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"Find and collaborate with people who love what you love."

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"Find and collaborate with people who love what you love."

"Wikia was created as a place where groups of people could form communities about any topic they are interested in and created a knowledge base around that topic. Some of the most popular wikis are on video games, online games, movies, and TV shows." -Angela Beesley, Co-founder

Group Members:  James D'Imperio, Kristen Fox, Lawrence Hagan, Gretchen Haley, Lisa Hamilton, Emily Hey, Gareth Nolan, Nikki Reilly, Matt Riney, Chelsea Scott, Jenny Romack, Michelle Trzynka

What is Wikia, and what can I do with it?">What is Wikia, and what can I do with it?

Wikia allows users to create and develop "communities" or wiki pages for virtually any topic. It can be used in many different languages, which allows people all over the world to utilize it. Wikia is free to use and it is free to create an account.  Account members can edit the wiki page content.2 Wikipedia, a well-known wiki site, provides neutral or non-biased information to readers. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and co-founder of Wikia, feels that Wikia does not require the same neutrality as Wikipedia.  He wants people to create, edit, and read sites that they have a strong interest and vision for within Wikia.3 The webpage can also be used to search for different articles. There is a search bar located on the site where users can simply type in the topic for which they are looking. Wikia also features an auto-suggest option.4 Wikia Search still has a few technical and legal problems to solve.5 Those working in Community are working to rectify the situation "in a collaborative and open way."6 Overall, Jimmy Wales feels that Wikia should "be accountable, transparent, and freely licensed."3  By providing this free software, he allows online communities to expand in the hopes of competing with the current major search engines. 7


Who created Wikia?

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, co-founded Wikia with Angela Beesley in 2004. Angela is currently the vice president of Community, the staff that deals with current issues on Wikia. Angela works from Sydney, Australia and has built a good reputation for herself by working with wiki companies. She volunteered with Wikipedia for more than five years, and was on the board for Wikimedia Foundation for two years.  While Jimmy was the founder of Wikipedia, the two have managed to keep Wikia independent of Wikipedia. Wikia uses a for-profit model with revenues from advertisements. Its main competitors include Wetpaint, pbwiki, and Socialtext.1

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II. How to Use Wikia">II. How to Use Wikia

How do you find Wikia?

You can find the Wikia website by typing into your web browser.

How do I find articles/subjects on Wikia?

You can find the search box on any Wikia page.  On the homepage, it is found in the top right corner.  The search box on the homepage will search for related wikis throughout all of Wikia.  On a specific wiki page, there is a search box along the left edge.  This search box allows you to find information within that specific wiki page.

How do I create an account on Wikia?

Creating an account on Wikia is free. However, you cannot create an account from the homepage. To find the "create an account" link, click one of the wiki hubs on the homepage or enter text in the search box. Once you have entered any wiki page, the "create an account" link is located in the top right corner. This is where you can create a new user name and password which will grant you more privileges in Wikia. Please note that you will be required to provide your date of birth. An e-mail address is also helpful if you forget your username or password, but not required.

How do you log in?

Logging in is very simple. In the top right corner there will be a link to log in.  When you click this link a box will appear. Enter your username and password to continue. To log out, you simply click the "log out" link which is located at the top right corner of any page.

How can I comment on Wikia?

To comment on a Wikia page you must be logged in. In the upper right corner of most Wikia pages, there is either a "discussion" tab or a "leave comment" tab.  They are the same thing.  Click on this tab and once the page loads you can either click the "leave message" button at the top of the page or you can directly edit a section.  Because this is a discussion tab, everything posted on the page is essentially a comment.  If you use the "leave message" button, you need to enter a subject for your comment in the subject line. After you create your subject, leave your comment in the large editing box.  When you are done commenting, you can preview or save the page.  If you preview make sure you save before exiting.  Some pages have not started any discussion, so when you click on the "discussion" tab you will only see a large editing box.

How do you change your preferences, such as email address, password, or web format?

Anything you would like to change can be changed on the preferences page.  To get to this page you must be logged in.  Once logged in, at the top right of most Wikia pages is a link that says "More" with an arrow pointing downwards.  Click this and a drop down box will appear.  There will be many links that appear, click "My Preferences."  This link will take you to your preferences page.

How can I create a new Wikia page?

There are many ways to create a new page in Wikia. The first is to simply click on a link that is red.  A red link means that there is not yet a page with that title.  Clicking the link will bring you to an editing page.  A second way to create a page is to edit an existing page, thus creating a red link. There is also the option of going to the home page for Wikia ( and clicking on the red "create a wiki link."

I used the wrong title, how do I rename a page?

If you happen to mistakenly use a wrong title, there is a link to move your page to the correct title.  Click the "move" link found above the article.  Then enter the desired title.  To finalize the process, click the "Move page" link.  Only members that are logged in can move pages.

How can I edit an existing Wikia page?

Find the "Edit this page" button located above the article that you want to change.   Click the link, and then type your changes in the text box.  Before saving your work you can preview your edit.  When you are satisfied with your work, click the "save" button which is located below the article.  To make a word bold, surround it with three single quotation marks ('''). To make a word italic, use two quotation marks (''). You can combine this to make text bold and italic with five quotation marks (''''').

What if I want to undo a change that I (or someone else) made?

When saving a document in many word processing programs, the changes override the previous version of the document without keeping a file of previous versions.  Unlike typical word processing, wikis keep a file of all previous versions.  Every time that the save button is selected, a new version is stored on the wiki.  These previous versions can be accessed and selected as the current wiki page.  This allows users to easily remove mistakes or vandalism.   The route to this is through the "history" page.  Each different date there is a version.  Find and click the version you want, then click edit and save.  Wiki administers can use the "rollback" shortcut that reverts to the most recent wiki page.

How do I add an image?

You can insert an image in two different ways.  The first is to upload the image to the wiki by using the "upload" link in the toolbox.  You can select an image from your computer files and save it on the wiki.  You can also add an image while you are editing a page.  Just click on the upload button, and you will see a form to upload and insert your image.

What is the "recent changes" page?

The "recent changes" page allows users to view the changes that have been made.  Because many people can edit one wiki page, it is useful to see the updates that others have made.  The "recent changes" page shows the name of the user next to the changes.  The "recent changes" page also allows users to see which pages are most active.

How can I tell who wrote an article?

Each wiki page has a "history" section.  You can access this page by clicking the "history" link found at the top of each wiki page.  On this page you can view the specific changes, the time and date of the changes, and who made each change.  This allows you to recover previous versions.

I want to know when a page is changed, how do I do this?

Wikia gives the option to "watch" any page.  If you choose to "watch" a page then you will be notified via email when changes are made.  To add a page to your "watch list" click the "watch" link located above the articles.

What is a hub, and what does it do?

Hubs are special pages that list Wikia's active English-language wikis. These active wikis are then sorted into categories to help users find subjects of interest. Examples include; Entertainment, Gaming, Hobbies, Sports, and many more.

Adapted from

Can I post videos on Wikia, and how?

The new video tool allows you to embed and display videos in articles similar to the way that images are displayed.  The process of embedding a video is very similar to the same process of adding images.  To embed a video, click the "Add Video" icon in the editing toolbar.  On the first screen, paste in the URL for the video you wish to add.  Once you have pasted the URL, click "Insert." This brings you to a page where you can customize how the video is displayed.  On this page, the "Name" attribute will also be the name of the "Video" page.  When you are happy with the settings, click insert. The video code will be inserted on the page you are editing.

How do I link to another page on Wikia?

To link to another page, put double brackets around the title text of the page that you wish to link.  For example, to link to a page titled "New Page", you would type [[New Page]].

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III. Relations to Other Applications">III. Relations to Other Applications

How is Wikia similar to other websites?

Wikia was co-founded by the founder of Wikipedia, and the two programs work in much the same fashion. Wikia and other wiki-based websites are user defined pages that allow anyone to edit a page. Wikia and other wikis are available for groups to share information about a common interest or idea.8 The founder of Wikia, after attempting a search engine project, founded Wiki Answers. It is a similar concept to the wikis. You are able to post a question and anyone is allowed to post an answer to the question. In the same manner that Wikipedia is considered to be accurate, due to many people having access to the page and the ability to correct one another, wiki answers is a similar concept but with the ability to ask direct questions. 14

What features make Wikia different from other websites?

Wikia offers many special features that are not offered on other wiki-based pages.  For instance, Wikia offers extensions that help post items such as poems and mathematical formulas.  Plugins are also available that allow you to post calendars and polls on your wiki.  Wikia also offers a neat tool called ImageMap.  This allows for certain parts of a picture or image to be "clickable." Wikia states that it is "very useful for special effects on a navigation page" .9

Are there other websites that can be used with Wikia?

If you have a wiki in Wikia, you can embed aspects from other websites into your wiki.  You can embed videos in your wiki from sites like YouTube and Metacafe.10  Also, you can embed RSS feeds to your wiki. These RSS feeds can show news feeds, new entries from a blog, or show changes to a related wiki.11  You can also embed a Google map into your wiki page.  While users are viewing the page, they can have the full services of Google maps.9

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IV. Unique Uses of Wikia">IV. Unique Uses of Wikia

What are some unique ways I can use Wikia?

Wikia is not one of the most popular resources online, but it has many unique things to offer.

  • Wikia can place an individual or community at an advantage because it is used to advertise, inform and teach at the same time.
  • Universities have recently begun using Wikia as a way of expressing who they desire to recruit, what they have to offer, perks, benefits, and much more. Both faculty members and students are creating and editing these wikis. This may lead to a greater outcome for the university.
  • Wikis make information retrieval fast and simple. Prospective students can research these schools and find information both from university officials and current students at the university. Universities are not the only ones using Wikia. High schools are becoming users as well.
  • It is a great way to inform your community about what is going on. Information about sporting events, ways to get involved within your community and other exciting event information could be included on your wiki.
  • It is a great way to get everyone actively engaged while saving paper and time. There are also perks provided to students in math, psychology, language, and journalism courses.
  • Wikia provides students with a means to collaborate with others, to work through problems, and to ask for help in a quick manner. It may also become a great tutoring source for several students.
  • Multiple people can edit a page at once, and it will save all the changes. None of the edits will get "overwritten."
  • When using Wikia, it is important to remember that it is live to the world. Due to this, it is crucial to use caution when providing personal information, and you must ensure that you do not violate the "Fair Use" plagiarism laws.

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V. Uses Within an Educational Situation">V. Uses Within an Educational Situation

As a teacher, how could I use Wikia in my classroom?

Teachers are always looking for new technologies to incorporate in the classroom. Here are some great ways to use Wikia with students. We have created a Wikia page that contains these lesson plans and other useful information for teachers. This wiki can be found at

Creating a Lesson Plan

Objective: To learn how to create a lesson plan on Wikia

Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007


Topic: K-1, Science (S.T.E.M.)

Objective: To learn how to plant a flower and keep a journal to document the growth

Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: Grades 2-3, Math and Measurement (S.T.E.M.)

Objective: To learn about measurements and measurement conversions

Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: Grades 4-5, Social Studies

Objective: To research a person in today's society and write a report on them

Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

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Topic: Grades 9-12, Guidance Counseling

Objective: To compare the college choices available

Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: Grades 9-12, Level II French (S.T.E.M.)

Objective: To learn about regions and cultural differences in France and how to edit a wiki

Downloadables:Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: Grades 9-12, Scriptwriting

Objective: To write and perform a play in groups using major elements of script

Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: Grades 9-12, Government

Objective: To research the current deficit in our economy and research Barack Obama's plans to fix the deficit; to work collectively as a class to create a mock plan in which the class as a whole feels would be beneficial for the helping the condition of the economy
Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: Grades 9-12, A Year's Worth of Math

Objective: To give students quick reference guide that has been personalized for them by them to study for their exams.
Downloadables: A Year's Math

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Topic: College Freshman- Sophomore, Eduational Diversity (S.T.E.M.)

Objective: To read an article and write a reflective response with a minimum of 100 words, and actively join in class discussion about Educational Diversity
Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: College Freshman- Sophomore, Spanish Grammar 

Objective: To write an explanation about a Spanish grammar topic to show proficiency
Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: College Freshman, Art Critique

Objective: To post personal artwork from class online and write an art critique for a classmate's artwork
Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: College Freshman- Sophomore, Hospitality  and Tourism Management

Objective: To identify ways that even organizers could use Wikia for marketing, promotions and public relations
Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

Topic: College, Technology/ Computer Science (S.T.E.M.)

Objective: To develop a new computer game
Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007

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Business and Industry

Topic: Organizing and Managing a Small Business

Objective: To easily organize and manage a small business through a wiki site
Downloadables: Adobe PDF, Word 97-03, Word 2007
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VI. Current Examples of Educational Value">VI. Current Examples of Educational Value

How can Wikia be used within education as either a teacher or student resource?

Wikia is currently being used in several ways within education by both teachers and students.

Wikia as a resource for teachers:

  • Make a classroom or school page
  • Post newsletters
  • Exhibit student work
  • Network with other teachers
  • Find and create lesson plans
  • Learn teaching methods
  • Provide distance learning

Wikia as a resource for students:

  • Search for information
  • Display class work
  • Create a student community
  • Practice writing skills
  • Learn how to use a wiki
  • Receive class information from any computer

There are many Wikia pages set up specifically for education.  A few well developed pages exhibit the current uses of Wikia in the classroom.      

  • High School Online Collaborative Writing: This site invites schools to join and update the page.  The page includes a table of contents where students or educators can add information about different topics.  Topics range from Relationships to Law.  This site also provides an online art gallery to display their students' art work. 12
  • Education on Wikia: This site is a resource for teachers.  This site provides a "Meeting Point" where teacher's can interact or network.  The site also gives information about teaching methods.  A key feature to this page is the "Lesson Plan Café."  This page categorizes different grade levels and even provides business ideas as well.  Within each grade level, there are specific subject links where the lesson plans can be found.  Teachers can post and update lesson plans to this site as well as search for new ideas.13

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VII. Uses in Other Countries">VII. Uses in Other Countries

How could people in other countries use Wikia?

Wikia can be used in several different countries due to the fact there are 116 languages available for Wikia.  Since starting Wikia, Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales had the goal of making Wikia global. Any wiki that is created on Wikia is made independently, making each wiki authentic. A wiki that one may find in a different language is not simply an english page that has been translated.

To assure that a wiki remains presentable and meets regulations, there are community managers that speak German, English, and Spanish, as well as interns that speak German, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese to help keep wikis alive.  For those wikis that are in a language that was not mentioned, the idea is that the community will empower themselves and together keep their wiki up to date and accurate.

The top ten wikis in languages other than English are: (This is in Spanish and is a gaming wiki) (This is in Chinese and is a humor wiki) (This is in German and is an entertainment wiki) (This is in Polish and is a gaming wiki) (This is in French and is a gaming wiki) (This is in Finnish and is a gaming wiki) (This is in Portuguese and is a TV wiki) (This is in Japanese and is a gaming wiki) (This is in Italian and is a TV wiki) (This is in Dutch and is an entertainment wiki)

(Angela Beesley, personal communication, April 20, 2009)

For those individuals wanting to travel internationally, they can use Wikia to search entertainment, hobbies, and amusements in other countries that utilize Wikia. With more countries participating, it has become easier to learn about a country in a quick manner. Thus allowing an individual to create their own itinerary.  

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VIII. TLT Conference Materials">VIII. TLT Conference Materials

These are the downloadable materials we used in our presentations at the Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference on April 21, 2009

Brochure: Adobe PDF, Publisher

Presentation Slides: Adobe PDF , PowerPoint

Speech Cards: Adobe PDF , Word 97-03 , Word 2007

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IX. References">IX. References

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  1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    Welcome both Purdue students and our international partners from Australia.  This week we are beginning our project on Wikia.  In this project we will be using Confluence to communicate and to create our project.  It may be helpful to checkout the Confluence tutorial to become oriented with its structure.  Also, it will be necessary to become a member on the Wikia website ( to become familiar with it.  I will be keep in contact with you, and keep you updated on any new information.  Feel free to contact me at  I'm looking forward to working with you! 

  2. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    Hello!  I'm Michelle, and I will be the project manager.  I am studying Spanish Secondary Teaching.  I recently switch majors from Hospitality and Tourism Management.  In both majors I share the love of organizing events, activities, and people.  I enjoy dancing as well, and currently have found an interest in Latin and Ballroom dancing.  I hope to use my abilities in dance to help choreograph musicals in the school where I will work.  I am a native Hoosier and will probably spend the majority of the rest of my life in Indiana, as I love being with my family and friends back home.  If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or anything at all, please contact me at  I want to keep in close communication with all of you. 

    Could you please share with the rest of the group your focus in Education and background information about yourself?

    1. Hi Michelle, Sorry for the late introduction. My name is Lawrence and I live in Toowoomba, a small town in Queensland, Australia. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education majoring in Industrial Technology and Design. Look forward to chatting with you all throughout this learning process. Cheers Lawrence Hagan

  3. Unknown User (ehey)

    Hi everyone! My name is Emily. I am 20 years old and majoring in French Education. I plan to teach at the secondary level, probably high school. I grew up in a suburb of Indianapolis, IN. I originally came to Purdue University to study veterinary medicine, but decided to change majors. After I graduate, I plan to move to Arizona and teach there. If you need to contact me, please email me at

  4. Unknown User (ghaley)

    Hi guys! My name is Gretchen. I am majoring in Law and Society. I am actually in search for a job position as a paralegal for the summer in hopes of going to Law School down the road. I really enjoy writing/editing and working/talking through ideas, so please contact me if you'd like any help!

  5. Unknown User (ckscott)

    Hi! My name is Chelsea. I am currently a freshman with Pre-Pharmacy as my major but I am trying to CODO into Elemtentary Ed. I would love to teach at a 5th or 1st grade level. I live in Ann Tweedale, a cooperative house on campus and love it there.  

  6. Unknown User (jromack)

    Hi, My name is Jenny. I am a non traditional student returning back to Purdue. My major is Early childhood education. I have 2 children, and I work 12 hour nights in a factory. I hope to be able to complete my degree and become a teacher.If you need to contact me,

  7. Unknown User (mriney)

    Hello, my name is Matt.  This is my third year at Purdue and I love it!  I am majoring in Math Education.  I would very much love to teach in a high school.  I am a member of the Purdue Drumline, and being with these guys has been the best thing that has ever happened to me!

  8. Hi everyone, my name is Nikki. Its taken me a bit to log on as we have been having some problems with the logins but all sorted now thankgod! Im a second year at USQ Fraser Coast campus and its pretty cool. Its a really small campus and the class i have for this subject only has about 7 or 8 people in it. Im majoring in English Literature and Drama & Theatrical studies. My degree lets me teach in a secondary environment but im hoping to teach in a performing arts school eventually. I am 18 and work 3 jobs whilst studying fulltime so im a pretty busy girl. I also LOVE theatre and am hoping to audition for Zen Zen Zo soon which is a worldclass physical theatre school which will give me the best experience to be a drama teacher. My contact email is

  9. Hey everyone! My name, as you can see, is Gareth Nolan. I'm from the Fraser Coast campus. I'm going to be teaching secondary and I'm majoring in English and Minoring in science (quite a mixture of stuff actually). I work two jobs (all have to do with kids) and am really busy with alot of other activities during the week. I'm hoping to be a missionary teacher somewhere overseas, so I'll just sit tight and see what happens I guess! If anyone wants to contact me my email is


  10. Unknown User (kfox)

    Hello! My name is Kristen, and I am from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of north Texas.  I am a sophomore triple majoring in computer science, math and math education, and I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life!  I don't have much free time with all my class work and work work, but when I do I like to catch on the very few tv shows I watch.  This also means I will rarely be the first to get anything done, but I will always get it done!!  I haven't had much experience with this stuff, but I am also very quick to learn things like this as well. So, if you have any questions or need help, feel free!  My email is, very easy to remember (smile)

  11. Unknown User (jdimperi)

    Hey groupies. My name is James as stated above and I am from Long Island, New York. I am a sophmore majoring in selling and sales in the school of Consumer and Family Sciences. I "think" I want to do something with marketing when I graduate but to be honest I'm not completely sure. I love talking to people and I find myself to be at ease when giving a speech so I'm really looking forward to the presentation aspect of this project. My e-mail is If you have any questions or want to inform me sabout something don't hesitate to e-mail me.

  12. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    Thanks for your comments!  Be sure to check out the New Updates page for the latest news.  I will be posting info here rather than through e-mails.  Also, I have updated the Roles and Responsibilities page which may be easier to follow. 

    Also, Nikki, Lisa, and Gareth, let us know when you can chat with us online.  We are meeting Sunday at 3-4:30/5ish which is really early your time (Monday 5-7AM).  That might not work out so great for you, but we would be willing to set up another time with you.  Even if you don't have a web-cam or high speed internet, we will do instant messaging.  I included you all in the lesson plans writing, if you have questions about this, ask me or any other group member. 


    1. Unknown User (kfox)

      I thought we were meeting Sunday at 3 not Saturday... if it is Saturday, I don't think I can make it... if it's Sunday, then it would be early Monday for them

      1. Unknown User (mriney)

        We are meeting on Sunday.

  13. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    Lisa said that she is able to do a webcam conference with us!  She is available either Friday at 9p.m. or Tuesday at 7p.m. (Indiana day & time).  Let me know what time you think works better. 
  14. Unknown User (ehey)

    Tuesday at 7 p.m. would probably work better for me. Where/how would we do it? Do we all want to meet on campus for it?

  15. Unknown User (kfox)

    Tuesday night would also be better for me, I have to work at 11:00pm Saturday

  16. Unknown User (mriney)

    I vote Tuesday.

  17. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    Ok, so just to clarify, our meeting group meeting is this Sunday, not Saturday.  I also vote for Tuesday for the webcam also.  I'm not sure where we would want to meet.  We could go to the library, possibly the EDCI 270 lab, or we could even do it in one of the study lounges in my dorm. 

    1. Unknown User (ehey)

      Anything would work for me. The EDCI 270 lab would probably be best since we wouldn't be disturbing other people. Just a thought.

      1. Unknown User (kfox)

        Sarah said that it was possible to put up multiple webcams on Adobe Connect, so if everyone has their own computers/webcams then we wouldn't even have to meet somewhere.  Just set up a time and know who will be hosting the chat.

  18. Unknown User (jromack)

    Tuesday would work better for me with the web cam meeting.Just let me know where and if Tuesday what time?

  19. Unknown User (ckscott)

    Friday would work but I'd rather do it on Tuesday. I'm going to post my address on here so everyone will see it. I don't know everyones email so this works better. My address is 40 N. Salisbury. If you need help finding it you can call me, 765-437-9367.

  20. Unknown User (jromack)

    For our presentation,what would everyone think of having us get t-shirts made with the logo? Then everyone would know what group we belonged to, even if we we not at our table. We can talk more if people are interested on Sunday.

    1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      Hey Jenny, I think the t-shirt idea is good.  We might also be able to see if Wikia would be willing to give us t-shirts or other handout materials.  But we can get ideas together on Sunday.

      Also, I was checking out your lesson plans.  Looks good.  I might suggest that on the first one, to make the journal entries on the wiki.  I didn't know if thats what you intended, but it seems to fit in.  Also on the third one, it might be easier to have a list of people that the students can research so that you would already know if there is info about the person on Wikia. Just a suggestion. 

      1. Unknown User (ckscott)

        For the first lesson I think we wanted to just keep the Wikia use to the teachers since the kids are so young and might not be as responsive to using the Wikia. For the third one thats a great suggestion. I will change it either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks Michelle!

  21. Unknown User (ehey)

    I deleted the logo off of our site. I started thinking about it and I feel like that might be something we want to ask the company for permission to use. Just a thought...

  22. Unknown User (ghaley)

    As far as meeting on Tuesday goes, I can make it anytime after 4:15.  For our group meeting would someone please e-mail me directions to Chelsea's house? Also, I was thinking of ideas for more lesson plans, would it be ok if we had the teachers create their own wikia in which the students could work together as a class to build their own wiki? I will bring a drafted idea of what I am thinking to our meeting tonight and if everyone agrees to it, I will post it on here.

    Also, I like the idea of getting shirts made. (Depending on cost of course!)

    1. Unknown User (ehey)

      I like the idea of tshirts as well. I also thought about having the kids create their own wiki, but then since you have to get the site approved and everything with Wikia, I thought maybe the teacher could create their own wiki and the kids could do edits on it.

  23. Unknown User (ghaley)

    That's what I have them doing. I will share my ideas this afternoon!

  24. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    Sweet guys!  It looks like all the topics have been covered!  Thanks for being so committed and on top of things.  You all are great to worked with.  (smile)

  25. Unknown User (ckscott)

    If anyone has any ideas for the poster let me know so I can integrate them into the rough draft for Wednesday. Thanks!

  26. Unknown User (ckscott)

    Ok guys Jenny and I went to Underground Printing and with us ordering 8 shirts it would be around 16 dollars a person unlss you got over a 2XL then it would be around 17. We were thinking about having Wikia in white on the front then on the back have their saying. It goes something like "find and collaborate" I'm not sure exactly. We can discuss it tomorrow when we get in touch with the IPs unless you are all ok with it then I can order it tomorrow before we meet. Let me know!! Thanks

    1. Unknown User (ehey)

      Sounds good. The only thing is I don't think we can change the color of the logo. I got an email back from the guy today regarding permission and he said it's fine to use the logo, but to follow these guidelines. One of those guidelines is no color modification :-P

    2. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      I think the shirts are a good idea, but I think it might be cheaper to make them ourselves.  We would just need to go to Walmart and get everyone's size shirt.  (I don't think that it would be much more than $7 for a plain colored t-shirt.  Then they sell the special paper to iron on a printed image.  I can't image the paper being any more than $20...probably not that much.  In any case, this would be closer to the $10-$12 per person range.  That's just a perspective from cost.  Yet I could that it might be easier just to have them made.  Whatever everyone wants to do, I'm game.  I e-mailed Angela Beesly, the co-founder about possibly getting shirts, so this might be a possibility, but I will let you know.

      1. Unknown User (ckscott)

         The color isn't too big of a deal we can do white shirts with the blue. Also let's check out the price of the paper before we decide because it could be more expensive to get enough for every shirt. We can talk about it tonight and decide for sure but we need to order the shirts by Thursday with Friday being the absolute latest.

        1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

          I checked the Walmart website about the shirt products.  The iron-on paper comes in packets with 10 sheets.  The packet costs $16 so that would be about $2 per person in addition to the cost of the t-shirt.  A plain Fruit of the Loom colored t-shirt costs $4.50, Faded Glory $6, and Polos $9.,  Its also simple to use, I've made a cool shirt for my friend like this before.

  27. Unknown User (ghaley)

    Ok, a few things. I looked over the entire page today to do the editing. It is looking really good!  I made a few modifications and I am still working on the lesson plans, fixing a few things here and there. Almost done.

    As far as shirts go, if the logo has to be done in that baby blue color (or someting similar) I think it would look good on a red, or a deeper red color shirt. I feel like white would be too boring and if we're paying 16 or 17 for the shirt I'd honestly like to have one that I might wear at other times. (Is that strange? I like fun t-shirts!) If not a red color, I feel we could find a color that would be just as fun. But a fun fact for you, red is the color of confidence! I am just thinking in terms of when we present this. We can talk about it tomorrow!

  28. Unknown User (ghaley)

    Oh, and I was also thinking that at the top of the page we could put the logo followed by their saying if we figure out what it is exactly. Then under that we could leave the quote from Angela.

  29. Unknown User (mriney)

    Ah snap!  We have a table of contents!

    Gretchen, I think that sounds like an awesome idea!

  30. Unknown User (kfox)

    Yes we have a table of contents! and an info box thingy!!

    Couple things.. let me know if you think we should add anything else to the info box and whether or not you want to number our sections.

  31. Unknown User (kfox)

    Also for the references, if everyone could mark their references where they were used in each section, then put the link/citation in the reference section.  Then I can make the footnote links.  This would help a lot as I don't know which parts of each section were taken from which sites.  Thanks so much!  If you have questions, we can talk in class tomorrow!

  32. Unknown User (ehey)

    There you go!

  33. Unknown User (ckscott)

    Alright guys the poster draft is done and I am going to get material to cover the board with tonight along with pins. If there is anything else you think I need to get for the poster let me know. Also, Jenny I made a layout of the poster on the floor in my room and we have more than enough room so if you want to make the Wikia logo 8 inches for if the letters are 3 inches and 10 if the letters are 4 inches that would be great!

  34. Unknown User (kfox)

    Hey everyone.. I've noticed that not a whole lot has been going on with our page for the past couple days.  I still need everyone to get their references in order. 

    I was wondering what everyone thought about meeting up to make sure we have our second draft ready.  I'm sure most people have gone home for Easter, but I also think we need to make sure everything gets taken care of.  I will be at my grandmother's until early Sunday evening, but I will be checking back on here so let me know what everyone thinks!

  35. Unknown User (mriney)

    Hey everybody,  I am all for meeting Tuesday night to make our final draft awesome.  We could meet at a computer lab or we could do Chelsea's place again.  I am good after 3:30.

  36. Unknown User (ehey)

    I am free at 4:30 to meet on Tuesday. I vote we just meet at a computer lab. There are usually a bunch open in BRNG in the afternoons.

  37. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    I am free 4:30 until 6p.m. on Tuesday. I would say either to meet in either Hicks (for computer coding assistance and large tables) or Beering (for TA advice).  Oh, also, Emily and I are done with the Jing videos.  I talked to Kevin O'Shea for assistance with embedding the videos.  Now I know how to do so, but he suggested waiting to add the videos until the very end of the page editting, because the video size ration changes.  So for now, the videos look tiny.

  38. Unknown User (ckscott)

    So I was just looking at the page and I was thinking, if it's not to hard and everyone else agrees, that it might look better if we put the things under the blue titles, the green ones, in the table of contents under each section so that if a person is looking for only one certain answer to a question they can just go straight to that. Remember this is only if it's not too hard and everyone wants to do it. I was just thinking..

    1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      I'm a bit confused as to what you are suggesting.  Do you mean that green titles in the page should be included as subtitles in the table of contents?

      1. Unknown User (ckscott)

        Yeah that's what I was trying to get at. Sorry that was so confusing. I have a problem of over explaining things sometimes and then no one ever understands what I'm trying to say.

  39. Unknown User (ghaley)

    Hey guys! I can meet tomorrow at 4:30 if that's what works best for everyone!

    1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      So the plan is to meet at 4:30p.m. on Tuesday in the Beering Fowyer.

  40. Unknown User (jromack)

    Got the binders,lots of differant types of tape including double sided,staples and staple gun, and found some white tacks too. Will bring in tomorrow for lab and see what we will need.

  41. Unknown User (ehey)

    Hey guys, I looked over everything and fixed the few times that "wiki" was written as "Wiki." Unless somebody else edits it and changes it, it should be fine as far as that goes.

  42. Unknown User (ehey)

    Oh, and I had a friend look over the site tonight and she said it looked like a professional site to her. So that's good news (smile)

  43. Unknown User (kfox)

    So I changed most of the dark blue headings to a lighter blue that I think matches the Wikia logo better.  Let me know if anyone doesn't like it (smile)

  44. Unknown User (mriney)

    Hey guys, my fiancee mentioned that in the first yellow box on our first screenshot there should be an "is" inbetween "This" and "where".

    1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      Its now updated.

  45. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    I updated #7 & #3 on the references.  Also I am working on updating the purpose.  I believe that I am going to delete the comment about the problems still being fixed.  I don't think it is necessary in the purpose.

  46. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    FYI:  I will be update the turn-it-in corrections in the morning.  I am also planning on resizing the lessonplans and the Jing videos.  I printed out both the turn-it-in, as well as the Wiki page to look over more closely. 

  47. Unknown User (ghaley)

    I had two friends look over the website as well, they liked it! I asked their opinion about the size of the lesson plans and whether to make them all the same size, they said they didn't even pay attention to it, but it'd look good either way!

  48. Unknown User (jdimperi)

    hey guys what time this week or weekend do you want to meet to practice our presentation and finish any last second adjustments?

    1. Unknown User (ckscott)

      Either Thursday afternoon or Saturday during the day. This weekend is packed with stuff for my house. I have no other times I can meet other than those two.

  49. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    I see you are busy editing away Kristen.  Good job!

    1. Unknown User (kfox)

      haha yes!  I was trying to fix the first lesson plan.  The materials section was really strange.  I couldn't fix it the way I wanted so I just had to creat a whole seperate row for the teacher part.. oh well at least it looks consistant now (smile)

      1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

        So I just rearranged the videos so that they fit under their specific topic.  I am also planning on adding a few more screen shots as Emily our assistant TA suggested. I also moved the other screen shots to be left aligned.  Did you just take off the travel one?  I noticed it was missing as I came back to the homepage.  If so, I'm guessing you are removing the images that we discussed.

        1. Unknown User (kfox)

          Actually, no I did not remove it.. I don't know what happened to it, but I suppose I could fix it if you wanted.. I didn't know if we had come to a consensus about that.. just let me know

  50. Unknown User (ghaley)

    I was looking over the site and I clicked to watch the videos. The video on how to create an account and the video on how to edit a page are in the wrong sections. They need to be switched. Honestly, I would do it, but I am affraid of messing something up on them. If someone wants to give me directions or fix it, sorry I just do not want to delete the screen shots or the videos...

  51. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    Hey guys, I can't get the spacing to correct on the How to Use Wikia section.

  52. Unknown User (mriney)

    The references check out fine.  I am working on the spacing.

    1. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

      Thanks!  I got the videos checked.  Hopefully you can figure out the spacing.

  53. Unknown User (kfox)

    Hey everyone!  If  you culd please let me know when you're done editing what you need to that would be awesome!   I want to make sure I print and save the most perfect version possible.  So just leave a comment down here letting me know that you've done everything.. Thanks!

  54. Unknown User (ghaley)

    I was just going to add one more picture and then the reference for Angela's e-mail and for the picture I am about to put up will need to be added to the references. (I believe the picture will because I did not include the URL) I will add that once Matt is done editing!

    1. Unknown User (ghaley)

      Ok, unless anyone feels we need more screen shots, I think we are ok! Let me know.

  55. Unknown User (mriney)

    I am done.  The screen shots look fine Gretchen, good job! 

    The references' links all work and I spaced the How To section the best that I could.

  56. Unknown User (mtrzynka)

    I believe all my changes have been made.  Remember for those who are printing out lesson plans to bring them tomorrow night.

  57. Unknown User (kfox)

    I double checked all the spacing and fixed where needed

    I also checked on the reference for the Angela email and the only citation required is in text so I fixed that.

    The version printed will be version 292

  58. Unknown User (ckscott)

    Hey guys I was just looking at the page and I noticed two spaces in between James' first and last name so I changed that. Obviously it will be the same for the binders but at least it's changed for the site. Maybe no one will notice on the printouts. (big grin)

  59. As I reviewed this application, I saw that it had been given 2.5 stars out of 5. I agree with that rating. On one hand the wiki is very user friendly, and is obviously a useful tool for on-line collaborating, as all wikis are. On the other hand however, the site is mainly about video games, online games, movies and TV shows. I did not feel there was any real 'content' useful for teaching in a classroom setting. As I reviewed more thoroughly, I did see there were some selections of lessons plans and online collaborative writings. The site also offered other language options for people accessing the site from other countries, which is always a plus. I actually did a search to find the lesson plans, etc. Helpful tools for teachers are not what ‘pops’ on the home page, but they can be found if actively searching for them on the site. If I had time to actually hunt for all needed items, I would rather go to a site that better fits my needs in the first place.