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  • Week 3
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Amanda & Meghan: WIKI CHAPTER-adding headings-formating, pictures, looking at structure of chapter

 Korie & Alejandra: reviewing lesson plans, finding educational blogs, international partners,working on presentations, brochure

Jen & Sarah: poster, business cards, reviewing wiki chapter-making comments look specifically on Thursday and Tuesday 

Due Dates:

Wiki Chapter due this Friday, November 14th by 11 a.m.

    This means all formatting, pictures, links, tutorials, lesson plans editing, reviewing chapter

2-3 minute presentation due next lab Wednesday November 19th by 1:30 pm

   Have notes written for presentation

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  1. Unknown User (richarka)

    Amanda and Meghan,

    If you have time before class starts tomorrow, can you work on the bibliography. That would be fantastic.

    Or if you don't have time-tell me where u got your information so that I can work on it