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What is the Purpose of Picasa? 

Picasa is used to help people organize, edit, and share the photos and videos they have on their computer. Once Picasa is loaded onto a computer, it will automatically add all the videos and pictures that are on that computer. It will orgaznize the photos and videos by the dates in which the photos were added. Once the photos are organized the photos can be uploaded onto the internet and friends and family can download your pictures. You can also tag pictures so that the picture or video will be sent to the person who was tagged. Not only does Picasa help share photos and videos, but it allows users to print pictures by pressing a few simple buttons. This will also allow the user to print mulitple copies and many different pictures with ease. Picasa's main purpose is to provide an easy way to manage and edit your photos and videos.

Video Showing How to Edit Pictures in Picasa

Video Showing How to Make a Movie in Picasa

Video Showing How to Create a Collage in Picasa

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