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Skype Used Internationally

     "It's a small world after all..." A commonly known song is brought to focus as Skype connects nations and eliminates certain distance boundaries.  Skype can effortlessly and FREELY connect a citizen of one country to a citizen of another and they both can hold a conversation as if they were right next to each other.  It surpasses using the telephone because it is free and there is the possiblity of using a webcam to include nonverbal communications including facial expressions and body language.  What does this mean?  So many things can be made possible through this type of free international communication.  It can go beyond conversation and expand to business meetings, interviews, public or private services and much much more. 


Alliance for International Women's Rights

Lisa Herb, the founder of the Alliance for International Women's Rights, has found a creative way to use Skype. After spending some time in Central Asia, she formulated a plan that would allow women of this region to learn English to improve their lives. Through the Armchair Development Program, Central Asain women work with ESL instructors via Skype. Lisa Herb said this of the women, "They need to speak English to reach out to the international community for funding, for research, for information about what women in other countries are doing about similar problems, for example domestic violence, what legislation exists in other countries. All of that is done in English."


Long Distance & International Psycotherapy 

A man by the name of Jason Phelps from Montreal offers his services as a Psychotherapist internationally by using Skype.  On his website he encourages the downloading of Skype as a free method of communication.  He has a link on his website that allows owners of Skype to instantly contact him.  It is amazing what can be accomplished with technology.  As a result of the convenience provided by Skype he has expanded his possible clietele list and can more widely distribute his services.  It can be inferred from this that other businesses can be expected to use technologies such as Skype to further their business progression.  


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