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!Zazna what is it?

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Zazna is a social bookmarking tool.  Zazna enables its users to find meaningful information and share it with others in a meaningful way.  Essentially, Zazna has made the process of copy-and-pasting text and/or web links to your friends, coworkers, and colleagues a thing of the past.  Instead of sending just plain text, thanks to Zazna, you can send context as well.

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Please view instuctional video to learn how to use Zazna

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The purpose of Zazna is to make sharing information over the internet much easier.  Normally, if you want to share information from a webpage with a friend or coworker, you either copy-and-paste the text in an email or an instant message or send them the URL, however, this isn't very efficient. 

For instance, what if you need to share a graph with a coworker?  You can either can the graph onto your desktop and email it to them and send the text that goes with the graph separately or you can send them the URL.  However, there are 6 different graphs on the page you are looking at, so sending the URL may be confusing.  This is a situation that man be made simple using Zazna.  By using Zazna, all you have to do is highlight the content you want to share and click the "Save to Zazna" bookmarklet.  Zazna will ask you to log in (if you aren't already), ask you to name your selection, and provide you with a direct link to just the content you deemed important.  Now, you share that link with your coworker, and the graph is shared.


Table of Contents




How Zazna Relates to other Applications


Real World Application of Zazna
III.1 Elementary Applications
        i. The Human Body (STEM)
        ii. The Solar System (STEM)
        iii. What is Technology? (STEM)
III.2 Secondary Applications
        i. Journalism Strategies
        ii. Technology in Everyday Life  (STEM)
        iii.  Throughout My State
        iv. Differences in English in the US and the UK
        v. Views of History
        vi. Making References
III.3 Post-Secondary Applications
        i. Engineering Design (STEM)
        ii. Political Objectivity in the Media
        iii. Inventions and Innovations (STEM)
III.4 Applications in Business


Demonstrations of the Educational Value of Zazna


How is Zazna used Internationally?




Download Brochure

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About Zazna

  • Name: Zazna
  • Web Address:
  • Owned By: Hypercontext
  • County of Origin: Poland
  • Year Created: 2009
  • Languages: English, Polish

Zazna is a Web2.0 Social Bookmarking Tool 

  • Zazna was created to help facilitate the exchange of information online
  • Rather than just copying and pasting text, Zazna allows users to copy and paste everything the user feels is important
    • Including graphics, images, text, headings, etc.
  • Zazna allows users to not only send text, but context as well
  • Enables users to show their friends, coworkers, students, instructors, etc, exactly what they are looking at
  • Zazna allows users to publish clippings and posts to services such as Facebook, Reddit, Digg, and Twitter
  • Zazna provides a URL to the user for every clipping, so the user can easily share the clipping over instant message or email
  • It also indexes everything that you save and creates a "bibliography" on your Zazna account

I.   ">I.   

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Table of Contents

Zazna was created in Poland by Hypercontext in 2009. To use Zazna, you must first sign up for an account.  The account is free, however, it does require an active email address for registration purposes. To create a bookmark with Zazna, you need to use a certain tool provided by Zazna. In Mozilla Firefox, this tool takes the form of a Firefox Extension.  In other web browsers, such as Google Chrome, this tool is a bookmarklet.

Zazna is available in two languages, English and Polish. Submissions are still a mix of Polish or English regardless of which settings a user choose.

On Zazna you have an account that you can personalize and add a picture and info about yourself. Other users can see your posts and leave comments on the selected content. Zazna allows users to link, store and bookmark fragments of web pages. The main advantage of Zazna is that it lets users’ pinpoint important part of text and sends it or store without losing its original content. A special link leads to the very same page but with previously chosen fragment still highlighted. also stores all fragments of websites.

What makes Zazna so unique is that it aims to become related selections finding tool while providing bookmarking services. One will be able to find content matching given webpage fragment or even get personal recommendations on that. In due time, Zazna aims to help users find related content, showing them relevant selections on other  by learning from what they have saved so far Web 2.0 social networking sites such as Google, Open ID, Facebook, or Twitter.  If accounts are linked, they may be identified by other Zazna users to promote social networking on other sites.

And another upcoming feature will be letting anybody import their already existing bookmarks from websites like Delicious, Reddit and so on. That will make for a higher chance of presenting users with content appertaining to them. Zazna users may link their accounts to other sites. Furthermore, you can use your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID account to use Zazna.

II.  ">II.  

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Table of Contents

     Zazna is very similar to other sites that deal with social bookmarking. It allows one to share web pages with information to anyone else. However, it also goes above and beyond this. Instead of just allowing to send an entire sight and having difficulty finding the part in which you are actually trying to share, Zazna allows one to share a certain section. Unlike many other bookmarking services, Zazna lets user to pinpoint important part of text,for example, an interesting quote, and send it or store without losing its original context. A special link leads to the very same page but with previously chosen fragment still highlighted. also store all fragments of websites.

As continues to grow, many other aspects begin to set Zazna apart from other bookmarking websites similar to it. What Zazna hopes to stand for is a resource that enables people to pass and transmit the context, so everyone can feel exactly what they meant to begin with. Zazna aims to look at what one is researching, and in return come up with similar articles. Another upcoming feature will be letting anybody import already existing bookmarks from websites like Delicious, Reddit and so on that will make for a higher chance of presenting users with the content that they are looking for.

Zazna also integrates with a lot of Web2.0Technologies you may already be using.  In addition to having the capability of posting your selections on the web and giving you a link to share via instant message or e-mail, Zazna also lets you bookmark and share your findings using Digg, Google, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.


III.  ">III.  

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Table of Contents

III.1 Elementary Applications ">    III.1 Elementary Applications 

i.) The Human Body (STEM)

Grades: 3-5

Duration: 1- 2 class periods

Objectives:  Students will do research on ways to keep the human body healthy and devise a workout schedule for their client to follow.  They will need to use to post documentation and reasonings as to why what they have planned as a fitness program is good for the clients.

The Human Body.pdf        

The Human Body.docx

ii.) The Solar System (STEM)

Grades: 3-5 

Duration: 2-3 class periods

Overview: Students will use as a tool to complete this project.  Instructors will have assigned planets for them to research and post information on.  Students will need to create a Zazna account and post their information on this site for all students to see.

The Solar System.pdf

The Solar System.docx



iii.) What is technology? (STEM)

Grades: 3-5

Duration: 2 -3 class periods.

Overview: Students will be assigned to research and find other forms of technology besides the computer.  They will use the computer and the internet to find other forms of technology that exist, all the while improving their skills with the computer.  Their findings should be posted to Zazna and shared with the teacher as Zazna clippings for grading.          

What is Technology.pdf

What is Technology.docx

III.2 Secondary Applications* *">    III.2 Secondary Applications 

i.) Journalism Strategies

Grade: 9-12

Duration: 2 class periods

Overview: Students will be asked to evaluate two news articles of their choice to compare and contrast strategies in journalism.  Students will use as a tool to illustrate their points.  Students will need to create a Zazna account and post their information so other can students make further comparisons between the articles. 

Journalism Strategies.pdf

Journalism Strategies.docx

ii.)Technology in Everyday Life (STEM)

Grades: 9-12

Duration: 1 class period.

Overview: Students will research Zazna clippings provided to the by their teacher to get a better understanding of the impact of technology on their everyday life.  The students will be writing a paper on the technology they are assigned and explain why it is technology.

Technology in Everyday Life.pdf

Technology in Everyday Life.docx


iii.)  Throughout My State

Grade: 9 Geography  

Duration: About 5-7 class periods (depends on length of class periods)

Overview: The students through computers and the Internet, enhancing and enriching the study of their state.

Throughout My State.pdf

Throughout My State.docx

iv.) English as a Language in the United Kingdom and the United States

Grades: 9-10

Duration: 1-3 class periods

Overview: The pupils will learn differences in vocabulary between British and American English.

Differences in English.pdf


v.) Views of History

Grades: 10-11

Duration: 3-4 class periods

Overview: Students should make a booklet, as a group, on the different types of view of history. Each group contributes a chapter on his view of history; the chapter should include a description of the view of history, its origin and status today. The chapter will also include a text describing a phenomenon or a person or event from the shared view of history. Each student will receive a booklet that on which, there will be a written test. Students should use Zazna to highlight and show the typical explanations that can be connected to the current view of history.

Views of History.pdf

vi.) Reference Making

Grades: 11-12

Duration: 4-6 Lessons

Overview: Students will learn how to make relevant references in a piece of work.

Making Reference.pdf



III.3 Post-Secondary Applications">     III.3 Post-Secondary Applications

i.) Engineering Design (STEM)

Grades: Post-secondary

Duration: 1 class session

Overview: Students will be be introduced to the design process by experiencing it.  Students will be asked to find a de4sign process, critique it, and apply it to design a product and/or solve a real world problem.

Engineering Design.pdf

Engineering Design.docx

ii.) Political Objectivity in the Media

Grades: Post-Secondary

Duration: 2 Class periods

Overview: Students will be introduced to the concept of political objectivity in the context of media analysis. They will evaluate articles written by media sources often accused of political bias. Students will need to create a Zazna account and post their information for the instructor to evaluate.

Political Objectivity.pdf

Political Objectivity.docx


iii.) Inventions and Innovations (STEM)

Grades: Post-Secondary

Duration: 1 class period

Overview:  Students will be introduced to various inventions throughout time.  After the discussion, students will be assigned to find and research any invention throughout human history and discuss it at length in a research paper.  Topics the students will need to discuss include the inventor, the time of invention, design process integration, and so on and so forth.

Inventions and Innovations.pdf

Inventions and Innovations.docx

III.4. Zazna as a business tool">    III.4. Zazna as a business tool

There are several advantages for a company to keep a Zazna bookmarklet for business purposes rather than storing data in a more traditional way.  As a company works with larger and larger amounts of information it becomes increasingly difficult to keep this information organized.  A company can instead use Zazna to store the information’s context as well as the original documents themselves.  Zazna bookmarklets have the option to be kept private if the information is intended solely for company use.  Here are several examples of potential business uses for Zazna:

Competition bookmarklet

            A company can keep tabs on their competitors by creating a bookmarklet that documents specific policies that other companies have.  The company can use Zazna to save the context of this information to see how their competitors are advertising their policies or sales.  The company employee’s can comment and discuss possible advertising or policy strategies to compete with the other companies.  The discussion can take place in the context of Zazna’s comment feature.  A Zazna bookmarklet with this information would be a great way for companies to stay organized and quickly compare their policies to their competitors when they need to make important business decisions. 

Human Resources bookmarklet

           A Human Resources department in a company can also use Zazna bookmarklet’s in an effective business context.  The Human Resources workers can review the policies of Human Resource departments at other companies using a search engine.  They can document their research by creating a Zazna bookmarklet and highlight the context of specific policies that relate to their company.  Then they can comment, discuss, and compare their company’s policies to the policies of another company.  This way the employee's can ensure that their standards are comparable to that of other companies in the business world.  A Zazna bookmarklet would be a great way for a Human Resources department in a company to document their research.

Terms of Service bookmarklet

            It is common for companies to have contractual obligations for licenses they purchase or certain contractual commitments to other companies they are working worth.  The company can create a Zazna bookmarklet of these contracts and highlight specific Terms of Service clauses that can possibly effect their business decisions.  Again, the social networking features of Zazna can come into use for employees to comment, elaborate, and discuss the contractual implications of the text.  Zazna’s ability to capture the context of the text would be especially important in this situation because the arrangement of clauses in the contract can be important for their understanding.  A Zazna bookmarklet can be a great way for companies to document and quickly reference any Terms of Service clauses in licenses, contracts, or partnerships that the company is involved in. 



Table of Contents

Demonstration of Educational Value

Here are a few of the great ways Zazna can be used to assist education:

Zazna is a great tool to be used in group research projects. If all the group members need to find information about a subject, each member can bookmark and highlight specific pieces of websites that they find. This allows the other members to know exactly what section and information is going to be used. 

Second, in this same scenario, group members can comment on each highlighted portion with their thoughts about the material and any suggestions they may have. 

One of the other great features of Zazna is that you don’t need an account to be able to use it. This makes for an easy tool in schools because students don’t have to mess with signing up to use it. 

One last usage of Zazna in education would be for individuals’ projects and papers. Sometimes it can be a pain to bookmark websites and then go back through and find exactly what portions you used. With Zazna, you could highlight the proper sections and label them (by number, etc.) to keep all of your information organized. 


V. !ZaznaHowbanner2.jpg|border=0!">V. 

Table of Contents

Zazna is essentially used for the same thing internationally as it is here in the United States: to enable people to share excerpts from the web with their friends, colleagues, and coworkers in their original context.  

There are some limitations to Zazna right now, however, that might limit extended international use.  The biggest barrier that Zazna faces right now that is preventing it from spreading into the global market is it's lack of language support.  Zazna, currently, is only available in English and Polish.  One drawback is Zazna's inability to filter languages.  If additional language support is provided in the future there is no feature that allows users to browse Zazna postings based on language.  Additionally, Zazna is only currently supported by it's developers in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  Although it performs well in Google Chrome, the developers are not citing this browsers as an official browser for Zazna.

Additionally, as Zazna was originally developed in 2009, it is still a pretty young and unknown project, and as such it is still developing.  We are constantly further investigating other possible uses for Zazna.  Check back soon for more information, including how our international partners in Sweden are using Zazna for personal, professional, and educational purposes.

VI. !Zaznareferencebanner.jpg|border=0!">VI. 

Table of Contents,edit.htm

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Zazna Group Member Introduction Page

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