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RTM is for Everyone.

Remember The Milk is a pretty simple and straightforward application and is for everyone.  The fact that it was started in Australia and has team members on 3 different continents helps reinforce this statement. [2] It is being used around the world already and has been since it was launched.

So how can it uniquely be used?  Well since it can be used for anyone and everyone, it is unique in and of itself.  Everyone has their unique to-do lists, appointments, and other personal things to keep track of.  But here are some of our ideas on how RTM can be used to make your life/job/school a little easier.

Personal Use.

Use RTM for all your personal needs and tasks.  Change the language to fit your needs once you get an account. 

Collaborative Use.

Share tasks with others that you put on your contact list.

International Use.

Although we do not have any international students on our team, RTM has international people working on theirs.  RTM is a company based out of Australia and has team members from 3 different continents. [2] Therefore, RTM is very beneficial internationally. Around the world RTM can be used for personal needs and tasks, sharing tasks with others that add to your contact list, organization for any job or class, reminders, meetings, and even birthdays! It is a great way to use technology to keep yourself up-to-date and organized. AND it is easier to access than a regular datebook or organizer. Change the language to meet your needs. Go to settings on your account and the language option is under the general tab.


Maybe you are the business manager of a company. You need to keep yourself as organized as possible so that you can be a straightforward leader to your employees.  If you are scatterbrained no one is going to take you seriously.  So get an account on RTM and organize your work life so that you can be the best leader you can.  Set reminders for meetings, work shifts, and for important employee requests.  Make your workplace better by having a better relationship with your employees.  This can happen if you remember everything you need to get done for the employees AND the company.

So now that you are organized and can be a good boss,  how do you encourage your team to be the best they can be as well?  Get them organized!  Get everyone signed up to RTM and share tasks and due dates with each other.  No more dreadful memos that might get lost and no excuses for late TPS reports.  In addition for having team tasks, each employee can add additional tasks that might also pertain to work or other personal tasks.  Overall, your team will be better organized and have better time management skills, which leads to more efficient workers!


  • Reminders
  • Project due dates
  • Meetings
  • Progress updates


Whether you are a mom, dad, or teenager, RTM can be of use to you.  Most of the family is becoming more technically advanced, so put your family tasks on the computer!   By having an RTM account, the family can stay connected to one another and keep track of what other family members are doing. Forgot to tell Mom about your soccer game?  With RTM you could have sent her a reminder while she was at work.  Share grocery items, appointments, and chores with the entire family or just a few members.  Make goals for around the house such as home improvement projects, winterization prioritites, or things to be fixed.  Make a list of bills that need paid, things to take on vacations, or Christmas Wish Lists.  The list is endless!   


  • Appointments
  • Shopping Lists
  • Hobbies
  • Birthdays



Students and parents of students know that school can get crazy!  To make sure that you are in the know, get a free account to RTM and share your tasks with each other.  Share homework due dates, baseball practice times, games, band concerts, field trips, and club meetings.  With easy updating and sharing, parents can easily and quickly be informed of their student's schedule. No more getting left at school after practice, or being late to that meeting.

A teacher?  We have a page dedicated to the uses of RTM in educational settings.


  • Band/choir concerts
  • Sports events/practices
  • Club meetings
  • Dances
  • Field trips
  • Homework
  • Tests/quizzes
  • Dates to pack lunch
  • PTA Meetings

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  1. Unknown User (jfoegley)

    We need to make notice that remember the milk can be useful for many different people. Possibly a business manager who has multiple tasks to be reminded of within the workplace. It could also be helpful to a stay at home mother who needs to remember her childrens schedules with school, activities, etc. Or, like we have discussed some,using the site within education. A teacher has many jobs to take complete throughout a school week with lesson plans, grading, class activities, etc. This site can reach so many demographics and is helpful in more ways than one. Our group must show its versatility.

    1. Unknown User (jallison)

      A manager could set up a sharing account with his employees so he could remind them of events or task that need to be done by certain times.  By using this account service the boss and his employees could be more productive in the work place, because all they would have to do is long in and see exactly what needs to be done and by what time and date.   

      Link to questions about sharing and publishing:\\

      This website discusses how RTM could be benificial when working as a team-

  2. Unknown User (jfoegley)

    also...the site is making a big deal about using an iphone to access remember the many people have them now we should show information on how to organize their to do's and such through the phone

  3. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    Unique ways of using it are that it's not just made for one thing like school, you can make personal tasks, jobs, schedules,if you have games, or appointments,grocery lists.  And then you can add all these things to other applications and use this information on them.  you can also use it offline.  So it's a lot more than just using it to make to do lists.

  4. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    using it on iPhone

  5. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    keyboard short cuts in places

  6. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    You can use the map to show you where you  are going and what you need to pick up or get. 

  7. Unknown User (huang101)

    Could you please try to use pictures to explain your examples?