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Zoho challenge allows to teachers to post exams, quizzes, and tests online.  It allows for multiple choice questions that can go into great detail on a subject.  The teacher can also put a time limit on the test, so that the student would be doing the test as if in a classroom setting.  Difficulty levels are found automatically as well as answers being given immediately upon answering a question.  The teacher can then check the student's details about the test that they just took as well as send an email to the student. 

Challenge allows the teacher to create several exams, quizzes, and tests.  They can also add students as needed.  Tests can also be scheduled as early as needed, even up to years before they will be used in for the class.  It makes it easy for teachers to see results of their students from the test as well as know who has passed each test.  There is also a report card that teachers can look at for each student in question.  Results from each exam, quiz, or test will also be viewed in a graph for the teacher to compare students progress in the class on the course's subject matter.

Writing an exam is quite simple to do.  Upon first logging into Zoho Challenge, they provide you with some sample questions.  Editing an exam is very simple as well.   Teachers can copy or delete questions very easily, as there is a copy and delete button.  There is a yet to be added button that informs the teacher of how many times the question appears in other exams.  Which can then help the students when studying for later exams.  Overall, Zoho Challenge is a great application that is very simple and easy to use for teachers.


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