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This is where you will post your research about WEBS.

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  1. Unknown User (clanglie)

    Hey guys, this is Chelsea, your project manager. This is where you'll need to post your three unique comments pertaining to our application. Also, make sure that you get it done before Sunday at midnight so that you can get all your points and a perfect on the final!! :)

  2. Unknown User (lowe3)

    c. How does it work?  Briefly, what does one have to do to start using it?

    You need to set up an account by filling out fields such as, username, password, site title, e-mail address, year of birth, country, and gender. ( Then you pick a template that you want your site to look like, agree to their Terms of Service, and your site is created.

  3. Unknown User (lowe3)

    question c

    You can choose to let the website help you with things like images, or you can start your site from scratch.

  4. Unknown User (lowe3)

    question c

    If you chose to let the site help you, it will take you through steps to help you develop your own website.  It will let you chose what kind of website it is (blog, business page, personal, etc.)

  5. Unknown User (avesey)

    Question E:

    A unique way you can use this website is for personal use. You can use it to display your hobbies, show your wedding plans, or dispaly your most resent trip. This site can be used to show off your wedding photos or you can create your own family website where you can discuss and post with your family members. Another interesting part of this website is that you can use it to raise money for your favorite cause or showcase a fundraiser event that you are hosting.

  6. Unknown User (clanglie)

    a. the title of our app is WEBS

    the management team

    Haroon Mokhtarzada | Co-Founder and CEO

    Haroon co-founded Webs in 2001 with his brothers Zeki and Idris while studying for undergraduate degrees at the University of Maryland. After graduating summa cum laude, Haroon went to Harvard Law School, where he continued building the company while earning his J.D.

    Zeki Mokhtarzada | Co-Founder and CTO

    In 2001, Zeki co-founded Webs, where he now serves as CTO. In this role, Zeki is the architect behind the company’s backend and server architecture – which supports tens of millions of visitors. Prior to co-founding Webs, he was the first employee at WebOS, where he was instrumental in developing leading-edge applications in the on-demand space.

    Janet Van Pelt | CFO

    As CFO of Webs, Janet oversees the company’s sales, finance, administration and human resources divisions. Before joining Webs, she served as president and CEO of Anystream. Janet has also served as CFO for companies such as MBS, Inc., Peachtree Software and Telemate.Net Software.

    Pierre Mallet | Head of Engineering

    Pierre is the head of engineering at Webs. In this role, he is responsible for managing the engineering team and all product development for the company. Before joining Webs, Pierre was an independent software consultant for such clients as Fannie Mae and Capital One. Prior to that, he served as a senior software engineer at Perot Systems.

  7. Unknown User (avesey)

    Question E:

    Another unique way to use this website is for group or club use. You can use this site to organize club meetings or communicate easily with members of your group or club. It is also a great way to recruite or attract people to your cub or group. This site can be used to organize a fan site or sports team schedule. With Webs customizable templates it is easy for this site to cater to you and your group's needs.

  8. Unknown User (mkudreck)


    This application could be used in countries in the same ways as other countries would use it.  It can be used to communicate to others inside or even outside their own countries by sharing videos, pictures, and even communicating through blogs.

  9. Unknown User (clanglie)

    b. "It all started with three brothers, two thousand dollars and one server in the closet. The brothers Mokhtarzada figured everyone is getting an email address, one day everyone will have a website too. So they set out to create a site-building service easy enough for their mother to use. Turns out, if you make it easy to build, they will come – with over 30 million people visiting Webs sites every month ... and counting."

  10. Unknown User (clanglie)


    "At Webs, we help you build more than simple, static web pages. We are focused on providing everything you need to grow a dynamic site with an active community. Not only can you create a site, you can connect it to similar Webs sites via "Rings." Plus, by allowing visitors to contribute to your content by posting their own photos, videos, comments and more, we help you attract, engage and retain an interactive audience. "

  11. Unknown User (clanglie)

    On webs you could make many different lesson plans.  For kids in elementary school you could create a fun way of learning simple math, science, or english.  You could get them involved and make it a great learning experience for them. Posted by Jeremy Adair Hawthorne at Oct 28, 2009 12:20 | Reply To This

    Webs could be used for many different activities for high aged students in a secondary school.  You could put up a more advanced science lesson plan online that students could go see and review.  This would help them in their studying.  Posted by Jeremy Adair Hawthorne at Oct 28, 2009 12:22 | Reply To This

    The webs application could be greatly used in a post secondary school.  If your professor wanted to create their own website that you could go and download lesson plans from it would make learning very easy.  Also they could but up review problems and other things to help you study for the exams. Posted by Jeremy Adair Hawthorne at Oct 28, 2009 12:25 | Reply To This

  12. Unknown User (mkudreck)


    By sharing videos and images and also using the blogs as a communication source, this serves as an educational purpose for those in all parts of the world.

  13. Unknown User (avesey)

    Question E:

    A third unique way this website can be used is for a small business website. This site can be used to promote your business and what services you provide. It can be used to "legitamize" your small business, making your consumers feel comfortable with your small business and safe with their interactions. Webs provides small business tools such as PayPal and GoogleCheckout to allow online transactions for your business. It also allows you to track the number of people that visit your website and how many purchased or contacted you. This shows the effectiveness of your website. Webs allows your business to promote as well as sell online.

  14. Unknown User (mkudreck)


    There is one application in particular that I found that can be more relevant to those outside of the US.  That application is the one that allows access and the ability to add widgets from around the world onto their site. This gives people from other countries more of an ability to use it.

  15. Unknown User (ijohnson)

    Dr. Zoltan Rona is a user of Dr. Rona used webs to creat a website letting people know why they should try to avoid the swine flu vaccine. This website has a lot of educational value to it. She explains what the flu is and the sypmtoms of the flu. She also gives many tips on staying healthy and facts about nutrition and vitamins. If you want to learn more about the current swine flu epidemic check out .

  16. Unknown User (ijohnson)

    This is a website that was created from This website displays educational value because it is an explanation about rabbits. So for all you rabbit lovers out there check out this website.

  17. Unknown User (bocull)

    Quesiton G.

    This web application can be used within a business/ industry training situation in many ways.  Webs is a fast and easy way to create an attractive website.  The greatest way for a business to succeed is for it to be well known and good promotion.  Everything can be found now on the internet so putting a business promotion on the web is a great idea because many will be able to access it.

  18. Unknown User (ijohnson)

    This is an educational website, that was created by This website is also used for business purposes. The website sells educational tools and curriculums.

  19. Unknown User (bocull)

    Question G.

    Webs has many different ways to easily add different things to your website.  Adding videos, charts, and photos to help create a training website for an industry is very simple through Webs. 

  20. Unknown User (bocull)

    Question G.

    Webs is an easy way to create a site that is attractive and easy to navigate.  Business' always need a way to promote their products and posting their information on a nice webpage would attrack a lot of internet users.  Using Webs for other things like instructional training situation is easy to set up as well with applications like blogs and videos to demenstrate proper opperating procedure.

  21. Unknown User (howella)

    Question D: How is it related to other applications? (that is, can it be used in conjunction with other applications?)

    WEBS is used as a way to share videos, charts, pictures, information, blogs, etc. Each of these activities shared on WEBS is an application in itself. WEBS provides a way to use and share these other applications.

  22. Unknown User (howella)

    Question D:

    "Not only can you create a site, you can connect it to similar Webs sites via "Rings." 'Rings' allows users to use their website in conjucntion with other websites. They connect to these websites that interest them and compare/share information.

  23. Unknown User (howella)

    Question D:

    Group publishing is also a way to relate to other people and their unique websites and applications. Once connected through "rings" to another persons website, you can contribute your own applications such as pictures, information, videos, comments, and more! Its a group (publishing) effort!