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Showcase week!!!!  [April 19]

Alright everyone, we have managed to make it to the showcase! :)
We still have certain simple tasks to do to ensure we won't have to take the final exam, which I am sure is our main motivation.

Meet in STEW 214 at/around 3:30. We will set up our table and post our bulletin boards along with setting up the lights.
Hilde has the poster board & cricut, since I had work and am not feeling well.
If/when we get everything set up, everyone will have a little break until 5:30, which is when I would like everyone to meet back at the table. Just in case, bring your khakis and blue shirt.
Those of you that were asked to bring something to the showcase, refer to the Team Plancast Page to double-check the items you were in charge of.

For the first half: Erica and Hilde
For the second half: Nick and Desirae
* I will be there most likely for the entire time at the table with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to respond!
Thanks, you all have been fantastic.
Peggy Nifong

Tasks for this week [April 12 - April 18]

Here are our final To Do's! WOOOOOOO!!!



  • 1 STEM Secondary Lesson Plan
  • 1 Regular Post Secondary Lesson Plan
  • 1 STEM Post Secondary Lesson Plan
  •  Edit all lesson plans
    • Included objective, learning environment, types of students, standards, materials, procedures, application, and evaluation.
    • o Brochures
    • o Add any necessary citations to original section by Tuesday night


  • o Create & print brochures
  • o Aid in the creation of the poster
  • o Add citations to original section by Tuesday night

*Laptop (remember power cable.)



  • o Create Penguin hand outs
  • o Aid in the creation of brochures
    • Evaluate & review.
    • o Add citations to original section by Tuesday night



  • o Evaluate Plancast page
  • o Aid in the creation of presentational materials
    • Poster & table

*Get cookies



  • o Create poster (in DLC)
  • o Set up presentation prep (in basement of Hicks)
  • o Add reference anchors to the Wiki

*Light ropes, Table Cloth, M&M’s, napkins, glass dishes, laptop

Meeting times this week:

  • Monday, April 11, 2010 at 11:00 pm outside of Stewart.
    • Discuss presentational ideas and decorations
    • Tuesday, April 12, 2010 at 1:30 pm in BRNG DLC.
      • Create poster
      • Wednesday, April 13, 2010 at 8 in BRNG DLC.
        • Finish poster, presentation postcards, and penguin cut outs.
        • Thursday, April 14, 2010 at 8 pm in Hicks TRC. *main floor
          • Run through presentational material.

Tasks for this week [April 5 - April 12]

Going into week 3, April 19th is growing nearer... Here is a list of things that you will need to revise in your section.

I may be doing a mid-week evaluation of your section to let you know some ways you can develop your section, if you need a little extra help.

Be sure you e-mail either Nick or me your lesson plan. We only have four up... So we need 5 more.



Your Tasks/Your To Do List:

Peggy Nifong


Add more to 3rd Part

Hilde Thayer


Revise section & write in your own words. Be sure to include references.


Relates to Others

Add more info, then revise & write in your own words. Be sure to include references.

Nick Derado

Real World

Work on Business section & make sure you have the descriptions of the plan. Be sure to include references.

Erica Metzinger

Ed. Uses

Revise section & write in your own words. Be sure to include references.

Li Jing


Add examples & develop section. Be sure to include references.

Hou Chengyu


Keep an eye out for references that will need to be anchored that are referenced somewhere on the entire page.

This will be the last week you will have to worry about your section! Wooooo!!!! :)

This week we are going to be beginning your focus on your First role, next week you will be focused on your Second role.

This means that you will need to become familiar with the entire page, not just your section. Such that, if your a...

developer, I would expect to see adding in of photos and relevant graphics to help educate viewers about Plancast. You'll end up coding most of this.

evaluator, I would expect to see grammatical errors corrected and references used when necessary. Basically Peer Revision.

researcher, add any relevant information you find into the appropriate sections. Try to do this early.

I think this will work out really well as long as everyone takes the chance to work on this at least a few hours during this week. Then the roles will 'switch up' and our page will be getting the finishing touches next week.

This will be the page we will converse on and use while assigning roles and assignments.

This is what needs to be accomplished this week [March 29 - April 4]:

- By Sunday, April 4th [Easter] we MUST have our first draft of our wiki completed.
- This means all sections need to be written, in a rough draft form, AS WELL AS all nine (9) lesson plans need to be drafted too!

With that said, I have given each of you a section and lesson plans to work on this week. The sections MUST be completed by Sunday [April 4th] at midnight!


Primary Role

Secondary Role

Focus Section


Peggy Nifong

Project Manager


Intro & Showcase Prep.




Showcase Prep

References: focus on anchoring & numbering necessary references. Add necessary citations.


Desirae McCusker

Showcase Prep


Relates to Others: find other sites that are similar and compare Plancast to that site. (Pros&cons)


Hilde Thayer



History: General history of app, what it looked like before, original uses


Nick Derado



Real World Application: Create lesson plans and evaluate how the program could be used in business.


Erica Metzinger



Demonstration of Ed. Value: Describe how someone would use the program in the classroom. 


Li Jing



International Uses: How could this program be used globally?


*Everyone will be presenting on the 19th. Here are the roles: a) project manager(s), b) project evaluator(s), c) researchers, d) developers, and e) presenter(s).

If you don't have a role by noon on April 1, I will be assigning roles & sections. Not to seem harsh or anything, but if I have empty boxes.. I am going to pull my hair out. :) If anyone wants to do a consensual switch that would be fine, but we can talk about it in lab. 

Remember that each of us will be evaluated by group members upon the completion of this project, therefore give this project effort and don't rely on another to finish your work.
Be sure that you are checking this page daily, you are accountable for this task.

For Sunday, April 4


  • Basic foundation for the page (X)
  • Introduction area of page
  • 1 Post Secondary Lesson Plan
  • 1 Elementary Lesson Plan (X-attached to main page)


  • Enter/edit the Comparison Section
  • 1 Secondary Lesson Plan
  • Start Presentation Brochures


  • Enter/edit the History Section
  • 1 Post Secondary Lesson Plan


  • Enter/edit Demonstration of Ed. Value
  • 1 Elementary Lesson Plan (X- attached to main page)


  • Enter/edit Real World Application Section
  • 1 Lesson plan including STEM (Any


  • Enter/edit International Uses section
  • 1 Secondary Lesson Plan

This is a section from our Assessment guide which includes the necessary components for this project.

a.    What is the title of the application? Who developed it?

Plancast, Mark Hendrickson

b.    What is the purpose of the application (that is, what does it do)?

Event Planner/Social Network

c.    How does it work? Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?

Add the When and Where and friends can be 'counted in.' To use it, you need to set up a free account, which requires an e-mail.

d.    How is it related to other applications (that is, can it be used in
            conjunction with other applications)?

Facebook & Twitter

e.    What are some unique ways of using this application?

Fundraisers, International Suit Up Day, Field Trips, Group Meetings, Lecture Attendance (?)

f.    How could the application be used within an educational/learning
            situation? For example, generate multiple content area lesson plans for each of the following areas:

         1) elementary 2) secondary 3) post secondary

NOTE: Within each of these areas (i.e., elementary, secondary, post secondary), a minimum of one of the lesson plans must be based on the STEM        disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics).

g.    How could the application be used within a business/industry training situation?

Inform trainees of training time and locations.
h.    What are some examples (e.g., web sites) of it being used to illustrate its current educational value or potential value?

i.    For a more global perspective, how could this application be used in other countries? Are there unique features of the application that may be more relevant to those outside of the US?

The application is quite simple, the most unique thing to do that would be relevant or necessary to those outside of the US is the setting of the Time Zone along with the google maps usage which tags the location.

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