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Brief Project Description:

This project was developed for the following reasons:

  • To get students to examine, explore, and investigate various types of Web 2.0 technologies, as well as discover ways to use those tools to enhance teaching and learning.
  • To have students work on a real-world, team-based problem where they need to develop skills of communication and cooperation in order to create and deliver the needed wiki repository outcome.
  • To have students gain a more global perspective, by including team members from universities around the world.
  • To develop a practical tool that helps anyone at any time and location review, compare, and select effective Web 2.0 tools.

Group Member Introductions:

*Please provide a brief introduction about yourself. Feel free to include a picture!

Sandra, hello! I studdy to be a teacher in PE at Umeå Uni.


My name Camilla Wistemar

I'm a student at Umeå University

Hi! My name is Chelsea Reising. I am a freshman at Purdue University majoring in elementary education. I live in Columbus, Indiana and in my free time, I enjoy playing golf and just relaxing with my friends.

Hello! My name is Megan Black. I attend Purdue University and I am studying elementary education. In my free time, I enjoy being with my friends, my boyfriend and my family. My favorite season of the year is summer!

Hey Hey

I am Katie Persenaire.  I go to Purdue University for Elementary Education.  I like pretty much everything except for heights, fish, and scary movies.  The two things I love the most to do is to sing and be outside in the sun. 

Hey! My name is Hilary Nelson. I am a freshman at Purdue University. I am studying elementary education and I love it! I am very involved in my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. In my free time, I love to work out, socialize, and read!

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