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"Great ideas can turn into a lot of money, but how often are good ideas forgotten?"

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Table of Contents   

I. Overview
Wridea is an idea-sharing application that allows users to collaborate, brainstorm, and pool ideas, individually and together.  Wridea allows users to organize and develop thoughts and ideas.

Here is how to use the website.
1) First navigate to
2) Now you should see this screen.

3) Next click on the button that says "Sign up now!" to create a new account and you should see this screen.

4) Fill out the form and you are almost done.

5) Click 'Add New Idea'

6) Type your idea where the arrow is pointing and you are done!

Now you can add friends from all over the world and collaborate on ideas!

Here is a video of what Wridea is.

Also, here is the brochure we handed out at the showcase.


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          I.1 About

Wridea was fully developed in June of 2008 by Octeth Ltd.  It is based out of Istanbul Turkey and revolves around a team of five individuals.  It began as an e-mail marketing site and has since grown into an online organizational tool that can be used to organize and share ideas more effectively.  Wridea is a web 2.0 based service that allows you to save your ideas online. You can create, categorize and organize your ideas, create different pages and treat them as different projects.

     PROS    CONS

Good tool for creative minds

It is not for everyone

Simple project management

Does not have a lot of features you would expect: due dates, calendar, email alerts, or tools to keep you on task

Organizing your ideas


Getting things done


Share ideas and feedback with friends


In control of privacy settings



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          I.2 How Wridea Works

To utilize Wridea, users must set up an account by providing their name, e-mail, and a password.  Signing up for a Wridea account only takes a few moments, and then you may begin adding your ideas.  Wridea is designed to act as a scratchpad to evoke higher level thinking in which individual tasts can be built and feedback can be received from other users.  Not only can simple ideas be entered, but Wridea allows the user to enter details in a free-form textbox to support ideas.  To fill in details, steps, tasks, or additional notes, the user can click the details link under the specific idea.   As more and more ideas are gathered, categorizing and organizing of thoughts can be separated into different pages.  The user must determine how many pages their ideas will be separated into.

Wridea allows its users to add friends and create groups.  This option will allow users to collaborate, brainstorm, and pool their ideas together.  Friends may be added by clicking on the Friends tab located on the main page.  Adding groups can be done in the same way, using the Create a new group box.         

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          I.3 Uses with Twitter

Wridea works alongside other applications such as Twitter, which began use in August of 2009.  Since Wridea has joined with Twitter, any Twitter user is able to stay current on Wridea recent news.  Additionally, Wridea news can be accessed using Octeth Ltd. Company websites such as,, and  When linking your wridea account to your twitter account, this can be done a couple ways. Simply post your URL from the wridea page in your twitter bio so that everyone who follows you or searches you can access your wridea account. Also every time you post a new idea you can tweet the new idea URL so everyone who follows you can have quick access to it. You can also add what’s called a tweet button to your wridea page making it simple for people that see your wridea page to share it on twitter for the people that follow the person who liked your wridea page.  

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II. How Wridea Relates to other Applications

          II.1 How does Wridea compare to other Applications?

      Wridea’s main idea of gathering, organizing, and sharing information relates to other applications with similar purposes. Do It, Do It, Done! is another application that can be used to take notes. However, Wridea gives the user the opportunity to share their information with other users and categorize their ideas. Wridea is also similar to Twitter. On both applications you can subscribe to follow other users and monitor their updates. They both also have a feed page where ideas are constantly updated. Wridea also has many unique applications or features. One feature is the Idea Rain. This feature allows users to watch their ideas “rain” (or fall down) the screen. Its purpose is to help focus on all ideas at once. Wridea also helps user be organized by providing e-mail alerts and ways to show user how far they have gotten on a specific task.

Wridea also has a facebook page>>>Wridea Facebook
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          II.2 Unique Features

     Wridea also has many unique applications or features. One feature is the Idea Rain. This feature allows users to watch their ideas “rain” (or fall down) the screen. Its purpose is to help focus on all ideas at once. Wridea also helps user be organized by providing e-mail alerts and ways to show user how far they have gotten on a specific task. Wridea has a unique features page on its website.  Here is a list of some of the features on this site:

  • Ideas- Create an unlimited amount of ideas and start sharing with friends
  • Pages- Categorize your ideas under different pages
  • Friends- Invite your friends to Wridea and share your ideas, pages with your friends.
  • Page Sharing- Share your pages with your friends or all Wridea community.
  • Idea Sharing- Share your specific ideas with your friends, friend groups or Wridea community.
  • Commenting on Ideas- Make great discussions and brainstorming sessions by the help of your friends.
  • Idea Searching- Search your ideas on-the-fly with the state-of-art search engine.
  • Idea Rain- Ideas literally rain down the page (big grin)

Link to features page on

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III. Real World Application

          III.1 Practical Use of Wridea

Wridea is an application that could be used in everyday life, along with in the classroom. Teachers could use Wridea with students to help them collect ideas for brainstorming. With using Wridea students would be able to interact and add their ideas to existing ideas. This application could be used in at any grade level for many different project ideas.  After researching individually, students will brainstorm possible paper topics, as well as thesis statements, to be checked by the professor. Here is a list of examples of some practical uses in Wridea:

  • Keep track of the ideas that come to mind during the night
  • Share your ideas about home improvements projects with your spouse
  • Let colleagues know all the great new ideas you thought of during the day
  • Get feedback and insight from the Wridea community about your latest business idea

   III.2 What You Can Do With Wridea

Wridea is a multi-purpose idea management and collaboration service for anyone and company.  You can use it for many different purposes:

  • Keeping the list of tasks based on their categories
  • Storing ideas and keeping them organized
  • Sharing ideas with colleagues and discussing
  • Taking notes in conference, workshop, etc.
  • Taking notes in a meeting
  • Making brain storming sessions with team members
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IV. Demonstration of Educational Value

Students are expected to learn effective methods of organization.  This, in many cases, means that the students will need to write down their priorities in a daily planner or notebook.  Wridea can be used to address some of the weaknesses of planners.  Students can use Wridea as a daily list of priorities including homework, extracurricular activities, and important events.  Wridea increases organization of priorities because students can re-order the list, easily read the list, and add a virtually infinite number of entries.  Wridea makes it simple to add ideas and important information in any order.  Wridea has four different font sizes to choose from and a choice of white background or a blue background.  Having the font options makes each idea easy to read whereas sometimes it is hard to decipher messy handwriting in a planner.  Students can utilize Wridea in many effective ways to benefit themselves organizationally.

Teachers can utilize Wridea in lesson plans.  Wridea can be used to organize ideas and content of a lesson plan in any order.   Teachers can use Wridea for personal organization and also for their student communication.  Teachers can use a page for the class to communicate assignments and helpful ideas to students.  Teachers can also receive questions or feedback from students in this way.

          IV.1 Classroom Applications

Wridea can be used in the classroom in many different ways. Since it is a good brainstorming tool, teachers would be able to incorporate Wridea into their lessons as a class or on and individual basis. Along with brainstorming, Wridea can be used to connect with others, share ideas, display ideas, and organize research. Below are some lesson plans that could incorporate Wridea into the classroom.  

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          IV.2 Lesson Plans

 Elementary Lesson Plans:             

Parts of Speech: Students will have the opportunity to develop a strong knowledge of different parts of speech with the use of the Wridea website.  With instruction students will enter as many words, of the instructed part of speech, as they can think of in an allotted amount of time.  As a class, the teacher will go over the class list using the idea rain application of the Wridea site.     

Parts of Speech2.docx


Classroom Pen Pals: The classroom is matched up with another classroom in the country or the world. The students communicate through the Wridea web application and compare characteristics of place such as methods of transportation, government, weather, resources and culture.

Wridea Lesson Plan.doc

Wridea Lesson Plan.pdf

Math Facts (S.T.E.M.):  Teachers will ask students to answer multiplication problems with the help of's idea rain feature.  The teacher will put the answer and also other numbers on the idea rain and the students will have to call out when they see the answer.  As the activity progresses over time, the teacher will increase the speed and how many other numbers there are.

^Multiplication Problems.docx


Biography Research: In this lesson students will be required to read a biography and research the person of interest. Students will research their person and record their information on the website to keep them organized. To wrap up students will create a poster and a short presentation of information to the class.  

 ^Biography Lesson plan.doc


 Economics lesson: (Grade: 1) In this lesson students will be asked a question about what a "good" is? Then they will brainstorm what "goods" mean to them and organize their ideas using this web 2.0 application. Students will then look through magazines and cut out pictures different goods and make a collage. To assess them a  homework assignment will be sent home to decide if they understand the material.

Economic lesson plan.docx

Economic lesson plan.pdf

Secondary Lesson Plans:             

Pen Pals: In this lesson, students will be assigned a Pen Pal that is In this lesson students will be assigned to groups. In their groups they will come up with a current event that relates to their Biology class. They will give a presentation showing the connections between their topic and the class. Throughout the project the group must use Wridea and create a group page that will make it easier for them to communicate. They may also use Wridea to brainstorm ideas for their current event.
in another state or school. The students will learn the difference between formal and informal writing and when it is appropriate to use both types of writing styles. will be the way the students keep in touch with their Pen Pal.

 ^Pan Pal lesson plan.doc


Science Vocabulary (S.T.E.M.):  

Students will use as a group tool to help each other study new vocabulary words.  Since has a group page application, it is easy to communicate within a group to help everyone in the group learn and remember all of the assigned vocabulary words.

vocab words lesson plans.docx

vocab words lesson plan.pdf           

English Brainstorming: In this lesson students will be assigned a research paper. They are responsible for brainstoring their own topic and writing a informational paper about their topic. They will be using Wridea, specifically the Idea Rain application to brainstorm ideas. They must also use Wridea to comment on classmates ideas as a form of constructive critism or encouragement.


^Research Paper Lesson.docx

Students will use Wridea to create a digital journal to collect all of their thoughts and have them on an easy to access website.

Digital Journal.pdf

Digital Journal Lesson Plan.docx

Post Secondary Lesson Plans:

Scientific Researching (S.T.E.M): Students will create a scientific paper in groups of three complete with an abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references.  The scientific paper will compare the use of two of two forms of biomedical engineering technology to determine which one has had the greatest impact on society.   Students must use at least two scholarly sources in their paper and should discuss the biomedical technology that is currently used and how it could be improved. 



Note Card Research:

Students will learn how to use planning cards for research.  Students will learn that can be used as a replacement for paper note cards. is a useful tool for organizing even many note cards of information that the students have researched.

Planning cards lesson plans.docx

Planning cards lesson plan.pdf

Group Research: In this lesson students will be assigned groups. They will then come up with a current event that relates to their Biology class. They will be giving a presentation to their other classmates about the connections between their topic and the real world. Throughout the project they will be setting up a group page using Wridea so that they can communicate quickly and easily. They may also use Wridea when brainstorming their ideas for their current event.

^Real World Connections Lesson.docx


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V. How Wridea is Used Internationally

          V.1 Internationl Uses is an application that could be used in any country around the world. This application is a great way to combine multiple people’s ideas on one site. Because others can comment on the ideas that have already been posted, people from other countries would have fast access to give you feedback about your ideas. The “friends” function of help those from different countries keep track of each other.  This function creates the ability for people that help one another with ideas stay connected and provide feedback in the future. The ability for users to comment and add ideas to multiple pages allows Wridea to be used in many different places.

Wridea was established in 2006 and after 2 years of beta testing phase, the final release was put online on June 2008. Wridea is already being used by more than 40,000 users worldwide.

Media ContactFor interview requests or any other media requests, please contact us via:

Phone (United States): +1 (718) 395 24 87

Phone (Turkey): +90 (212) 570 69 05

Fax: +90 (212) 543 67 30


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VI. References

          VI.1 Wridea Home Page

  VI.2 Review of Wridea

  VI.3 Review of Wridea  

  VI.4 Lifehacker Review of Wridea

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