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This page was developed by:

 Lianne Beliveau, Micheal Bean, Mandy Breese, Stephen Briggs, Majken Chontos, Brian Halliwell

 Brooke Jones, Derek Konyshak, Brandon Lewin, Jack Ulrich, Rebecca Wills, and Tate Kirgiss


Yammer and its Purpose

Yammer is a networking tool (enterprise social software 28) that brings together company's employees in a private social network. When one member of a network provides an answer to that question, "a feed is created in one enabling [network members] to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions, and share links and other information. Users can choose to follow specific members and messages." 1

video taken from:[

Offered Services 

Yammer offers a wide selection of applications and useful links and information. With Yammer, you can join groups, create files and look through knowledge bases, enterprise microblogging, access a company directory, access it through your mobile devices, and connect to external networks.26 With these applications, you are able to read through blogs, posts, and messages left by others in your group.


Leaving behind Yammer's free basic level service, a Premium membership is also available. This membership charges a company $5 for each of their employees who utilize Yammer. The Premium membership gives companies several administrative options. For example, companies are able to limit I.P. addresses in order to restrict access to the network, require more complex passwords, remove users (i.e. ex-employees, dummy accounts), upload a company logo to appear at the top of the page, edit message content, and allow other users to access administrative privileges.2

Privacy and Security:

Privacy is fundamental to Yammer. Each company or organization on Yammer lives in a separate Network that assures the privacy of its Members and the User Content posted in that Network. Here's how it works:

  • Your Network is defined by your company or organization's email domain. For example, all users who sign up with a "" email address would be part of the network. To join a Network, you must confirm your email address.
  • Only the people in your Network can view the Member profiles and feeds.
  • Users can require anyone else in their Network to re-confirm their email address at any time to prove they still belong in that Network. You can use this feature to remove former colleagues. Network administrators can also remove a user at any time.
  • Yammer's administrative tools do not allow our employees to view messages in a Network. Access to our database is granted only to our technicians on a case-by-case basis to troubleshoot specific technical issues, or as may be required by law. Each such instance is logged.

The security and privacy of customer information is Yammer's top priority. Each company or organization on Yammer lives in a separate network ensuring user privacy. Below are a few highlights:

Yammer Security Features:

Yammer Application Security

Connecting to Yammer is always done over a secure channel (SSL 3.0/TLS), ensuring that the transmission of data between your computer and Yammer is never compromised. Your data (network) is never accessible via http, and we redirect all http connections to https (SSL/TLS). User passwords stored on our servers are encrypted by a strong salted hash algorithm.

Anti-Virus Security

Yammer deploys anti-virus software across all vulnerable systems to vigilantly protect against newly discovered threats and malware.

Logical Firewall

You can restrict access to your Yammer network to a specific IP range, so that Yammer is only accessible at designated physical locations.

Password Policies

Set password policies for members of your Yammer network that require a specific length and designate the required combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. You may also require that users change their passwords at regular and recurring intervals.

Strong Authentication

Yammer's authentication protects against "phishing attacks" and any potential compromise of secondary email accounts.

Common Security and Privacy Questions:

Who can see the data?

Only employees with a verified company email address can access data in that company's Yammer network. Premium Yammer packages include features which provide further control over network access and membership, can issue guest entry, and restrict access to specific IP address ranges (e.g. to require a VPN or on-site connection).

Who owns the data?

When a company upgrades to one of Yammer's premium packages, it takes ownership of the network's data. In basic Yammer networks, the users, or employees, own the data. Ownership is transferred from the employees to the company when the network is upgraded. Yammer does not own or claim the rights to a network's data at any time.

How do I report a suspected security vulnerability?

Keeping our customers' data secure is our top priority. We encourage responsible reporting of any security vulnerabilities that may be found in our application. To report a suspected security vulnerability, please send an email to Please include full details so the Yammer security team may validate the issue.

Who Uses Yammer?

Essentially, Yammer is a private network for employees to organize and collaborate on various projects. Signing up with a valid company email address allows for privacy because only those people with similar e-mails can access the company's information and talk to fellow colleagues. All information posted on Yammer is in one central place, making it convenient to recall past conversations or comments.12 Yammer's simplicity is appealing. Having everything in a small area with a small amount of options keeps things simple and easy to use which allows for effective coordination between users. Even though Yammer is simple to use many large companies such as LG, ebay, PayPal, and Ford utilize Yammer--and the popularity continues to grow! This graph represents Yammer's growth/usage from the end of 2009 into the beginning of 2010 and shows just how much it is expanding.

From Yammer:

"More than three million users from companies around the world – including over 80 percent of the Fortune 500 – are leveraging Yammer's enterprise social networking solution to run their businesses."

Jobs at Yammer

As an engineer at Yammer, one's job would be to make sure that the latest technology is used in the making of the programs that are incorporated into the Yammer website. Part of working for Yammer also entails that one makes sure that culture is taken into consideration when desiging the websites that can be accessed. Yammer wants employees who are intelligent and confident enough to stand up for their ideas and beliefs about what is good for the website. When working for Yammer many gratifying benefits are offered to the employees.

What is a company e-mail address? 

A Yammer network is formed by the company or orgranization's email domain. This does not include personal accounts through services such as Yahoo, Gmail, or AOL. If you have an email account that is part of a secure network, such as a school email, you can use that to sign up for Yammer. For example, the makers of this page formed Yammer accounts using their Purdue University email addresses. They were automatically placed in the private Purdue network. This can be seen as an advantage for companies and organizations, because they control who has access, but this could also be a disadvantage because it does not allow for collaboration between two companies or organizations.


Table of Contents

I. History and Development

Yammer emerged in September of 2008 through a technology competition by the name of TechCrunch50.10 The competition, the second of its kind, was designed to find Web 2.0 technologies with the most potential for success and showcase them to entrepreneurs, enterprises, and the press. Out of over 1,000 applicants and 52 finalists, Yammer emerged as the forerunner of Web 2.0 technologies. Within a month of the launch of Yammer, over 10,000 companies with nearly 60,000 employees were utilizing Yammer's convenient tools and simple design. Initial companies of note include HP, Xerox, and Cisco.13

David Sacks is the main designer of He is also the former Chief Operating Officer of the successful company, Paypal, and designer of the Web 2.0 site, Yammer's first use was as an organizing tool in designing the website. Through this use, it was developed into the form you see today, as a successful Web 2.0 technology. Many Yammer employees have worked for successful software developers including the well-known companies of PayPal and eBay.13 To contact the administrators with questions and/or comments use the following link

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II. How to Get Started:

  • Yammer is able to be utilized by anyone with a business e-mail address.
  • First, you need to set up an individual log-in using your company e-mail address.
  • Next, a confirmation email is sent to you containing a link to activate your account.
  • Once activated, you are then able to set up a personal profile.  This can include a picture of yourself and other information.
  • Once your account is activated, you can begin to invite other co-workers to join Yammer through their invite application.
  • Fellow co-workers are able to set up their own log-in and profile after they sign up.
  • As a member, you can add posts and pages to the website about your work.
  • As other co-workers sign up to Yammer they are able to send e-mail, add posts, reply to posts, and search topics within the section of your company.
  • Conversation is made easy because you are able to reply to posts by using the reply link at the bottom right corner of any message.
  • Sorting through conversations is made easy by the search option.  You can easily sift through all of the postings to locate the ones that are relevant to your work.
  • You can subscribe to get other co-workers updates and this can include receiving updates via your Blackberry, IPhone, or even through text messaging.
  • You also are able to set up both private and public groups, allowing you control over who can access your posts and the posts of your fellow co-workers.3

This video is adapted from the Yammer Video Tour, which you can access at For further information on how to use Yammer visit 
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III. How to Use Yammer and its Unique Features

 After you get started by creating and opening a Yammer account, there are countless features that allow you to communicate, share, and stay in touch with the people in your network. Below is information that will help you use those features.

Much of this section is from the Yammer 'Help' page and is used with permission from

Help Topics:

Posting messages to your Yammer network is much like sending an e-mail or instant message, but with a few advantages:

  • Anyone in your network who is interested in following you or any tag in the message is able to view it. It is not required to decide ahead of time who may be interested in your message, although you may if you want to.
  • The content of the message is searchable by anyone in your network.

"Each message begins with the profile picture and name of the person who posted the message. Messages that are replies to other messages will also link to the message that it is 'in reply to'." 3

Posting an Update Message

"To post an update message to Yammer, type your message in the update box and hit the Update button. Alternately, you can also send an update to a subset of your network by posting directly to a Group. To post an update to a Group that you have joined, simply click Group's vertical tab on the Home page, add your message to the update box, and click Update. Your message will instantly appear."3

Addressed Messages

"Use the @ symbol followed by a colleague's user name to address a message to that person. Your colleague's name will link to their profile, and the message will appear in your colleague's Received feed and feeds. This is useful for asking someone in particular a question or including them in a conversation on Yammer.

Notice that after typing the @ symbol, a list of other users in your network appears. You can select the name you want from the list using the mouse, scroll up and down the list using the arrow keys, hit return to select the highlighted name, or keep typing to narrow down the list.

The auto-suggest list is particularly useful if you don't know your colleague's unique username, determined by their work email address, but know their name."3

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"Following the people, tags, and groups that you find most interesting is the key to getting the most out of Yammer. Your Following feed will include messages from the people, groups, and tags you follow, giving you the information when you need it."

Following People

"When you follow someone in your network, any messages they post that you have permission to view will automatically appear in your My Feed." You can choose to follow colleagues who are working on the same projects you are or colleagues who are working on interesting initiatives and sharing helpful links. 3

To follow a colleague, click on their name or picture to reach their profile. Then use the blue 'Follow' button to the right of their name to follow them. You can also use the members directory by clicking the 'Members' tab. This allows you to quickly find and follow many members of your network. 3
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 There are four pre-defined feeds that allow you to view certain types of messages. You can reorder them by clicking and dragging them up or down in the column on your home page, as seen below.3

My Feed

This feed is useful for anyone who is a member of a large network because it can be customized to include information that is most significant to the user. It includes only messages by the people and tags you choose to follow, or the groups you are a part of. "You can choose to receive or not receive all messages not posted to groups by checking or unchecking the Follow Everyone check box on the My Feed page."3


This feed shows any replies to your messages or any message addressed to you.3


This feed displays the messages you have posted.3


This feed shows any messages posted by members of your network; however this does not display messages sent to private groups.3

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Using Replies and Threads

There are two ways to post a reply:

  •  "Use the reply link at the bottom right of any message to add a reply. Type your reply in the reply box and hit the Reply button. "
  • "You can also post a reply right in the Update box by starting your message with 're:' followed by a person's name. "3

In both instances your reply will result in the creation of a thread or add to an existing thread.

To view a Thread the words 'in reply to' will turn green. If you then click on 'in reply to' the original message and the replied message will show as a thread. The original message will be in blue and the replied message will be in green.

To make a threaded view on your feed. "Select 'threaded view' to view messages as threads right in your feed. In threaded view, any message that has replies will show a disclosure triangle, the number of replies, and the people who have posted to the thread."3

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"Sharing Files or Images with your co-workers is as easy as attaching them to your message."3

Attaching Files and Images

"Attach a file or image directly to your message by clicking the 'Attach file' link beneath the update form. This will prompt you to select the file or image you would like to attach with your message. You can attach as many files or images as you would like. After posting, the attachment will appear within your message and in the appropriate File or Link Directory."3


"If the attachment is an Image (jpg, png, gif) it will appear as a thumbnail within the message. Clicking the image thumbnail will direct you to the image page where you can view the full size image and the discussion thread that is associated with the image."3

Other Files

"If the attachment is a File (ppt, pdf, doc, xls, flv, etc.) it will appear as a link within the message. Clicking the link will prompt you to download the file."3

Image and File Directory

To find files and images in their respective directories, click on the 'Images' or 'Files' link under the 'More' menu.3

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"A tag is a keyword added to an message that helps others determine whether your message may be relevant to them."3

To make a tag, you take the word that most describes the topic of your message and put a # sign in front of it. Then anyone who is interested in that topic will automatically see your message by following that tag. By the same way, you can add to a topic of a tag by the same process of adding a # sign before the word.

"For example, posting the message 'Fixing a #bug in the code' will associate the message with the topic 'bug'."3

When you tag a word, the word turns blue, and you can click on it. When you do this, it will bring you to a page where all the messages about the tag are posted. This page also shows all associated links, messages, and other important information about the tag.

The Tag directory is under the more menu at the top of your page. This page displays all the tags in your network.

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"Yammer Groups enable you to group related network messages, members, tags, and links in a single feed. As a start, mirroring your company's department structure with Yammer Groups is recommended."3

There are two types of groups: public and private. In public groups, anyone in your network is able to join and  is allowed to see messages. In the private groups, only those who are invited may join.

To join a group, all you have to do is click on the blue join button on the group site. Then all the messages posted to the group will be shown on your feed.

To create a group you click on the 'Groups' tab then click on the blue 'create new group' text. Then you choose a name and preferences like public or private. You can add pictures and a description.  Finally you can invite members to your group.3

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IV. Yammer's Relation to Other Applications

Yammer and Twitter

Yammer is often characterized as being "Twitter with a business plan".  This can prove to be pretty true because the general format of the websites are the same and they are both networks.  The main difference is that Yammer is highly geared towards businesses and has many different things to help with that.  I think Yammer's relation to other applications is best described and characterized by Keith McCarty of the Yammer company when he told our group, ""We often say Twitter = External Communication; Yammer = Internal Communication, when explaining this to companies. Yammer is different than Facebook because of thefollowing vs friend model. Yammer does not require reciprocal acceptance that Facebook does with their friend model. That's why Yammer and Twitter are referred to as a microblogs (anybody can read a blog; no friend acceptance required). You may have noticed Facebook moving more towards a Yammer/Twitter style where they are focusing on the most active part of their site, status updates. With Yammer, everything revolves around the message or update itself. You can attach images or files to messages. You add links, tags, or address people within the messages. By doing this, the site becomes very easy to use and the content also becomes very easy to search, utilizing the simple text search. This search functionality creates a knowledgebase of previously answered questions and discussions to be searched for by other employees, thus reducing the number of redundant questions asked."

 Yammer and Facebook

Yammer was compared to facebook when it original launched in late 2008 because both are social networks that connect people and they also had the same layout. Although both are similar, facebook is used to connect friends for personal or business use while yammer is utilized for business use. With both yammer and facebook you need a valid email address and both allow you to have event & activity interest, file sharing, groups, instant messing, private network, and real-time updates from other users.

Yammer's Use With Other Media Applications 

Yammer's ability to extend far beyond the website is astounding and a very useful feature of this Web2.0 Technology. Yammer has the ability to work within the computer and outside of it, making company communication far easier and more efficient.

Many similarities have been noted between the popular Twitter social networking program and Yammer. Yammer prides itself on being like those networks, but for businesses and working on projects from distances that do not allow partners to work together in close proximity.Yammer allows you to synchronize your social networks together and receive feeds from all of them with the use of its application. This application allows users to receive all of their posts in one cohesive program, a very useful tool for organizing your different networks without ever even having to visit the webpages. Also, allows you to receive the posts in different formats. For example, you can receive all of your threads and feeds through SMS texting, through your iPhone, or through your Blackberry. This program is very useful because it allows you to organize all of your networks through the use of both your computer and your phone. 5

 An application that many of our team members have set up is the SMS text option. This application is available to anyone with a cellular telephone with a texting option in their plan. This option allows co-workers within a group and company to receive posts on their Yammer pages anytime, through their cell phone. First hand our group has seen how efficient this makes communication because you can always carry the project with you. It is nice because you can reply to the SMS text message and it appears on Yammer as a post from the user. 5

Now, not only can you receive instant messages, but you can also download an app if you have an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows phone, or an Android. These apps are easily downloaded from any app store located on these phones. These apps make it easier to access Yammer and keep in touch with the networks one is connected to.

Another computer application that has proven to be very useful is Yammer's desktop application. This application allows you to receive threads and posts from your Yammer account all on your desktop. The application sits on your desktop and retrieves your information from your Yammer account and brings it up on your desktop. You can view, reply to, and post messages with this program without even visiting the website!5

In today's corporate business world, being able to have your company at your fingertips is essential. Often, you may need to find information or let people within your company know about something without having to call them. Many times, this urgency may come at a time when you are without the use of a computer. Yammer has developed the iPhone and Blackberry applications just for this purpose. With these applications, the threads from your Yammer account show up on your phone in a linear fashion complete with the poster's name, picture, their post, and other information. This application allows co-workers to take their business on the road with them or even to their home.

 Follow this link to see what official and third party applications currently work with Yammer

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V. Real World Application

V.1 Yammer in Educational settings

Although Yammer is mainly used for businesses, teachers can also incorporate Yammer into their lesson plans for their classes. The privacy of Yammer allows teachers to communicate with students without outside visitors adding or reading comments.18 Using this program allows teachers to communicate with students outside of the classroom. Teachers can answer students questions in the evenings or on weekends. Users on Yammer can also create groups , which would allow teachers to create groups for the different classes or subjects they teach to help students stay organized for class.18 They can also create groups for students working on group projects, allowing students the ability to discuss different roles they have in a project and to discuss what else needs to be done without scheduling a meeting outside the classroom. The age limit to register on Yammer to set up an account is 13 years old, therefore there are no applications and lesson plans listed for Elementary Education levels and for children under 13, a parent or guardian would be required to set up an account for the child. This does not limit elementary teachers from creating a group with other elementary teachers in which to discuss lesson plans and other topics in general on Yammer. However, there are many opportunities to use Yammer in the classroom in the upper levels!  Below are some specific examples.

Lesson Plans for Intermediate Levels:

 Writing from Experience Lesson Plan

Grade 7

Overview: This activity allows students to brainstorm ideas in preparation for writing an essay.

Objective: Once the students brainstorm about autobiographical experiences, they will have to write an expressive essay.

"Writing from Experience" .doc

"Writing from Experience" .pdf

Food Web Lesson Plan (S.T.E.M)

Grade 6

Overview: Students will learn about the eating habits of forest animals.

Objective: After the students have completed their research on the eating habits of forest animals, they will create a Food Web consisting of 5 different animals.

"Food Web" .doc

"Food Web" .pdf

Caterpillar Field Reports Lesson Plan (S.T.E.M.)

Grade 8

Overview: Students will learn about the Costa Rican caterpillar and its role in an endangered ecosystem.

Objective: After completing the readings from the Costa Rican Caterpillar Field Report pages, students will be able to build their own caterpillar that is suited to its particular environment as well as complete five essay questions over the material covered.

"Caterpillar Field Reports" .doc

"Caterpillar Field Reports" .pdf

Little Business People

Grade K-3

Overview: Students create a business and communicate with one another as businesses do today.

Objective: Students will have a given business where they need to communicate with one another using a website called yammer with parental help.

Little Business People.docx

Little Business People.pdf


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Lesson Plans for Secondary Levels:

Building Your RepertoireOverview: This is an ongoing project to help students build up their repertoire of songs they are able to play. The project is ongoing throughout the semester.  Objectives: By the end of the semester, students should have a list of songs (between 15-25) that they can play by memory, and perform on the spot if prompted to do so. Building Your Repertoire.docBuilding Your Repertoire.pdf

Mock U.N. Lesson Plan

Overview: Historically, it has been noted that WWI erupted after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir apparent to the Austro-Hungarian throne) in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914. However, historians continue to debate other underlying causes, including changing political and economic situations in major European nations, the Industrial Revolution, and social turmoil. Whatever the cause, The World War of 1914-18 - The Great War, as contemporaries called it, was the first man-made catastrophe of the 20th century.
In this lesson, students will examine the events and people that led the world toward global war.

Objective: As a result of completing these activities, students will:

  • Investigate and document the main causes of WWI.
  • Describe the factors contributing to the war's stalemate.
  • Assess and reshape events and decisions key to the start and continuation of WWI.

"Mock U.N. Lesson Plan" .doc

"Mock U.N. Lesson Plan" .pdf

Mock English Lesson Plan for Secondary Education

Yammer away.docx

Yammer away.pdf

Getting to Know Everyone Lesson
Overview: Students create tri-fold brochures about themselves and present them to the class. Students review and share tips and strategies for success in high school. Students will post their brochures on Yammer, so the class will be able to take a closer look.

Objective: Students will:

  • Brainstorm ideas about the column topics of the brochure: their past, present, future, and the type of person they will always be.
  • Use the computer lab to create brochures enhanced with clip art or photos.
  • Share their brochures with the class as a getting-to-know-you activity.
  • Choose cooperative work groups to review a selected school success strategy.
  • Make an overhead transparency of their advice for success.
  • Share the tips for success with the class.

"Getting to Know Everyone" .doc

"Getting to Know Everyone" .pdf

Reading Groups Assignment
Overview: During this time, students will complete assessments that give much data about strengths and weaknesses in their reading and writing skills. This allows me to determine common needs and effectively group students for instruction.

Objective: Students will:

"Reading Group Assignments" .doc

"Reading Group Assignments" .pdf

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Lesson Plans for a Post-secondary Levels: 

Breathe In, Breathe Out (S.T.E.M.)

Overview: This is a laboratory science experiment that helps a learner to visually see photosynthesis and respiration in action.

Objective: Given a paper and pencil, a student should be able to answer the evaluation questions about Breathe in, Breathe out with 80% accuracy.

"Breathe In, Breathe Out" .doc

"Breathe In, Breathe Out" .pdf

The Human Genome Project (S.T.E.M.)

Objective: Given a computer with internet access, a student will be able to research information about The Human Genome Project and discuss their findings on Yammer and achieve two points on the three point grading scale.

"The Human Genome Project" .doc

"The Human Genome Project" .pdf

Exploring Nuisances in Languages of Different Regions: Spanish Humor 

Overview: The purpose of this activity is for a student to be able to conduct research on a foreign language using internet resources and discuss their findings.

Objective: Given a handout with instructions, a student will be able to complete research on a Spanish speaking country or region on the internet and then post their findings on a Web 2.0 technology while meeting the requirements of the two point evaluation.

"Exploring Nuisances in Languages of Different Regions" .doc

"Exploring Nuisances in Languages of Different Regions" .pdf

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V.2 Yammer in Business Settings

Any international organization is susceptible to the new international trend and challenges, such as the global economy becoming a smaller international community and changes in technology which bring security concerns. Many of these organizations have Incorporated a variety of 2.0 technologies to help combat some of these developing issues. Out of these, 'Yammer' was found to be both secure and easy to use. Internationally diverse companies acknowledge that best practice is to use face-to-face interaction with employees. However, this is not always possible due to international time and distance constraints. Yammer can enable staff to communicate using a secure and safe platform across international time lines and distances around the world. As a result, Yammer can act as a conduit for information and ideas that will help international competitive organisations to meet growing market expectations. Yammer was created with businesses in mind. Below are some practical applications for using Yammer in a business setting.

 While even the free version of Yammer is great for a business, the silver and gold memberships give users additional advantages and tools, for more information on what is included and the prices of these memberships, visit the pricing page at the following link

Business Plans:

New Employee Induction: Our Company- Our Employees!

Overview: Our company is a Web design and development company. Today is the first day of induction for a new junior employee. Part of the induction process is to enable the new employee to explore other team member's roles in order to gain a better understanding of the different aspects of work the company delivers. 

Of course the best way to do this is face-to-face; however, as an International company this is not entirely possible. The new employee will be introduced to the company communication tool 'Yammer' which will enable them to communicate with employees from offices in other parts of the world.


The new employee will:
1.    Meet with and be introduced to those staff present within the office at morning tea.
2.    Introduce themselves to other members of staff, explaining a little bit about their background: who they are, where they are from, what their previous role has been, what is their experience is etc.
3.    Observe and practice how to use basic office equipment such as phone, fax, photocopier and computer.
4.    Log onto their computer using their company user name and password.
5.    Observe how to use the office communication tool 'Yammer'.
6.    Set up a Yammer log-in to allow exploration of what other staff members are involved in within the organization.
7.    Explore Yammer posts, posting questions about staff roles and responding to posts where appropriate.

"New Employee Induction" .doc

"New Employee Induction" .pdf

Policies and Procedures

Overview: As a major player in the Human Resources sector we are always keen to ensure that we operate to the highest standards and ethics in order to remain competitive in the market place. 

We would like to consider the implementation of an environmental policy as we know this is of great importance to our customers, staff and the world in general. Our aim is to work towards our organization become carbon neutral over the next 5 years. 

Objective: To explore the possibility of implementing an environmental policy within the next 5 years which will enable our organization to become virtually carbon neutral.

"Policies and Procedures" .doc

"Policies and Procedures" .pdf

Communication is Key!

Overview: We are a National agency whose role is supporting young people to explore their career pathways and make an effective transition through school and from school into further education, training or employment. Due to the changing face of the current labour market it is imperative that as an organization we keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments which may affect job seekers. Generation Y are particularly transient in nature and to provide them with appropriate levels of support we must position ourselves to be able to access relevant information such as skills shortages, job vacancies, and salary rates from across the Globe.
Successful communication is a key factor in ensuring we are able to achieve these aims and objectives. It is therefore critical that as an organization we are open to utilizing a variety of communication tools, and helping our staff, trainees and shareholders feel comfortable with using these methods.Our organization believes that young people are the key to the future survival of our business and as such we employ them in a variety of school based traineeships within our company. As part of their training program they attend a communication skills training session with a local training provider. Additionally, they will receive in house training on the way our company utilizes communication tools such as Yammer.  

Objective: To introduce all new trainees/ employees to the communication tool Yammer.

"Communication is Key" .doc

"Communication is Key" .pdf

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V.3. Thoughts on Yammer

These testimonies and more can be found here.

Susan Gautsch

Director of e-learning, Graziadio School of Business
"We conducted a thorough evaluation of the best collaboration tools and Yammer made the most sense. Simply put, it’s been an exceptional tool for connecting students, faculty and staff."

Srinivas Koushik 

Chief Technology Officer, Nationwide

"Nationwide’s Yammer site grew to over 8500 associates and agents in under 10 months and more importantly, it got more than 40% of the company’s top leadership into the Nationwide Social Network."

Tobias Klauder


VP of Global Information Technology, Razorfish
"Yammer makes communication faster, easier, and more relevant to each person – not to mention that it’s been a breeze from an IT standpoint."

VI. Exploring Yammer's Educational Value

Like many other Web 2.0 technologies, Yammer is being considered for it's potential value to education.

  • Dr. Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina, who has considered the educational uses of various networking tools. His website is a collection of personal posts related to teaching and learning, amond other things. Visit this link to see his post about Yammer.
  • On Thursday, February 5, 2009, New Mexico State University hosted a Webinar about microblogging tools and their relation to education. Follow this link to view a recording of teh webinar.

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VII. Yammer Outside of the U.S.

 Yammer as an International Business Communication Tool 

As a micro-blogging and networking tool, Yammer provides international opportunities for businesses and institutions which share common e-mail domains. As companies around the world continue to globalize their operations, the ability of personnel to be able to communicate quickly and reliably is central to business success. Yammer allows employees in different locations around the world to instantaneously exchange ideas, problem solve, keep informed of current events and draw on the global experience of colleagues. One of the greatest challenges that international companies encounter is overcoming communication barriers between operational localities. Technology has increasingly provided numerous applications which have been invaluable in meeting the challenge. The ability to further reduce communication barriers through the use of a networking tool such as Yammer will assist in drawing companies closer together despite the geographical separation of branches or subsidiary organizations. 

International Access to Technology and Infrastructure which supports Yammer 

The ability of Yammer to be utilized internationally as an effective business tool is dependent upon access to internet coverage and its reliability. For example, within Australia, a country which rates itself highly in terms of offering cutting edge technology and access to communications technology, internet coverage via ADSL cable and wireless connections varies greatly between urban and rural communities from good coverage to no coverage at all. Most urban and larger regional communities within Australia are able to access the reliable ADSL cable network for internet connection while other regions are restricted to the wireless 'Next G' network. The 'Next G' network provides coverage for mobile phone (cell phone) and internet customers through a secure wireless network. However, this network is still being developed to provide accessible and uninterrupted coverage. Telstra, the largest telecommunications provider within Australia, claims that its Next G network offers the best scope of third generation mobile coverage in Australia through coverage of more than 1.9 million square kilometers. The provider further claims that its mobile broadband network provides access to 99 per cent of Australians, located both in urban and rural communities. 15

For other countries that do not have operational communication technology and infrastructure in place or are unable to finance its development, communication tools like Yammer are ineffective. This inequality significantly impacts their ability to interact on the international stage. Countries within Africa, some areas of Asia, and the Pacific Islands will be unable to participate and keep abreast of technological and corporate changes resulting in the possible loss of trade and business opportunities.

Yammer in an International Education/Training Context 

Within an international context Yammer could be included as an educational tool in e-learning and external educational programs. As educational institutions become more accessible to international students, tools such as Yammer provide educators and students with the ability to transmit information quickly and securely from around the globe. Yammer provides opportunities for teachers to post course requirements and information to students and initiate and maintain discussions within a course group. As a training tool, Yammer provides international companies with a method of delivering training to staff who are remotely located or unable to attend more traditional forms of training. It allows up to the minute information to be presented and immediate responses to be given. Further, Yammer provides a way of delivering training to large numbers of employees through an inexpensive means.  

Networking tools like Yammer have only recently made international media headlines, although awareness of this forum of communication is rapidly increasing. Due to the newness of this emergence, the positives and negatives of this corporate communication are yet to be fully determined. However, the advantage of instantaneous networking and correspondence will seemingly decrease the 'geographical' distance between nations embracing a more collective corporate ethos.

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The makers of this page would like to thank Yammer for their help and cooperation.

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  1. Unknown User (jones187)

    Hey everyone! I'm Brooke and will be the project manager. I know everyone is pretty excited about this project!! Please start checking out our web 2.0 tool, Yammer and begin thinking about what role you'd like to play in the project. We will need people to focus on roles as researchers, writers, editors, formatters (webpage), visual design (of webpage), and lesson planners. EVERYONE will have a primary role, but will also be helping with ALL aspects of the project.

    Hope you all have an amazing spring break!!


    1. Hi Brooke and hello to all,

      No Spring break here, it is definately business as usual and I have been extremely busy at work as I am covering for my CEO whilst he is on long service leave as well as doing the day job.  I am taking a few days off over the next few weeks but that's about it i'm afraid, it is a case of 'have to' even if I didn't want to, as it is my mom's first visit to Australia.  Will be good to see her and relax for a few days.

      In regards to the project I am a little apprehensive although definately looking forward to the challenge, I have never done anything like this before and have to say I am a bit of a technophobe too which is a little worrying!.    I am keen to get involved in the reseach side if possible as am definately more of a whizz finding my way round the internet and feel I can be the most valuable in this area .  I can't wait to find out how we are going to begin but not sure how we access our wiki page to begin to take a look at what we need to do.   Can you help me find my way?.



  2. Unknown User (jones187)


    We're excited to have you helping, and you will definitely be able to help by researching! We'll get specific roles set up very soon, and the website will start coming together. Right now you can get started by accessing Yammer and creating an account ( We're all in a Purdue network because we used our Purdue e-mail addresses to create an account, so I'm not sure if you will find all of us automatically, but try creating an account and searching for me, and if that works it will be easy to find everyone else. It's a lot like Facebook.

    As far as finding our webpage, you've got a good start by posting the comment. The page doesn't really have anything to it at the moment, but you can look at the examples from last semester to see what our finished page will look like. If you have trouble, the video that Dr. Newby sent should help. Take a look at the Seesmic page, because it's a good example of what the pages are expected to look like. I hope that helped, but if you're still having trouble let me know and I'll try to help!



  3. Unknown User (bhalliwe)

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Brian Halliwell and I have been assigned the role of the lead researcher for this project with a secondary role as a presentor. I am more than willing to help out in other areas for this project as well, and I am looking foward to creating this Wiki with everyone and hopefully this project runs smoothly.


  4. Unknown User (jjulrich)

    Hey everyone, my name is Jack Ulrich and I am co-piloting website design with Brandon and will also helping out with my secondary role in editing.  Like Brian said, I am also willing to help out anyone if they need it.  I look forward to all of us working hard to create a functional wiki and obtain a superior grade.


  5. Unknown User (lbeliv00)

    Hi everyone,

    I am Lianne Beliveau and I am assigned as the primary writer for our project. If anyone needs help with anything I will gladly help you out as much as possible. Also, if anyone has any suggestions of critiques for me as the project goes alone, feel free to share them with me-I am always open to new ideas! I am excited to create our Wiki page and working with everyone in our group.   (smile)

  6. Unknown User (dkonysha)

    Hey everybody, my name is Derek Konyshak and I'm priveleged to be in charge of our final presentation for this project. As our research develops and there is one section or another that you would feel comfortable speaking about in the presentation, let me know here, in Yammer, in class, or you can e-mail me at Everyone will have to speak at least once in the presentation but I will try to accomodate to everyone as to what they would like to speak about. I'll also be helping with the editing process, just correcting simple English and grammar mistakes that anyone might make.

    I've also spent a lot of time exploring Yammer, so if you need to know how to do anything, just ask. I'm not garaunteeing an answer, but I may be able to help. It's an essentially simple program, but it's got a few features that I know about.

    I'm looking forward to working with you all.


  7. Hi everyone,

    My name is Stephen Briggs and it's exciting to be part of your team. I'm currently in the process of doing some reading about Yammer and what exactly we are going to do.  I guess it will all fall into place as we progress.



  8. Hi Brooke,  I was just wondering what the plans for the project are.  Everyone is obviously contributing to the research which is great but I am keen to know what we are to do next.  I have another really busy week at work this week and am then taking Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as holidays, I am off to the Coast with my parents who are over from the UK for the first time.  I don't want to slack off or not do my bit, however without any idea of what the plan is for the project and when things need to be done I am feeling a little stressed about ensuring that I can contribute enough to get my marks for the assignment.  Could you possibly let everyone know the plan.

    thanks Mandy

    1. Unknown User (jones187)


      Our next part of the project will be forming the webpage, as you saw for the Seesmic group from last semester. It will just involve taking our research and information, and organizing it to fit nicely onto our webpage. Lianne is in charge of taking our research and "writing" it in the form of how it will go on the website. She will be assigning different topic areas for people to write, and we also have someone in charge of editing. They will be in contact with you to let you know more specifically how you can help. I'm sure your concern about doing what required deals with your own requirements for your course, but trust me, you are doing everything right! I can give you an idea of where the project is going and what will be required on our end. (This is according to our time)

      By March 31 we need research for each of the topics/areas on the initial research page. We need to have a total of 12 lesson plans among middle school, high school, college, and business groups. Rebecca is in charge of this and will be getting in touch with people on specific things they can do

      Then we will draft this information onto the main page of Yammer. It will look much more organized and cleaner. The first draft of the webpage needs to be done by April 5.

      After that we will just be focusing on fine-tuning the page, the layout, how it looks and works, and finally we will work on the presentation aspect, which is April 21.

      This is a general outlook on where the project is going. But again, so far you are doing your bit! =) If there are certain requirements that you have, let me know so we can help you fulfill those. Other than that just keep up the good work!



  9. Hi everyone,

    my name is Micheal Bean i am part of your team, i finaly found how to get this far sorry about the delay.

  10. Unknown User (rewills)

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Rebecca Wills. I am from Crawfordsville, Indiana. My major is Elementary Education. For this project, I am in charge of the Lesson Plans and as a secondary role a writer. If you have any lesson plans, feel free to contact me! Most of the content in this class is new to me, so sometimes it is stressful, but mostly interesting. I am looking forward to working with everyone on this project!


  11. Unknown User (mchontos)

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Majken Chontos, and I am from Hobart, IN.  I am a junior and just switched my major to El. Ed. this semester.  My primary role for this project is editing and my secondary role is helping out with lesson plans.  If anybody needs help with anything feel free to ask, I'd be happy to help.  I look forward to working with all of you!


  12. Unknown User (blewin)

    Hey everyone,
    I am Brandon and I am co-leading website design with Jack.  I know this post is late and I have alot to do before the end of the night but I will plan on helping our group gain a superior grade.  I do struggle with applying this to my major as a math ed teacher but am still open to see how these things can help.  I hope to help in any way that I can.

  13. Hi everyone,

    I am just about to make a start on compiling how yammer is used on an international basis.  When do you need this piece finalised?  I am not sure what the time frames are for the rest of the project apart from the presentation on the 21 April.  If you could let me know the general plan from now on so that I can allocate my home time to doing my part. 

    Thanks for this.


    1. Unknown User (jones187)


      Here is the project schedule that we've been given:

      • week of March 30: First draft of wiki page completed by April 5
      • week of April 6: second drafts completed (by April 12?)--create drafts for media to use during presentation
      • week of April 13: Full draft of wiki completed--make videos, handouts, posters, and begin practicing presentation
      • week of April 20: Final versions complete, showcase on April 21 6-9 pm (US eastern time)

      I hope that helps! I'll be sure to post more of the intermediate deadlines as they're given


  14. Unknown User (jones187)

    I hope you guys don't mind i went ahead and created a table. I think most of the research could fit into those headings but it might need to be changed...subheadings could also be added

    The table doesn't have any links..i think we can add them in later, but i'm not exactly sure. If we keep the basic set-up, i thought that video tour from the yammer website would fit well to the right of the table of contents...

    As the page starts to fill up, use these comments to make suggestions on what should be changed/added/moved/removed.

    For those of you that couldn't make it to the meeting tonight, we decided to meet again sunday at 4 pm at the Black Cultureal Center to work on the page, by then the writing should be entered and lesson plans pretty much done. Mandy is taking care of the business plans, and Stephen will be writing the section on Yammer outside the US. Michael we could use your help with creating a lesson plan for a middle school grade level. 

    let me know if i can help you guys with anything (smile)  

    enjoy the weekend!!

  15. Unknown User (lbeliv00)

    Hey everyone...On Yammer I am putting up a list of all of our sources we used in the initial research. I didn't format it in APA yet because I wasn't sure what sources everyone would end up using yet or if someone adds a new source. If you do use another source, if you let me know I can put it in APA later =]

    p.s Our page is coming along great so far!

  16. Hi all,

    this is looking really good, well done everyone!!.  I was just wondering about the lesson plans- I sent the business one to Rebecca and Brooke and this is now on the wiki page (not sure how but the evaluation section was missed off when input onto Wiki- have now included info), I did ask question about the standards section as I am a little confused as to where the standards are from - can you help.  Also just to ensure that by not having a reference to refer to for APA referencing that this is not going to be a problem (I couldnt find any plans to use so made up my own.  finally will the full lesson plan be posted as a PDF and word document as this will show the formatting including picture and it is currenly not on the Wiki page.

    Think that's about it, i will try and have another lesson plan done by tomorrow evening when I get home from work.  couldn't do it tonight as I have only just got home and am going for an early night.

    Cheers for the help


    1. Unknown User (jones187)


      Thanks for the lesson plan. Please try to get the other two business plans ASAP...They were supposed to be included on the main page by Sunday, but since that's past we have to have them no later than Saturday evening (which would be sometime on Sunday for you). You won't need to worry about standards for the business plans. Those are standards set by our state for what has to be taught at each grade level, so it doesn't apply to business. About the lesson plans, you've got it! Each one will be shown in a table on the wiki and linked to the PDF and word document, including the picture and formatting.

      For our references, we aren't required to cite every part of the page--just if it's from another source. So if you came up with it on your own we can just give you credit for it!

  17. Unknown User (lbeliv00)

    Ok I am almost finished with citing our sources and I should be able to get them up tomorrow or later tonight.

    Mandy- can you please post the link to the actual article so I can cite it? I'm glad you posted that you got the info from , but I need the link to the article so I can put it in APA. Thanks =]

    Also, whoever put up a link to the lesson plans for The Food Web and Catapillar Field Reports I can't get those links to work. Maybe my internet isn't working right or something but I can't get it to work. I'll try again later but you may need to check to see if you posted it right. Great Job so far tho!

    1. Hi Lianne,

      Here is the link to the Telstra web site



  18. Unknown User (mchontos)

    The Food Web and Caterpillar lesson plan links are correct now and I made sure they worked (smile) Sorry about that!

  19. Unknown User (dkonysha)

    I think Section IX, Exploring Yammer's Education Value needs more in it. Instead of simply directing the viewer to another page, could we possibly have a short summary over what the other pages say with the links below the summaries? Just a thought.

  20. Unknown User (lbeliv00)

    Stephen- Thanks for posting the link...Sorry I thought Mandy wrote that section, I guess I was confused.

    I have posted a lot of the sources, but I am still not finished. I'll put the rest up after I get out of class today! I might need some help linking the footnotes to the refrences. I'll try my best to do it, but I'm not always smart with computers lol

    1. Hi Lianne, I did put down ideas about Yammer being used in Australia as a tool for linking business/ industry sectors enabling them to communicate with each other over the vast differences involved across our country, I think that Stephen then went and found exact details of the Telstra coverage etc so thanks Stephen for posting the links.


  21. Unknown User (lmitchel)

    Hey Brooke...

    I asked Krystal if she could tell me how she aligned our tables, but it was a little hard to explain. She tried to just do it for you (that's why it says she edited it last), but it wouldn't work since it is a video instead of a graphic. If you find something else to put there, I can have her try again, but the video wasn't cooperating for her.


  22. Hi Brooke, for the completion of our assignment for the Australian guys we are required to write a report about our involvement in the project with links to the sections we contributed to including the APA referencing.  Do we still have some how of getting access to the original wiki where we all put our research contributions, there is clearly confusion (see the section which Stephen and I did in relation to Yammer in Oz) over who has done what on the actual page as bits have been taken from all over.  We will be getting marked on our contributions and so it is really important for us to have this info.  I did not keep notes as I was not aware we might lose the original research.  Can you help??

    Can we also get an update on what is going to happen next, I myself like to plan my time ahead of the game as I work full time and have a family too and don't want to find out at the last minute that you need me to do something and I don't then have the time to do it!.  I know we all have to make contributions to the presentation and would like as much time as possible to do the work and ensure I do a good job for myself and everyone else!.



    1. Unknown User (jones187)


      You can still access the page with the original research information. It's at the bottom of our main wiki page--one of the "children" that is titled Initial Research. I have no idea how it will work for you and Stephen, but as far as I can tell, you can document that you did the research for the section (and many other sections), and that he compiled that into the written section for the wiki.

      I'll try to get back to you about your roles in the presentation as soon as possible. You might also want to e-mail Derek to see exactly what he'll need you to do.



      1. Thanks Brooke, never spotted it was still there, too busy concentrating on the actual page.  I have now printed off etc so can use in the assignment.

        Thanks again Mandy

  23. Unknown User (lbeliv00)

    Hey everyone!!

    The page looks great! I have all the sources up that were posted on our page. If I missed one or if you post another source, please leave a comment on this page or Yammer to let me know. I'll be up pretty late tonight so I will be checking for new sources to put in APA. Happy Easter!

  24. Hi Derek,

    Just wondering if you had allocated roles yet for the presentation.  I would like to know what you would like me to do so I can get started with the preparations.  The USQ people have to have their assignments in by the 4th May which requires us to write a report of our involvement in the international project, we obviously cannot do that until the presentation is over so it would be great to know how things are going to pan out.

    Thanks Mandy