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 Who Is Using MySpace?

As social networking pages are growing with popularity, one might wonder "Who uses these websites?". With MySpace getting over 20 million visitors every month, obviously people are using these websites. The typical users of MySpace are teens and young adults looking for a sense of "community". MySpace is used for posting notes on other peoples pages and writing comments about the pictures that they put up. Since MySpace has a minimum age requirement of 14 to sign up, users must be over that age. However, some young teens find ways to get around these rules and about 11.9 % of MySpcace users are from the age of 12-17. Over 85% of users are age 18 or above, with many users being over 35, which could pose for some problems with sexual assult or threatening the younger audience of MySpace. Other than social networking, many bands use MySpace to get their name out their and put songs on their page to let users listen to them.

This table shows the percentage of ages of visitors that use the internet in general and the ages of the visitors that use MySpace:

Audience Ages

Total Internet


ages 12-17



ages 18-24



ages 25-34



ages 35-54



ages 55+





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