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This project will run much more smoothly if there is one localized place where we are all keeping track of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who is going to be responsible for seeing that it gets done. I, (Project Manager Ashley), will continue to update this page with new, current information about the progression of the Project TeacherTube!

IMPORTANT: This point has presented itself as a bit confusing, so to clarify--- In order to ensure that Team TeacherTube is still in the running to receive a superior rating we MUST COMPLETE ALL WEEK OBJECTIVES BY THE TIME WE COME TO LAB!!!

*Because of this I would like all deadlines be met by Tuesday at 5pm. Work should be added progressively all week and NOT just at the last minute Tuesday night or expected to be accomplished during lab. We can discuss this more in lab if need be!*

In addition, Ashley will post comments about the agenda for each lab meeting as well as the minutes from those meetings on this page. Any questions, concerns, suggestions from the group also welcome! 

WEEK 1 Due Date: Tuesday, October 28th 5:00 pm  *COMPLETED*


-Confluence warm-up

-Blackboard Confluence Discussion Assignment

-Preliminary TeacherTube Research 

WEEK 2 Due Date: Tuesday, November 4th 5:00 pm*COMPLETED*



-Online discussions**

-Roles and Responsibilities assigned*** 

*Because it was confusing that all the research needed to be completed by this week, this due date will be extended until Thursday, November 6th 10:00 pm. We need to make sure that we have something on every single page of the chapter thus far by this date. This is very important!

*In order to accomplish this goal, I recommend that each page has one person who is responsible for completing the research on that page. Some people have already contributed, and we will make the remainder of assignments in lab on November 5th. Some people will need to be responsible for more than one page, so we will need to discuss those responsibilities in lab!

 Research Responsibilities--> Due Thursday, Nov 6th 10:00 pm

Education & Learning --> 1: Ashley 2: Channie

-Elementary Education --> 1: Taylor 2: Julie

-Secondary Education --> 1: Sam 2: Daman

-Post Secondary Education --> 1: Danielle 2: Channie

-Industry & Business --> 1: Ashley 2: Daman

The rest of the pages will be a collaborative effort, so everyone check everything and add where we are missing info!!!

**So far, it seems as though people are communicating pretty well through the discussion. Keep up the good work, guys! The discussions are working nicely! 

***All roles and responsibilities will be discussed and assigned during lab on Wednesday, November 5th. Everyone should come prepared with ideas on what roles we should have as well as what roles you wish to fill.

Ideas to consider: Researchers, Writers, Editors, Formatters, Presenters, Visual Aid Designers, TeacherTube liaison, Lesson plan designers, etc

Primary roles: These are roles in which you will spend the majority of your time, and you will actually be responsible for helping to organize, create, and oversee those responsibilities.

Secondary roles: No one will JUST have one responsibility. As a team we all depend on each other, and we will all be helping out in various capacities. Most people will have several different secondary roles.


TeacherTube Liaison: Sam

Poster People: Channie & Julie

Brochure: Daman & Taylor

Presentation: Ashley and Sam

Writers/Formatters: Danielle, Julie, Taylor

Editors/ Formatters: Ashley, Sam, Channie, Daman

WEEK 3 Due Date: Tuesday, November 11th 5:00 pm*COMPLETED*


-Initial draft of wiki TeacherTube chapter complete*

-Initial draft of TeacherTube Showcase Presentation complete**

*Writer deadline: Sunday, November 10th 5:00pm
Editor deadline: Tuesday, November 12th 5:00 pm

**Presentation deadlines: Tuesday, November 12th 5:00 pm

WEEK 4 Due Date: Tuesday, November 18th 5:00 pm


-Full draft of wiki TeacherTube chapter complete

-Conversion of multiple pages into actual wikipedia-type page-chapter!!!!

Things to think about:


-External links? What links can we provide for more information? 

-What are our headings? We have some overlap with different threads, so how can we streamline the document?

-What video(s) should we include? What screen shots? 

-Are we going to include any type of tutorial? What is confusing that needs a tutorial? What topics should we cover?

-What other resources should we include?

-Full draft of TeacherTube Showcase Presentation complete

-Videos, handouts, poster drafts complete

-What equipment do we need? Decide and e-mail to Sarah.

-Do we need computers? How many? Personal computers or ITaP computers?

-Any additional materials?

WEEK 5 Due Date: Tuesday, November 25th 2:00-5:00 pm


*-*Final evaluation

-Group presentation practice 2-5pm 

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  1. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Agenda: Lab meeting/ Wednesday, November 5th

    -Discussion of Organization page

    -Remainder of Research pages assigned --> DUE DATE THURSDAY NOV 6TH 10:00 pm

    -Ideas for additional pages?

    -Comments on page organization?

    -Roles and Responsibilities --> Discuss and assign

    -Discussion of goals/ objectives that are to be accomplished for next week!

  2. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Summary of due dates for Nov. 12th:

    Thursday, November 6th, 10:00pm: ALL RESEARCH IS DUE!!!

    Thursday, November 6th, 10:00pm: TeacherTube letter e-mailed to Sarah

    Sunday, November 9th, 5:00pm: Writer deadline --> All pages are formatted and all writing is complete, and pages are signed off by writer

    Tuesday, November 11th, 5:00pm: Editor deadline --> All pages are signed off from an editor, formatted correctly

    Tuesday, November 11th, 5:00pm: Presentation, Brochure, Poster initial draft

    Tuesday, November 11th, 5:00pm:  Everyone has explored and commented on another project

  3. Hey Ashley,

            I have a question about the signing off. Do I just need to added a comments to the bottom of the page and say this looks good and if i think it needs some or needs to be changed I can go ahead a change it right. I also have aother question about what is due next week. I'm formatting so what is my job.....what should I do to the pages on the wiki? One more question about the poster is it ok if we just have a outline of what will be on the poster or should we have a mini poster model with what is going to be on it. Im going home this weekend and I dont know how much I will be able to check the wiki so if you can get back to me sometime soon that would be great...!!!!! Thanks again Julie  

    1. Unknown User (arobbins)

      Hi Julie,

      I just sent you an e-mail, but I'm not sure if I answered all of the questions that you have in your comment, so let me try to cover those so everyone can see them!

      1. Writers/formatters: Basically, what you guys are going to be doing is checking to make sure that all the pertinent information that may still be down in the comments is moved back up into the body of the wiki itself. In addition, if you guys can read through each page (as a group, you don't all have to read each individual page) to make sure that the information "flows" nicely and is easily read, found, and understood that would be great. 

      I created all of the questions on the different pages as an initial brainstorming process about what kind of information should go on each page. At this point, the writers can start asking themselves if the questions make sense. Do they fit the information that we have found? Do the questions need to be changed? Added on to? Adjusted in any way? Do some of them need to be removed and does the information need to be moved around? Do new questions need to be written to better suit the information that we have gathered? These are the types of questions and thinking processes that the writers should start going through. Does that make sense? Please comment and let me know if I need to clarify any more. I am more than happy to help you guys help the wiki, but I just need to know when I'm confusing!!!

      2. Editors/formatters: Once the information has been checked and signed off by a writer, the pages will hopefully be ready to undergo some formatting. I personally like the format the way we've got it set up. I think that the questions allow the page to be skimmed easily so teachers can find the information that they are looking for and move on with life. I will make a formatting suggestion on the main page. Please look at that and comment in that thread about what you think!

      3. Signing off: Basically, the job of the writers comes before the job of the editors. I would like all the pages to be signed off by Sunday afternoon/early evening. The signing off is just what Julie said in her above post. Please just say what your job is (writer or editor) and that you are signing off on it because it looks amazing! If you see changes make those before you sign off, but this is a dynamic, fluid document where all of us are changing everything for the betterment of the group. Editors can start looking at stuff and signing off Sunday night, and we have until Tuesday afternoon to get all of the pages signed off by both a writer and an editor. I will feel comfortable that we are ready to "submit" our initial drafts on Wednesday if we have had at least 2 people look at every page and make changes and adjustments.

      4. All presentation materials: An outline would be the bare minimum that would be acceptable next week to hopefully keep our superior rating. I would suggest that if you have the time/means to do it, a mini poster model is the best bet. You don't need to create the entire poster already because we want everyone else to have time to comment and make suggestions. But if you can do a mini poster model in publisher or something that would be ideal to let us know what you think it should look like. I have posted some comments on the showcase page, and I'm curious what you guys think about them. Let me know!

      I think that should answer all of your questions. If anyone else has any other questions please let me know! Also, if anyone has any feedback for me please let me know. I am here to help us keep our superior rating and make this the best project possible. If I need to change anything, explain anything in more detail, or communicate in a different way please let me know! 

      Don't forget to check the formatting comment on the main page, and let me know what you think! Some people have already commented, but I am going to try to revise it a bit so as to make feedback a little bit easier.

       Thanks for all your work so far, team! This is looking absolutely amazing, and I am so proud of our group! GREAT job, now let's keep on trucking! (smile)