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Welcome to the Webnode Research Page!  If you find something interesting about Webnode or something that will make the Wiki page better, post it here.  Just make sure you cite your information so we don't have to go back later and try to dig up our sources. 

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  1. Unknown User (jmillig)

    Webnode was launched in January 2008 by Westcom Ldt.  Westcom Ltd. is a web development company that originally produced the websites of mid- to large-sized companies.  The people at Westcom decided to take their knowledge of webiste development and create an application for people with little website creating experience to easily make their own website.  Webnode's website is (big surprise)

    Cited from:

  2. Unknown User (jmillig)

    Webnode seems like a visual CMS (content management system), similar to Joomla, Drupal and others, but, unlike these examples, it is completely visual and uses drag and drop technology. It also seems easier to use and update content, especially for users with little skills in HTML or using CMS. This seems great for teachers to use to create their own content inside their classroom. In the next few days I will be exploring it a little more, but this is my first impression of the software, before actually using it.

    Richard Vasconcelos Posted by Richard Vasconcelos at Oct 27, 2009 18:20 | Reply To This

  3. Unknown User (jmillig)

    I've been playing around with Webnode, making my own website (I suggest everyone try creating their own website--it's tons of fun), and I noticed that even though most of the features that go into modifying the website are drag and drop, users can insert their own widgets with HTML coding.  This appeals to both the novice and expert web developers.

  4. Unknown User (jmillig)

    Webnode allows users to create their own domain name but with a catch--every domain has "" at the end.  For example, if Google was a webnode created website, the domain name would be  In order to drop the "" users must upgrade to different packages.   Here is where you can view the different packages Webnode offers.  Basically, the more one pays the more storage, bandwidth and other perks one can get.  The free version of Webnode offers 100MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth every month per website.


  5. Unknown User (bdemmo00)

    A few things that i thought were interesting was that webnode is: 100% Free
    "No ads
    Customize your site
    Free subdomain
    No download" *One part of this that really appeals to me is that it has no ads.

    -on the very front

    Also, you can add youtube videos and add an online payment interface through paypal.

    Lastly, you can change the language which is great.  And webnode has a facebook page, so you can learn more about webnode through facebook which is really handy. *the language is at the bottom of

  6. Unknown User (mellingw)

    1. Webnode is an online service allowing users with no technical
    knowledge to create and manage websites. Webnode is free and
    generates money from businesses that have greater storage and
    bandwidth needs than the minimum Webnode allots per website.

    2. is a newly-launched (web 2.0) service by a Czech
    startup which gained $1.2 M investment recently. WebNode’s service
    competes with what of well-known Google Page Creator and a number
    of other online website builders like Weebly, Jimdo, Synthasite,
    Sampa and RealEditor. After playing with it for a while, I know why
    WebNode has confidence to join so crowded market.

    It has great website builder tool,
    Drag-n-drop functionality,
    Office2007-style ribbon,
    Many ready-made widget/gadgets from eCommerce, polling to external
    ones like Flickr,
    You can read and manage emails through browser (professional edition only,
    but I could not find where to register for it?).
    You can monitor and analyze website traffic with build-in analytics
    and it doesn’t prevent you from using external services like
    Google Analytics, StatCounter.

    3. Webnode is a free tool that helps people create their own websites.
    Webnode website editing requires no technical skill, nor software
    installation. The Webnode API allows developers to place Webnode
    content onto their webpages. It is also possible to get included
    in widgets offered directly in Webnode administration for popular
    and interesting apps.

    4. Putting all this aside, Webnode is just one of a growing band
    of web companies that have grabbed the opportunities provided by
    the current downturn to promote themselves as quick, fast and cheap
    solutions to the problem of website development at relatively little cost.


  7. Unknown User (lanham)

    The frist thing that really caught my eye about this page is that it is very user-friendly. I felt more lost trying to figure out how to post a comment on here then navigating webnode. I also noticed right away that I can try it out for free before I download something unknown onto my computer, that was very appealing.

  8. Unknown User (stewar29)

    Webnode uses a common modular system which allows you to drag content areas to create different layouts or add content like polls, forums, and photo galleries. It is also facebook friendly and is FREE! They give step by step directions to help you get started in minutes! There are also widgets for PayPal, Flickr, YouTube, and Google Maps for you to use. Webnode is very easy to use and is fully interactive
    Use your own domain for free
    Plenty of 3rd party gadgets and widgets
    Social and community features
    Interactive editing
    Drag-and-drop technology
    Bookmarks and tagging By using Drag-and-Drop from the toolbar you can add new content such as polls, forums, articles, catalogues, widgets such as PayPal and much more. Webnode contains more than 40 beautiful templates or you can make your own. 

  9. Unknown User (stewar29)

    Webnode gives you 24-hour access to web design and content management by just using the Internet. NO need to install any additional software. With Webnode you can always maintain, update, change and develop your website from anywhere in the world.

    Webnode brings you powerful tools in Web 2.0 technology to administer your project. You can edit pages, add articles to your blog, work on product catalogues, all done with the utmost ease, and yet still produce high-impact designs. Webnode is a revolution in on-line website building. You don't need to have any website building knowledge to figure out or use webnode. It also gives you your own domain (

  10. Unknown User (stewar29)

    Step by step instructions how to use WebNode:

    Registration is extremely easy, just fill your desired (sub) domain name and e-mail address for confirmation then you can start building your website with a 3-step wizard.

    1. Fill website heading, slogan.

    2. Select a template ( lots of cool ones).

    3. Finish wizard by clicking “Start” button and you will be redirected to Admin Panel with clean UI — very easy to get where to start a job.

    Using “Website builder” tool is really joyful though it would take time to explore all functionality. Most of tasks you have to do are dragging desired widgets to appropriated locations and defining “lists” of products/services you want to sell or anything you want to publish.



  11. Unknown User (lanham)

    I was playing around with webnode a little bit and decided to make my own page. It was really really easy. They do step-by-step instructions on how to set everything up and get started. I put up my own survey, a youtube video, and changed my layout. It was so easy to use.

    Also, as i went to log in to check my webpage today, it popped up with "tips and tricks" to help me get my website more popular. They also offer webnode tutorials to offer ever more help.

    It seems like this would be a good site for new-comers (such as myself) to the whole webpage world. However, it seems almost too easy and too simple for people who are more advanced with the internet already.

  12. Unknown User (slinebac)

    I know that before I went to lecture this week for EDCI 270, I really had little to no idea what exactly webnode was. I have done some brief research and by listening to what Dr. Newby talked about, I have come to the understanding that it is a very helpful tool for people who want to make their own websites. I know that it is a free service, where individuals can practice creating their own web pages.

  13. Unknown User (slinebac)

    Some of the aspects that I noticed within the webnode program, is that it incorporates many different things. Some of the things that webnode includes: blogs, articles, polls, photo galleries, gadgets, widgets, etc. Also, another aspect that I liked about webnode, is that it was intended for every type of person. I am not the most technologically advanced person by any means, so I can really appreciate this simple, easy to understand program.

  14. Unknown User (slinebac)

    I noticed that some of you had already posted step-by-step instructions on how to access the webnode program, so I feel it not necessary to reiterate that. Some more information that I noticed within the webnode website, was that there were different features and tools that assisted you when you form your personal website. One example, is that there is an option that allows you to have premium services, where you are able to add special features within your website. Also, there was a support and back-up and recovery system. This will most definitely come in handy when trying to back-up your work on your website.

  15. 1) I think Webnode is a very cool WYSIWYG website builder. Is user friendly and no website building require knowledge is needed. The only experience I had with Web design technologies was with HTML and I have to admit, though a user need not be an expert programmer to make use of HTML for creating hypertext documents, it was quite demanding and sometimes time consuming.

    2) Additionally, I noticed that a user can embed content which is already somewhere else on the web, which is a very useful potential, instead of trying to create your own content from scratch. There are options on the page layout - over 40 website templates and even provides user with design ideas.

    3) Not forget to mention that is totally free, no additional software is required, there is interactive editing, drag and drop tech., user is provided with free domain and publishing a website is only a click away! What else should one ask for?!

  16. Unknown User (mmccurre)

    1) First of all, I love how easy to use Webnode is; even a ten year old could use it!  Even if you were having trouble using it there is an instructional video on the home page that guides you on how to edit your website and such.

    2)   Also you don't have to download anything which I think is beneficial to the user.  And it's free! 

    3)  When creating your website it is simple step by step instructions, the drag and drop feature is pretty cool and because the tool bar is so similar to Microsoft's applications it is familar and easy to use.  Little bubbles also pop up to help guide you through the process of editing your page.  However, because Webnode is so easy to use it may be a bit dull and repetative for somebody who already knows how to do it all.

    4) As a user, using Webnode for free you are alloted 1GB of bandwidth per month and100MB of storage.  If you feel you need more storage and bandwidth you can purchase packages that offer a range of different offers to suite everybody's needs.  It is through these packages that Webnode gathers their revenue. 

  17. Unknown User (lanham)

    I went to check my website that I created on webnode and it was exactly as I had left it. I love that there is no spam or ads popping up everywhere every time I log it. The design is so clean and sleek and organized. It is just all around so easy to use. The layout it not as professional as it could be. But I would use this for any other purpose. It seems very reliable and user-friendly.

  18. Unknown User (mkuta)

    Webnode was created and is supported by Westcom ltd. which is a privately owned company that was established in 1998 by Vit Virba. Westcom is headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic and has 15 employees. Westcom prides itself on always creating custom systems that exactly fit specific customer's needs. Westcom started developing webnode in September 2006 and launch the fist beta in January of 2008.

    cited from:

  19. Unknown User (mkuta)

    The best part of this website is how easy it is to use. It was engineered specifically for "ease of use and extreme speed". A person with little knowledge on making website can create a website effortlessly. It is so simple that a young child would even be able to do it. All you have to know how to do is read and you are set because there are detailed instructions to help you along the way. You can make a fully functional website in just minutes and you can use it with any poplular browser.

    cited from:

  20. Unknown User (mkuta)

    I was looking through this website and i noticed that there is a community tab at the top. If you click on this you go a page that has different discussions and opportunities. The discussions can be very helpful because if you ever run into a problem while using webnode, you can discuss it with other webnode users. You can also find tutorial videos here that show you how to easily create your website. You can also increase traffic to your website by being able to interlink with other in the community. Under the community tab i also found something called the webnode opportunity market. You can go here if you are looking to get external help with your website.

    information found at

  21. Unknown User (tolker)

    The best thing I thought about webnode was how easy it is to use. It also gives you a lot of information if you actually look around and click on things. Even if it was difficult for someone to use it, there are instructions that are given to you which make it very easy to follow. They also have step by step instructions which also help. Another great thing about webnode is that is it completely free, so a lot of people can use it without paying. 

  22. Unknown User (tolker)

    I just tried to make my own website, since I thought it would help a lot to get comfortable with the site, and it really did help a lot! It really is easy. The cool thing about it is it give tricks and tips to help and make things better. I think that everyone should just try it out and see how easy it really is.

  23. Unknown User (tolker)

    Another thing about webnode is that it gives you 24-hour access to web design and content management by just using the Internet. You do not have to install anything to use it, which makes things a lot easier and efficient. By using webnode you can always maintain, update, change and develop your website from any computer at anytime. 

  24. Webnode is a really cool tool, like everyone said, but I would have four concerns for it to be wide used like Joomla and Drupal in commercial settings.

    The first is the layout, although you can choose your own layout, they need to make a way to create your own layout. Other CMS (content management systems) allow the user to choose the layout or create his own.

    Second observation is the tools or widgets you can add in. Although there are many to choose from, what if the user needs a custom tool, there should be an API where he can create his own tool.

    The thrid concern is the licensing agreement. According to what I have read, it is free to use on the webnode domain, if you want to use on your own domain, you must pay. There are many CMS that are totally free with other business viability (for example, charge custome for wigdets or tools) that have dominated the market. None of them are as easy to use as webnode, but they are free for commercial uses. I think that if webnode went open source and tried other ways of making money, maybe it could become as popular as Joomla or other CMS's.

    The last thing is that by doing this (the first three things), they can create a large community of users that will develop, propagate and help webnode grow. What makes every website grow is the community of people involved.

  25. I've worked with a lot of CMS tools, web development and computer programming, but I have never seen a tool so easy to use. Ive read many of the posts on the forum, and I saw many non experienced users creating their own website. In very few mintues was I able to create a website and see exactly how it looked like. I think that is the best thiing about webnode, the content managment is exactly identical to the website interface. You do not need to enter a webform or anything like that, you just edit everything on the actual site.

  26. Unknown User (wu36)

    Webnode Team,
    I like reading the posts on your research page. Special thanks to Richard for your insights. Great to see that many of you have tried the tool and enjoyed it.
    Can I suggest that you wrap up discussions and put the results to the different sections on the Main Page? Your draft page would be due 11/15, just a reminder. (smile)