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This page will be our outline, discussion, and ideas for the Web 2.0 Showcase.

 Things to think about:

What are the major components of the presentation?

What roles should there be for this presentation?

What roles do you want to fill for the presentation?




     -Design? Color? Logo? Cohesiveness?

Computer work

     -Do we want to integrate a computer example into the presentation?

     -What are the advantages of using a computer? Disadvantages?

     -Could/ should we use the computer? Effectiveness?


     -What are the benefits of creating handouts for this presentation?

     -What info is most important for the handout?

     -How will we hold their attention?

     -What info will be most useful for the user of our application?


     -Design? Color? Logo? Cohesiveness?


     -What are our options for give-aways to our audience?

     -What ideas are there for give-aways?

          -Hand-outs/ brochures/ Information

          -TeacherTube buttons/ stickers

          -TeacherTube pens/ pencils

     -What resources do we have for these ideas?

     -What help might we gain from TeacherTube itself?

International Partners

     -Can any of our partners join us for the showcase? Do any of them want to join us?

Any other ideas??

Showcase "bring" list:




-Extension cord???? (check)


-Pens/ pencils


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  1. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Hey guys, I had a quick idea. Tell me what you think! For the showcase it would be nice to have some examples of TeacherTube. We can probably very easily have a computer hooked up where we can ask people to search for something they are interested in. OR--- we can work on actually creating a video and posting it to TeacherTube. I went ahead and got an account just to see how easy it would be. I don't know what we would make a video OF, per say... we can work that information out in a little bit. I understand we wouldn't be able to get a video done by next week, but we could at least have an idea of what we wanted to present, how we would go about doing, and maybe a basic outline. What do you guys think?

  2. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Ok, next brainstorm idea. I added a little section on Delicious to the "related applications" page of the wiki. How many other applications can we think of that could interact positively with TeacherTube? That might be a neat section of our presentation. We could discuss the different scenarios or ways that other 2.0 Web applications can interact and benefit with TeacherTube. What do you guys think?

  3. Unknown User (ddummel)

    I think making a video would be a really great idea, if we have time to do it.  Even if it was something simple- explaining how easy it is to use Teacher Tube, might be a good idea. 

  4. Unknown User (smalady)

    Ashley, I went ahead and answered the first two questions for the presentation section! Make any changes you feel necessary, just let me know what you think!

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)

      Sam-- I moved us into a new page. Thought it might help keep things organized better.

  5. Danielle, If you think 'making a video ' is good idea and you are so busy to make vieos, I can make some videos.

    I posted a video URL that I made and explanation at "Unique Uses-Teacher Tube". It is poor work because I made it very fast... but If you want international, and unique videos I can help you;

    Here are URLs.

    Garyd777's lesson:

    My lesson:

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)

      YeJi- Your lesson is wonderful! I will most definitely talk to the group in lab, but I think this would be a great addition to our showcase. Wonderful job!

  6. YeJi,

    I also think it would be a great addition to our showcase....great work..!!!!! How long did it take you to make your lesson?

  7. We can make a alesson or just have a computer so the people walking around at the showcase can get on teachertube and look up what they want to learn about. Just an idea.

    Hey Team I added some slides for the poster. They are under the attachment. You will have to click on tools and then attachments to see them. Channie is working on the other part of the poster. So if you think I need to change anything to the points I have please let me know so I can get that done before Lab on Webnesday. Thanks Team

  8. Unknown User (ddummel)

    Yeji- I love the lesson!! It's awesome! Great work!! (smile) (smile)

  9. Unknown User (tasher)

    Daman and I finished the rough draft version of the brochure. It is in the attachments. Feel free to comment or change a few things around.

  10. Unknown User (ccjones)

    Hi TeacherTube group

    I attached an outline for information that we may consider for poster. Included in attachement is outline of sections on Education and Learning, Business and Industry,Elementary, Post Secondary, and Secondary, and Purpose of TeacherTube. Feel free to look over outline for any additional information that should be added to the poster.

    Julie and I spoke over ideas for the computer work section of showcase

    We suggest that we include some of the videos  on the TeacherTube Example Page in our Showcase along with the posters, and handouts. Including demonstrations and tutorial videos from TeacherTube would be a great way to draw attention to our showcase  and support effort in spreading information on this great website.

    1. Unknown User (smalady)

      Alright, you guys! I went a head and moved around the necessary attachments on this page to make sure that they were hyperlinked in the child created for each topic!

  11. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Hi guys, I sent out an e-mail about dress. Let's decide this now so that we can get our laundry done over Thanksgiving Break! What do you guys want to do?

     So far we have 2 suggestions:

    1. Dress up, look nice, comfy shoes, no jeans

    2. Jeans, and a polo or nice shirt from your department or Purdue.

    What do you guys think?

  12. Unknown User (dweathin)

    I'm cool with option 1

  13. Unknown User (ddummel)

    I like option 1!  And I will not be attending the practice showcase- I am leaving on Monday! Sorry!

  14. hey i like option 1 too..i think we wil all look great with black pants...!!!! have a great thanskgiving break...!!!!