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  1. Unknown User (ragray)

    Hello! Just a quick introduction. My name is Rachel Gray and I am the project manager for TinyChat(team #8). I am from West Lafayette, Indiana. I am a sophomore in Elementary Education. I am very excited to start working on this project. I have created this page for all of you to post questions, comments, concerns or anything else. For this project, we will be creating a Wiki page about our application.

    Roles and Responsibilities: We discussed last week, have you guys do all the lesson plans except for the elementary ones. I hope this still works for you. Once you complete that, you can either email them to me, or post them here on this page, or into our wiki chapter. Thanks so much for your willingness to work hard. My team and I look forward to working with all of you!

    Rachel Gray

  2. Unknown User (skuo)

    Hey Rachel and TinyChat team,

    good job! You keep the progress on the right track! And the draft of the wiki page is well-outlined.

    Besides, appreciate for the international partners' to join TinyChat...See if we can use TinyChat to communicate and figure out how useful or what features could be improved in the new version.

    The next step, I will suggest to add in more information to the content! I will give you detailed and specific feedbacks next Wednesday!

    Shih-Ping :-)