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  • Week 2
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Roles and Responsiblities:

Korie Richards: lesson plans for college, brochures

Alej: lesson plans for high school, brochures

Amanda: write chapter, communication with international student

Meghan: write chapter,communication with international student

Jen: lesson plan for middle school, poster, business cards, raffle

Sarah: lesson plan for elemenatry, poster, business cards, raffle

International students: work with Amanda and Meghan on writing chapter

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  1. Unknown User (aruby)

    Sounds great!

    Our group seems very on top of things! (smile)

  2. Unknown User (richarka)

    Hi Guys (girls!)

    Don't forget that each of your projects are due tomorrow.  Attach your lesson plans by creating a child page (as most of you have done).  Go to the right top corner and under Add, go to attachments.