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Research Assignment

On this page, please post your three different research ideas.  The research that each member posts will help in developing our wiki.  This part of the project counts for 6 points toward the final project.  If you do not complete this part of the project, you will not be able to receive a "superior" rating.  To post your research, select EDIT, and then type in your research within the page.  Please do not copy and paste your research from where you found it.  Also, make sure to cite your sources.  Also, type your name beside your post, so you can get credit!


Megan Lerch:  

SKRBL is a whiteboard application that allows the user to draw, type, upload pictures, and share files.  It is free of charge to use and there is no downloading required.

Megan Lerch:

If a user wants, he or she can register for SKRBL.  Registering allows for the user to share files with others.  Others can see what the user has created on the whiteboard.  This tool allows for collaboration.

Megan Lerch:

Once a user creates an account, he or she can set their whiteboard to private.  This allows only them to see what they are developing on their whiteboard.  Several other viewing options can be created by the user.  They can make their whiteboard password protected or make it visable to anyone on the internet.  If they would like for others to see what they have developed, they can send others an e-mail, inviting them to their whiteboard.  Those invited do not have to have registered to use SKRBL.

Jennifer Critser:

I found that there is also a SKRBLteams application. This is used just like the normal SKRBL but users can browse the internet together and also have video conferences along with other things. This website provides information on the difference between the free SKRBL program and the SKRBLteam program. SKRBLteam also costs money, but it is only $10 a month.

Jennifer Critser:

In this video a man describes different action buttons you can use on this whiteboard which include a highlighter, changing the color of text or the color of a line, uploading pictures, etc. This video also provides an example of a lesson plan a teacher may use and this individual also describes SKRBL as a free, more plain version of a smartboard. A smart board is another interactive tool but it is not free.

Jennifer Critser:

This video shows where to go to create a new account and an example of how SKRBL can be used for lesson assignments. It shows the process of some students creating a webpage on SKRBL and shows a couple students working on the same project at the same time.

Esther Wearmouth:

I found that you can have a tasks list that allows you and other group member to see what everyone is working on.

Esther Wearmouth:

I have found that you can have a graffti board that you can embed onto your own web page. I not sure if this incurs a fee or how it works but I have seen some on different web pages.

Julianne Siderys:

SKRBL is an easy share online whiteboard that allows the user to share files, pictures, and text with nothing to install or download.

{+} +

Julianne Siderys

One of he newest editions to SKRBL is the team application. This edition is built around an enhanced whiteboard and has to new features to extend 

team collaboration.

Julianne Siderys:

In this article Josh Lownsohn is an associate editor for and he gives his thoughts on SKRBL.

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  1. Unknown User (akpowers)

    The srbkl white board application works just like a real whiteboard and is a great way to brainstorm. Say that a group of people from a company are working on a project. However, they cannot be in the same room together. The whiteboard application allows you to write down and change ideas and at the same time allows other memebers to look at and contribuate their ideas as well.

  2. Unknown User (akpowers)

    The Meeting Notes application, a group and/or person can record observations, list items that need to be done. and assign specific tasks for people in ther group. Everyone can take their own notes and at the same time, since everybody is watching it, make corrections. This helps saves time and allows for few complications at the end.

  3. Unknown User (akpowers)

    The Clipboard application on srkbl can be used to write down telephone numbers, reminders, and those sorts of things.

  4. Hey the ideas/information here are starting to take shape.  Keep up the good work.  I have a feeling others will soon be joining in and contributing to this information/research.

  5. Unknown User (dclopez)

    I found a lesson that used skrbl. An eigth grade class used this website to rank three websites on the best ones for research. They then had to answer the question that the teacher gave them. Here is the link to the website if you want to read more.

  6. Unknown User (dclopez)

    After reading i have learned that skrbl is a good tool for communication between people that are not in the same vicinity. However, if you group is using skrbl to share photos for some reason there is a limit on uploading which is maxed out at 2mb per file and 10mb of storage.

  7. Unknown User (dclopez)

    Skrbl was origianlly made for internet explorer 6. However, it is now compatible for internet explorer 6,7 and firefow 1.5 and 2

  8. Unknown User (dclopez)

    skrbl can be used for brainstorming, meeting notes, clipboards, and bulletin boards.

  9. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    Interface has a lesson plan for SKRBL.  The emphasis is collaborative essay writing.  It could be a good idea to branch our own ideas from.

  10. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    Any website can embed SKRBL into their site.  Here's one example...  Its their "Graffiti Board"

  11. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    I think it would be a great idea to have after school help sessions on SKRBL.  Teachers could set aside a specific time where students could be on the same time as a teacher and get homework help.

  12. Unknown User (cmbowyer)

    Perhaps, Megan can start a SKRBL page and we can collaborate ideas with our group members.  If we are going o be promoting it, then we might as well use it.

    ...just a thought.

  13. Unknown User (pstandar)

    1. Skrbl is used by 445,000 people and they have created 141,000 skrbl boards. (Obvious, I know, but I still think it's a nice statistic.)

    2. According to the domain is worth $8,701. Five months ago it was valued at over $9,000

    3. Its traffic ranking has been diminishing since October '08