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Unique Ways to Use the Application:

Picasa Photo Sofware features:

  • Organize- Photos in Picasa are automatically arranged by date.
  • Sort Photos- Easily drag and drop images from one folder to another.
  • Photo Fix- Crop, fix red eye, adjust the contrast and color, to enhance your digital images.
  • Visual Effects- 12 special effects make it easy to give your photos a different look. For example, try your pictures in sepia, black and white or increase the photo saturation with handy slider controls.
  • Rotate and Zoom In- Zoom in and improve composition on loose shots, Plus, straighten tilted pictures.
  • Photo Captions- Your photos descriptions are stored using the IPTC Standard, so captions stay right with your photo when you use it on the web and when burning to a CD or DVD etc...
  • Change Photo File Names- Change a picture's filename from 234567b.jpg to yosemite_falls.jpg? With Picasa software, you can re-name one picture or a group of pictures.
  • Create Photo Albums- Your pictures are grouped by keyword tags to form albums that you can share online with others or even show as slide shows and movies. Put a photo in as many albums as you want because Picasa creates only a new "occurrence" of each photo you tag without taking up more space on your computer.
  • Ratings- Picasa incorporates a 5 Star rating system so that you can mark your favorite images, which helps you locate your best pictures fast.
  • Photo EXIF Display- This window shows you the camera data that is stored in a picture's original file. All information including camera model, date the photo was taken, even if a flash was used is displayed.
  • Easy Photo Backup- Picasa keeps track of which photos are backed up to CD or DVD and which ones haven't, so you can stay on top of your photo archive just in case. Click on the "Export" button and move images to an external storage device or memory card.
  • Password Protected- Add password access to any of your Picassa photo collections.

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Picasa Photo Sharing

Now it's easy to put your pictures on the web. Just pick the photos you want to share and click to publish them. Create cool photo slide shows.

  • Publish Photos on Blogger- Easy upload to blogger blogs with the convenient "BlogThis" button.
  • email Pictures- No more frustrating guessing. Picasa automatically resizes and attaches pictures to email messages at sizes your friends will be able to open. Works with most email programs, including Google's Gmail.
  • Online Photo Printing- Order prints online from your favorite printing service. Upload images directly to photo finishers and order prints, enlargements and photo gifts.
  • Home Printing- Picasa saves you expensive printing paper by automatically resizing your digital photography for perfect printing every time.
  • Get Creative- Make your own posters, collages, computer desktop picture or add several favorites into your screensaver rotation. Better yet turn your photos into a movie! Pick the shots, then adjust the delay time, dimensions, and video compression settings. Picasa will produce a movie, with title graphics and everything. Play it and share it.
  • TiVo Compatible- Show your pictures on your television. Picasa's automatic photo organizer exports your pictures to any TiVo Series2 DVR connected to a home network.

Photo Editing:

 Picasa can also be used to edit photos. Text can be added, red eye can be removed, photos can be cropped, effects can be added, and many other aspects of a picture can be edited or added. There is even a way to adjust the tint and contrast in pictures. This would be useful if a picture is too dark, or colorless. Once one edits the photo they can save the photo with a different name. One unique thing that can then be done with the edited photo is that it can be added to a movie. Not only can the edited photo be added to a movie, but it can also be added into a photo collage. In this collage one can maneuver the picture by rotating it and even dragging the pictures into the position they like.        




There are many fun and different ways to use Picasa; one way to use this application is to create a movie. A movie can be created from an album, your favorite pictures, or from adding individual pictures from all different albums. The movie maker allows for one to create their own title, while choosing the style, color, and size of the font. The movie maker also allows one to choose the duration of each picture and the order the pictures appear throughout the movie. As the movie moves from picture to picture one can choose the different transition

Creating a Screen Saver:

Another way one can use Picasa is to create a screensaver.  Multiple pictures can be added into the screensaver, which can be used on any computer.


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