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 Page edited by: Eun Jung Hyung, Yeon Soo Park, Minhee Kim, Nicolette Howard, and Brittany Robertson

Use in Korea

Why is Voo2do the best task manager in Korea?

 Voo2do is the best fit for getting things done (GTD).


Disadvantages of other task managers used in Korea:

  1. Trac - To view the projects in progress, you must click on them.
  2. Remember the Milk- already see a work history that can not be erased except those shortcomings are due. 

This article is taken from a computer program designer's blog. #1

Koreans do not use Voo2do for a "GTD". But one Korean thinks Voo2do seems to be the most appropriate program. #2

  • A Korean man blogged about a method created by David Allen, called GTD (Getting Things Done).  His method looks like it suits the specific purpose Voo2Do was created for.  
  • With Voo2Do you can:

           - create projects, projects plans (tasks)

           - can decide what action to take

                        a) do it

                        b) prioritize your tasks

                        c) assign the task to someone else

                        d) set deadlines

                        e) time your tasks

Watch the video that was created by our Korean International Partners, Eun Jung Hyung, Yeon Soo Park, and Minhee Kim. The video is an interview with their professor in Korea about the international use of Voo2Do. 

While Voo2do is not widely used in Korea, there are many similar programs that Koreans prefer:

1. Franklin Covey planner

  • Unlike Voo2Do, the Franklin Covey planner #3  has spread internationally and is used in Korea because of its adaptability to foreign countries.
  • There is a cost to purchase a Franklin Covey Planner. #3  This money has allowed the company to expand and put money towards adapting their product for international users. Voo2do is an absolutely free application. 
  • Since Voo2Do is free, there are only so many changes that Shimon Rura (creator of Voo2do) can make to the program. 


2. Google Calendar #5

Google Calendar is a free Web-based mail account. With Google Calendar, you can share your calendar with friends and even retrieve their schedules. Another benefit of using Google Calendar is that Microsoft (MS) Outlook can search the information. 

3. Yahoo! Calendar #6

 The Yahoo! Calendar is similar to Google Calendar or other online calendars. A nice feature of Yahoo! Calendar is that you can choose which events you would like to be public and which you would like to keep private.  

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  1. Unknown User (brrobert)

    Thank you for contributing so much information!!.... I am a little confused, though.  What is a GTD?  Can anyone help me understand this a little bit more?

  2. Unknown User (ndhoward)

    Hi! I am doing the research for the wiki, and needed some information from the websites/sources since I can not read Korean.

    If you could please give me the following information off the website: the author's name, date the article was published, the title of the web page, the title of the entire website, and the date you accessed the website.

    All this could be found on the website. I really need this information BY THURSDAY EVENING!!!!! Thanks so much and e-mail me at if you have any questions. Thanks!!!

  3. Unknown User (brrobert)

    Thanks, Nicolette!!! I was so happy to see that this was done! (thumbs up) Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

  4. Brittany Rachelle Robertson!!
    Korea professor are going to talk us voo2do next Wednesday (November 26 ) . (we will make a video about professor's comments)
     Because of this, We can upload the video on Thursday next week. (November 27) 
    is it  all right? (star)
    Sorry about  putting off the date!

    1. Unknown User (brrobert)

      Hi Eun Jung,

      Thursday is good.  We can not push the date back any farther than that, though.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this project! We can't wait to see the video you make! (big grin)

  5. After an interview with the professor has put the necessary information. Video editing the interview, which will raise as soon as possible. 'll Apologize for the late points.

  6. Video subtitle  translation

    Professor Chulwoo Park

    Research Associate, Seoul National University

    Q. Have you ever been heard voo2do?

    A. You can not do not. I've heard.

    Q. What program?

    A: This program is calendar management program, and it has Web 2.0 features to manage individual software.

    Q. is voo2do well used in Korea?

    A. The answer is No, in the world today there are three main online calendar management program. Writing for the online Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, you can use Hotmail account when you go through the MS Office Live there is a calendar. The system is the possible implementation in web2.0. The outlook on corporate management program is scheduled to write a lot. The offline program, not just to companies if the server is available for public use in the enterprise. As a single purpose, but a lot of people can use on the server because voo2do or more tasks are also available. Well, because so many programs do not seem to be using a lot of voo2do. Get a lot of feet Migration in voo2do integration and the kore, web2.0 open API program, well-oriented implementation of the Web 20 is ten.

    But I can not guarantee that this will always be used. This may become a site because you do not have limitations.

    Q. If you take advantage in terms of the educational technology voo2do what can be done?

    A. Using the time table, the purpose of a job with limited resources and time to share the team can not be used as a writing project management. Can i use, but it can be used to be a long time to wonder about this kid. Alternatives to write software programs, so there's no reason why voo2do. For example, a program that is a lot of work these days, because the PDA. There are many programs to be replaced. By default, many systems have this outlook, because a lot of companies use the outlook.

    Q. So what voo2do to cross the threshold and improve it?

    A. I think persistence, a lot of developers do not use because of lack of reliability. Used as a personal event promises to put the fun geoteuron available, but because of the history and will open the system, because if you hit itkeugetjyo the business purpose other than to use the many limitations that can be difficult sport.

    The need to resolve it hanmyeo popularity, other programs will be ttuleoya weakness (I do not see Google or Yahoo), I guess, but individual great charm, hard work is the fall.

    sorry i will uproad the movie with subtitle tomorrow again!!!!!

  7. If you click on this web address,

    you can view video file.

    Sorry we are late. Thank you.

  8. Did you see video file, yesterday?

    We uproad the video file with subtitle, tomorrow.  

    If you click on this web address,

    you can see the video file with subtitle. (smile)

    1. Unknown User (brrobert)

      Thank you! I received the file..I will add the link to your video on our website.(thumbs up)