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Hey everyone, this is where you will make your 3 posts for the research assignment.  This is an individual part of the project.  It is worth 6 point of the total 70 points.  Please make sure you site where you got the information.  If you are having trouble finding information, you can look for information reguarding the points of the outline that is on the home page for Tokbox.  The 3 posts need to be done by March 31. 

Janelle Graves Post #1

Tokbox is a free video, online chat website.  It uses a live video and audio feed.  You set up an account, then Tokbox gives you a link.  Then you can send that link to the people that you want to chat with.  You don't have to download any program.  Tokbox works through your internet browser. (

Janelle Graves Post #2

The Tokbox account can be put onto any social networking profile, blog pages etc.  Then people who see you are online can press the "Push to talk"  button.  Then they can video chat with you in real time.  So I think that you don't have to be on the web page to still chat with someone.  You could be on Facebook, but have the Tokbox account on your profile. (

Janelle Graves Post #3

Tokbox is compatible with different types of computer software like Windows, Macs, and Linux.  So it doesn't matter what kind of computer you have, you are still able to use Tokbox.  It includes video mail, video calls, and instant messages.  You are able to chat with someone even if they aren't a client of tokbox. (

Patrick Kerrigan Post #1

Tokbox uses multiple different types of instant messengers such as Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).

Patrick Kerrigan Post #2

Tokbox has many user friendly features. These feature include: Free Video Chat, No Required Downloads, it is embeddable on any website, and has Privacy Controls. These features provide for a safe and reliable source of video chatting.

Patrick Kerrigan Post #3

Though Tokbox has no required downloads, there are a few downloadable features to enhance Tokbox usage. There is a Tokbox FireFox Add-On for Facebook. This allows you to receive voice and video calls to Facebook Chat. There also is Tokbox AIR Desktop Client. This acts like a video telephone for your computer because it is always on.

Tom Mosby Post #1

On Tokbox you can post public post. You can post a video introducing yourself if you are new, have a thought about something that you want to share with others or just wanting to meet new people.;feed=public;page=1

Tom Mosby Post #2

Tokbox also allows you to set up and post your own blogs. You can subscribe to others and others can subscribe to yours.

Casey Hurst Post # 1

On tokbox you can add a picture of yourself, so your new friends that you meet know what you look like. Also, people trying to find you could recognize your picture. 

Casey Hurst Post # 2

You can look people up in the search box if you want to add them as a friend. This is similiar to facebook.

Casey Hurst Post # 3

i think it is interesting how tokbox can act like a cell phone. You are able to call your friends and leave messages. You can listen to those messages the same as you can listen to a voicemail. The same with video mail. You can just leave your friend a message and they can watch it later.;page=1

Sara Sheffler Post # 1

Unlike most video conferencing applications which require software to be installed on all computers involved, TokBox only requires that one person has a profile. This user can then send links to other users, through e-mail or an instant message program, so that they can join the conference. No special software is necessary because the service utilizes Adobe Flash.

Sara Sheffler Post # 2

TokBox videoconferences handle as many participants as your connection can support.,2817,2326576,00.asp

Sara Sheffler Post # 3

The Hidden Dangers

Last week when I started to evaluate TokBox I used it with a number of colleagues in. On one Later on Paul came into my office, telling me that he had been watching me and it was obvious that I was unaware that Paul had connected to my ToxBox account and was viewing the video and listening to me talking to myself!

I had expected to approve anyone who wished to view my video feed, so I was surprised when this happened - although I realised that I would have missed a sound alert as I had turned down the sound on my loudspeaker.

Amanda Salomon Post #1

TokBox's web-based platform is a Flash-enabled browser plugin that simplifies the video chat process by offering a service that doesn't require downloads or any cumbersome setup process, granted you already have a working webcam or computer microphone.  (

Amanda Salomon Post #2

The existing TokBox Facebook application worked like most other chat clients, but now you can start a video chat directly from your Facebook chat tool. After installing the TokBox plugin for Facebook (currently supported for Firefox() only), then you'll see a link beneath your chat buddies' names, giving you the option of launching a video conversation with them. Tell the app that you allow access to the webcam, and you're good to go. As with all TokBox video chat conversations, you'll see your screen on the left, and the screen of your buddy on the right.


Amanda Salomon Post #3

Video chatting, video e-mail, videoconferencing---free Web-based service TokBox does just about any kind of personal video communication you can imagine. The service has even added a public feed that lets users create a Twitter-like stream of video posts. TokBox isn't alone on this last feature; Seesmic does the same but doesn't offer TokBox's videophone and conferencing features. TokBox has even recently added a desktop version that uses the Adobe AIR runtime and works on Mac and Windows, so you don't have to be logged into TokBox's site to receive video calls. Remarkably, TokBox videoconferences handle as many participants as your connection can support. I signed up and tested the service to see just how well TokBox has implemented this impressive list of abilities. (,2817,2326578,00.asp)

Lyndsay Carter Post #1

A few features of tokbox are that there is no cost whatsoever, you don't have to download anything, it can be embedded on any website, and you have control of your privacy. (

Lyndsay Carter Post #2

We can a) decrease our overall consumption of gas and b) decrease the price we end up spending at the pump by using social media platforms like Tokbox to connect, communicate, and share ideas. Ultimately, this and other video conferencing tools are time savers, because you don't have to spend time on an airplane or sitting in traffic. (

Lyndsay Carter Post #3

In a matter of seconds you can set up a video chat channel with Tokbox. Tokbox quickly, easily, and accurately can detect the webcam on your computer. Then you can chat with friends, even if they aren't registered. All of the controls are fairly simple. Also, if someone is not online you can always leave them a video message. While there are plenty of video chat products out there on the market, including Skype, most of them require at least some software download to the computer. Something about the simplicity of TokBox, which is entirely a web application, suggests it might get very popular very fast. (

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