • To share the list, just click on "Share" at the top enter an email address you would like to send the list to and/or click the box that says you would like to publicly share the list and copy the URL of the list like so:
          • This way, you or a friend can reference the list at any time. Keep in mind that this is your list that was made under your login. As you know from the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, only you can log onto your account and edit your lists. So while your friend can look at your list, he or she will not be able to edit or change it.
      • Citing: I signed up for an account and played around with making lists. I used the screen shot button  in OneNote to capture the pictures.
    • Grace Tweedy
      • I found that not only can one make basic lists... one can actually easily keep track of their own progress
      • After logging into the site, next to where your current lists or past lists are, there is a box that contains: Be Notified of Changes to any of Your Lists Via RSS


Be notified of changes to any of your lists via RSS:

Your account

Log out, change password, change email, or cancel account

Need help?

Check out the FAQs

  • How is it related to other applications (that is, can it be used in conjunction with other applications)?
    • Alex Rouse:
    • Like Joel said it can be used an application on the iphone, that part of research can apply to this section as well
    • Tada list can also be used as a checklist for completing a task using other application such as a checklist for the different components of any of our workouts and projects for this course


  •  Alex Risse:
    Unknown macro: {youtube}


    That is the correct Macro for the Youtube video to be embedded into this wiki. But the macro isnt part of the standard software. We might need to talk to Newby or an admin about it.

I got the information from-----

What are some unique ways of using this application?

  •  Joel Wilcox:
    • Ta-da List works in the most popular web browsers (IE 6/7, Firefox 2, and Safari 2) on the Mac, PC, and the iPhone. 
    • Citing:
  • Joel Wilcox:
    • If you have an iPhone, just visit and you'll see the iPhone version. You can access the standard web version with your desktop web browser. Both versions share data and lists.
    • Here's what it looks like:
    • The Lists
    • A Sample List
    • Tapping an item to mark it done, edit, or delete.----
    • Citing:
  • Joel Wilcox:
    • Wired: Ta-Da List for iPhone sign of improvement in mobile web apps
      Wired says the hi-res iPhone and iPod Touch screens are perfect for reading text. Along the way, it gives Ta-Da List for iPhone some love:

Are we imagining it, or are mobile web applications getting a whole lot better since the Dawn of the iPhone? The side-effect of Apple's closed platform is an explosion of iPhone-friendly services, especially from the makers of the web's prettiest and most functional tools, such as 37signals' Ta-Da List for iPhone. Add in the iPod Touch and there's suddenly a big new web platform to develop for.

    • Citing:
      How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation? For example, generate multiple content area lesson plans for each of the following areas:
    • Education
      • Christina:
        • We could incorporate lesson plans. Each curriculum could use the application in a different way.
        • Also, Dr. Newby said that if it comes to the point where we are stretching things to make our appt. work in an elementary setting then not to worry about it, or just put in "suggestions" that we have and let the reader know that these are our original ideas...
          • i.e., since it might be a little difficult to incorporate this into a lesson plan, maybe talk about how to incorporate it with teachers and parents of these students...
      • Special Needs Kids
      • Matthew Fields
        • With the relatively simplicity of this program it could be used as a good learning tool for children with learning disabilities.  They could be taught how to use this program to plan out and make goals for themselves with a teachers help.  Then the students can mark it off once they accomplish what they set out to to.  This will help some students to stay on task and in a generation with a growing number of children diagnosed with ADHD I would see this as very helpfull.
      • Elementary
      • Alex Rouse
        • students under the age of 13 cannot use this application according to terms and service.  However, teachers could use this to make to do lists to make sure they accomplish each task necessary any given day.
      • Secondary
        • Alex Rouse:
        • Students can use tada list to make a checklist for each part of a major project that needs to be completed before the final product is due.  For example a list could include:
          • complete brainstorming sheet
          • gather information
          • create powerpoint
          • write narrative
          • site sources
          • proof-read work
      • Post secondary
        • (Sheena Mitchell) :: There is a function that is listed later on this page. It states that Tada List can be used to keep track of new words and definitions. ( For a postsecondary student (or instructor), this can be an imperative piece of information to have in order to keep the student or the instructor in-step with the changes that are happening terminologically and conceptually in the language of their country and other countries as well.
        • (Sheena Mitchell) :: Another great way that Tada list could be used in post secondary education is in collaboration with processes like our Banner (myPurdue). Because we use this site to schedule courses, it would be quite beneficial to incorporate a "Scheduling Process Checklist" in the main window after you log on to the network. An example of what this list would look like is shown below. This implementation would ease a lot of the common confusion and general forgetfulness that college students often face when using online course scheduling processes. (The screenshot below was taken with Microsoft OneNote from the following url:
    • Business/industry
        • Grace Tweedy
        • Considering that this is a very basic list... this could be used for basic business needs
          • Planning out objectives for meeting
          • To-do list for the day:  What interview/meeting/phone calls need to be made for the day
          • What topics need to be covered in a board meeting
          • Starbucks list for the temp lol
        • (Sheena Mitchell) :: Again, as I was looking at the list of uses of Tada list at, I noticed that there was the capability to list the necessary points to be covered in a conference call. I think that this, along with the capability of sharing the list, could be used quite easily in a business situation. An example of how this could take place is that in a management/subordinate situation, the subordinate could be required to submit a pre-draft list of conference call topics to the manager. At that point, the manager would either accept or reject the list. This process is just one example of how Tada list could be used to enhance the efficiency and productivity of a business.
    • Home/Family Life
      • Christina:
        • Ta-Da List gives examples on this page as to how the application can be used...
            • Examples:
              • Calls to return
              • Thank you notes to write
              • CDs to buy
              • Resturants to check out
              • Shopping list
              • Books you want to read (with links to Amazon)
              • People to invite for the party
              • Points to discuss on a conference call
              • Web links to visit
              • Famous quotes you don't want to forget
              • Meeting agenda
              • Places to visit
              • Testa
              • Something
              • Movies to watch
              • Things to pack for your trip
              • Gifts to buy for people during the holidays
              • Programs to develop
              • New words and definitions
              • Things to sell on eBay
              • Things you have borrowed and should return
              • Code changes to make
              • Household chores to accomplish
              • Bills to pay
      • Citing:
    • Grace Tweedy
      • I think i may have found a flaw that may deter people from using this program
      • Under FAQs, the site says that one cannot set time restraints or deadlines for each task
      • We should emphasize that one needs to add their own dates on each task for their own benefit
      • Comments on how we should go about that?
    • Can I add to-do dates to list items?

No. Ta-da Lists are just ultra-simple, easily sharable to-do lists. If you'd like more powerful list functionality, including the ability to assign list items to different people, the ability to group to-do lists by project, the ability to track completetion dates and who checked off an item, and more, consider upgrading to the full version of Ta-da Lists which is included in the Basecamp web-based project management tool.

      • ----What are some examples (e.g., web sites) of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?
    • Matthew Fields
      • I have not found any websites as of yet that use this device.  However I could see it being very valuable to people who get off task easily.  Or that it could be used sucessfully with children who have mental handicaps such as autism.  This device could be used to help them set goals for themselves and keep on task rather then straying away from it when distracted. 
      • Citing.  I looked at several websites through google trying to find any that use this program but found none.  I will continue to look however the ideas I expressed where of my own.

 Robert Schroeder

Matthew Fields

  • As started at the top of the page by Robert Schroeder, Tada list is a simplified version of a feature from Basecamp.  Both would be useful for educational value in their potential for helping people to remember to do things such as study, do homework, or simply to pack lunch for the next day.  However Basecamp offers many other features that would be useful as well.  This information was found at and more can be found at the FAQ section of

For those teams with international partners, how is this application used in their countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?


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    just a though... I know that the pictures that I put in my section are pretty big and are awkwardly spaced, but ever time I tries to resize them or move them it would make them look worse. Since this is only the research page I am not too worried about it, but for the editors and designers/formatters this may be a concern for the final page.....

  2. Unknown User (ccitta)

    Also, Dr. Newby said that if it comes to the point where we are stretching things to make our appt. work in an elementary setting then not to worry about it, or just put in "suggestions" that we have and let the reader know that these are our original ideas...

    • i.e., since it might be a little difficult to incorporate this into a lesson plan, maybe talk about how to incorporate it with teachers and parents of these students...