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*This page provides a general outline to assist in the organization of research topics related to your assigned Web 2.0 Application.

Web 2.0 Formatting Examples:

1) Plurk

2) Facebook Chat

I. History

-Questions to consider: How was the application developed? How does the application work? Are there any ways to use this application alongside others?

Searching through I found the 'history' page and discovered the this app. was developed and is maintained by Victor Espigares (haha sounds like asparagus).  The site was released in 2007, so it's still pretty new to the world.  This is why we have to do this project so we can make it more popular. -Luke Long

Here's a review page concerning our project application   This is an explanatory site that is helpful for understanding a little bit of background for!  So it’s basically just a review site, but it was insightful for me anyways.   The first portion describes the cool features of the application of how you can bookmark pics and stuff.  The application itself, based on this review, looks very easy to use and fun for people who are into this sort of thing. -Luke Long

 Catie- This website allows a person to post a image that they want to remember or share with other people on the web.  Also, they can create a collection of photos from the web.

Kyle- Here is some background information on the creator, Victor Espigares. This article is an interview with the creator:

Kyle- This is another site that has some extra background information about him:

Kyle- I found a youtube video on how to post a picture on the the website:

II. How "Application Title" Relates to other Applications

-Questions to consider: How does this application compare to the competitors? What are some unique uses of this specific application?

I found a lengthy YouTube video clip that throroughly explains this app. really well.  check it out; it answered a lot of questions that I had.  -Luke Long

Katrina-This website shows how the application is now being put on twitter. It is allowing people to not only post updates or status's, but now pictures as well. It has already began and people have signed up for it. It is becoming a huge hit on twitter and people like this application.

Katrina-This website announced that the visualizeus extension is now compatible with Firefox 3.5 They explained how there were new changes as a result of this new version. They added support for frames, better support for Tumblur and Google Reader, and it is now faster because of the way the extension was loaded this time. Everyone seems happy that is is now compatible with firefox.  

Bonnie-Vi.sualize can be used on facebook. With the App you can publish your bookmarked pictures on your facebook wall. The pictures can also be embed into your profile as a facebook badge. It is a great way to share pictures with family and friends. The following is the link for this application.

Bonnie- vi.sualize has a free App for your iphone. It allows you to search and view images from different web sites. It then allows you to rotate the images to different positions on the screen. With this App you can reblog the image and save them on your iphone "Saved Photos Album", which is great because you can then use them as a wallpaper for your iphone. The following is the link for the App. This is an article about how this site works and is also a comparison to another website similar to -Catie

III. Real World Application

-This section will include 3 Lesson Plans for each Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary levels. One out of the three needs to be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related. 

-An additional section under this heading will provide information about how this application can be used in a Business/Industry Setting.

Kyle- A major downfall to the application of this in the classroom it does contain explicit content and it is not well filtered at all. I think we all can see where this will have issues in the classroom. 

Bonnie-When I  have gone to the home page, I have found pictures of nudity, some are darkened with caution labels but others can be viewed. This could be a problem. The vi.sualize creators have indicated that there is no pornography allowed, but some of the pictures could be considered inappropriate for elementary students.

Katrina-This website explains how is helping teachers and students in the education world. They talk about how instead of having to google for an image, for either a lesson plan or powerpoint, they can just go to the application and choose from pictures that have already been uploaded.

Catie- People will be able to use this for any types of projects they might have to do, as a basis for a furture career, or for something to do in their spare time.  People can use this as inspiration for what they need the pictures for.

IV. Demonstration of Educational Value


V. How "Application Name" is used Internationally?

-Provide examples and/or information about how this application can be used in countries outside of the United States.


 Catie- Other countries can use this application to view how other places in the world look like, or to communicate to other people from other countries through images.

Bonnie-People from all over the world can post pictures on this site. By going to images tagged with International Style tags, you will find images with text making statements about the world. Some of the images are about world peace, world economy, and recycling. People from all over the world can make a statement with one image.

People who speak a language other than English can use an App with Vi.sualize called Up to Down. This will translate the tags and search to their language. This allows a speaker of another language to be able to search for his picture, and makes it easy to post their favorite picture.

VI. References


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