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Chapter written by: Dani Byers, Jared Gambrell, Tannin Lewis, Kaitlyn Lewis, Brittany Sheray, Kimberly Anton, Bridgette Yanos, Carissa Wyatt, and Katie McShane


Table of Contents


I.1 Development
I.2 "Getting Things Done" (GTD)
I.3 How Vitalist Works
I.4 Vitalist Features
I.5 Examples of How Vitalist Can Be Used
I.6 Vitalist Lingo


How Vitalist Relates to Other Applications
II.1 How to Join
II.2 Payment Options
II.3 Vitalist with Other Applications
II.4 How to Get Reminders from Vitalist
II.5 E-mailing New Actions to Vitalist
II.6 Comparisons to Competitors


Real World Application
III.1 Educational Lesson Plans
i. Elementary
ii. Secondary
iii. Post Secondary


Demonstration of Educational Value


How Vitalist is Used Internationally



I. History">I. History


Vitalist was developed in Spring 2006 by Matthew Berg and Robert Walker. They developed this program because of their strong passion for productivity managment. Although it only took a few months to create, the creators were inspired by other lesser technologies.Vitalist was created to bring "Getting Thing's Done" software online. "Getting Thing's Done" is David Allen's copyrighted methodology that is implemented throughout this application. The development of Vitalist makes it easier to keep track of and organize documents, spreadsheets, and to-do-lists all online so you can access these things from anywhere. You no longer have to keep track of all of these things by yourself. Now they can be all in one place to make life easier. 3

Getting Things Done (GTD)">Getting Things Done (GTD)

"Getting Things Done" or GTD is a personal management system created by David Allen. This system is meant to find solutions to the overwhelming stresses in our lives and organize them into simple tasks. GTD manages each day to day activity to make life easier to handle one step at a time. The GTD system, also, helps alleviate stress and helps increase performance in people's lives. Vitalist utilizes the GTD system and helps the user to create different lists to get the overwhelming thoughts running through their head into the GTD system. This system is a great tool to get organized, so that it is possible to get things done and enjoy life. 5

How Vitalist Works">How Vitalist Works

Watch this video for an introduction to Vitalist!

Vitalist is an application that helps the user be more organized and on track with their busy lives. It also allows people to keep set lists of tasks that they need to do, things they are waiting on, ideas of things they would like to do eventually, keep references of something they would like to remember, and for any fun facts that they would just like to remember. When using Vitalist, all of your information and lists can be found in one place. Now, you no longer have to find where you left your sticky note or what folder you placed a certain document in on your computer. With the use of technology Vitalist can be available wherever you are so you can keep track of important information and constantly be reminded of what you need to do so you will never forget.

Vitalist Features                                                                                                         ">Vitalist Features                                                                                                           

  • You can make a list of things you need to accomplish in one day or even just make a note of something you don't want to forget. You can jot down ideas or funny jokes you heard that you don't want to forget.
  • Notes, reminders, or lists can be synced to your phone
  • You can send notes and reminders to yourself via text message. It also allows you to add as many phone numbers as you want if you are sending out notes or reminders.
  • Vitalist can remind you about your tasks at a certain time, and which days you are reminded.
  • You are able to send reminders or notes through a  twitter account or through instant messenger.
  • If you do not have access to a computer or are unable to use your phone Vitalist does have the option of printing out items you need.
  • Able to store contacts information that is sent to you in an organized, easily accessible way.

Examples of How Vitalist Can Be Used                                                                       ">Examples of How Vitalist Can Be Used                                                                        

  • To remember personal tasks such as remembering to take out the garbage, to pick up milk at the store, to pick up the kids from practice, or even to remind you to call your mom.
  • To share tasks with others that are also using Vitalist. Great for group work or projects. It helps with clear communication and collaboration of work.
  • Keep notes for a class or business meetings.
  • This application can be used for businesses such as making reminders for important appointments or deadlines or just for personal use.

Vitalist Lingo                                                                                                               ">Vitalist Lingo                                                                                                                

The Lists

Vitalist does GTD for you so you do not have to change a thing. Your "Getting Things Done" are built-in. If you are not familiar with the GTD list types, here they are:

Inbox - The inbox is the main area of collection in Vitalist. It is the best place to quickly get things out of your head and into your productivity system without having to spend mental energy processing them. Also, any actions you send to Vitalist through email or Twitter will arrive in your Inbox.

Actions - The actions list is where you put everything that you are ready to get done. This is the list you will likely consult most when you are ready to get things done.

Waiting - The waiting list is where you will process all of your delegated actions to. If you are waiting on another person or company to either complete a task or allow you to complete it, put it here.

Someday - The someday list is for anything you want to do or have thought about doing, but are not quite ready to get to work on. It is best to put these items in the someday list so that they do not clutter your actions list.

Ticklers - Ticklers are like actions with a built-in reminder. If you have an action that you know you will not be able to accomplish until a certain date in the future, move it to the ticklers list and set the date. Then, on that future date you can either complete the action or move it to your actions list.

Reference - The reference list if for all non-actionable items. Mainly things you want to remember and have a quick reference of.

Projects, Contexts, and Contacts

Once you have your actions in their proper lists, you need to decide if they need other attributes to make them easier to manage and organize.

Projects - Projects are simply a grouping of actions which all work toward and single specific goal. In Vitalist and in GTD, projects are free-form and are not required. Some projects may only have a few actions, while others may have dozens.

Contexts - They are a way of unifying actions that are done in the same manner or location. They are typically given the @ prefix but this is not required. As an example, I would tag all of my actions that require reading or writing emails with the @email context. This way, when I sit down at the computer to go work on emails,I can bring up all my actions with the @email context and easily see what I have to do.

Contacts - Contacts in Vitalist give you a way to associate an action with another person or company. This is so you can keep track of who you are partnering with on tasks and who you have delegated tasks to.

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II. How Vitalist Relates to Other Applications">II. How Vitalist Relates to Other Applications

How to Join">How to Join

Vitalist is free to sign up for. More advanced versions of Vitalist are available and cost between $5-$10 dollars a month. It is quick and easy to join. Below are instructions to show you two easy steps to set up a Vitalist account.

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Payment Options">Payment Options

Along with the free version of Vitalist, the company also sells Basic and Premium versions of Vitalist. These upgraded versions provide the user with more storage space, more projects, more contexts, more contacts, more smart searches, and additional features. These additional features include: offline access, sharing, e-mail support, and SSL security. Each level provides different options that can be seen in the chart below.

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Vitalist with Other Applications">Vitalist with Other Applications

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Vitalist has many unique uses and can be used with many other applications. When using Vitalist, you do not always have to be around your computer. Vitalist has recently made their site an application for an iPhone. Although the iPhone is very popular, people continue to use it more on the computer than their phone. It also now has a feature called Beta which is when you can add information to your action sending via email. Vitalist allows you to interact with your actions and projects in other ways besides just the web and mobile versions. You can print your lists, export them to your rss reader, and have them show up in your ical calendar.Want to share what you are doing on Vitalist with others? Vitalist allows you to share your projects, actions, and files with your co-workers, family, friends, or anyone else.There are many ways to get your actions into Vitalist as well. SMS or IM them to your account with Twitter. Phone them in with Jott. Even e-mail new actions to your Vitalist inbox. Along with the actions like Twitter and iCal, Vitalist uses a programs such as Jott and Dial-To-Do which allows you to produce voice to text notes. 4

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Vitalist Used With Google Calendar">Vitalist Used With Google Calendar

This video demonstrates the steps that need to be taken in order to connect Vitalist and Google Calender with the use of an ical link. This enables an individual to add Vitalist projects and events to their Google Calender, and vice versa.

How to Get Reminders From Vitalist">How to Get Reminders From Vitalist

This is an amazing and convenient way to keep updated on all your tasks and activities. This Vitalist feature ensures that you will not miss important events, deadline, or forget about a simple errand. This allows you have have reminders about your Vitalist activities to your email or through text message. You can easily customize your reminders to adjust exactly when you are reminded and what you want to be reminded about.

E-mailing New Actions to Vitalist">E-mailing New Actions to Vitalist

This feature allows you to send new actions from an email address to an inbox located on your Vitalist.  For example, You are at work and you realize that your sister's birthday is in two weeks.  You can send the details of this action from your work email to your Vitalist inbox.  Then, when you get on Vitalist in a couple of days you will see that you have a message in your inbox indicating that you need to add your sister's birthday to your Vitalist actions.  This allows you to not have to get on Vitalist every time you think of another action you need to add.

Comparisons to Competitors\\">Comparisons to Competitors

Below is a chart that shows what functions Vitalist offers and how it compares to it's competitors. As you can see Vitalists main goals are to send reminders by e-mail and phone, support GTG, and share information with other Vitalist users. Vitalist has simple functions so it is easy to use. According to the creators, Nozbe is their biggest competitor with the GTD company. While on the other hand, Remember The Milk is their biggest competitor in general.

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Information obtained from 1

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Real World Application">Real World Application

Educational Lesson Plans">Educational Lesson Plans



Teachers can use Vitalist to share important information such as due dates, and supplies needed for classroom activities.

Digging Up Dinosaurs Lesson Plan (Grade level K)

Download:DOC PDF

Types of Coral Reef and Corals

Teachers can send students and parents daily reminders about an ongoing project by using Vitalist

Download: DOC PDF

With Vitalist teachers can make lists and groups of which animals live in different climates.

Baby Animals and Their Mothers Lesson Plan (Grade level 1)

Download:DOC  PDF

Parents and Students can together use Vitalist to make a list of healthy foods that they like to eat and then share these lists with their classmates and their teacher.

The Food Pyramid Lesson Plan (Grade levels 3-5 STEM-based)

Download:DOC  PDF

The American Revolutionary Important Historical Figures Lesson Plan (Grade level 5)

Download: DOC  PDF

Tree Detectives Lesson Plan (Grade levels 3-6)

Download: DOC  PDF

Through Vitalist students can create an outline for their research essay on historical figures in the American Revolutionary War.


Vitalist can be used to keep track of what parts need to be done in group projects. Information can be shared through Vitalist and reminders can be set up to make sure everything gets done on time.

Create a Lesson Plan

Download:DOC PDF

Students can use Vitalist  to share their ideas and where they are with their development of their project.

Science Fair Lesson Plan (STEM-based)

Download:DOC PDF

Students can use Vitalist in Home Economics classes to make lists of materials and food items they need to bring. These lists can be shared between the people in each group so they can decide who will bring what materials.

Apple Pie Lesson Plan

Download: DOC  PDF

Post Secondary">Post Secondary

Groups can use Vitalst for this project to manage group work. Students can create a joint account or even separate accounts to share information with each other. This is an easy way to put information together and check information as needed.

Biology Project Lesson Plan (STEM-based)

Download:DOC  PDF

Vitalist can be used with group projects to make lists of due dates and to remind themselves of deadlines coming up. Students can also share lists of things that need to be done with their group so they can all see what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.

OLS Lesson Plan

Download:DOC  PDF

Students can easily share ideas and questions with their teacher by using Vitalist. This application can also be used by teachers to make a list of questions to be given to the students.

Impromptu Lesson Plan

Download:DOC  PDF

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Demonstration of Educational Value">Demonstration of Educational Value


In elementary school it is important for the students to learn how to get organized. Normally, at this age students are using assignment books to write down deadlines and homework assignments. However with Vitalist, students can now upgrade by using what is like a digital assignment book. With Vitalist the students can add tasks and projects and can even receive notifications or reminders for when these things are due. There will be no worrying about losing an assignment book.


Vitalist can be even more beneficial in secondary education. By having a Vitalist account not only can the student stay organized, but they can share information with groups. Vitalist can allow you to share information for a group project through access of a computer or phone. By doing this, the notes stay organized and are easy to read. You no longer will have to meet up with a group to get everyone’s information. 

Post Secondary           

By the time students now reach college, everyone knows how to use the internet. So why waste time with a notebook? Save some room in your backpack by using Vitalist. In college, you are busy and trying to bounce and forth between buildings without forgetting about something becomes almost impossible. Vitalist can send you reminders so you can always be prepared and won’t have to worry about missing the due date of a project or test.


A big part of being a teacher is being organized. Many teachers use the old school way of planning things by using a planning book or calendar. Now teachers can become even better organized by using Vitalist. They can organize their day by day lesson plans and mark their calendars on Vitalists for different school activities. Most teachers have access to a computer or mobile device at school so you will not have to worry about not accessing your account throughout the day. 


Besides the classroom, Vitalist can be used in businesses as well. By using Vitalist in businesses it can you keep organized for what you need to do that day and what appointments you have that day. It can also let you know what upcoming projects you have at work.  It also enables you to share information with your coworkers or your boss.

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How Vitalist is Used Internationally">How Vitalist is Used Internationally

Vitalist can be used anywhere the Internet is available. Vitalist is used all around the world, according to the creator, it is used in 80+ countries around the world. The top 5 countries are: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Czech Republic. Vitalist offers many different time zones that the user can apply to their own specific settings. Although there are different and specific time zones, Vitalist does not offer a different list of languages that one can use to understand the website. There is only one choice of a language, which is English, but they are currently working on others. This might be a cause of lack of international use if the users do not speak English. 3

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2.  All pictures retrieved from

3.  Matt Berg, [email address]



Vitalist Research Page

Vitalist Group Member Introduction Page

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