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Created by: Jason Milligan, Brittany Demmond, Elena Efstathiou, Marcus Ellingwood, Michelle Kuta, Katie Lanham, Sara Lineback, Monica McCurren, Taylor Olker, Ashley Stewart, Richard Vasconcelos


Westcom was founded in 1998 by Vit Vrba by starting as a student startup that focused on typical custom web development. "Westcom started its business with development of Content Management Systems, E-commerce solutions and Intranet portals. The company specialized in analysis, design and implementation of web systems for mid/large companies and Westcom prides itself on always creating custom systems that exactly fit specific customer's needs.  As Westcom started to become successful, professionalizing the team was the priority. It aquired many certifications, including. the Quality management (ISO 9001:2000) or International Project Management (IPMA)." These demanding tasks helped them later to realize and solve complicated and complex customer wishes quickly and professionally. Westcom has a very stable team full of trained people who love to create and develop innovations in web technologies. As time went by they were creating these intricate systems for demanding customers, and they realized two things. Firstly, they had to admit that after years of business development they were tired of these monotonous web development projects. They felt that they would like to try something new where they could use knowledge to try out new ideas. They found out that their best ideas and solutions were achieved during their recreation and research time. Secondly, they realized that they have always developed solutions for only mid/large companies. Yes, their projects were interesting, large and with very nice budgets, but they realized there are also millions of people in the world who would like to express themselves on the Internet and don't have the technical skills to create their own website.  Based on these ideas, Webnode was born and was officially launched in January 2008. 1

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Webnode is an online website creator.  It gives you 24-hour access to your personal website for designing and content management.  Webnode allows you to use Web 2.0 technology to administer your project.  You have a variety of options to use when you edit your pages or add articles that make your website unique.  All this is done with ease, even novices can create a website with Webnode!

Webnode also allows you to create different apps such as polls, articles, forums, lists, FAQ forms, and more to add to your website. All this can be done with ease and step by step instructions.  

Webnode can even help you to create blogs and websites in order for you to create your own portfolio. It is a great resource for you to put lesson plans and homework assignments if you are a teacher.

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Using Webnode to create a website is simple.  First off, you can open Webnode using any browser.  Now it does most of the hard work for you so you don’t need to know about HTML’s and you don’t need to use anything that is too complicated, like dream weaver; but you can still create a great website!  When you begin to create your website one of the first things to do is to choose its name.  From there on let your creativity flow!  Now you can pick a template for your site and begin inserting information by following the ‘tip bubbles’ that give you advice and serve as a guide to editing your site.  The editing system is easy to use, and familiar, because it is step up similarly to Microsoft Word. 1

The tool bar used for Webnode is very simialr to that of Microsoft Word. So its not that difficult to figure out.

If you want to edit the text on your website you simply click on the "Edit Content" button and then a box will appear for you to type what you would like in that section. Webnode even gives you ideas and suggestions if you are a first time user.

If you would like to setup a poll for visitors you simply need to go up to the Contents tab and click on the poll button.  A little screen will pop up and from here you can type in a question and two possible answers.  If you would like to add more answers there is a button on the pop-up that says “add an answer”, click it and Webnode automatically adds another answer slot.  When you are satisfied click “ok” and your poll will appear on your site! You can add a poll onto any page of your site by navigating to the desired page and clicking the poll button in the Contents tab. 1

 Another great aspect of Webnode is it's ability the load pictures onto it like you might do for a Myspace or a Facebook. Loading the pictures is easily done as long as the computer you are working on has the correct software. To load pictures simply click on the "Photogallery" and browse through the pictures that you currently have saved on your computer. Pick the ones you want on your Webnode page and click upload. The pictures will then appear in your photo gallery on your own Webnode page.

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Webnode is actually very similar to other applications such as, Google Page Creator, Weebly, Sampa, Adobe, Coderbuddy, Wordpress and RealEditor. They all provide the user with the opportunity to create their own websites, by including their own information, widgets, blogs, etc. One thing that is different about webnode is that it is absolutely free of charge. It is not supported by adverts. On the other hand, some of the other programs that help you to create your own sites also attach a fee to the construction process. Also, another main distinguishable difference is that webnode offers a wide range of opportunities for people to view examples of different constructed sites that are popular. By analyzing the web construction process, webnode offers instructional material that may prove useful for people who are not familiar with webnode. 2

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There are many ways that webnode can be implemented into the daily lives of individuals. The most obvious use, is to create websites for small or mid/large companies. However, there are many more ways that people use webnode. Another example, is that webnode is a prime site to create school projects, and lesson plans. Also, webnode is often used in various social aspects. People enjoy blogging about different ideas and issues. People also have the option to look at the different websites that a creator has created, and they can have images and information tagged in order to learn more about a certain thing. Webnode is one of the most creative ways to use technology at your fingertips. You can blog easily and if conducting a classroom, you can help your students to learn more about the ways in which technology is advancing everyday.

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Polar Bears 

In this lesson, students will be doing research on polar bears and as a class (with the help of the teacher) they will make a website about polar bears using Webnode.

Polar Bear Lesson - 5th Grade (PDF)
Polar Bear Lesson - 5th Grade (DOC)

Africa Animals 

In this lesson, students will use a website made with Webnode to research and create a presentation on African Animals.

Africa Animals - 4th Grade (PDF)
Africa Animals - 4th Grade (DOC)

Observing a Flower 

In this lesson, students will determine through observation the different parts that compose a flower and distinguish the differences between the male and female part of a flower.

Observing a Flower - 3rd Grade (PDF)
Observing a Flower - 3rd Grade (DOC)

Alice In Wonderland

In this lesson, students create a blog to portray events from the story of Alice In Wonderland.

Project 2 lesson plan.docx

Project 2 lesson plan.pdf



In this lesson, students will use Webnode to create a website on their favorite hobby.

Hobby Website - 7th Grade (PDF)
Hobby Website - 7th Grade (DOC)


In this lesson, students will create a website using Webnode to help fellow students learn the 50 States of America.

Fifty States - 11th-12th Grade (PDF)
Fifty States - 11th-12th Grade (DOC)

Solid Pressure 

In this lesson, students will recognize and explain situations from everyday life relevant to solid pressure effect.

Solid Pressure 11th Grade (PDF)
Solid Pressure 11th Grade (DOC)

Post Secondary

Introduction to

In this lesson, students will create a website using which makes it easy for beginners to create a professional looking website.

Intro to Webnode (PDF)
Intro to Webnode (DOC)

Making a Website

In this lesson, students will use to make their own websites on how to be a good teacher. Their websites will consist of their own ideas of what defines a good teacher and also research that they have done on what makes a good teacher, including teaching standards for Indiana.

Making a Website (PDF)
Making a Website (DOC)

Center of Mass

In this lesson, students will define the connection between the principle of the conservation of momentum with the center of mass.

Center of Mass (PDF)
Center of Mass(DOC)

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Webnode is a fantastic research and informational tool. After doing some research on webnode, it becomes explicably clear how useful it can be in different businesses and also different industrial training areas. For example, businesses have the opportunities to exhibit the various aspects and areas of their business. They can include different facts, statistics, along with modules of information. They also have the opportunity to display any ads or tutorials that they feel should be incorporated within there webnode sites. Also, there was at one point in time, where business executives had to pay someone to create their business sites for them, but now that webnode is easy and efficient almost anyone can do it. Furthermore, with the use of videos and instructional material, webnode offers the provided benefit of teaching people how to do things. Webnode is extremely simple, and once more people comprehend fully how it works, the rate of usage will increase. Industrial managers are finding it beneficial when it comes to explaining how to do things, due to the ease that comes of having the computer technology with the use of a video explain how to accomplish a specific or specific set of tasks. 3

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In the educational realm, Webnode can be used in a variety of ways.  Teachers have the ability to use Webnode as a way to teach their students how to create a website.  This knowledge can then be used in secondary schooling where a group of students could teach the lesson for the day, and instead of using a PowerPoint presentation, which is typical for projects like these, the students could create a website instead.  This way the whole classroom and the teacher could have easy access to the information for grading and studying purposes.

Another way Webnode can be incorporated in to education is that the teacher could create a website.  If there was not a satisfactory website, that covered the desired topic, available, the teacher could simply create one.  Then he/she could use the website in several different lesson plans, such as having the students fill out a worksheet about the information on site.  This prevents accidents where a student may stumble upon inappropriate material or where they may use information from an invalid source. 

The best part is that either way you approach incorporating Webnode into your classroom, you are able to edit it at any time.  This is such an important aspect because students will be able to make corrections according to your grading so the rest of the class can continue to use it.  Another benefit is if you, as a teacher, want to create a website you can alter it at any time you want to make corrections or fit the lesson to your students needs and the flow of their minds.

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Webnode is based in the Zug, Switzerland and is used around the world.  It is an exceptionally useful tool for connecting to others wherever they may be.  It can be used to keep friends and families in touch through blogs, promote an artist’s work through the photo gallery, enable social networking, and circulate information.  This website appeals to people of all ages, from all places, and all with different intentions for their own website.  Also, businesses use Webnode to promote their establishment and products to the public.  In addition to utilizing Webnode as a promotional device, businesses can use it for inter-company connections such as keeping the employees informed and connecting with their other branches around the globe.

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Access the brochure displayed at the 2009 INSITE Web 2.0 Showcase.

Webnode Brochure (PDF)
Webnode Brochure (PUB)

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