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  1. Unknown User (ragray)

    Hello! My name is Rachel Gray. I am your Project Manager for Project 2. I am a sophmore in Elementary Education. I am originally from right here in West Lafayette. I look forward to getting to know all of you and working with you for the next few weeks. I don't know every thing but I am ready and willing to learn. Thanks so much. Lets make this a great time!

  2. Unknown User (ragray)

    Hey guys, this is my first post that contributes to finding research on tiny chat. I have also contacted the developers of our application and they are going to be sending me some info, so hopefully we can use that.

    Tinychat delivers "dead-simple" audio and video web communication services.
    tiny chat provides disposable conference rooms with a simple url for up to 300 people and up to 12 live audio video streams, that just work, no signup

  3. Unknown User (ragray)

    I was reading on the tiny chat blog and came across these new features that the creators have added in order to make tinychat eaiser to use. I think this info will be helpful to us.

    Random colored names

    Country flags

    Non flash version for iphone + older browsers (chat only)

    Private messages with /msg command

    /me command

    flashing on new msgs when browser doesn’t have focus

    More intuitive members area with recordings viewer and other features

    Broadcast passwords reenabled

    Recording Playback widget ( ala, youtube embed )

    kicking of guests that dont broadcast audio / video

    New default image for embed screen thats more obvious “click here to initialize chat”

  4. Unknown User (bscami00)

    From the tinychat main page, there is a link that leads you to different articles about tinychat. The newest one talks about the newest additions. Such additions include a facebook and twitter connect allowing the users to not need to register.

  5. Unknown User (bscami00)

    From the same link, there was this webpage this link talks about tinychat's free features such as the regular chat and video displays during the chat. It also talks about the possibility of becoming a premium member for twenty dollars a month, and gain extra features such as data transfer, saving video chats, and having higher quality video streams.

  6. Unknown User (bscami00)

    This application would be used the same as it is in the U.S. I feel that the bigger concept is the ability for this utility to connect different countries and cultures. Not only would individuals be able to converse with different people across the globe, but also be able to see them. I feel that this could be used for academic purposes in all different aspects of academics. It could allow for a different perspective whether in writing, trying to solve a problem, or simply a different technique to solve a math problem.

  7. Unknown User (nkulatil)

    The Tinychat company profile on CrunchBase claimes that you do not need additional downloads or plugins aside from flash to use Tinychat and that it should work with any browser. It also claims that Tinychat's API  allows  developers to easily integrate all of the parts of tinychat into their own applications by using XML or JSON.

  8. Unknown User (jseddy)

    After looking through the tiny chat website I've found that it's purpose is allowing users to chat via webcam in a conference like setting that allows up to 300 people chat at one time.  One thing that makes this easy to use is the fact that you don't necessarily have to have a tinychat account, you can use your facebook or twitter account to gain access to almost any room that is available for discussion.  The conference style chat room could also be used for anything from having a business meeting to just chatting with some old friends from home and actually see who you are talking to.

  9. Unknown User (adevore)

    I found a blog that had to do with using tiny chat in a classroom. It was a teacher who made this blog; she had seen a guest speaker who talked about using technology in the classroom and this gave the teacher the idea to use tiny chat. The teacher decided to have a book discussion with her students on tiny chat rather than a normal discussion in class. From what she wrote on her blog, it seems like she had very good results and her students were excited to use tiny chat again for another class discussion. Here is the link for the blog,

  10. Unknown User (cagerlac)

    A unique ways that this application could be used is for a group conference.  Since up to twelve people can have a live feed at once, as long as there are under twelve people everyone would be able to see and hear what other group memebers are saying.  If someone didn't show up then everyone in the group would know just like if they met in person.

    Another unique use of this would be able to record a short video.  They could record a message that goes out to a group, or even just one person.

  11. Unknown User (nkulatil)

    Tinychat offers the option of paying $20 per month for Pro version which allows for the ability to "reserve names for up to five rooms, more privacy controls (including password protected rooms), and, maybe most importantly, the ability to record and save your conferenferece" (Lardinois, Pro version also allows you to dowload your video streams as FLV files and edit them in a video editor of your choice.Pro version users can also embed videos into thier recorded chat.

    1. Unknown User (hill7)

      This is really interesting how Tinychat is very geared to help businesses and something like this could be very useful to companies who have employees working for clients who are out of the area.  My dad often uses webcams to do long distance meetings and discussions instead of conference calls more of late in his computer consulting company because being able to physically see the person you are talking to helps improve the communication in the meeting or breifing.

  12. Unknown User (adevore)

    Here is another link that comes from a teacher:

    It talks about more ideas for using tiny chat inside the classroom. Her ideas were using it for virtual office hours which I thought was a really good idea, I think that would be really easy to do and you don't even have to leave your place. Her other ideas had to do with class discussions and also using it as a homework study group for the students.

  13. Unknown User (cagerlac)

    I found the privacy and terms page for tinychat which I think is very important for users to know so that they can fully understand the privacy and terms of tiny chat.  This will help users  better know how to make tinychat as private as they want or as public as they want.

  14. Unknown User (jseddy)

    I just read a blog and it was talking about how tinychat works not only on your computer, but can also work on the iphone in high definition. This application for the iphone allows you chat with people through video chat wherever you are. 

  15. Unknown User (cagerlac)

    I found this site that talks and gives information about how tinychat has disposable chat rooms.

  16. Unknown User (adevore)

    I found another blog having to do with tiny chat in the classroom

    It gives reasons why tiny chat is a postive thing in the classroom and it also gives directions on how to use it. It first explains what the teacher has to do toset up a chat along, then gives directions for the student to find their teacher's chat, at the end it tells how you actually chat and send messages and how to save the chat if you would like. I think this is helpful information for the teacher, because all the directions are layed out step by step and they are very simple to follow.

  17. Unknown User (cagerlac) this site shows you someone can sign up for tinychat via facebook. This is important because facebook is very popular so people can easily go about finding information about it even on facebook.

    1. Unknown User (adevore)

      I think you found some good information! Facebook is a really good way to get through to people!

  18. Unknown User (jseddy)

    This site gives infromation tinychat and discusses how to use the website.

  19. Hello! My name is Varvara Nazarova. I am from Yakutsk, Russia. I am a teacher of English and Chinese languages for undergraduate students major in Economics. I hope our work will be fruitful and interesting.

  20. Unknown User (nkulatil)

    According to Tinychat provides a code that you can use to post your video conferenceon a website or blogsite. A downside of Tinychat is that is that you can only share part of your screen.

    I'm sorry I don't know if there is an english version of this page.

  21. Unknown User (ragray)

    TinyChat was created by six individuals, Martin Redmond, Michael Stern, Dan Blake, Travis Heinstrom, Jolie O'Dell, and Fred Winetown.

  22. Unknown User (hill7)

    After exploring the Tinychat's website I feel that the idea of not having to register a wonderful time saver because even with Skype it was a pain. I really like how you can see multiple video screens and create chat rooms. It seems to have a lot of positive feedback from its users but I feel that its main problem is advertisement. For instance: why is Skype so popular and what makes it different from something like Tinychat?

  23. Unknown User (hill7)

    One thing that this would be excellent for in education is for teachers who might be out on maternity leave, sick, or family emergency could still connect with their students by sending out a video message to the group or to hold a short discussion while being away from the school. I remember how hard it was to connect or stay focused when a lecture is canceled or when you have a substitute teacher as a student and this might help the teacher to stay connected.

  24. I've tried to find information about how to use Tiny Chat in learning. It is mostly used for:

    1. Discussions.

    2. Group conferences.

    3.Homework study groups.

  25. I think  it is a wonderful tool for those who learn foreign languages. Foreign language learners can talk to native speakers online. Or students from different countries can discuss language learning issues online. This can be a good language practice and they also can share their problems and opinions etc. The only problem is to find a group or a person from another country wishing to do the same.

  26. Also maybe you can organize a virtual discussion with a professor or someone famous. Any other ideas?

  27. When making a group conference on a special topic, how can you invite students from abroad? Can they blog any information or just chat?

  28. Should the students be registered on Facebook or Twitter or can they go straight to the Tinychat room?

  29. Yes! You may congratulate me on opening the chatroom and I invite you to join the chat I want you to share your ideas on this problem that is very urgent nowadays.

  30. Unknown User (nkulatil)

    Hey everyone, sorry it took me so long to post. I'm still sick and I seem to be getting worse. I'll have to go back to the doctor. Anyway,Rachel mentioned that she did not see my outline attached to the wiki. Well it is attached but I'm not sure if you can acess it the same way I can or if I can add it as a post. To be honest with you I'm not too keen on using this wiki website.

    Anyway to acess the attachment I just have to click on Attachments on the top right corner of the page. I my screen it appears as: Attachments(1)
    I hope that was somewhat helpful.

    I also wanted to post this link:

    It talks about ways to use Tinychat for education and rates it againts Oovoo, a similar website.

  31. 1) Internet itself is a very good invention for those who cannot attend school. That's why Internet and Tiny Chat, particularly, may be actively used in distance learning.

    2) As for me, I'm not very optimistic about using Tiny Chat in the classroom. It may be possible theoretically, but not practically in our area! Because we have slower Internet connection here, while you, Americans, have gone far ahead from the technical point of view. Plus, NOT ALL the students in our region have Internet access at home.

  32. Unknown User (nkulatil)

    Hey everyone, sorry for my lack of contact. I just found out that there is something wrong with my Purdue email account, which is why most of you probably didn't recieve my emails.

    Anyway I emailed the lesson plan revisions and Brochure to Rachel and Brent through again my aol account which is I have also attached them all to this page. They will be under attachments at the top.

    If you have any questions you can email me there. And feel free to make any last minute corrections to the brochure.

    Luckily I do not have H1N1, but unfortunately I do have strep throat. But now that I am medicated I can still present out project if necessary.