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  • Unique Ways to Use Google Notebook
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Unique Ways to Use Google Notebook 

  • There are several different ways to use Google Notebook besides just the general use of saving information from the internet into a notebook. You can publish all of your notes on to a website so that your notes and research can be seen by others. This is very useful for a teacher or students doing a group project because they can put up all their notes and give others the website to access it. You can also add email addresses from your Gmail account to your notebook, so that those contacts you added can view and edit your notebook. This is an awesome feature for those who need to collaborate together on a project because they can edit each other's work just by having internet access. This makes it much easier for students and colleagues to work together on projects. Another way to use Notebook differently is to be able to make a shopping list in a notebook, and then when you are at the store you can get it on your phone. Google Notebook has a search engine inside of it, so when you have done lots of research you can type in keywords and pull up your information containing that information.


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  1. Unknown User (wrightjr)

    I am the one making lesson plans, and I think your ideas will help me with my revisions to the lesson plans because I can have them post their information onto the internet and make it more group oriented rather than single student orientated.

  2. Unknown User (cthofer)

    I also found out you can access your Google notebooks from your mobile phone.

    This is the site that you would go to to get this function