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Purpose of Confluence

What does Confluence actually do?

Confluence is an organizer 1.  Whether it be for a large project, like the one that is being created here, or for a group of people that need a network to colaborate ideas, Confluence makes it easy to keep everything in one place and makes it viewable from anywhere in the world.

Why was Confluence developed?

Confluence was developed primarily to be used in the business world, but its versitility makes it an easy fit in any education situation.  It was made to improve the productivity of underperforming businesses and has already seen a lot of success. 2

To see how some businesses are using Confluence, consult the following link:

Who is the audience?

Confluence can really be used by anyone with a need or desire for a better networking or organizational system 1.  It is easy to learn so that even people that may be new to computers can quickly pick up the skills needed to use Confluence.  Confluence is mainly used by teachers and students as well as business people that may need to communicate from across the world.

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    Great job Kody! That case study link is perfect! Thanks for meeting the deadline!