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By November 7th team members will have information posted.

By Novemeber 12th have lesson plans completed, and initial draft completed.

Work Progress

Explained team roles more throughly.

Team members learned how to post information on the team site.

Roles of Members

Brett:  History of Facebook, and Lesson Plan

Kelsey D:  How Facebook is related to other applications.

Amanda:  How Facebook can be used for educational learning and unique ways Facebook can be used.

Megan:  Purpose of Facebook

Kelsey O:  How does Facebook work, and Lesson Plan

Participation Rate

Everyone is working together well.

Showcase Preparation

Contact Itap about contacting founder of Facebook.

Figure out where we are going to get a labtop and a video camera.

Begin t-shirt designs.

Dicuss dress attire.

Figure out giveaways, and begin posters.

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