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This page contains information on unique ways to utilize TeacherTube.

Questions to be addressed:

-What are some unique ways of using TeacherTube?

A concept that has the potential to be overlooked regarding TeacherTube is that not all videos must specifically be geared toward an academic, educations, K-12 or university-type purpose. TeacherTube is available to all types of educational videos, not strictly those referencing the most common school subjects. 

TeacherTube can be used to learn a new hobby.

-A person may be able to utilize TeacherTube to learn how to do something rather than understand a specific school subject.

Here are some examples:

"Crochet for Beginners"

This video walks the viewer through the first steps of creating different crochet stitches. This is an excellent example of how TeacherTube can be used to help users learn new hobbies or accomplish new goals. In the past a person would have had to read a book on the different crochet stitches, however some may learn better from watching a video about it.

"Using Layers in Photoshop"

This video is both a lecture and a tutorial on how to use layers in photoshop. This could be a very valuable resource for any student, teacher, parent, or corporate executive that is interested in how to make the most out of his or her pictures. 

TeacherTube can offer a way to present demonstrations to a class without having to set-up, tear-down, clean-up, fund, or troubleshoot potential problems.

"Bed of Nails"

This video is dealing with a bed of nails that has the potential to be very dangerous if people do not know how to handle it correctly. This video could be used to teach a class about why the bed of nails does  not actually hurt the teacher and the concept of weight distribution. Additionally, students can get a similar experience by actually being able to see the demonstration, but the teacher does not necessarily have to invest in the creation of a bed of nails nor worry about the danger or potential liability by presenting the material in the form of this video. 

TeacherTube can offer some social commentary, suggestions, and ideas for teachers and parents

"Pay Attention" 

This video is a powerful commentary on the nature of learners in today's society. How are students learning in such a technology-rich environment? What are teachers doing to help facilitate learning and prepare students for working with and utilizing today's technology as well as developing the confidence to learn the technology of the future? This video hopes to help elucidate some of these questions in a dramatic presentation. The video gives many examples of how technology today should be embraced and not discouraged in today's students and how teachers may go about implementing those changes. 

What if you have to work the night of your childs play??...No Problem.

"School Chior"

Parents want to be able to see every play, all the games, and help in class when activities are going on but they can't always be there. With TeacherTube they won't have to miss out on these events any more. Many schools shoot video of large assemblys and school presentations. If the teachers post the videos on TeacherTube you won't have to worry about not seeing your son/daughter perform their solo in the chior. When you get home from work, you can go to TeacherTube and watch their performance and be just as proud as if you were there.

Plus, there isn't a parent around that does not want to share things like that with other friends and family. Imagine Grandma, who is 1,000 miles away, being able to see their grandchild walking across the stage and graduate. Or a parent who is overseas in the military that won't have to miss out on the game winning basket at the last second.

"Did you Know? 2.0"

This video is very similar to the video above, and though it offers some of the same information as the video above it also offers some distinctly different information. These videos can be used in educational staff meetings to really help teachers see where technology is taking their students. They can serve as good discussion starters on how teams of teachers can help harness technology to help facilitate and expand learning in the "traditional" sense. 

"Foreign language" - Korean

TeacherTube is website having power to global access. Foreigners can log into this site and teach their language with their original sound. I think "Foreign language" is good content for TeacherTube.

Garyd777's lesson:

-What might a person need to utilize TeacherTube in these ways?

Users just need a computer and internet connection to view the videos that are present in the TeacherTube site. A user might need cameras, speakers, microphones, and other video equipment if he or she would like to make a video. However many videos can actually be made and uploaded directly on the computer, so video equipment is not necessary for all videos. All users will need to register on the site if they would like to be able to upload their own videos to the site. 

-How easily can these different ways be utilized by the user?

Viewing videos on TeacherTube is extremely easy! No registration is needed, and users simply search for the topic they are looking for and choose videos from the search results. Uploading videos is also a relatively easy process. The actual creation of the video to be uploaded can be as simple or as difficult as the user is comfortable working.

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  1. Unknown User (arobbins)

    This is kind of a "brainstorm" page, so have fun with it! If you run across really unique videos we can discuss their purpose and their advantages in this page. Brainstorm away!


    This video is about Diabetes, blood sugar levels and excercise made by WCHS HSTA students.

    Although this is an informal video, I think this could be presented before learning about diseases in Science class such as Life.

    Also, if the teacher wants to just warn about the student's eating habits it can also be used.

    If there is any incorrect uses in my English, please correct it for me!(smile)

  3. Unknown User (arobbins)

    Hi Sangmi,

    You're English is really good! I had problems making the video run all the way to the end. Did you have that problem at all? The video just tops on my computer at about 1 minute and 20 seconds or so. Did you have that problem at all? If it's not working that well maybe we can find another video that's very similar to that one that would run all the way, but it is possible it might just be my computer. What do you think? Team, do you have any problems with the video, or is it just me?

    1. When I found the video, It had no problem but now i tried to run the video and I think there's some problem with the video(sad)

  4. hey i didnt have any problems watchin the video. I dont know what is going on but for some reason it worked for me.

  5. Unknown User (dweathin)

    I thought of some of the things that parents have to miss out on because of working and posted this. I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured that this would be just as good a place as any. If any of you think it would work better someplace else, feel free to move it around. I have been trying to make a point to post or comment everyday somewhere.

  6. "Foreign language" - Korean

    : TeacherTube is web site having power to global access. So foreigners can log in this site and teach their language with their original sound. I think "Foreign language" is good content for TeacherTube.

    Garyd777's lesson:

    Um.. I saw a lesson about Korean language at TeacherTube. In the video, a teacher educates Hangeul. But his pronunciation is foreign for me. So I decide to upload same contents with original Korean's pronunciation.  Ha..Ha....;;;;;;
    My lesson:

    And the contents, "Korean Language at First Meeting", is what I want to say you. You can see 'Hi Purdue' in this video. (smile)

    Ah... After I uploaded it, I'm very shameful because of my terrible English pronunciation...... Please think it just funny challenge. ^^:;

  7. Unknown User (cparton)

    Hi guys,

     My name is Chea and I'm in the Thinkfree group and I just wanted to say that you guys are really on the ball and I'm blown away by the research and participation done by all of the group members. All of the research is really thorough and you guys have some really brilliant thoughts and ideas about the usage of this Web 2.0 technology in the realm of teaching, both in the class room and out. Great Job! I'm impressed!

  8. Hey team,

    I think this page is looking great and I'm going to sign off on it!!!!! Let keep up the GREAT WORK (thumbs up)