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Page edited by: Daniel Snyder, Aubrey Yager, Rebeka Kasper, Lyndsay Carter, Janelle Graves, Andrew Holmes, Casey Hurst, Ryan Kerrigan, Riley Lerch, Thomas Mosby, Amanda Salomon, Sara Sheffler, and our partners in China: Alex Yu, Zhang Ling, Wujun Gao.


Title of Application and Who Developed It

TokBox Brochure

The Purpose of the Application

How Does It Work?

How is it Related to Other Applications?

Unique Ways of Using This Application

Lesson Plans

Examples of This Application Being Used to Illustrate its Current Educational Value

Ways TokBox is Used in Other Countries


Title of Application and Who Developed It

The title to our project is TokBox.  


Ron Hose is the founder and chief technical officer. [#8]

He founded this organization, because he thought that video communication should be as easy as possible. 

Also, it should be available wherever people want to communicate.[#8

Ian Small is Chief Executive Officer at TokBox.  

Before joining TokBox, Ian spent six years with Mark Logic Corporation

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TokBox Brochure 

Here is a link to the TokBox brochure that was created to help you see what TokBox is all about in a condensed form.


The Purpose of the Application 

 The purpose of TokBox is to be a social network for people to communicate. It allows you to have free video chat with your friends.  The video chatting is done through your internet browser, so there is no program downloading. [#9]  It only takes seconds to make your own TokBox account.  You basically give your name, e-mail, age and create a password.  Then you have your own TokBox account.  It's that simple! 

Although you and friends are in different locations, you can have direct communication with them through TokBox.
  Video is not the only form of communication. There is also instant messaging, as well as blogging. This allows you to type while having a video chat with your friends.
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How Does It Work?

 There are many different features that can be used through TokBox. The most noted of which being free video chat. TokBox can be embedded on all websites and social networks, and there is privacy control on the application. [#9] TokBox is simply a free service that allows you to have live video chat with friends. When you sign up, TokBox will give you an account and a link. You then send that link to your friends who have TokBox accounts and you may chat them, or you could send them video mail if they are not currently on TokBox. Also, you are able to instant message your friends through TokBox.  You can instant message them during video chat or while not using video chat.  

For a walkthrough demo, click the video below.


How to Create a Conference Call?

Placing a conference call is fairly simple, and can be done by following the steps below:

1. Login to your TokBox account.
2. Click on the "Conference" button on the left.
3. Distribute the URL you see to the parties you would like to conference with.

You can send this URL via email or Instant Message, but please note: Anyone that knows the conference URL can participate in the conference call, even if he or she doesn't have a TokBox account. You should keep a conference call to around twenty people maximum so the connect can still be good. While you could have more people in the conference call, the audio and video quality will not be as strong.


Why Use TokBox for Video Conferencing? [ #7]

There may be lots of people offering video conferencing out there, but TokBox is a little bit different and here's 10 reasons why...

1. It's free. Of course.

2. It's super easy to use. You don't have to download anything and we make it easy to start and join a call.

3. You can easily have 20-25 people in a multi-party call.  Have a call with 1 person or more. It's up to you.

4. Everyone can use it. Tokbox works with both Windows and Mac as well as all major web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).

5. You don't have to sign up. Only the person initiating a conference call needs to have TokBox account (which is free and takes seconds to set up).

6. It's easy to get people on the call.  Tweetout the unique URL for the call to your Twitter followers or send it via email.  People simply click on the link and join the call.

7. You can share a YouTube video or SlideShare presentation and watch it together.

8. You can send links or text information at the same time as being in a call.

9. You can embed it on your site. Take our video call widget and embed it wherever you want people to be able to video conference with you.

10. It's really fun to see everyone in their "Brady Bunch" square. 

Greeting Cards

With TokBox you are able to send video greeting cards.  There are various templates for different holidays and special events.  The greeting cards can be e-mailed to anyone you wish.  It makes telling someone happy birthday a little more personal.  What you are recording from the camera would go right above the birthday cake, and the balloons and streamers float around the screen.

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How is it Related to Other Applications?

TokBox is very closely related to other web 2.0 applications that involve video chat and video share. Applications that are similiar to TokBox are Skype and Google Talk Video to name a few. With Tokbox you can have a video chat, leave them a video message, or chat through instant messaging. One of the downsides to Google Talk Video is that you have to have a special e-mail address. With TokBox, only one person that wants to chat has to have a free account.  For example, if you have a TokBox account but your friend doesn't, you can still have a video chat with them.


 [#11]                                                                                           [#10]
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Unique Ways of Using This Application

Share Your Video Mail with Your Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers

You can send your video message to any email address, to your Facebook feed or to all your Twitter followers all with the click of the "Video Mail" button on the left. It's super easy to do and lots of fun!

A unique feature TokBox has is through its partnership with Facebook, TokBox has a created an application that allows Facebook users to open chat sessions within Facebook's messaging. [#9] Another unique application TokBox offers is through Adobe Air.  This application allows TokBox users to constantly be available for a chat, instead of having to go to the website and have a chat with someone that might or might not be online. 


TokBox has created a unique way of using this application.  They use their video calling and video mail applications to find summer interns.  TokBox "believes in the power of face-face communication." and would like to provide this opportunity to everyone. [#1]

Posting on Discussion Boards and Uses in the Classroom.

If you want to use discussion boards to lecture, or for your students to communicate, tokbox can help you. Use of this application can easily connect you to the entire classroom.

  For quick tutorial on how students can use tokbox to post video messages into discussion boards, play the video below.

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Langauge Options

Not only does Tokbox work for English speakers, but it offers an easy access tab to switch the screen from English to Spanish at any time once you've logged in. 

Lesson Plans

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Examples of This Application Being Used to Illustrate its Current Educational Value

 With TokBox, students can learn new, interesting things about different cultures from around the world. While using TokBox, students can log on and connect with other students from around the world. Not only can they have a one on one chat, but if both parties have a webcam and a microphone, they can have a direct conversation between each other or even hold a conference with multiple people. This would be a good asset for Social Studies teachers when they are discussing another part of the world. Having TokBox would allow the students to have direct contact with other students and would enable the students to ask questions directly to other students and get immediate answers.  This would also be useful for allowing the students to be exposed to new cultures, thus widening their scope of understanding.
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Ways Tokbox is Used in Other Countries 

 TokBox is basically used in the same way in all countries including the United States and China.  It is used as a free way to video chat with other people.  In China, TokBox is not very well known.  A lot of people don't know much about it, but that is also true for people in the United States.  Web 2.0 technologies are up and coming.  As of now they are not very well known, but people will know all about them in the near future.

A setback for TokBox in China is that it is only available in English.  All of their TokBox pages in China look exactly like our pages in the United States.  Therefore, for other people to be able to use TokBox they would have to know some basic English to at least set up their account.  Obviously, they could still communicate in Chinese, but all of the text on the TokBox pages will be in English.

TokBox enables teachers to communicate with other people or teachers from other countries.  It allows people to communicate with one another through a video chat.  For example, a lesson plan could be taught by a teacher, who is in one country, to students, who are in a different country, by using TokBox.  Teachers could communicate with one another to make a lesson plan for their classes to do together, even though they are in different countries.
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