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  • Uses of RTM in Educational Settings
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RTM for Teachers.

As a teacher, there is a lot to keep track of.  Use RTM to get the most organized that you have ever been.  Set due dates to make lesson plans, or better yet, put your daily hour by hour lessons on your RTM account. You won't need to carry around your planner anymore, just access it online!  Keep your lessons on a separate list from board meetings, needed materials, and papers to grade.

Lesson Plans.


In the higher grades of elementary school, many students need to begin learning how to get organized.  Most teachers require students to use assignment notebooks.  In the new digital era, teachers can introduce students to RTM.  Not only could students fit more onto this website, they wouldn't have to decipher their messy handwriting because it is all typed!  Begin by allowing all students to get a RTM account and show the simple features first.  Add tasks, and organize them into different lists.  As the students get the hang of it, introduce reminders, prioritizing, and tagging.  

Elementary Lesson Plan.pdf


In middle and high schools, RTM can be even more beneficial.  Once students get an account, add them to your contact list and then add those student contacts into a group.  From there you can send your students tasks from your personal RTM account to theirs.  This can make it easy to either assign homework and due dates or send reminders.  So not only can you use RTM to keep organized, so can your students. RTM might appeal better to technologically advanced students rather than an ordinary notebook or planner. RTM can be used to help students with their personal organization skills, but teachers should be aware of some of the applications such as text messaging or instant messaging since these applications aren't allowed in most schools.

Secondary Lesson Plan.pdf

Post Secondary.

Once students reach college, most have access to a computer daily and even own laptops.  An online task organizer is much more appealing to today's digital natives, than the old school notebook planner.  So introduce RTM to your students!  Although there are many applications for instructors to use to assign homework, RTM can make it more beneficial to instructors AND students.  Instructors could basically have a schedule of their class on RTM and send out the tasks and homework assignments to the students.  Every class can be organized in the same application instead of professors and instructors using different ones.  As an instructor, you can use RTM just as much as your students.  After putting it to use for all your organizational needs, you can easily help students use it as well, if they need it.

Post Secondary Lesson Plan.pdf

Work Place Application.

Not only can RTM be of use for student in the classroom, it can also be used within the staff of the school and school corporation. RTM would allow the principal to communicate dates and times of meetings easily to the staff of the school.  Conveniently this information comes up with the rest of your to-do lists. Check out the link below to see an idea of how to incorporate RTM into your school.

Business Lesson Plan.pdf

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  1. Unknown User (millerla)

    It could be used to keep the teacher organized and also to keep students organized.  It may appeal better to today's technologically advanced students than a notebook planner.

  2. Unknown User (millerla)

    It also could be used to teach students personal organizational skills just beware of some of the applications ie text messaging, instant messaging as reminders, b/c these may not be allowed in your school.

  3. Unknown User (atowsley)

    Remember the Milk can be a huge benefit to students because they will know immediately when an assignment is due.  It will also be harder for them to forget about, and therefore the students are likely to turn more assignments in.

  4. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    Remember the milk would work for education in just being organized and prioritizing all of the tasks you may have during the week.  I believe it would also be a huge benifit when you have a big group collaborative project.  you can let eachother know what tasks you are working on and its a good way to keep in touch and update your group members.

  5. Unknown User (jdisne00)

    with teachers using this I think it might work with like giving students a little reminder of what might be do in the following days, and they could also possibly assign homework through it.

  6. Unknown User (jdisne00)


    The students will be split up into groups of four.  They will all be responsible for knowing the four different lobes and there functions.  For the groups each one will get 2 different brain areas and know their function.  The will be expected to use  At the end they will be expected to pass a test over these areas at 80% efficiency.

    Learning Environment

    The students will be learning in a college classroom.  They will be put into groups of 4 and have 2 different brain areas to cover.  They will receive which 2 areas they will cover on  There they will be expected to add each group member and then they will be expected to post what tasks need to be done first and send messages to each other letting each partner know what they have completed.   It is a one day a week class.

    Description of Students

    The students are in their first year of college.  They should be between the age of 18-20, and this is an entry level anatomy class.




    • Computer
    • Notes on the brain
    • Different pictures of the brain with groups parts labeled


    1.)    Prior to the lesson the teacher will need to get pictures of the brain
    2.)    To begin the lesson the teacher will split the class into groups of 4.
    3.)    The teacher will then assign each group 2 different brain areas that they will need to cover and then tell them that they will also have to cover the four different lobes and their functions.
    4.)    The teacher will post a message to each group, their areas they need to cover and how much they will have to cover by using
    5.)    The students will then be expected to use to keep in touch with each other and post their tasks and priorities.  They will be expected to keep in touch with each other through to let each other know what is done.


    Each group when done with their part of the project will put together a presentation to present to the class.  They will be expected to put together pictures and use the information they discussed using to put this presentation together.


    After each group has presented their part of the project the students will be given an exam.  The students will be expected to pass this test with 80% efficiency.  The teacher will post the requirements and things to study for the exam on  There will be a total of 30 questions on the exam.  The exam will consist of multiple choice and labeling different areas of the brain.