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Writing a Research Paper


  • The students will gain knowledge of how to research and write a paper. 
  • They will use Google Notebook as the main way of gathering research.
  • Students will be able to write a paper in APA format with five or fewer minor mistakes. 
  • They will take their research and put it into Google Notebook, creating informational headings and folders to keep it organized. 
  • Finally, students will present their research and show how they have used Google Notebook to keep their research organized.

Learning Environment

  • Learning will take place in a High School Classroom or a Computer Lab that is supervised by the teacher. 
  • Some research and other work will be done in student's homes or in libraries after school as homework. 
  • Work will be done individually.

Description of Students

  • The students doing this project will be in grades 11 or 12. 
  • This lesson may be used for students enrolled in an English Composition class, History class, or upper level Science class. 
  • Students will be around the ages 16-19.  They are expected to have some previous knowledge of the subject matter and some experience writing research papers.


11.5.9, 11.5.6, 11.5.7,11.5.10


Students will need to have some kind of access to a computer away from school, so they can easily work on their research outside of class


  • During this lesson, students will be learning how to research and write a good paper.
  • Students will choose a topic, and then the teacher will show the class how to use Google Notebook.
  • Students will then begin their research using only internet sources.
  • They will have to organize their sources as well as show the teacher their sources using Google Notebook. This will help the students to gain their information easier, and they can keep track of it as well. This will also help the teacher to be able to keep tabs on the students. He/she will be able to see if the sources that the students are using are good sources, and he/she will be able to see how much information the students are actually retrieving. 
  • After the research is complete, the students can begin writing their paper.
  • When it is all done, the students will turn everything in, including their final paper, rough draft, outline, and a copy of their Google Notebook research.


Each student will write a research paper using the information they have found and organized using Google Notebook.


  • Students turn in all their work to the teacher, and they will be graded on how well they organized their sources and information is after using Google notebook.
  • Their papers will be graded using the APA format for papers, and they will be graded on their grammar.


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  1. Unknown User (mpfohl)

    Do you think that students should make their notebooks private or public? Schools may have a problem with making them public (schools tend to get anxious about the words public, internet, and students in the same sentence) but by making them public, students could look at one another's work and possibly pull research for their own project from sites other students are using. Also, by making them public the teacher can easily look at their notebooks throughout the research process and make sure that, not only do they have enough sources, but that they are good sources.

    1. Unknown User (wrightjr)

      yeah I think you are right. well I saw in another post that you can add email addresses to your notebook so that you can have those people be able to see them and edit them, but I guess that could be a problem with some students goofing off and messing up other students work. But we can see.

  2. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    I think it would be a good idea to just share the notebooks with the teacher and have them set to private.  I know at any school I attended, we would have had a problem with other students just looking at someone else's notebook for their research instead of actually doing their own research.  Also, I'm pretty sure there is no way to tell which student had which information first.

    1. Unknown User (wrightjr)

      okay sweet. That sounds like a great idea. I can make it set to that then.

  3. Unknown User (jlclayto)

    I am working on this lesson plan and putting it into the format that we used for the first web assignment.  I actually have it completed, but it's saved on the computers on campus, so I'll upload it to here tomorrow in class!