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Here is the reseach page..start to post stuff on here with a refrence will make things easier later.

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Please when your citing anying use APA Style format!

A.  The title of the application is  Anthony Feint is the man behind Anthony Feint. 4 Nov. 2009 <>.

C.  To start what you have to do is enter in some basic information to get an account.  After logging in to what you do is you enter an event and a time into the “remind me about” slot.  Then press add, and then will automatically understand what you are saying and enter it into your calendar.  You can add what you want to send your reminders to; you can send it to your twitter, Facebook, email, phone, etc.

                -FAQ. Anthony Feint. 4 Nov. 2009 <>.

H. can be used easily for students in an educational advantage. It could be used as a task manager for a class, it could be applied as a syllabus and update students about upcoming homework exams and study sessions. It could also be a way to just manage your everyday schedule. Many students do not get homework done or do not study for exams because they forget and/or do not write it down. A teacher could make a group and update her students this way. This process would also be beneficial to students working on group projects for meetings and deadlines. -Jessica Rose

Josh Sayers Research


2.  It is accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection.

3.  I think that this is a very good feature and makes it flexible for users that are on the go.


2.  Use it to create sms, email or twitter reminders for yourself. can understand your natural language so you don't need to enter dates and times manually. This is very convenient and is not as time consuming as some other ways of reminders might be such as datebooks, or other things.

3.  This is very convenient and is not as time consuming as some other ways of reminders might be such as datebooks, or other things.


2. is free and allows you to make an unlimited number of reminders. 

3.  I believe that it is more usable because it is free and will be more appealing to people because of this.  The unlimited number of reminders is convenient so that you do not have to keep track of how many you have and if you have enough room left to add more. 

Amy Mercer Research


2. is a simple web application that basically turns your natural language commands into email and SMS reminders so you never forget things.

3.    I personally think that is a great idea i know i might acctually use it after we are done with this project.


2.    This application works with twitter and your email and other forms of comunication to remind you of things.

3.    Even though I personally dont use twitter i do know alot of people and the fact that they use it is amazing.


2.    The blog really gives you some insite on how it helps you and why you should use

3.    Its a different prospective on the idea of that my help you decide to join or not join.

Megan Hively


2.  Task fm can be used with email, twitter, Google Calendars, iCal, SMS, voice, AIM, gTalk, and MSN to send you reminders about your daily schedule.

3. Being able to use Task fm with other applications that many people already use is very convenient.  Task fm works with the applications to send you reminders about your schedule, what you have planned for the day, and what you need to do.  It is a great way to never forget what is important to you, and easy to use because it is connected to other applications that you use daily.


2. Reminders from Task fm can be received via email, SMS, twitter or voice call.  It is easy to change the way you recieve your reminder with the click of a button.

3.  Having these 4 options of ways to recieve your reminders makes Task fm convenient for anyone.  For the less tech savvy, they can recieve voice calls.  Others spend most of their days at their computers, so the email option would work the best.  The variety in ways to recieve your reminders makes Task fm an option for everyone. 


2.  You can use phrases such as "next Tuesday at 6 p.m." or "tomorrow at 9 a.m." and Task fm will know what you are referring to and schedule it into your calendar.

3.  Being able to make appointments so easily is why Task fm is so convenient to use.  You don't have to waste time looking through your calendar and trying to schedule it; Task fm will schedule it for you. 

Keivn Jones


2.  This site describes how can easily understand the languagae you put in and mrk it in an event. 

3.  I think that its really cool how can understand when you say 'tomorrow at 9am' and can mark that down for you.


2.  This site describes how reminds you of your event by email, twitter, phone, etc.

3.  This is good to have when your on the go and can remind you of a meeting later that day.


2.  This site compares to twitter kind of because they have similar tasks.

3.  Even though they are similar, they are very different and that makes so much cooler.

Jessica Rose:

1. []|||

This program is to remind you and to list things that you have planned. It gives you updates and allows you to edit previous postings. This is unique because helps you remember what you have planned an helps you keep your day and/or appointments in check and wants you to be on time. It's beneficial and a resource that I don't get from anywhere else.

2. []|||

The link above is a way to add new contacts to your account and this allows you to be in a greater contact with them, this allows you to be in contact with them and to communicate anbout the date or time that you are meeting. It's unique because it allows you to show them the update and to remind the person that you are meeting with as well as yourself.

3. []|||

I am finding that the most convenient part is the fact that you can add a group to your contacts. This is a way to keep in touch with a group that you are working  with, this seems very convenient for group project because it will give and update to you and your entire group. This is a strong convenience and without a doubt the easiest way to help keep everyone in one group informed and help people keep track of what they are doing and when they are doing it with an update that can be sent to them by email or text. 

Jacob Winters Research

1. is considered more simple and user-friendly than other reminder-type sites.

2. While other sites like Remember the Milk integrate with applications such as Twitter, iPhone, and Gmail, simply sends an SMS (text message) or email message to the user as a reminder. For a small fee, the user can receive an actual phone call.

3. is unique because it offers a simpler alternative to similar sites.

1. uses voice recognition.

2. uses a semantic technology in order to allow the user to actually verbally tell the program what event needs to be done and when it needs to be done. The only difficult issue is that the user must provide a specific time for the event (such as “7pm Tomorrow”).

3. This is unique because similar programs do not use voice recognition and need to be manually typed into the service.

1. uses credits that are purchased.

2. only allows 15 SMS reminders per month, although the email reminders are free. That being said, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $3.99/month.
3. A major downfall of is that it lacks features that similar sites have while having a more expensive price tag. For example, only has a cost of $25/year.

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