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EduBlogs are a great way to let students and parents know what is going on in the classroom. As a teacher, you can put a calendar on the site to let students know upcoming events and due dates.  You can create a 'freespace' to allow students to comment on class discussions, and to also reply to what their classmates have posted. As a teacher using this, you can also put up tips for assignments, such as what you want for the assignment and specific topics.  There are many different ways to integrate EduBlogs into your classroom. Here are a few suggestions:

Using EduBlogs in the Classroom:

Post Materials and Resources

Upload materials or copy and paste them and they will be instantly available for your students to access anywhere. You can also use the site to inform students and parents of important upcoming events and due dates.

Host Online Discussions

Students can talk to each other and respond to other's posts that you put up on the discussion board. You can also encourage your students to communicate with students from other countries. In doing this, you will be encouraging your students to expand their world.  

Create a Class Publication

EduBlogs are easier than class newspapers, and you can have students working as authors and editors in your online publication.

Get Students to Blog

You can use EduBlog as a central hub that allows students to easily access their classmate's blogs.

Share Lesson Plans

Using this to share lesson plans with other teachers is a great way to get feedback, and a good way to develop further as a teacher. Also, you will be able to view other lesson plans and adapt them to your students.

Get Feedback

Use EduBlog as a way for your students and parents to leave anonymous comments about different issues going on in the classroom.

Create a functioning Website

Create a website that is much more than just a blog and bend EduBlog to suit your needs as a teacher and for your class.

Here is an example of how a High School English Class using EduBlog:


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