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This page contains information about examples in which TeacherTube is being used already for educational value.

Questions to be addressed:

-How is TeacherTube already being used for educational purposes?

TeacherTube is designed and operated solely for educational purposes. These purposes and the integration of the materials into learning situations can have great variety, however.

-TeacherTube can be used as a tutorial to teach a user how to work through a problem, how to go about accomplishing a goal, or learning a new application of some sort. 

-TeacherTube can be used as a review of skills or applications the user has already learned. One such example is a review of the steps of CPR. This video cannot substitute actual CPR training, but it can serve as an excellent review of the steps to help refresh the user's recollection of the process.

-TeacherTube can be used as a discussion starter for business meetings or student discussions. A video chronicling how not to do something may be the start to an excellent discussion on lab safety, work place etiquette, or proper assembly of a piece of furniture. 

-TeacherTube can be used as a learner. Students may be required to make an educational video about a specific topic and then post to TeacherTube. In this way the students are becoming more of an expert on their topic while contributing something to the greater educational TeacherTube community.

-TeacherTube can be an open forum. Commentary on the nature of learners, how to integrate technology into the classroom in a safe, effective, engaging manner can all be found, created, and posted.

-TeacherTube is for sharing. Teachers, parents, administrators, and students can all use TeacherTube to find different ideas, new methods of educating today's students, and potential instructional materials for the classroom and home environments.

-What are some examples of those applications?

Examples may include:


"Drawing in One Point Perspective"

This video shows a great animated video on how to apply light and shadow,depth, and vanishing point in a one point perspective drawing. The instructor applies how one point perspective is used to measure space in an architectural setting by rendering a staircase. This video can be used in prepartion to introducing the students to the architectural setting they will be rendering.


"A Dr. Reich Flame Experiment"

This video is a demonstration of the different colors of flame that can be produced when a Q-tip is soaked in a variety of different chemicals. The nice thing about this video is that all the author makes sure that the audience can see the labels for all the different chemicals he is using. This video could be used as an observation-type lab activity in which the students make observations about each chemical as the video moves along. It could also serve as a lecture topic in which the teacher can work through the video and explain what is going on and work through the "lab" with the students. Either way the video is a safe, effective way for students to see the changing flame colors without having to use such materials in the classroom for various safety, cost, and time constraints. 


"Mr. Duey- Fractions Official Video"

This video is a very entertaining "Fraction Rap." Mr. Duey walks the student through how to go about solving for fractions, how to get percentages, and what exactly a fraction actually means. The entertaining song that he is singing can help students stay interested and engaged in the goofy video while they are learning something positive and helpful about fractions. This video can also be used as a review of fractions if students have already covered them. 

"Using the Quadratic Equation"

This  video shows how to solve a formula using the quadratic equation. This video could be used in the review process after the students have learned the function and purpose of the quadratic equation formula.

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  1. Unknown User (ccjones)

    This URL links videos of teachers on teacher tube

    The following vide is using teacher tube to teach math

    The subjects in the videos are Volume of a Cone
    Factorizing Polynomials
    Using the Quadratic Formula

    1. Unknown User (smalady)

      Channie I went ahead and copied your comment into the main page area of this section of our wiki!

    2. Unknown User (arobbins)

      Hey Channie, I'm not sure I completely understand what you are trying to say with your previous post. Can you try to explain that a little bit better? I added some other information about different TeacherTube examples, so if you want to look over those and see if they look good, as well, that would be awesome.

      1. Unknown User (ccjones)

        I linked one of the videos from the previously suggested site demonstrating how to solve a problem using the quadratic equation.

        I also added another video dealing with a seperate field of study.

  2. Unknown User (ccjones)

    Thank you Samantha!

  3. Unknown User (ddummel)

    The information on this page looks great, and I am signing off on it.  Ashley if there was any additional information that you were looking for on this page, let me know and I will add to it ASAP! (smile) thanks!