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Purdue University Students

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Kim, Hye-won
Park, Sanga

I. History">I. History

Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, a software architect, in March 2006 and launched just a few months later.  It was founded by Obvious in San Francisco, California.  

Twitter became successful and broke off from Obvious in May 2007.  At this time Twitter became known as Twitter Inc.

In 2007 Twitter experienced a great deal of growth, starting with the popular film and music festival South by Southwest. During the event, large-screened televisions displayed Twitter ads, which increased the over number of tweets per day by 40,000 tweets.  The application received overall positive reviews by the people who attended the festival. 7 

From there, the social network/ blog continued to increase in popularity.  As of 2011, there are over 200 million tweets being generated by users each day.


Updated Link for more Graphs: 

Over 200 Million of Twitter users can be found worldwide. Twitter attracts organizations and individuals alike.  The average age of Twitterers is between 25 years old and 54 years old. For more information about the statics about the graphs go to

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II. How To Use Twitter">II. How To Use Twitter

Twitter is not complicated technology, despite the many options that it presents to the user. All of the contact updates for twitter are on the right side. All messages from friends/acquaintances will be found in the middle. This happens once a user has been on there long enough to collect them. Finding people onTwitter isn't as easy. To do this, a user will have to go on the twitter page and invite friends via email.  Updates, or "Tweets," allow someone to see what the other is doing. A downloadable client is also available, called Twitteriffic on Mac or Twitteroo on PC. They can run on Vista desktop in order for up to the minute tweet updates. 4   One can also download a Twitter application on to their smartphone.  This way they can stay connected at any time or place.  

A view of what to expect when searching for friends, companies, or organizations.

A view of the home page Update/Tweet text box

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When first arriving at, this page will come up. When a user accesses this page, they must simply add in their login information.8 Once the user logs into the system on a page that resembles figure one. 

                    Figure One


                                                                            Below are two videos that explain how Twitter work

Video One

Video Two

Once tweets are entered, the text becomes a public line. Each Twitter page will show  tweets that have posted and tweets by both the user and their friends. Tweets can be made publicly or in private messages if the user wishes. Even if a fellow twitterer is not friends with the user, they can still be followed. Any user can be followed via phone or text, or by using clients Twitteriffic and Twitteroo. Twitter integrates with blogs and other web pages with flash and java code options that let web pages access twitter updates. All users can create Twitter messages, more commonly called tweets, through their Twitter pages, IMs, Facebook accounts, emails or text messages from their mobile phones.5

  • There is a wide variety of people you can follow: celebrities, friends, news companies like CNN, politicians, or any other events/organizations.
  • Twitter allows politicians to increase their public relations by connecting with more people.  People can now follow the politicians and always stay connected with them.  For the 2012 Presidential election, Twitter will begin to sell political advertising to the candidates.

You can follow Lady Gaga @ladygaga

You can follow CNN News @cnnbrk

You can follow the Human Society @HumaneSociety.

You can follow Barrack Obama @barrackobama

  • Twitter allows you to personalize your profile by: adding a background image, adding a profile picture, and updating your biographical information.

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IV. Twitter In Everyday Life">IV. Twitter In Everyday Life

Twitter has a great deal of uses for everyday life. The application allows people to get to know others over time. They begin to learn about both small and large details of each others lives.  Learning about others is often something that happens overtime, as a Twitterer follows Tweets


Twitter added a text messaging feature along with their website.  This makes it easier to send and receive tweets from followers.  Other Twitterers add news organizations to their twitter feed. If they add this organization to their cell phone they are able to get up to date news via their cell phone in short 140 character text messages.^3^There is a character limit on all tweets.

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V. Twitter in Business">V. Twitter in Business

Tweets and blogs inside twitter allow people in the work world the capability to connect to one another across the world. Colleagues may live across town or across the world and will be able to collaborate on a group project or share ideas about a specific project. Twitter can help colleagues begin to know each other on a personal level and help them become better acquainted. This may increase their ability to work together in the future.3  It can also help each other remind their colleagues an example is if there is a meeting and it has been changed. Link for helpful video.

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VI. Twitter International">VI. Twitter International

Forty percent of Twitter users are from the United States. The second highest population of Twitterers can be found in Japan. Twitter can also be found in countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom. 4

Similar applications can be found in Korea, such as Play2me.  

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Twitter in Japanese
Twitter in English

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VII. Twitter for Teachers">VII. Twitter for Teachers

Twitter has been a valuable tool for the field of education. It can continue to do so as technology grows and people become more familiar with the application. This technology allows the student's learning to be enhanced in a number of ways.

Twitter can allow student the benefit of active learning in the same way that clickers can facilitate active learning in the classroom. It allows for interaction between students and between teachers. Twitter also allows the opportunity for students to reflect about their own learning, thereby allowing for a greater ability to learn the material. The concise 140 character nature of the site promotes students to be clear and concise while engaging in the classroom. 3

Twitter has been used in the classroom. David Parry, assistant professor of Emerging Media and Communication at the University of Texas in Dallas used this technology in his classroom. He raves about the technology and claims that it was a very positive experience for his classroom. After using Twitter in his classroom, Parry was able to create a list of tips about the technology. He listed positive features such as instant feedback, following a professional or famous person and tracking a conference or seminar. He also noted that the technology was beneficial in the classroom because it could act as a public notepad. Parry felt that Twitter could maximize a teachable moment. Parry's list also included usage for writing assignments and grammar. Overall, Parry noticed that the usage of Twitter helped to increase classroom chatter because the students began to feel bonded as a community.3

Other teachers who have used Twitter feel that it could be used to remind students about homework and other class happenings. This feature was especially helpful in a college setting where the student could have the capability to add the feature to their cell phone to get quick reminders throughout the day.3

Other uses for Twitter include :

  • Question and Answer sessions or games between a classrooms or from across the world
  • Homework reminders that can be sent via cell text
  • A collaborative global group project
  • Homework help networks for parents and students
  • Regular updates from the classroom to home and vice versa
  • Quick communication between teachers from room to room without leaving the room

Because of the uses listed above, Twitter is best used outside of a strictly Twitter-based "lesson plan" context. It can, however, be incorporated into many lesson plans. Also, Twitter is not censored or supervised, as anyone can establish an account with which they can write anything, so it is best to use caution when having Elementary students use it. A great source of ideas can be found at : <>.

Below are some lesson plan ideas:


Document:Twitter Elementary Lesson Plan
PDF: Twitter Elementary Lesson Plan
Document: Twitter STEM Elementary Lesson Plan
PDF: Twitter STEM Elementary Lesson Plan

Twitter STEM Elementary Lesson Plan.pdf

Document:Twitter Nutrition Elementary 

PDF: Twitter Nutrition Elementary 


Document: lesson plan Twitter.docx

PDF: lesson plan Twitter.pdf

Document: Twitter Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF:Twitter Secondary Lesson Plan
Document: Twitter STEM Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF: Twitter STEM Secondary Lesson Plan

Document:Twitter Secondary Mathematics Lesson Plan STEM
PDF:Twitter Mathematics LP.pdfTwitter Secondary Mathematics Lesson Plan STEM

Document:Twitter Lesson Plan.docx

PDF:Twitter Lesson Plan.pdf

Post Secondary:

Document: Twitter Post Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF: Twitter Post Secondary Lesson Plan
Document: Twitter STEM Post Secondary Lesson Plan
PDF: Twitter STEM Post Secondary Lesson Plan

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VIII. Similar Applications">VIII. Similar Applications

Similar applications include:                                    

                                                                                                  Pownce                             [Tumblr]                           Plurk                 

IX. The Future of Twitter">IX. The Future of Twitter

Twitter publishes in API, and applications are regularly being developed that build on that platform. An application called TwitterCamp, lets users display 'tweets' in large format displays, such as projectors. Other applications let users post short audio tweets - an idea that seems to introduce the notion of "micro-podcasts." These, and other applications built on Twitter will come and go. The community of users determines which ones last and which ones don't. Twitter is guided by their philosophy of keeping things simple and intuitive and like to restrain themselves with regard to features.7

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X. Twitter Vocabulary">X. Twitter Vocabulary

     Twitter:    A web 2.0 application
Twitterers:    People who use Twitter
    Tweets:    Small 140 letter updates that answer "what are you doing" 

Follower / following: A follower is someone who subscribes to receive updates from another fellow tweeter

Daily Twitamin: A tweet that contains useful knowledge that is easy to take in and remember.

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XI. Additional Information">XI. Additional Information

Lesson Plan
Power Point
Team Members 

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XII. References">XII. References

1. Educase Learning Initiative. (2007, July). Retrieved November, 2008

2. Jones, Ron.(2008, September 25). Search Engine Watch. Retrieved November, 2008. Search Engine Watch

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5. Harrelson, Sam. (2007, March 28). How To Use Twitter. Retrieved November, 2008. You Tube

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Related Articles">Related Articles

15.  Lefever, Lee. (2008, March 5). Twitter in Plain English. Retrieved November 12, 2008. You Tube

16. Twitter on CBS News. (2007, March 28). Retrieved November 12, 2008. You Tube

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18. Dorsey, Jack. Twitter. Retrieved November 14, 2008. Wikipedia

19. Web 2.0 Wikipedia

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"Twitter has been something of a revelation
to me. It's great not having to worry about
adding apps and having a fancy profile.
Someone described it as a 24/7 networking
event which I think is very fitting." 
 - James

 " A whole site dedicated to following what people
are doing? Ridiculous, maybe. Genius, yes."
 - Jonathan Mead

" Twitter has replaced just about every traditional       
method of online communication I've ever used."
- Cicily ||


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    My name is Kim Eun-Kyung.

    I'm  from Korea and My major is Education Technology.

    I hope that this project will be successful.

    I don't know about twitter.

    So I'm searching infomation about it.

    It's kind of mini blog, right?

    1. Unknown User (rjprocto)

      Hello Eung - Kyung! Welcome! We are excited to have you on the team. I am reading that it is a blog/messenger/everything - I signed up on twitter but still am confused as to how it works or what is going on. Maybe as a team we can all sign up and send one another messages and see how this crazy website works? I signed up under my address. Look me up!

  3. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Remember guys to post any and all of your research on the research page. On Tuesday I plan to condense and sort what will and will not be used and send half to Kirstin to be written and the other half to myself to be written. If it's not researched and posted by Tuesday by 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) it will not be included.

  4. Hi, everyone.

    First, I'm very glad to see you!

    My name is Hye-won Kim, and I'm tewnty years old.

    Also, I'm a freshman in Ewha Womans University, Korea.

    I found from web searching that twitter can be called 'mini-blog' and it offers mobile service. Am I right?

  5. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Hello and welcome to the page Hye - won. I've grasped something like that as well. Thanks for adding to the research page! Can anyone there in Korea also let us know how the website is used there?

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     My name is sang-a park

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    I make a effort to know about the twitter.

    I think 'twitter' is some kinds of messenger........

    though the twitter, people talk to each other...

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    Hello Sanga, Hye-won, Eyung-Kyung,

     Nice to meet all of you! I am the TA of the lab Sensen. I am from China and I enjoy working with my students (smile) They are hard-working students with great personality! Feel free to post here and explore the topic "twitter" (smile)

  8. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Welcome Sang-a Park. I'm so glad that you're on the team and you found the page!

    Purdue Students:

    I went to the DLC today (the undergrad basement's basement) to reserve a computer. I was told that I can only reserve one, so I need someone else to please come down her and reserve a laptop for the day of our presentation: Thursday Dec 4th. It would be nice to reserve it for a three day period, if at all possible. Perhaps someone could reserve it for Wednesday the 3rd and we could get together that night to just do a trial run of our presentation? Then the computer could be returned on Fri Dec 5th.

    I have not yet reserved one: I didn't have my student ID on me - so make sure you have one of those with you when you go to reserve one (smile) I'll be back tomorrow to reserve the first one.

    Please let us know when you have reserved a computer. It's better that we OVER reserve - rather than under reserve -- if two of you come down and reserve (or all three) then we can cancel those reservations (in a timely manner so as not to be computer reserver hogs) moreso than scramble at the last minute to try to find one avaliable at the time. I think that a lot of groups may be contemplating this idea and wanting to reserve a laptop - so we should really make sure that we get down there and do it in a timely manner - so that we know that one is avaliable. Thanks guys!

    1. Unknown User (li149)

      Thank you very much for the work you did for the team, Rachel! I am in the morning "team leaders meeting" now. For each small presentation in the final show showcase, it only takes 2 or 3 minutes. So when you guys prepare the presentation, you don't need to prepare too much, just think of how to hold someone's attention for 2-3 minutes. Let me know if anything I can do for you guys.(lightbulb)

  9. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    I spoke with Kevin O'Shea today - he recommended we look at youtube videos and get familiar with the twitter software --- so please everyone create a twitter account and check for videos on youtube.

  10. Unknown User (nschreye)

    Hi everyone! I am excited to be able to work with everyone here and I can't wait to see what the final product is going to be!

  11. Unknown User (nschreye)

    Here are a couple of websites that I thought you might be able to incorporate into the paper:

    This article describes how a professor at the University of Dallas Texas used Twitter in a classroom and the benefits he felt came from the experience


    This one refers to its uses in a professional setting. They use a library in this case, but it gives a lot of examples that are still relevant outside of that.


    This site contains a graph of Twitter's growth internationally and some other quick stats


    There is quite a bit of repitition in the facts I am finding while going through websites. I'll keep searching, but this is the best I have so far. Hope it helps out.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

    1. Unknown User (li149)

      Good job, Nick!

  12. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Thanks Nick!

  13. Hello everyone~nice to meet you guys.

    Sorry for being late.My name is Jihye Kang

    I'm freshman of Ewha women's university.My major is Educational Technology.

    1. Unknown User (li149)

      Welcome, Jihye! Nice to meet you (smile)

      Here are several questions for our international students to get started (I copied and pasted from Rachel' email. Thank you, Rachel!)

      "International students, please please let us know how twitter works in Korea. Is it accessible? Do people use it? I know that someone mentioned another website that is similiar and avliable in Korea and that is excellent information. If any of you could give us any more information that would be awesome. All the international information we can get together as a group will be beneficial."

  14. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Hello Jihye and welcome!

  15. In Korea, although twitter is accessible, few people know about twitter. But some people use Korean version twitters. and .

  16. In Korea,
    Twitter is unfamiliar to common internet users.

    But, few people in Korea used it, I think.

    Twitter offers mobile-service including posting, writing, adding some opinion etc.

    This can be done through Korean website Cyworld, and Mixi which is popular in Japan.

    And, I think twitter and cyworld's similar bad point.

    To make twitter meaningful for A, a person related to A has to be someone who does twitter activities.

    However, twitter becomes meaningless for A if the person related to A shows no interest for twitter. 

    My english is not fluent so you might have difficulties understanding it. ^^ ;;

    1. Unknown User (rjprocto)

      It is ok we understand what you are saying. We appreciate the feedback. In America, I have never heard of twitter, but I may be out of the loop. thanks a lot Hye-won!

  17. Hello everyone.

    In my research...

    twitter is simillar to korea's  Playtalk ..

    I think...

    It can be said that this is something that simple text message can be linked up with the web.
    The entertaining function will let you know what your friends and acquaintances are doing on real time.

  18. Unknown User (li149)

    Hey team,

    I think each team member has been assigned some task this week by the team leader, right? Am I supposed to see more work done here? Please try to finish the work on time by the deadline you guys determined. If you need extra help, please let me know. Thank you!


  19. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    I got onto twitter and sent everyone an invite - so that we can all get on there and experiment with this technology. Please add the entire team so that we can converse on there as well – and learn while we are at it. Thanks guys!

  20. hello~

    I didin' t hear about the deadline. please let me know what exactly we have to do. I think we could research the specific traits of 'play talk' and 'me2day'

    1. Unknown User (rjprocto)

      I am happy to see that you are excited about working on the project. Unfortunately information about playtalk and me2day will not be beneficial because they are not the applications that have been assigned to us.

      As for the deadlines, I sent out an email with deadlines last week. It's alright - we have enough information. I am simply filtering through all of the information right now. Once I finish that up this weekend, I will have half of the wiki chapter completed and the other half is going to be sent to a team member here to complete.

      I sent out another email to everyone today talking bout what we did in class today and what we decided to do. I included some information specifically to the international students - to see if it was posible if you could do certain tasks once the wiki chapter is written.

      Thanks for getting onto confluence and thanks for all your work (smile) We appreciate you guys very much and want you to fee like a valuable part of our team!

  21. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Ok guys - all of the research is now organized into neat little pages with generalized outlines of what needs to be written. This gives all of us a general idea of what is going to be written. The deadline for this is Wednesday.

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    I organized the pages in such a way that I wrote Completed in Green pages that are ready to go and be edited. Please look over the green pages Nick and Adam. Pages in red dictate who should be writing these pages. Please, once you finish writing your page, change the status line to green like mine so that they can be edited.

    Once you edit a page - please leave a comment showing that you did so. Once both editors have run through the page, the status will be removed.



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      Thank you very much, Rachel!

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    hi everyone sorry its taken me so long to get rolling on this, I working on the lesson plan as we speak and am ready to edit anything that is needed my only question is are we adding more to our chapter, do we need more information? and I believe after reading over all of the chapter is seems to be pretty well in place.

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      Great to see you on here Adam!

      I'm not sure we need any more information. We do have one of the smallest teams -- and newby said today in class ours was hard and we needed to focus...

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    Adam: apparently lesson plan should be a word doc...not a page

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    Hello Twitter Group!

    Im in the Google Docs group and came across this article when researching Google Docs in Elementary Education. Twitter was mentioned within the article and I thought it might be useful to you (although you guys look ahead of the game -- great work!)

  28. Unknown User (atbrockm)

    the chapter looks great i believe that all of our editing is finished.

  29. we're very sorry because of late response. we're trying to design web page but you've changed web page. Is this the final webpage? can we add some extra information?

  30. Unknown User (rjprocto)


    I spoke with my teacher, because I wanted to include you but had not sure how to do so, since our deadlines have passed. I was under the impression that we had to have our entire chapter done this past week. She said that we can make an exception for the international partners in this area. 

    We have finished up what we thought was a complete page. However, if you could add a page about how twitter is used in asia - and how it relates to life there - that would be nice.

    We would, as always, still love to see you at the showcase - so that we can use twitter with you in korea while we are showing the project to people here for our final project. This would be a valuable contribution and would show how twitter can be used in an international way.

    1. Twitter services Japanese.

      So it seems that many young Japanese use it.

      We want to research about that.

      Could we add a child page and post our research?

      Sorry that we didn't know that due date was last week.

      We'll hurry this time.

  31. Thanks Rachel~ we will post our assignmet on this page ASAP

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    Yeah add anything you need to

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    (as long as it applies to twitter)

    1. Unknown User (li149)

      Rachel, I just found a way to hyperlink the superscript to the references (Like what group 5 did). I will let you know in lab on Friday, or if you are available Wed. afternoon or Thu. afternoon, you can come to 3288. I will show you. It needs to play with the codes.

  34. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Any extra information that is provided by our international partners needs to be posted by Friday at the lastest, please.

    1. We will do ASAP.

      We're very sorry, and make all our effort to make it.

      We found data that needed to post the page about how twitter is used in asia, and there is English composition left.

      And, We're sorry again.

  35. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    It's alright. Just post it to your child page and then once you are done -- let me know. I will assume you are done by Friday night if I don't hear back.

    On Saturday morning I will add anything that you have contributed to the final page here that I am working on.

    Thanks for all your work!

  36. Unknown User (rjprocto)

    Wow guys thats great information!!! Are you still working on it or is it all done?

    1. It's almost done. because articles about twitter Japan are almost same and short.

      But if we find more information, we'll add it and let you know.

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    Ok - great - thank you

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    Sensen, I guess I caught you on here at the same time making changes (smile)

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    I have added the page for team member credit - please check to make sure your credits and names are spelled correctly.

    International Partners: I have made a banner across the page that link our colleges together. Is this your correct logo?


    These are our logo.
    First one is written in Korean.
    Two of them are official, so you can choose one. 


    1. Unknown User (rjprocto)

      Would you like me to change the one that I used then?

  43. Unknown User (eskoniec)

    Twitter seems very easy to use after becoming acquainted with it.   I have come up with a few ways that teachers and students could use Twitter.  The site could be used as a homework help network to connect students, parents, and teachers, and reminders about homework, class trips, or materials needed for class could be posted.  Students could also connect with group members through Twitter if a collaborative project is assigned.  Twitter puts a 140 character limit on posts.  While this may be adequate in some circumstances, I believe that it would be very difficult to communicate effectively within this limit in most cases.  Also, as for the communication between teachers, students, and parents, Twitter will only be beneficial if all three groups check their site on an extremely regular basis.

    I would give Twitter 3/5 stars, because it has some educational value, but there are better options out there.

  44. Unknown User (hjaworsk)

    Twitter is a very useful app depending on the situation. I wouldn’t exactly find it necessary in a school related setting, but in order to get important information out more quickly it is very useful. Straightening everything on the sire out might make it a bit more presentable.

    Twitter is a good idea in the sense that you can share important information. It can be detrimental to certain businesses to get information out there. It is also a great means of communication and collaboration. The whole page seems a bit compressed to me though, maybe giving things some space will make it look a bit cleaner and more presentable that way future readers can have an easier time viewing the information on the page.

  45. Unknown User (lopez37)

    The teachers section of the twitter wiki is interesting. I do not believe that enough information is given regarding the actual uses of twitter in education. I felt that the examples given were very vague and left me with a lot of questions. Many general ideas were given, but uses or steps to meet these ideas were missing. Even the specific examples listed seemed to be a stretch. I did not see, from reading this article, how twitter could be an asset to a lesson. Also, I feel like more information could have been added as to how to use twitter. I, myself, have a twitter, and I noticed that the “how to use twitter” section was very basic.