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1. History">1. History

1.1 How was the application developed?">1.1 How was the application developed?

This application was developed by Lindsay Preston. According to the About section, the site was developed because “everyone has a story to tell; a letter to write; a school paper to finish or simply the need to communicate. Everyone has sat agonizingly in front of a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen and the words won’t come. WritingRoom is here for you.” I1

1.2 How does the application work?">1.2 How does the application work?

Writingroom is a social networking site for writers.  The site has three categories: Professional Author and Expert, which are paid memberships, and Member, which is free for anyone to join.  Members can use the site to network with experts and authors or simply other people who enjoy writing.   Members can also post their works on the site and read other members' works.  The members can then critique the writings of one another.

The site also has different sections to help writers.  The Writing How To section has many resources including “How to Start your Story,” “How to Edit Yourself”, and “How to Protect your Writing”.  There is an Activities section with “Campfire Stories,” “Who What Where,” and “Games.”  The Activities section is meant to help people overcome writer's block or help improve vocabulary.

It is very easy for people to become members of this site.  All a person must do is fill out their name, location, and email address to start an account.">It is very easy for people to become members of this site.  All a person must do is fill out their name, location, and email address to start an account.


This video briefly but efficiently gives individuals a demonstration of how to become a member of WritingRoom. It helps others with easy access to the site. It also helps them to get started much faster.

This How Tos video is a great way to get started after signing up for WritingRoom. It gives and effective demonstration on how to find what you are looking for. Not only that, it explains the various types of writing applications that writers may want to look at before getting started.

Activities Page on WritingRoom|^activities_page.swf]!activities_page.swf|width=500,height=400,id=media!">Activities Page on WritingRoom

This video shows the different type of links you can access while in your writing room profile. It gives you an idea of where you participate in certain activities. This video shows a great demonstration. It gives individuals a beforehand look at what they can do with WritingRoom.

1.3 Are there any ways to use this application alongside others?">1.3 Are there any ways to use this application alongside others?

This application can connect with Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace and many other Web 2.0 applications.  Members can choose to share their profile page, and by sharing these profiles they allow friends from other online communities to view their writing.   Writingroom is all about networking with other writers, including this function which allows their members to network outside of Writingroom’s site as well.

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2. How WritingRoom relates to other Applications">2. How WritingRoom relates to other Applications

The writing room is a place where people can go to improve their writing and reading skills.  It is like other social networking sites in some ways but it also different in some ways too.

 Comparing to  

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  • groups people can join to communicate & share
  • Games
  • Create groups
  • Make a profilee
  • Purpose is to improve writing skills
  • Not used for slang
  • More for writing and less to keep in touch with individulas

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3. Real World Application of WritingRoom">3. Real World Application of WritingRoom

3.1 Educational Lesson Plans">3.1 Educational Lesson Plans

3.2 Elementary">3.2 Elementary

1. Art Lesson Plan: Students will use WritingRoom to find examples of Haiku's and then write their own.  After writing their poetry, the students will then create the art work to illustrate their work.  This project will allow the students to express their experiences  through art and writing.

2. Engineer Lesson Plan: This lesson plan will have the students group chatting on WritingRoom, in their own group, about the most efficient way to make a paper airplane.  

After discussing with eachother the best possible way, they will actually create the airplanes and test them on a provided target In doing this the students will learn  about chance and accuracy by whether or not their airplane hits the target and how far it was off by.

3. English Lesson Plan: Students are assigned stories to read from the Children's Stories section on WritingRoom. Students then have to write a summary of the story they are assigned, and also tell what the moral of the story is.

4. English Lesson Plan:  Students are assigned to read Fairy Tales, they then are required to write and illustrate their own Fairy Tale using the tools on WritingRoom.  The students will then publish their compiled stories on WritingRoom. Based on Swedish Standards.

3.3 Secondary">3.3 Secondary

1. Science Lesson Plan: This lesson plan encourages the development of scientific writing, as well learning how to correctly cite a paper. Students will use the website,, to improve their own writing, as well the writing of others. 

 2. English Lesson Plan: This lesson plan will discuss three influential authors of the 1900s (Jane Austen, Mark Twain, John Steinbeck) and their most famous classical novels. They will then use the website,, to compare and contrast the various excerpts and collaborate with their classmates using the Groups application.

3. English Composition Lesson Plan:  In this lesson plan students will use WritingRoom as insperation to write their own short story.  They will then publish their completed stories on WritingRoom.  Based on Swedish Standards

4. Introduction to Chemistry Lesson Plan:  In this lesson plan, students will use writing room to upload their essays over their picked chemists and critique their classmates papers.

3.4 Post-Secondary

1. Com 114 Lesson Plan: Students will partake in a impromptu speech, decided randomly by the computer. By using this's "Who What Where" function, they will be given 3 random objects that they will have to work into their speech.

2. English 106 Lesson Plan: Students will participate in an exercise about pitching a movie. They will need to incorporate all the aspects of writing “High Concept”,

as mentioned on [’s ('s/)]  “How To” section.

3. General Science Lesson Plan: A group of domestic and international students will create a PowerPoint presentation covering a real world science topic. They will use [|'s/] as a way to communicate their work and ideas to each other, as well as a source to improve their project. 

 5.) Brittany's Lesson Plan- Students are too create a story using imagination and publish their stories to the writingroom. Then students are too use their classmates comments to fix their work and recieve credit!

3.5 Demonstration of Educational Value

The WritingRoom can be exceptionally helpful in a classroom for any age. The website can be used to help students write just about any type of paper. Students can get help on papers they have written and would like to be proof-read, or a teacher could start a class group on the website for their students to interact on and help one another out. Of course, there are many more advantages of this site. There is a Writing How-To section of the website that can assist students in writing many different types of pieces. A teacher could also have his or her students, who are in a creative writing class, submit their poetry into a current writing contest on the site. Although this website would mainly be helpful for English and writing classes; science, math, and history teachers can also find ways to incorporate this website into their classwork by having their students refer to one of the guides in the Writing How-To section when writing a paper for the class.

3.6 Business/Industry">3.6 Business/Industry

Authors can use this website to connect with publishers and have the chance to get new works published. They can do so by contacting the associate publishers or by posting works for publishers to read.  They can also network with their readers to build a stronger fan base

Expert Writers
Expert writers can post their qualifications and writings on their WritingRoom pages.  Authors and members can then contact expert writers to have them critique their writings and help them to improve their skills

 PublishersPublishers can search the many authors and members to find stories they are interested in publishing.  They can also search authors' profiles to find authors who work in their areas of interest.  This may lead them to develop work-related relationships

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4. How the Writing Room is used Internationally?">4. How the Writing Room is used Internationally?

This site can be used by members around the world.  It allows members to network and share their writing with people located in the same room or across the globe.  Writing Room can be used to connect classrooms around the world by creating a group and allowing the students to add comments and friend each other to communicate.  This would also allow the students to share their work with one another.

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Purdue Members

Project Manager: Alexis Hoffman, Matt Jackson, Nicholas King, Amy Nagel, Krystin Stutesman, Joseph Tijerina, & Taylor Vowels

Umea Members, Sweden

Victoria Rudeklint & Thom Samuelsson

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6. Resources">6. Resources


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7. References">7. References


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WritingRoom Research Page

WritingRoom Group Member Introduction Page

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  1. Unknown User (vmartz)

    I found this social website to be one of the most interesting things I've seen in a while! I think it could be very useful for an English student from 6th grade one up! I only wish I would have known about this when I was in high school struggling through my own English classes! The only thing I was hoping you would go into more detail on here about would be the free membership. How many different things can you do with that? Does it give you all the same access as the paid memberships, or are there certain things that aren't included?

    Other than that, I feel like if all the things that are available to paid members are available to free ones then this would be extremely useful in a class room setting. I noticed on her that it said that unlike other social websites it does not allow the use of slang, which I find extremely beneficial, because on most social websites that is practically all that people use is slang! I can't even tell if my sisters know how to spell, because they abbreviate and use slang so often. If I were to use this for students in a class, I'd probably assign them all a writing assignment and tell them to go through this for their pre-writing portion, and it could also be used to share their fellow students opinions with each other rather than just having them merely switch partners for proof-reading in class. I also saw that there are several writers block activities that you can use, which I find extremely interesting, but you did not put much information on what types of activities there were, a little more background would be awesome! I am definitely going to use this website in my future, if I ever personally need help with a paper!