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 Correct Group 15 Peer Review

Ta-da List (a product of 37signals)

What is the title of the application? Who developed it?

 The title of this application is "Ta-Da List".

 The  company called "37 signals" created Ta-Da List.
 Tadalist is a function of basecamp. It states the the Ta-Da List is a the less powerful free function of basecamp. Basecamp is a webtool that has its own to-do lists and message boards or blogs. Ta-Da List is the simplified, free version or off shoot of this application. (all of this information was found in the FAQ section of

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What is the purpose of the application (that is, what does it do)?

In the simplest form, Ta-Da List is a tool that allows one to construct "to-do lists" online.  Ta-Da List can be applied many ways in a person's life: such as tourists making a list of things to see in Chicago, a packing list for the beginning of a trip, or a gift list for the holidays.[2]


In addition to simple  lists such as grocery lists or things to do around the house, Ta-Da List can be used as a tool to aid education.[2]

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How does it work? Briefly, What does one have to do to start using it?

Getting started... 

To begin using Ta-Da List, all you have to do is go to and sign up! To create an account, click on the "Sign up for your free Ta-Da List account" link at the bottom of the page. Once you are there, you will create a username and password and fill out some personal information such as your name and email. Click on the "Yes, I agree to the Ta-Da Terms of Service and Privacy Policy." box and the "Create My Account."

You are now done and free to play around, make lists, and explore the many other options that Ta-Da lists have!

How to make a list...

One can make a list by signing into Ta-Da List and then click on the "Create a new list" icon as shown below.
The next step is to name the list and then click on the "Create this list" button.

To begin adding items to the list, type in what "needs to be done" in the box and then click "Add this item"

 Once items have been added to the list, it will look something like this:


Final list...

At this point, the list is officially made!

The only thing left to do is accomplish the things on the list and check them off!!




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How is it related to other applications (that is, can it be used in conjunction with other applications)?

Teachers can use tada list with the application smartboard as a graphic organizer.  Smartboard is a tool that is being introduced to classrooms across the country. This is an example of how this application can be used with other applications.

Teachers can put lists on the smart board for their students to see what needs to be completed, and use the smartboard technology to make notes and additions to the list during the class.  This can be used for all ages and is currently being used in an elementary school, Clinton Young Elementary School, in Perry Township, Indiana.

An example of the Tada List/SmartBoard application is using this combination as a morning message for students.  A teacher can display a morning checklist on the smartboard that says what needs to be accomplished:

  • put your coats away in the cubby
  • check for returned papers in cubby
  • do 15 minutes of silent reading
  • complete worksheet

Then, as each task is completed by the class, the teacher could select a student to come up and touch the smartboard screen to make the item disappear from the list! It can also be used as an agenda throughout the day so that the students can have a visual up on the smartboard to know what is expected of them during each unit.

Not only can this application be used in the education environment, it can also be used during day to day activities: via the iPhone. This will be discussed further in the next section.

What are some unique ways of using this application?

  • Ta-da List works in conjunction with the most popular web browsers (IE 6/7, Firefox 2, and Safari 2) on the Mac, PC, and the iPhone. 
  • If you would like a Tada List that is great for on-the-go and that is compatable with an iPhone, just visit and you'll see the iPhone version. One can access the standard web version with a desktop web browser. Both versions share data and lists.
  • Here's what it looks like:
  • The Lists


  • A Sample List
  • Tapping an item to mark it done, edit, or delete. [3]
  • List for iPhone sign of improvement in mobile web apps
    Wired says the hi-res iPhone and iPod Touch screens are perfect for reading text. Along the way, it gives Ta-Da List for iPhone some love:
  • "Are we imagining it, or are mobile web applications getting a whole lot better since the Dawn of the iPhone? The side-effect of Apple's closed platform is an explosion of iPhone-friendly services, especially from the makers of the web's prettiest and most functional tools, such as 37signals' Ta-Da List for iPhone. Add in the iPod Touch and there's suddenly a big new web platform to develop for." [4]
Incorporate Ta-Da List in the home or at work!

 Some Examples of lists you can make are [1]:

  • Calls to return
  • Thank you notes to write
  • CDs to buy
  • Resturants to check out
  • Shopping list
  • Books you want to read (with links to Amazon)
  • People to invite for the party
  • Points to discuss on a conference call
  • Web links to visit
  • Famous quotes you don't want to forget
  • Meeting agenda
  • Places to visit
  • Tests
  • Movies to watch
  • Things to pack for your trip
  • Gifts to buy for people during the holidays
  • Programs to develop
  • New words and definitions
  • Things to sell on eBay
  • Things you have borrowed and should return
  • Code changes to make
  • Household chores to accomplish
  • Bills to pay
  • Homework lists  that pupil must complete 
  • The step to exercise

The Tada List uses, which can be found at, states that there is the capability to list the necessary points to be covered in a conference call. In a business or industry, this could be a great use of Tada List. Tada List also has a sharing capability, through e-mail and other mediums, which makes it an ideal product for use in business. An example of how this could take place is that in a management/subordinate situation, the subordinate could be required to submit a pre-draft list of conference call topics to the manager. At that point, the manager would either accept or reject the list. This process is just one example of how Tada list could be used to enhance the efficiency and productivity of a business.

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What are some examples (e.g., web sites) of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?

  • Here is a useful site that gives some suggestions for other uses of Tada List:
  • Tada list is a simplified version of a feature from Basecamp.  Both Basecamp and Tada List, would be useful for educational value because of their potential for helping people to remember to do things on a "to do list." These lists could include items such as study, do homework, or simply pack lunch for the next day.  However, Basecamp offers many other features that would be useful as well.  This information and more can be found at the FAQ section of

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How could the application be used within an educational/learning situation?

Children with Special Needs

  • With the relative simplicity of this program, Tada List has the potential to be used as a good learning tool for children with learning disabilities.  Students could be taught how to use this program to plan out and make goals for themselves with a teachers help.  As a reward for accomplishing what was on the list, the students will be able to check off what they have achieved.  This will help some students to stay on task and in a generation where the number of children diagnosed with ADHD is growing, this application could be seen as a very useful tool.
  • This application could also be used to help teachers keep track of things they need for lesson plans. A list could be made on this application to keep track of standards that they want to use. A teacher could check off each standard as they go through their lesson plan.
  • Here is an example of a Lesson Plan that could be used:



Overview: The purpose for this lesson plan is for students in grades K-2 to learn about the different biomes that the world holds. They will learn how each biome is unique and that each is home to many different types of plants and animals.

Objective: The students should use this lesson to familiarize themselves with all the biomes, and focus on one or two to learn more about.

After the students choose their specific biome, they will share what they have learned with the rest of the students through small learning groups.

Once students have had time to learn about the biomes in their learning groups, they will complete a quiz and will identify at least 4 out of the 6 biomes by description and picture (Desert, Forest, Tundra, Grassland, Freshwater, and Marine)

Standards: Students should be able to identify all biomes by the end of the unit, and meet the following standards:*- (*Click to see list for standards)

This example shows how a teacher can keep a lesson plan on track and can be added to if needed.

More Lesson Plans

The following chart offers examples of how Ta-Da List may be used in the educational venue in the context of a lesson plan. Clicking the link at the far right of each item's description will offer you the option of viewing, saving, e-mailing, printing, etc. a PDF version of a lesson plan that already has Ta-Da list incorporated into its format.

Grade Level


Decscription of Use

Link to Lesson Plan Example


Reading/Language Arts

Identify what communication is necessary between teacher and student to ensure learning has occurred

"Box It Up" Lesson Plan


Writing/Language Arts

List Learning Objectives and Evidences to ensure the lesson plan also has an adequate follow-through

"Trade Book" Lesson Plan



List materials used in the lesson to ensure that student has aquired them all or that they are present in the classroom

"Plate Tectonics" Lesson Plan

6 Honors, 7-9

Creative Writing/Literary Appreciation/Language Arts

Simplify a long list of procedures for an assignment, making their completion more efficient because the list eases determination of finished and unfinished tasks

"Read Between My Lines" Lesson Plan



Allow students to complete post-lesson concept check to review presented concepts and also to identify stengths and weaknesses in understanding

"Bricks" Lesson Plan



Keep track of those all-important evaluation criteria! In an extended lesson that covers more than one class meeting (such as this lesson,) the criteria often become misinterpreted, forgotten, etc. Ta-Da list can help everyone stay on task by keeping the end in sight

"American Literature" Lesson Plan


 Financial Literacy Lesson Plan - FACS for Middle Schoolers

Financial Literacy

Lesson Plan for 7th and 8th Grade Middle School Students Created by Kimberly J. Graves


Lesson Topic: Checking and Savings Accounts


The students will be able to. . . 
-          Research a career of their choosing
-          Learn what that career consists of regarding education, income, knowledge, interests and abilities
Write a Financial Plan - Design A Financial Plan that Compliments Your Chosen Career and Your Chosen Capital Per Year.



Relating Income and Careers

Standard 2: Analyze how education, income, career, and life choices relate to achieving financial goals.



Describe how career choice, education, skills, entrepreneurship, and economic conditions
affect income.







Middle School Indicators


Explain how an individual's interests, knowledge, abilities, and career and job choices affect income.








Methods / Learning Experiences

10 Minutes

Introduce new assignment - "Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail"

Design a Financial Plan that Compliments Your Chosen Career and Your Chosen Capital Per Year - Hand out Rubric.  Use Ta-Da List to organize your information.

5 Minutes

Walk down to the computer lab

Turn computers on.  Bring up website "Drive of Your Life"

30 Minutes

Students utilize this time in the computer lab to complete the "Drive of Your Life" career program and to research their desired career and salary.

Students need to print out their research they gather from "Drive of Your Life" exercise and career and salary research

5 Minutes

Lesson Summary/Closure strategy to involve students)

-       Any Questions?
-       Turn in computer print outs of information gathered  with name & date on paper
-       Discuss written plan of 2 to 3 pages double spaced will be written during class time in computer lab tomorrow and will be due on Monday, 4/20/09.


Rubric found on website:

Evaluation of Student Learning:

Students are to hand in computer printouts of research, lists, and written paper |

 "Teachers can use Ta-Da List in a variety of ways - Below is just one of the ways I use it" - Kimberly (lightbulb)

Teacher Employment Websites


In the post-secondary arena,  Ta-Da List can be used to keep track of new words and definitions. ( For a postsecondary student (or instructor), this can be an imperative piece of information to have in order to keep the student or the instructor in-step with the changes that are happening terminologically and conceptually in the language of their country and other countries as well.

Another great way that Ta-Da list could be used in post-secondary education is in collaboration with processes like Purdue's Banner (myPurdue). Because students use this site to schedule courses, it would be quite beneficial to incorporate a "Scheduling Process Checklist" in the main window after a student logs onto the network. An example of what this list would look like is shown below. This implementation would ease a lot of the common confusion and general forgetfulness that college students often face when using online course scheduling processes. (The screenshot below was taken from the following url:

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For those teams with international partners, how is this application used in their countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?

According to our international partners, Tada List is used very little in China. After testing the program themselves, they came to specific conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages that come along with Tada List. 



It is very simple and convenient.

Have to sort items manually

The interface is amazingly easy and intuitive.

The program, itself, does not have an option to define time requirements or due dates

It bases on computer

Its flexibility and is bad in China, users are not as good at mobile telephone

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Interview with Randyn Payne, first grade teacher Clinton Young Elementary School MSD Perry Township [5]

1. In what ways did you use Tada List as an educational tool in your classroom? I was able to use the Tada List in conjunction with my smartboard in my classroom. I used it as an agenda of things to get done in the classroom so that all of my students could see what tasks needed to be accomplished. Some of my children are very visual learners and love to follow routine. The Tada List was a great resource for my little birds to be able to see what is going on for their day.

2. What purpose did Tada List serve as you used it in your classroom? It served as another tool for learning with my kids visually as well as keeping their interest. They loved coming up and "checking" off what was on our list! In a way I think it gave some of my students a sense of accomplishment as we checked stuff off of our list!

3. Did you find it to be a helpful tool? In what ways? I did find the tool helpful. Anytime that I can find a new game, strategy, or tool that keeps my kids engaged or alert I think that it is worth using over and over again and sharing with others. The Tada List really helped me utilize another tool with my smartboard even more.

4. Does this application have potential value to you as an educator? I think it does. It helps keep the students on task as well as keeping me on task! It's just a great visual tool to have on in the background if nothing else. Helps the day go by faster and that is always a plus for everyone!!

5. Did you use this application in conjunction with any other educational tools or applications? I used this application A LOT with my smart board system. It worked beautifully like salt and pepper!

6. Did you find this application useful for any specific learning situation? I did not find it useful for just one particular situation but more as a day to day function. It was nice to have a "check-list" of what is going on and what has to be done. I think it is also neat for parents or administrators to come in and see what we are doing in our class just by seeing the list on the board. I actually had a parent come in to read to our class and she could see that we had science presentations after lunch and she decided to stick around for that! So I think it is a very friendly tool that can make children and adults feel welcomed and for parents to feel secure in what is going on in their child's daily life here at school! 

7. Did you students enjoy using Tada List? My students really enjoyed it. Anytime they can come up to the Smart Board and interact with it they have fun. Since we have used it on Monday they have continually asked me, "What are we doing today that we can check off?" or "Can we put that on our list so that we can check it off?". It has been great to see them get excited this close to the end of the year, so every little bit helps!

Thanks again for letting me and my class be a part of this neat experience!

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  1.  "Example uses for Ta-da." Ta-da List. 01 Apr. 2009 <>.
  2. To do list, simple, easy, fast, sharable: Ta-da List. 01 Apr. 2009 <>
  3. "Ta-da List for iPhone." 37signals. 14 Apr. 2009 <>
  4. "Wired: Ta-Da list for iPhone sign of improvement in mobile web apps." 37signals Product Blog.  14 Apr. 2009 <>
  5. Payne, Randyn D. "Ta-Da List." E-mail interview. 8 Apr. 2009.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Basecamp? How are Ta-da Lists related to Basecamp?

    Basecamp is a web-based project management tool used by people in over 50 countries. Basecamp features to-do lists, blog-like message boards, simple scheduling, and file sharing. It's really easy to use and people love it.

    Ta-da List is a less powerful stand-alone version of Basecamp's to-do list functionality. Ta-da List is completely free. We hope you'll enjoy it so much that you'll consider upgrading to the more powerful version included with Basecamp (plus you'll get all the benefits of Basecamp's other project management features).

    What are those grey circles in front of the list name?

    means you have 8 or more items remaining
    means you have 6-7 items remaining
    means you have 4-5 items remaining
    means you have 2-3 items remaining
    means you have 1 item remaining

    How do I share a list?

    Click on a list then click the "Share" link at the top of the screen. Two different ways to share lists are explained on that page. And yes, you can share a list both ways at the same time.

    What are the system requirements to use Ta-da?

    Ta-da works with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 6, Safari, and Firefox. Ta-da does not work with Internet Explorer 5.x. It may or may not work with other browsers, but we can only guarantee the aforementioned browsers.

    How do I delete an item or an entire list?

    Open a list and click the "Edit" link at the top of the screen. To delete an entire list, click the "Delete this list" link. To delete an item, just clear the field for that item (or replace it with something else) and click the save changes button.

    Can I add to-do dates to list items?

    No. Ta-da Lists are just ultra-simple, easily sharable to-do lists. If you'd like more powerful list functionality, including the ability to assign list items to different people, the ability to group to-do lists by project, the ability to track completetion dates and who checked off an item, and more, consider upgrading to the full version of Ta-da Lists which is included in the Basecamp web-based project management tool.

    Hey, where'd the buttons go? How do I save changes to my lists when I check items off?

    Ha! You don't have to. When you un/check an item off it's automatically saved behind the scenes.

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    Ways to use Tada List in Education

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    Possible Use


    Use to choose and prepare for the courses the student will take during four years of high school


    Use to organize student's exploration of extra-curricular activities


    Use to create a college preparation checklist

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  39. Unknown User (kmalan)

    I think Ta-Da list is an excellent program to use in the educational realm. This product could be used by teachers and students alike. Teachers could use Ta-Da List to create lists of things they need to accomplish throughout the day. They could put tid-bits of their lesson plans on Ta-Da and after they complete those portions, they could check them off. They could also use Ta-Da as a checklist for meeting State Standards. The teacher could list the standards they are responsible for meeting and then throughout the year, after they teach the standards and evaluate them they could check those off the list.

                    Students could also use Ta-Da list also. Teachers could either create individual accounts for the children or if they children are old enough- they could create their own. Then, the student or teacher could enter that day’s assignments or homework and expect the student to complete them and check them off. Since the teacher would have the students password and information- they could monitor their students’ progress and help the students keep moving along.

                    I give this program an overall four for educational purposes. It is a fabulous program that could be very beneficial in the classroom, but the same could be done using a paper and pencil or assignment notebook. This could be easier for younger kids or children with parents who do not have internet access at home. I would change around the Wiki page just a little bit. I think the font should be all one color- black. I think select titles and headings with very few words could be multi-colored but for the most part the font should be black. To add more color to the page otherwise- pictures could be incorporated with more color.