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TwitVid Research Page

TwitVid Group Member Introduction Page


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How Relates To Other Applications?


Demonstration of Education Value


Real World Application


How Is Used Internationally



I. History

TwitVid was created by Mohamed Adham and Adil Lalani in their dorm room at the University of Waterloo in Canada.  TwitVid has only been running for about two and a half years (it was launched in the summer of 2009), but has already received a lot of attention from the media(1).  Many celebrities are now using the application to share videos with their fans. Adham and Lalani created TwitVid so people could share videos with anyone anywhere in the world. To use this application, all you need is internet connection. No account is necessary to view videos, and the application is free. An account is needed only to make comments on user's videos and upload your own videos. Also, the account needed is linked to "Twitter", matter of fact you can register an account with "Twitter" and just use that account to sign in to "TwitVid"

You can upload your own videos to your "Twitter stream" through your computer, cell phone, or webcam. There is also a feature of this application called "Auto Share" that allows your videos to be automatically shared through YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace(7), too. By using this application, it is possible for people to comment directly on videos and other posts in real time. There is little to no delay, just as is expected through the use of genuine twitter. Videos that are posted are also shown on the homepage and can be easily accessed through the search bar either on a mobile website or through the actual webpage when accessed on a computer(4).

This application is accessible through many different forms of technology.  While viewing the webpage there is a FAQ link users can click at the bottom and this link will allow users to download apps to tweet videos from their phone(14).  This makes "Twitvid" easily acessible to users while they are on the go. Soon Twitvid will add a technology that allows real-time streaming, where your twitter followers can start watching the video immediately while you are uploading the video. TwtiVid will also offer an easy way to let you resume uploading if you lose your connection(8). Twitvid also has incorporated and application for the IPhone. This application is designed to allows users to upload their videos to Twitvid right from the convenience of their iPhone. 

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II. How Relates to other Applications

"TwitVid" has a very simple title. Most internet users have heard of or even use "Twitter" accounts to blog about issues and opinions, and are familiar with the popular saying: to "Twit". The "Vid" suffix emphasizes that this site is a video streaming version of "Twitter". Unlike video sharing sites like "Metacafe", "TwitVid" is more straight forward because of its name. According to TwitVid Overview on the website, TwitVid allows users to view videos before the upload process is finished, which is much different from other sites(10). Also, it allows users to upload and "tweet" videos extremely fast; faster than many of the other Twitter applications that support video uploads. When searching the "TwitVid" application it actually searches all "Youtube" videos that have been posted on the site as well.  "Twitvid" ranks the results of information it brings up by popularity and most recently viewed.  "Twitvid" uses these sorting strategies to help its viewers find the information they are looking for in the quickest way possible. TwitVid has also incorporated a "virtual gift giving" tool. Similar to Facebook's gift giving tool, you can send a gift to your favorite twitter friend. 

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III. Demonstration of Educational Value

TwitVid is very similar to YouTube in that you can immediately watch videos on virtually anything you want.  This level of technology directly relates to the classroom.  As a teacher you can show your students real life situations that your lesson applies to(8).  Many students learn better visually. TwitVid allows this kind of learning to take place by streaming videos to your students on how to complete an art project or real life science research taking place in Alaska.  The educational possibilities are growing as more and more videos are being uploaded everyday. 

"Twitvid" is used throughout many different businesses and organizations.  This application is used to help keep workers and customers in contact with one another in a fast and simple way.  This is a way for businesses to promote what they are selling and for them to receive feedback from their customer’s satisfaction and suggestions.  "Twitvid" has proven to be a successful way for businesses to receive feedback.  I think with time teachers and students will also find this as an easy way to communicate with one another(2).  Teachers could post useful lessons or videos that they could ask their students to view at home and comment about.

Through the utilization of the searchbar, it is easy to uncover information that relates to most all topics and curriculum. TwitVid contains all types of video, ranging from the basic to the complex. For example, it is possible to search through for something youthful and simple such as "Sesame Street" and utilize one of these videos to help students learn or, for the opposite side of the spectrum, it is entirely possible to type in "State of the Union" and allow students to actually watch clips from the President's most recent State of the Union address(4). These videos help students learn in different ways, something that is especially helpful when students can only learn in certain ways such as visually. There are only limited uses of "TwitVid" as an educational tool, however, in the field of Politics and the overall study of Political Science the site is very useful. How so? Using a "Twitter" account; many politicians (ex: Senator Bob Corker) will post videos on "TwitVid" that can influence their voters, explain the reasoning behind their recent vote, and more(1). "TwitVid" allows its users to post videos, either linked from a site like YouTube or a personally shot video onto their account and in effect sponsor the content of the video. This is educational in that it allows one to study their politicians and understand what views they are for and against based on their posted videos. 

 TwidVid is an appropriate tool for educational purposes. It fosters education in terms of not only students but also teachers. Educators, teachers and students share their profesional videos by using Twidvid(5). It is appropriate to share lessons for educators. Teachers share professional lesson records which are answer such questions that how classroom management is obtained in a class, how many types of teaching methods are used in lessons, or how an appropriate school or class environment is. because of the fact that videos can explain these questions, clearly, teachers learn the answers of these questions. Also, animations and introduction videos are very important in education(3). Students love expository animations about a topic in science or other lessons. Then, experiments are important for chemistry, introduction videos from the nature is so useful for biology. When all these things are gathered under the name of their branch, this program is not only an organized storage of knowledge, but also an enjoyable tool to learn for teachers and students. 

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IV. Real World Application


Grade 5: Life and Science.doc

Grade 5: Life and Science.pdf

* This lesson plan is geared towards 5th graders. It will take about one hour to introduce the lesson, but it will take about 2 weeks for the final assignment to be turned in. The students will research an assigned topic (from a video on TwitVid) and make a booth that other students can learn from. These booths will have a “science fair” set up. Each item being researched is different; a few of them include whales, the moon, rocket ships, insects, and Native Americans, etc.

Grade 5-6: Plant Science.doc

Grade 5-6: Plant Science.pdf

  • This lesson plan will further students understanding the similarities in plants in relation to humans. The video viewed by all students on "Twitvid" gives a good visual of the necessities that plants need to grow and prosper. Students will be able to plant their own plants and witness their growth process first hand. This is a great hands on lesson where students get to see the plants grow from an educational video and then they get to monitor their plants growth process first hand.

Grade 3-5: Space and Planet Science.doc

Grade 3-5: Space and Planet Science.pdf

  • Students will learn different terms and aspects of our Solar System. They will then build a model of the Solar System using simple materials to represent the eight planets of our Solar System and the Sun.

Grade 5: Newton's Laws of Motion.doc

Grade 5: Newton's Laws of Motion.pdf

  • Students will understand the ideas of motion and force. They will be able to describe and know Newton's three laws of motion, and test Newton's three laws of motion with marbles.

Grade 3: Air Pressure.doc

Grade 3: Air Pressure.pdf

  • Students will learn about air pressure and how it affects objects. This lesson plan incorporates a video from TwitVid that demonstrates how an egg can fit into a bottle because of air pressure.


Grade 10-12: Business & Marketing.doc

Grade 10-12: Business & Marketing.pdf

  • This lesson will teach marketing and business students to think more strategically. In this case they will learn about how and what celebrity endorsements do for products. This has real world application since some students will possibly be working for larger firms that have the resources to market their products in many ways.

Grade 10-12: Government & Politics.doc

Grades 10-12: Goverment & politics.pdf

Through the lesson plan the students will be able to analyze the State of the Union, but more importantly the students will be able to analyze the direction that the country is taking and be able to converse with other students about the main points.

Grade 9-10: Space.doc

Grade 9-10: Space.pdf

  • The purpose of this lesson is to actively engage students in an explanation of space as a whole. It is important for students of this age to understand the solar system and Earth’s place in it. To do this, students will receive information and view videos along these lines.

Grade 10-12: Sociology.doc

Grade 10-12: Sociology.pdf

  • The purpose of this lesson plan was to engage students in an open discussion about social changes and the factors that are incorparted amongst them by using a recent Black Friday clip. After the lesson students should have informed opinions on what causes a social change and some of the factors that cause people in society to act they way they do.


[Post Secondary: Market Management.doc|^edci 2.7.doc]

[Post Secondary: Market Managment.pdf|^edci 2.7.pdf]

* This assignment will help marketing and business students learn how to develop schedules for their future employers or clients. The lesson will sharpen their marketing skills by investigating what kind of marketing tool or promotions to use based on time, location and more.

[Post Secondary: Nostradamus: 2012 Chaos Theory.doc|^edci 2.8.doc]

Post Secondary: Nostradamus: 2012 Chaos Theory.pdf

  • The purpose of this lesson is to inform students about the significance of Nostradamus and why he is so often referenced in connection to end of the world prophecies. Additionally, students will learn why 2012 is being called the year of destruction and what historical parts and evidence supports this claim.

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V. How is used Internationally?

TwitVid can be used to immediately share information about real life events that are going on anywhere in the world.  You can post videos to go along with a blurb or caption of information to inform your viewers of what the video is about.  UNICEF (United Nations Childrens Fund) is located in the United Nations but they share their stories to anyone in the whole world by using TwitVid. Twitter has become a name that is recognized around the world, especially in conjunction with celebrities and politics. Because the name "twitter" itself has gathered so much recent popularity, connecting it to an application such as TwitVid allows the public to gather an understanding about what to expect prior to visiting the side(11). Because the site is named so similarly to the conjunction site, visitors expect to see quick comments and fast responses on new posts and information. When utilized internationally, people are able to quickly access information about worldwide projects, charities, and organizations rather than limiting themselves to local news(6).

TwitVid was originally started by Mohamed Adham and Adil Lalani in Canada at the University of Waterloo, so it is already an international effort. Similar to Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, and other video sharing applications, TwitVid is used by people all over the world to share their experiences through videos that others from different countries can view. Many celebrities are beginning to use the TwitVid application as well, and this could even help to expand their images, specifically bands who go on tour around the world(12). 

I am in Ankara, Turkey and I can watch the videos shared on TwitVid.  I can access the information about people, their lifestyles, their interests, and so on by watching these videos. In addition to that, I can make comments and share my opinions with them.  No matter how far away from the person I am I can still communicate with them because of the availability of TwidVid all over the world.

Twidvid can be used  to introduce themselves  & attract attention of public by a lot of business, companies or institutions. They can represent themselves, professionally. A well prepared video will arouse interest and people will start to follow these videos. many people are inrterested in video sharing tools and Twidvid provide good opportunities to publish videos. One of the these institutions is school. By using Twidvid, international schools can introduce themselves. These schools has important effect on education. Parents who have similar educational  values or goals with these  schools, they can attain information about them. people can see physical conditions of school, staff, educational opportunities. Also,  parents can follow the projects, studies, programme, process of school. today, these international schools are in many country with their qualified education. parents has opportunity to send their children to them. Before sending their children to any school, parents can search these videos and they can select best one for their children.

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VI. References


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