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Welcome to TeacherTube!

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Hannah Furrow, Josephine Leu, Tierra Redmond, and Tia Rucker


TeacherTube was created by Jason Smith, a teacher from McKinney, Texas, his wife, Jodi, and brother, Adam 1. It was launched publicly in March 2007, but went through extensive testing two months before that. Jason Smith wanted to create a website that teachers and students could use that would be educational and useful. He decided to start a website, and his brother created the site and found a host page for it. Jason's wife, Jodi, began adding videos on the website2.
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A.. How Does TeacherTube work?
B. Getting More Out Of TeacherTube


How TeacherTube Compares To Other Applications
A. Unique Uses
B. How do educators and bloggers view TeacherTube with education
C. Criticisms of TeacherTube


Education and Learning
A. Elementary Learning
B. Secondary Learning
C. Secondary Learning

h3. Secondary LearningD. Post-Secondary Learning
E. Business and Industry Learning


International Applications


A. Child Pages

I. Development and Purpose 

TeacherTube allows teachers, and other members of the website to create, upload, browse, and share videos. One can also subscribe to receive videos of other members who have similar interests, as well as use the videos on a personal website2.

With TeacherTube, community members can:

  • Upload, tag, and share videos worldwide.
  • Upload Support Files to attach your educational Activities, Assessments, Lesson Plans, Notes, and Other file formats to your video.
  • Browse hundreds of videos uploaded by community members.
  • Find, join, and create video groups to connect with people who have similar interests.
  • Customize the experience by subscribing to member videos, saving favorites, and creating playlists.
  • Integrate TeacherTube videos on websites using video embeds or APIs.
  • Make videos public or private - users can elect to broadcast their videos publicly or share them privately with those they invite3."
  • Use the blogging feature to share ideas with fellow teachers.

The goal of TeacherTube was to create an online site that allowed teachers to create instructional videos that will benefit their colleagues, as well as their students.  There seems to be a need for more educationally based websites that will better the education of current teachers, "teachers teaching teachers".  It is also a place for teachers to create videos to further a student's understanding of a certain skill2. TeacherTube gives learners and teachers a place to gather new perspectives and new information on many different topics.  "It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with teachers teaching teachers. As well, it is a site where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill2. "

Table of Contents

Getting Started

TeacherTube's URL is Anyone who accesses the site has the capability of searching key words and "tags" to find a variety of educational videos. Users also have the option of registering on the site. Registration is free, fast, and easy. This allows the user to edit his/her own personal profile, upload his/her own videos, save videos to a "favorites" folder, as well as comment on other members videos. Registration is not required for searching or viewing videos, but is required for any "posting" activity whether that is uploading videos or commenting on others.

Signing Up

  • You will get an initial screen that looks like this:

  • The next screen you will see looks like this:


  • After you complete your sign up process, you will be sent an e-mail and then lead to a screen that looks like this:

* Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the skip button if you do not wish to add Google Search

  • After doing that, you will be lead to your main log in page that will look like this:

* From here, you can access your profile, videos you have uploaded to TeacherTube, any videos you have linked as favorites, or any other information needed to create a function TeacherTube account.

 Table of Contents

Current Examples

TeacherTube is designed and operated solely for educational purposes. These purposes and the integration of the materials into learning situations can have great variety, however.

-TeacherTube can be used as a tutorial to teach a user how to work through a problem, how to go about accomplishing a goal, or learning a new application of some sort. 

-TeacherTube can be used as a review of skills or applications the user has already learned. One such example is a review of the steps of CPR. This video cannot substitute actual CPR training, but it can serve as an excellent review of the steps to help refresh the user's recollection of the process.

-TeacherTube can be used as a demonstration of skills or labs that may be too dangerous, too time consuming, or too expensive to be done within the classroom. This can allow teachers more time to prepare for other labs within the class while still allowing students a more visual example to study and learn. 

-TeacherTube can be used as a discussion starter for business meetings or student discussions. A video chronicling how not to do something may be the start to an excellent discussion on lab safety, work place etiquette, or proper assembly of a piece of furniture. 

-TeacherTube can be used as a learner. Students may be required to make an educational video about a specific topic and then post to TeacherTube. In this way the students are becoming more of an expert on their topic while contributing something to the greater educational TeacherTube community.

-TeacherTube can be an open forum. Commentary on the nature of learners, how to integrate technology into the classroom in a safe, effective, engaging manner can all be found, created, and posted.

-TeacherTube is for sharing. Teachers, parents, administrators, and students can all use TeacherTube to find different ideas, new methods of educating today's students, and potential instructional materials for the classroom and home environments.


"Mr. Duey- Fractions Official Video"

This video is a very entertaining "Fraction Rap." Mr. Duey walks the student through how to go about solving for fractions, how to get percentages, and what exactly a fraction actually means. The entertaining song that he is singing can help students stay interested and engaged in the goofy video while they are learning something positive and helpful about fractions. This video can also be used as a review of fractions if students have already covered them. 

"Using the Quadratic Equation"

This video shows how to solve a formula using the quadratic equation. This video could be used in the review process after the students have learned the function and purpose of the quadratic equation formula.


"Drawing in One Point Perspective"

This video shows a great animated video on how to apply light and shadow, depth, and vanishing point in a one point perspective drawing. The instructor applies how one point perspective is used to measure space in an architectural setting by rendering a staircase. This video can be used in preparation to introducing the students to the architectural setting they will be rendering.


"A Dr. Reich Flame Experiment"

This video is a demonstration of the different colors of flame that can be produced when a Q-tip is soaked in a variety of different chemicals. The nice thing about this video is that the author makes sure that the audience can see the labels for all the different chemicals he is using. This video could be used as an observation-type lab activity in which the students make observations about each chemical as the video moves along. It could also serve as a lecture topic in which the teacher can work through the video and explain what is going on and work through the "lab" with the students. Either way the video is a safe, effective way for students to see the changing flame colors without having to use such materials in the classroom for various safety, cost, and time constraints. 

Table of Contents


"TeacherTube community members are a major part of the evolution of the site. Members are encouraged to not only upload educationally relevant videos, but also to make constructive comments and use the rating system to show appreciation for videos of value to one as an educator or learner. Users also have the ability to preserve the integrity of the site by flagging inappropriate videos. TeacherTube staff review flagged sites and will remove any inappropriate posts. With more collegial commentary and discussion through messaging and responses, the quality of this resource will only increase2."

Blogging has become a useful and efficient way to post a question, answer a question, or make a comment.  TeacherTube has added a blog feature that allows teachers to post a question or request online.  Through this feature it is possible for thousands of experienced teachers to view the blog and post an answer or comment in a short period of time.  All teachers understand the value of experience and time.">Blogging has become a useful and efficient way to post a question, answer a question, or make a comment.  TeacherTube has added a blog feature that allows teachers to post a question or request online.  Through this feature it is possible for thousands of experienced teachers to view the blog and post an answer or comment in a short period of time.  All teachers understand the value of experience and time.
The only equipment a person would need to begin using TeacherTube is a computer and access to the internet. If users wish to post material they must also have a valid e-mail address.  ">The only equipment a person would need to begin using TeacherTube is a computer and access to the internet. If users wish to post material they must also have a valid e-mail address.  

As mentioned above, if a person were interested in posting any information to TeacherTube he/she would need to register and become a member of the site. This requires submitting an e-mail address; however, TeacherTube does not display the personal e-mails of users on the site. This is solely for the communication purposes between the site and the user2">As mentioned above, if a person were interested in posting any information to TeacherTube he/she would need to register and become a member of the site. This requires submitting an e-mail address; however, TeacherTube does not display the personal e-mails of users on the site. This is solely for the communication purposes between the site and the user2

Table of Contents

II. How TeacherTube Compares To Other Applications


TeacherTube and YouTube are very similar in their function. They both allow users to search and view different videos uploaded by different users. They both are open to the public and accessible to anyone who has an internet connection. If users decide to register for one or the other the amenities are very similar, as well. Users are able to upload their own videos, comment on videos of others, share videos, and save different videos to a favorite's folder.

TeacherTube differs from YouTube in the fact that it is specifically aimed toward educational videos. These videos are not necessarily reserved strictly for the use of teachers and students; however videos must have some sort of educational relevance or objective in order to be appropriate for TeacherTube.  The blogging feature on Teacher Tube is also different from YouTube because it is used to transfer educational information.  YouTube allows for communication that is centered around rating videos for entertainment value. In addition, TeacherTube allows a system in which members may "flag" inappropriate material. TeacherTube administrators then review flagged material and remove any inappropriate content from the site. This is a service that is not included with YouTube. Some advantages of this include the fact that teachers and parents may allow their students to search the site and feel confident that only safe, educational videos may be found. Finally, TeacherTube allows users to download videos off the site with the understanding that they are to be used for educational uses only. YouTube does not allow videos to be downloaded, but TeacherTube wants to make the videos as accessible to teachers and their classrooms as possible.  This makes things much easier for teachers in that they can simply download a video and not worry about any technical complications involving the internet.

Table of Contents

Unique Uses

TeacherTube may end up being overlooked by many people as a valuable resource. Not all TeacherTube videos must specifically be geared toward an academic, education, K-12 or university-type purpose. TeacherTube is available to all types of educational videos, not strictly those referencing the most common school subjects. 

Learn a new hobby

-A person may be able to utilize TeacherTube to learn how to do something rather than understand a specific school subject.

Here are some examples:

"Crochet for Beginners"

This video walks the viewer through the first steps of creating different crochet stitches. This is an excellent example of how TeacherTube can be used to help users learn new hobbies or accomplish new goals. In the past a person would have had to read a book on the different crochet stitches, however some may learn better from watching a video about it.

"Using Layers in Photoshop"

This video is both a lecture and a tutorial on how to use layers in Photoshop. This could be a very valuable resource for any student, teacher, parent, or corporate executive that is interested in how to make the most out of his or her pictures. 

Present demonstrations

"Bed of Nails"

This video is dealing with a bed of nails that has the potential to be very dangerous if people do not know how to handle it correctly. This video could be used to teach a class about why the bed of nails does not actually hurt the teacher and the concept of weight distribution. Additionally, students can get a similar experience by actually being able to see the demonstration, but the teacher does not necessarily have to invest in the creation of a bed of nails nor worry about the danger or potential liability by presenting the material in the form of this video. 

Social commentary

"Pay Attention"


This video is a powerful commentary on the nature of learners in today's society. How are students learning in such a technology-rich environment? What are teachers doing to help facilitate learning and prepare students for working with and utilizing today's technology as well as developing the confidence to learn the technology of the future? This video hopes to help clear up some of these questions in a dramatic presentation. The video gives many examples of how technology today should be embraced and not discouraged in today's students and how teachers may go about implementing those changes.

"Did you Know? 2.0"

This video is very similar to the video above, and though it offers some of the same information as the video above it also offers some distinctly different information. These videos can be used in educational staff meetings to really help teachers see where technology is taking their students. They can serve as good discussion starters on how teams of teachers can help harness technology to help facilitate and expand learning in the "traditional" sense.

Catch up on performances

"School Choir"

Parents want to be able to see every play, all the games, and help in class when activities are going on but they can't always be there. With TeacherTube they won't have to miss out on these events any more. Many schools shoot video of large assemblies and school presentations. If the teachers post the videos on TeacherTube you won't have to worry about not seeing your son/daughter perform their solo in the choir. When you get home from work, you can go to TeacherTube and watch their performance and be just as proud as if you were there.

Plus, there isn't a parent around that does not want to share things like that with other friends and family. Imagine Grandma, who is 1,000 miles away, being able to see their grandchild walking across the stage and graduate. Or a parent who is overseas in the military that won't have to miss out on the game winning basket at the last second.

Global access

"Foreign language" - Korean


Foreigners can log into this site and teach their language with their original sound. "Foreign language" is good content for TeacherTube because it allows for people to learn more about other cultures around the world. In addition, for users learning English, TeacherTube can help offer practice for listening and comprehension skills. Users can make their own videos and ask for comments from other members on the site on how to improve English if they are comfortable with that option.

Professional Development 

TeacherTube could also be used as a clinical observation. Teachers could record their lecture and upload the video. Then they could request that members comment on the positives and negatives of the lecture. It has the potential of providing teachers with professional evaluation and feedback. The feedback can be given whenever other teachers have the time to comment.

 How Do Educators and Bloggers View TeacherTube with Education and it's Effectiveness in Learning?

Chris O'Neal, blog writer for Edutopia says that "TeacherTube is a great place to upload short instructional videos or long ones. Community education systems are allowed to learn from each other through videos. Ben Rimes, editor from Tech Savy Educator Blog begs to differ when he concludes that TeacherTube is the worst example of online video  sharing. He rejects the heavy usage of advertisements and commercials and he is annoyed of the lack of knowledge of the buffering of each video. TeacherTube is just one of the many internet engines that has evolved with the recent movement of education. Kelly Wissink of squidoo blog believes that TeacherTube will revolutionize the way students perceive information and learn in school. Although TeacherTube has not became as popular as the very much known  "YouTube", it still presents potential to evolve with community school systems.

Criticisms of TeacherTube

As our group looked through TeacherTube we came to find quite a few criticisms about the organization and style of the website. With these corrections we feel that this can keep the website as professional and educational as possible.

  • Tabs need to be put into categories by subject [math science english arts]
  • Tabs need to be put into categories by grade levels [k-12]
  • Control distracting pop-up adds 
  • Delete most popular and recently viewed videos 
  • Organize documentaries into groups oldest to youngest and educational 
  • Have users be able to create folders for their most viewed videos
  • Have a optional contact and email address for users

III. Education and Learning

TeacherTube is a forum for educational videos or videos regarding professional development for educators. These videos explore a multitude of different subjects, and members may "tag" their videos to appear in searches with specific key words4

These videos may help users by4:

     -Walking the user through a tutorial

     -Teaching the user a new skill/hobby

     -Offering new teaching ideas to educators of a specific topic

     -Performing demonstrations when teachers/users do not have the experience, materials, or the funds to perform them live

     -Highlighting ideas, materials, methods that other students have used to help accomplish different projects

The most valuable characteristic of TeacherTube is the fact that it is a free site that is open and accessible to the public. This allows anyone to access the site, search for a specific term, tag, subject, or topic and explore the videos that have been uploaded based on those search words. In addition, TeacherTube includes a mechanism for users and members to "flag" inappropriate material. This is also a very important feature of TeacherTube because it helps ensure the educational validity of the videos posted and viewed on the site. Flagged videos are reviewed, and any inappropriate material is subsequently removed from the site. This allows students, teachers, and parents to access videos and refer others to videos without as much trepidation about accidentally encountering illicit or inappropriate material on the site.  

TeacherTube does have a minor flaw in that it cannot self monitor the credibility of the information posted.  TeacherTube should be used as a resource and not a substitution for teaching.  The flagging system is effective for inappropriate and incorrect materials; however several teachers may have already used incorrect material before someone catches the mistake.  Teachers should verify the credibility of any material before they use it, TeacherTube is no exception.

Table of Contents

Elementary Learning

TeacherTube could be used a lot in Elementary Science because science is a subject that covers abstract concepts at times. On some themes, such as space and life, students have difficulty experiencing the magnitude of the topic. In this case, video materials could help students understand those facts.

Some of the students might not concentrate on the video.  The teacher can tell them before watching the video that there will be some activities related to the video.  Special care would need to be given to ensure that students really understand what they are seeing.  Videos may have a tendency of being very in-depth which may have the possibility of intimidating students, especially very young ones.  It is imperative that the teacher understand what is about to be presented and be prepared to answer any questions regarding the different videos.

Additional pictures and models of the video material might be very helpful.  Allowing students multiple avenues to learn will be the most effective lesson.  Students may learn best by integrating many different materials including the video, models, and text, however students may learn better from a specific instructional material.  Because of this, offering multiple supplemental materials in addition to the video is highly recommended.

"How the heart works"


When students learn about the heart, they usually learn with pictures or a model.  This video shows how the heart works by going inside and through the heart.  This could help students understand the shape and structure of the heart rather than seeing it by pictures which are not three-dimensional.  By this indirect-experience, students can think as if they are blood going through the heart and watch the video.

This video could help students visualize the heart and the different chambers within the heart. Because students cannot see the heart, it may be difficult for them to understand what is going on inside their own bodies. A video could help them visualize this and more effectively remember this type of material.

"Distance in space"

This video discusses the distances and sizes of planets in our solar system. This could help students visualize the differences between our planet and our neighbors in a more useful and effective way. 

Lesson Plan(s):
How The Heart Works.

Overview: The heart is a vital organ made of muscle tissues that pump blood throughout the circulatory system.

Objective: Given a diagram of the human heart students will be able to understand the function of the circulatory system with 100% accuracy.

how the heart works lesson plan.docx

how the heart works lesson plan.pdf

Stand in Line

Overview: Students will learn how to add and subtract by using their classmates as objects.

Objective: Given classmates lined up, each student will be given a math problem and have to sort classmates into the problem with 100% accuracy.

Stand in Line.doc
Stand in Line.pdf

Table of Contents

Secondary Learning

Teacher Tube would be highly effective in teaching science lessons in the secondary school system. The teachers could assign the students the homework of watching the experiment done on Teacher Tube before coming to class so they have an upper hand on how to do the experiment walking into class. Teacher Tube could also help with understanding a scene in a novel such as "To Kill a Mocking Bird" where the students can read the novel and watch scenes from the movie and compare between the two. 

Another way in which TeacherTube can be effective is by having the students make their own videos. With this being an election year, the United States has been in campaigning mode for a long time. Even students that are not able to vote are really getting into the elections. Randolph Burns, of Fredonia High School in Fredonia Kansas, has put together a lesson plan that allows students to hold mock elections dealing with everything from campaigning to nominations6.

With TeacherTube you can take his lesson plan and add a little spice to it by having the students making their own campaign advertisements.  Here is a group of students that took the biography of one of the candidates and sang it to the tune of a song that is currently played on the radio.

*"Civics Project- John McCain"*7

The major advantages of Teacher Tube for the teacher is it saves time with demonstrating concepts, and it helps the students with understanding the concepts prior to coming into class. The students that made the John McCain video had to really do some work to find out all the information about the candidate which is a good way to teach effective researching. In addition, Teacher Tube offers a safe way of demonstrating some reactions and processes that teachers may not have the funds, time, or knowledge to effectively set up and facilitate.

The major disadvantage that is present with Teacher Tube is that it could become a distraction or a way to skip through reading the homework assignment that would go along with the video. If the student is required to do the reading AND watch the video, it may be tempting for the students to skip the reading and go straight to watching the video.  The other disadvantage that is present with this type of technology is that it requires every student to have access to a computer outside the classroom.

When making a video for a class it can be very easy to get caught up in all the details of the video and start to forget that your main objective is to inform and then to entertain. The additional materials necessary for the completion of Teacher Tube videos are video equipment that can link to a computer and a computer available to each teacher or student planning on creating a new video or lesson plan. If the school does not have on the students can borrow, they can maybe borrow one from its A/V Department.

Lesson Plan(s): 
To Kill a Mockingbird

Overview: Students will use the internet to enhance their reading experence.

Objective: Given the books, students should be able to make informed references between the videos and the novel with 100% accuracy of the themes and correlation between events within the Scottsboro boys’ trial.

To Kill a Mockingbird lesson plan (word file)

To Kill a Mockingbird lesson plan (pdf version)


Overview: Students will learn about food chains and the travel of energy through ecosystems.

Objective: Given a computer and internet, students will create their own food chain path with 100% accuracy.


Table of Contents

Music Lyrics and Theory

Overview: This lesson was made to assist the needs of gifted and talented children who show interests in performing arts areas specifically the area of musical lyrics and theory.

Objective: Given computer and internet with the assistance of teachtube, students will be able to identify figurative language and symbolism in music with 100% accuracy.

Magical Musical Tour.pdf

Magical Musical Tour.docx

Post-Secondary Learning

A good way for a college classroom to use Teacher Tube is in creating an educational video from the students, for the students.  The students can make a video about a certain lesson or subject matter and it may be used to teach one's fellow students.  Another way that Teacher Tube can be used in a college setting would be for the instructor to use a video to demonstrate a certain skill, such as a demonstration in Chemistry, as well as a reference for student's to look back upon when studying for an exam or quiz.

*"Explosive Alkali Metals"*8

This video shows some chemical reactions that would be unsafe to do in a college level chemistry lab. This type of video can be used to talk about the chemical reactions occurring throughout the video, or the safety implications of how to work with chemicals and materials correctly and safely.

*"Drawing in one point perspective"*9


This video shows a great demonstration on how to apply light and shadow, depth, and vanishing point in a one point perspective drawing. TeacherTube is also a great resource in providing demonstration videos for visual arts students. The processing of information for visual art students is mostly through observation of a hands-on demonstration by the professor. The student relies heavily on memorization from first account observation in the classroom. With the help of TeacherTube, students are able to review the demonstrations to best render and produce work of art that meets the standards of completing the assignment.

An advantage of Teacher Tube at this level would be that it allows for creativity.  If a student is going to make a video, it makes it a more interesting way to learn as well as a good way to show creative ideas. It also makes learning and teaching more fun for everyone.  Another advantage of Teacher Tube is that is allows students to get a better understanding of the material.  For example, students can view a demonstration that otherwise would be too dangerous in a classroom setting. Additionally, almost all college students will have their own computers to be able to refer back to the video at any time. If students do not own their own computer, there is usually a surplus of computer labs that the students may utilize to review the material thoroughly. Not all high school students may have such easy access to a computer, which definitely makes computer availability an advantage when using TeacherTube in a college or university atmosphere.

A disadvantage of Teacher Tube may be that it requires a video camera which everyone may not have access to.  Another more important disadvantage may be that a student will not take this type of learning as seriously depending on the mood of a video. 

Lesson Plan(s): 
Igneous Rocks

Overview: Students will watch a educational video on TeacherTube and complete a handout on Igneous Rocks.

Objective: Given an educational video the students will identify which rock belongs to each statement on the handout with a 90% accuracy rate.

Igneous Rocks Lesson Plan.doc
Igneous Rocks Lesson Plan.pdf

Drawing in One Point Perspective

Overview: Drawing in One point perspective is an important way of accurately reproducing the natural world.

Objective: Given proper materials students will be able to understand the effects of light and shadow, depth of field, and vanishing points in natural world.  The students will then apply this information in render an image in space using one point perspective.

Drawing in One Point Perspective lesson plan (word file)

Drawing in One Point Perspective lesson plan (pdf file) 

Table of Contents

Business and Industry Learning

One of the biggest ways that TeacherTube can be used in Business is by providing access to "How To" videos. Here is an example of one:

*"First class web publishing podcasting"**10

This video discusses how to set-up a new podcast. This type of information could be valuable for any employee hoping to turn a recording or documentation of a meeting into a podcast for members to view if they were unable to make it. 

*"Creating a Basic Table in Word 2007"*11

This video discusses how to insert a table into the new updated version of Microsoft Office Word (2007 version). The new Microsoft Office can be a bit intimidating to anyone who is accustomed to the placements of certain tools and functions in the old Microsoft Word version. Employers can either create videos that are specific to the issues employees are facing with the conversion, or they can simply reference a video such as the one above for their employees to work through if they are struggling with any issue.

*"CPR for the Workplace and Aquatic Environments"*12

This video is a quick review of the different steps of CPR. This video would not be intended in any way to replace an actual training session for employees; however, this video could certainly serve as an excellent review "assignment" if the workplace has a high level of danger associated with it. Perhaps between training periods employees of a school, construction site, or electrical company, or any other company might be required to review this video to refresh the steps and appropriate action in certain situations. Though this video would never serve as a replacement for training, it can definitely help augment the training more frequently and inexpensively. Review between training periods will only help keep the workplace a safe environment. 

By using TeacherTube in this manner people will start to think of it as much more than a site that just "teachers" may browse. In all businesses there is training that goes on every day. New people are hired, new software is introduced, and new methods are implemented. Instead of trying to get everyone in one room to learn a new way of doing something, you can post a "How To" video on TeacherTube, and e-mail it to your employees. They can then view it when they have time to work through the entire video.

This will save on the loss of production time that is being taken away because of training. If you can employ one person that is well-trained on the new equipment/software to make the video, this will save them time from having to spend days, if not weeks, training all the staff. By watching the videos on TeacherTube, employees can learn at their own pace by being able to rewind parts that they do not understand. Also, we know that when people are in a group setting that some people do not want to say that they "Do not understand" or "Could you repeat that?" in a group of their peers.

Something that could be a problem would be the fact that the student or employee does not have the opportunity for immediate clarification. If there is a question about one of the steps the student might have to email the video maker and wait for a response. If the project that they are working on has a deadline, waiting for a response could feel like forever.

Additionally, if no one has taken the time to make certain videos and post them to TeacherTube, then employers may not necessarily find what they may need to use in training. In this case, time must be spent to develop and plan these videos, and forethought would be required to ensure a polished, finished product. 

If employers are doing a video where the video maker is talking the user through the steps, the user may need speakers or headphones for his/her computer. Many company computers do not have speakers on them, and most do not need earphones if they are not working on project requiring sound. The company, or individual, may have to invest in some sort of speakers or headphones. Alternatively, when the instructional video is made, planning must be done in such a way that sound is not required or captions are added to the video.

Table of Contents

IV. International Applications

TeacherTube is not really used outside of the United States, mainly because it is fairly new and most of the videos are in English. Not all countries speak English as their first language. There are videos on TeacherTube that help people learn English, and that is very helpful to learners. Most people are familiar with YouTube, and since TeacherTube is similar yet newer, people may start to familiarize themselves with it within the classroom.

Some people use this site for studying English.  Using English in the site is one of the international advantages.  TeacherTube's productions are made from Americans who speak English, and if the site makes an 'English Study Category', other non-English speaking users will go to TeacherTube more often for English education.

When comparing TeacherTube with other similar sites in Korea, it is noted that Korean sites have contents related with mainly elementary school and middle school. High school students and teachers do use them, but the number of users in high school is less than those of elementary school's students and teachers. Also, it is difficult to find websites for university students or professors. On the other hand, in TeacherTube's case, many various people from elementary school to the university level use the site. Therefore, TeacherTube can be used for many different people all around world.

One disadvantage of TeacherTube is that not everyone speaks English. Elementary and secondary students may not understand the video unless their teacher explains everything or makes subtitles. This can also be overcome if videos are found or created that do not use language. Many videos on TeacherTube rely simply on the visual aspect and only have music playing in the background. These types of videos can be understood in all languages.

Each nation has its own curriculum for schools. Curricula in each nation may be different from the U.S.  Since TeacherTube's users are mainly Americans, other countries' teachers may not be apt for their materials because they don't speak English.  For example, when other nation's elementary school teachers find contents which are proper to their curriculum in TeacherTube, they cannot find appropriate contents in a category for "elementary" in the site. So, in order to find materials which they want, they will search all categories in the site.

This might be one way to incorporate TeacherTube more internationally:

1.       Make a "How to study English" category for students and teachers. For example "Incorrect sentence structure" or "English: Children at age 5", etc.

2.       Make a "How to teach in America" category for teachers. In Korea, it is a normal lesson where the teacher crams for the student. As a result, young teachers want to study more of a democratic solution like American education. TeacherTube can extend educational skills of Korean (or other non-Korean countries') teachers. For example, "announcement lesson to encourage free expression of student."

And it is sad to say, in Korea there are few sites for high school and university students like TeacherTube. Though there are thousands of site providing good educational movie clips for secondary and higher students, they are not free.  This is a good chance for TeacherTube to broaden its audience to older students in other countries. Students in secondary and higher education are good at English in some degree. So, In this case, a language obstacle can be smaller.

-Here is a unique educational site in Korea.

 "Batu" is a media educational site for the disabled. Batu educates the disabled about 'How to make a media by oneself' and 'How to access media'. In Korea, getting a good job is not easy for the disabled.
This site shows -
1.       Teacher Tube can teach for the disabled, too.
2.       Teacher Tube can give new helpful information from Americans to Koreans for the disabled.

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TeacherTube has contests for teachers to submit their videos and tell the company how they are using it within their lesson plans. The grand prize for the contest was $15,000. The contest was hosted through Interwrite. The contest was Makeover Video Contest and the requirements were "to upload a music video (maximum 5 minutes) that is a parody of any song of the Entrant's choice by demonstrating how different kinds of technology are being used in the classroom ("Entry"). Each Entry must include the word "Interwrite" once within the lyrics of the song and the conclusion must direct viewers to vote." This contest brought in 200 entries from around the world making it pretty obvious that Teacher Tube is making its way around the world in usage 13.

TeacherTube lets you subscribe to them by giving them your email, and they will send you a random video each morning.  "Wake up with Teacher Tube" is a fun way to view videos and even find some interesting videos you may not have searched for 14!

The "TeacherTube community toolbar" is a useful and unique function!  The toolbar provides a radio player, E-mail notifier, TT chat, TT shop, better web search and so on. The toolbar helps users to use TeacherTube easier and communicate each other15.

If you want to upload the toolbar, just click this link:

Table of Contents

Technical Aspects

The only requirements users need to start viewing videos are a computer, access to the internet, and some videos may require speakers. No other materials are necessary for users to enjoy the educational value of TeacherTube videos. Creation of videos may require additional materials, but videos may be created in a variety of different ways. The diversity of TeacherTube is an excellent example! 

TeacherTube runs fairly smoothly on most computers and internet connections, and users do not need expensive or elaborate hardware or software to be able to access the information. Sometimes users may need to wait for a video to load, and that may take some time. However, once the video is loaded the user should experience fewer problems with the quality of the display14.

TeacherTube offers a very nice, comprehensive "FAQ" section that covers many of the problems that may occur throughout the process of searching, commenting, creating, or uploading different videos. Additionally, if the "Help" section is not able to solve or locate the problem that the user is experiencing, TeacherTube offers contact information to which to refer additional comments or concerns regarding the site15.

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Table of Contents

Child Pages:

Child Pages are a collection of pages that delve deeper into TeacherTube, providing additional, specific information on how TeacherTube works. These pages are informational and can help teachers discover the broad uses of TeacherTube and help answer any questions related to TeacherTube.


  1. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Hello TeacherTube group!

     Welcome! My name is Ashley, and I will be serving as the project manager for this project. I hope everyone is ready to hit the ground running! This project should be very interesting and should prove to be very valuable in a number of ways. We only have a few weeks to get this pulled together, so we'll have to work together and move quickly!

    I know we are all still learning the Confluence interface, so don't get frustrated and just keep practicing. If you have any questions send me an e-mail at

    To start- we should all get practice leaving a comment. So say hi to the group, and tell us (if you had to be) what vegetable you would be and why. I think that I would be an eggplant because they are purple... and that is my favorite color. (smile)

    1. Unknown User (smalady)

      Hello everyone!

      My name is Samantha and I am ready to get this project moving. As of right now, I think i would be a carrot because they are brightly colored and I always do everything within my powers to keep things upbeat and "bright". If anyone has any ideas of wants to just throw information back and forth about the project please e-mail me at

      I look forward to working with everyone! (big grin)

  2. Unknown User (dweathin)

    Hello everybody.

    My name is Daman and I believe that I am the only guy in this group, but thats ok. I grew up in a house of all women and I'm used to being the only boy. As far as a vegetable that I would be I would have to say that I would be celery even though I don't really like it. Celery is pretty strong and goes well in many different things. Also, if you look at celery it seems to have a pretty cool hair do.

  3. Unknown User (tasher)

    Hey Group 2 (also known as TeacherTube group)

    My name is Taylor Asher and I am a sophomore. I am really excited about working on a project that is this complex! If I were a vegetable, I think I would be a tomato (I know some consider it to be a fruit) because my favorite color is red and I love eating tomatoes! My e-mail is I check it a few times a day so if anyone ever needs to get a hold of me or would like to talk about something, just send me a message. (thumbs up)

  4. Unknown User (dweathin)

    (wink) I forgot to let everyone know what my email was, it's I check it everyday and this is good way to get in touch.

  5. Hello Everyone,

       My name is Julie Elsbury. I think this project seems really fun and I can't wait to get started! I really dont like vegetables but if I have to be one I would be a tomato. I would be a tomato because I do like to eat them but they have to have salt on them. My Dad and I grow tomatos ever year, its so much fun..!!!! My email is I also check my email a lot so if anyone needs anything just email me. (smile)

  6. Unknown User (ddummel)

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Danielle and I am a sophomore.  I am excited about this project and how important it is for Purdue and our future careers!  I hope to get to know each of you a little better!! If I were a vegetable, I would probably be a tomato (if you consider it a vegetable (wink) ) because they are bright and delicious!  (smile)

  7. Hello everyone(smile)

    My name is Sangmi Lee and I am a sophomore.

    If I were a vegetable, I would be kale! Kale wasn't yummy at first, but as I tried more, I found that it is actually yummy!!(smile)

    If you have something to ask me or else, email me at I will try to check as often as possible.

    I really hope this could be a wonderful experience!!!

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)

      Welcome Sangmi! We're very excited to be working with you, and you've already added some very good information to the page. Awesome job! (smile)

    2. Unknown User (smalady)

      Welcome Sangmi!

      I am very excited to have a Korean student working in our group. I feel like having you as part of our group will give us an extra edge and needed information from some place outside Purdue.

  8. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Here's a recap of the team discussion in lab last week:

    -Everyone will serve as researchers for this first week. Eventually we will need to expand those roles to include writers, possibly editors, and presenters.

        -We decided to wait on assigning specific roles until we had this first week of research done. Be thinking about what roles you may want to play so we can be prepared for next week!

    -We briefly discussed whether or not we would dress up in business clothes for our presentation, or we might contact TeacherTube to see if they would donate t-shirts for us to wear during the presentation. Once we get this first week of research done, we will need to start thinking about this.

    -DON'T FORGET!! The wiki text needs to be essentially COMPLETE by Nov. 17th. That is NOT a lot of time! We'll need to move and move fast to get a superior rating!!!

    -Everyone needs to start doing some research. Add a comment to any page that you want to work on for the week and start adding material! We'll eventually need to get all these pages covered, but we should also have more than one person contributing to each page. Feel free to add on to anyone else's research- just be respectful of the content they already have. Group collaboration will yield us the best project possible, but we need to be respectful of everyone else's contributions!! 

    -Don't forget for the EDCI 270 students- you need to have worked through the videos and contributed research by lab on Wednesday, Nov. 5th! You can see that assignment under the "Confluence Discussion assignment" on Blackboard. 

    -I think that's about it from me. Please add on if I missed anything! 

  9. Hello~ everyone!

    Hi! My name is YeJi. I'm glad to meet you  (smile)   
     At last I can post this page! I'm so sorry that I late!!! I'm not good at English.. So when I miss something, please tell me..^^;

    I'm Ewha university student from South Korea,. I'm interested in IT , illustration design, and education. My e-mail address is '  '

    These days, I start studying 'Web 2.0' and 'Web design' in the IT club of college students, 'D.E.M.O'. I hope what I study in D.E.M.O. can help our project.
    And.... I like tomato. It's funny that some people confuse aobut tomato, Like "Is tomato vegetable or fruit?" Hmm... ;;;
    I'll do project enthusiastically. (smile)    Have a good day~~

  10. Hello~ everybody~

    I'm Kang, Seul-Ki. I'm Freshman in Ewha woman's university in Korea. Nice to meet you~ (smile)

    If I would be vegetable, I want to be a paprika. Because paprikas' color is so vivid, they seem to be pretty~.

    And, My e-mail address is (My e-mail address is somewhat complex.. 88o8 'L' 6 (L is a small letter, and not 1))

    Although I can't be good at English, I will participate enthusiastically this project. (smile)

  11. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Welcome Seul-Ki and YeJi! We are so happy to meet you, and we are very excited to be working with you on this project! I can assure you that your English is wonderful, and we can understand you perfectly! Please feel free to help us out on any of the pages above. Just click on a page to access it, and the "Edit" button at the top is how you may add material. We need some help from you on the International Applications of TeacherTube, but we are also working on designing some lesson plans under "Education and Learning" that would be wonderful if you commented or added to! Please help with whatever you feel like helping with, and we are very excited to hear your additions and comments to this wiki!

  12. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Hi Team,

     Something that we need to start thinking about is how we would like to format our pages. I have done some preliminary formatting in "Education and Learning" that I think looks really nice. What do you guys think? Positives? Negatives? If you want to, pick another page you are working on and try playing around with some formatting on that page, too. Then post here and we can compare the two or three to see which style we like the best.

    This decision needs to be made by the time the editors go in and start the formatting process on Sunday. Don't wait!

  13. Welcome YeJi and Seul-Ki,

            I'm so excited that you guys will get to work on this project with us.!!!!!!  I think it will be a lot of fun. (big grin)  If you have any question please feel free to email me. My email is

      Hey Ashley,

         I like how you have format the Education and Learning page. I like have there is a link for just High school and how it would be used in high school classrooms. The only thing is that some pages have a lot of info on that page. As Sarah said the teachers are not going to want to sit and read a lot of stuff about teacherstube. I think we need to come up with the major things that a teacher would need to know and go from there. If the formatters are trying to change it all around it will a lot of work for them.

  14. Unknown User (ddummel)

    Hello Seul-Ki and YeJi! It's nice to virtually "meet" you! (smile)

    Ashley, I think the format looks good as well!  Its organized and easy to access!

    I also have a question about my lesson plan, for post-secondary ed, I added my document as an attatchment, I'm not sure how to get it onto the actual page.  If you have any idea, let me know please! (smile) Thank you!!

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)

      Hey Danielle, in the secondary ed page Sam has added an attachment for a lesson plan for "To Kill a Mockingbird." I asked her to comment on the Education and Learning page about how she got her lesson plan to show up. If you haven't heard back from her in a while you might want to consider just e-mailing her to ask her how she did it, but if you do that if you could also comment your solution so we all know that would be great! Thanks, and great work!!

  15. Unknown User (dweathin)

    I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but you can see what groups are being viewed the most and TeacherTube is at the top so far! I'm not sure if it is because of everyone doing lots of work, our info about TeacherTube is so great, or we are just that cool. I think it might be all three!

  16. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Hi Team!!

    A few notes:

    1: Sam has already typed up a letter to TeacherTube, sent it to Sarah, and it has been shipped off. We will hopefully be hearing about that shortly. AWESOME JOB, SAM!!!

    2: Julie asked some very good questions regarding roles, responsibilities, and what is actually to be done for next week. I replied to her comment in Group Organization, so if you have questions you can look there. Let me know if you have any other questions, that's what I'm here to do!! Never be nervous to ask for a clarification!

    3: We need to start deciding about formatting. I know I asked this in an earlier post, but I wanted to adjust my questions to make feedback a little bit more effective. Please respond to this post to keep all of the formatting posts together so we can make a better decision! Thanks!


    Education and Learning is a page that I propose for formatting. More specifically, I like the following:


    Heading (i.e. Education and Learning) [HEADING 1]

    Questions Addressed in this Page: [HEADING 3]

    Question (i.e. What do you guys think about this formatting?)[HEADING 4]

    Answer to question [PARAGRAPH]

    Any citation for the information [PARAGRAPH AND BOLD]

    Next Question (i.e. What do you guys really think about this formatting?) [HEADING 4]

    Answer to question [PARAGRAPH]

    Any citation for the information [PARAGRAPH AND BOLD]


    I feel like this type of formatting will be really easy to skim to find information so teachers can get the information they need and move on to their next matter of business. With that said, here are my questions that I will need everyone to respond to when you have a moment, please!!!!

    Formatting questions:

    1. What do you like about this formatting?

    2. What do you NOT like about this formatting?

    3. Are the pages split up into logical sections? (ie Education and Learning vs. Purpose vs. Examples, etc)

    4. Do you think that the wiki organization right now makes sense?

    5. What suggestions do you have to improve organization?

    6. Do you have any other models of organization/ formatting models to suggest?

    -I will look over everyone's responses, and from there I'll try to pick the model that will be a good compromise for everyone. I will post that when it is decided so that the editors can start working on making sure all the different pages look the same, and everything is "pretty."

    Let me know what you guys think! 

    The research you guys pulled together over the last couple of days is absolutely phenomenal!! You guys are all working so hard, and I really appreciate all the work! Let's keep trucking, though, we need writers/editors/ and showcase projects to be finished, so we're not done. But we're one step closer.  

    EXCELLENT JOB!!! (big grin)(big grin)(big grin)(big grin)(big grin)(big grin)(big grin) 

    1. I like the format but I think then we have to take cae about the sequence of questions so that teachers could read them smoothly. Also, I think the pages are split up into right sections. However, I have a question. Is that the way we will be able to view the pages on the wiki? That is, I think we could categorize the pages in this way in a bigger perspective.<History and Develpoment, Mechanism-TeacherTube, Purpose Teachertube>, <Education and Learnig, Related Applications, Teachertube examples, Unique Uses Teachertube, International applications> . The first group is about the Teachertube itself and the second group is more about applications and examples. I was just thinking about grouping them together but I think it would look kind of confusing too.

  17. Unknown User (ccjones)

    Hello teachertube group

    My name is Channie. I'm a junior in the college of liberal arts majoring in art education. To answer Ashley's previous question If I were a vegetable I would be a green tomatoe. Maybe some of you have seen the movie? I have yet to view the flick Friend Green Tomatoes but I hear it's pretty good.


    I like the formating style Ashely has proposed. I agree that the information posted is organized effectively. Our goal is for  teachers to be able to find the information needed that best fits the desired task. I think the categorizing of subjects is clear and logical. I believe that a teacher will be able to navigate through the sections smoothly. I would possibly make a suggestion in varying the text styles and color to make certion sub-categories stand out more such as citations and questions. Overall I feel that the formating is effective.

  18. Unknown User (ddummel)

    Hello everyone!

    I do like the formatting, I think it is clear and easy to understand and read.

  19. Unknown User (smalady)

    The formatting looks good to me thus far, I don't have any major issues with it! It seems very effectively set-up and well composed! Great job group!

  20. I think the formatting is good, too~!! (smile)

  21. Unknown User (dweathin)

    So far it looks like everyone likes the example that Ashley has put together. If there are no objections I will start working some of the pages so they all look the same.

  22. Unknown User (ddummel)

    Hello everyone, I have a question about the "research page"-  I thought the writers were supposed to move that information out of the research page and into a new page.  If this is the case, should I add it to the Uniqe Uses page? Or should we create a new page for "fun facts"?  If anyone has any idea, let me know please!! thank you guys!

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)

      Hey Danielle, I just changed the heading to unique and fun facts. If you want to work on making sure that page reads well now as an actual page that would be great! Thanks for checking!!!

  23. I have a question. Now I think the first draft has been almost completed. I want to help more, but what should I do? Should I search for more information? Anybody who needs help, let me know!!!

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)


      We're meeting in lab today. We're going to figure out what the next step is, and then we will find more work for you to do! We're so happy and excited you are helping us so much. You're doing a wonderful job!

  24. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Ok guys,

     We've got quite a wonderful first draft!!!! Good work team!!!! Some things that we might want to work on a bit if anyone is looking for something to do might be to explore some external links related to TeacherTube. If you look at the bottom of any other wikipedia page there is usually a list of external links about the same topic. If we can find some of those links I can add them to the bottom of the final wiki page that I am working on. Also, Sangmi, YeJi, Seul-Ki if any (or all!) of you want to post more videos to TeacherTube we definitely want to use them in the showcase! It's up to you, though! Do you want to join us during our showcase via conference call or anything like that? Let me know. If you are interested I will look into how we can work that out on our end.

    Let me know if you have any questions, but good work, team!

    1. Sure! I can make some videos! (smile)  But what subjuect for video we deal with?

      Korean language? Some other subjects?

    2. OK~(big grin)

      Then, what do we have to do except posting videos to TeacherTube??

    3. I am kind of confused at external links. So, as our topic is TeacherTube, is it okay if I find some websites related to educantion and videos? If you tell us what kind of video would be good, then we could meet and make the video together(smile) lastly, I want to join the showcase but I heard that the showcase is on December 15th, Friday 8AM in Korea time. I think I might have a final at that time but I am not sure. We could look for another way to participate to the showcase?

      1. Unknown User (smalady)

        The showcase is December 5th at 5pm in the US so if i calculated it all right, it'll be around 9 am on December 6th there...I may be wrong though.....I hope that helps!

  25. Unknown User (smalady)

    Has anyone figured out how to incorporate ACTUAL videos into the wiki. I couldn't figure out how to turn our hyperlinked video into video that are actually playable from the wiki....I know it was mentioned by Dr. Newby that because we are TeacherTube we should include videos within the wiki...let me know!

    1. Unknown User (aiovinel)

      Hey Samantha I'm from the YouTube group and I have the exact same question! If you find out any information (or if we find out any information) I'll let you know. Thanks! You're project looks good, also! Nice job!

    2. Samahta!

      1.  Do you want to change 'hyperlinked videos' into 'actually playable video file'? Well- you can use 'Camtasia' program. This program can do. 
      I changed my video(Korean Language losson) into video file.  But I can't attach this file into here.
      Would you give me your e-mail and list of hyperlinked videos that must be changed to files? If you don't know how to change, I can give you video files.

      2. Or... Do you want to just play(show) the videos at wiki? Then it is in the 'html' area.
      The html source showing videos is 'emged src'. You can get sources at thr TeacherTube. 
      You can see " Embeddable w/out Video Search:  "or "  Embeddable w/ Video Search:  ".

      for example,
      <embed src="" width="425" height="350" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true"  flashvars="height=350&width=425&file="></embed>

  26. Ashley! Did you get my email? We are done with videos and we uploaded them on TeacherTube. I will also send it to your email.

    The first video is about using chopsticks.

    The second video is about wrong expressions.

    We are kind of embarrassed because we are on the video...(tongue)  Any comment, please=)